What Is The Best Pills For Me

Chien Says:

Hello may I ask some questions regarding on taking pills. I have been taking yaz pill for two months but I have a problem by having a severe headaches everyday and can't able to sleep at night. So please tell me which pills is best for me, I'm only 21 years old and of course married but not ready to get pregnant. Is it allow to switch another pills as my pills is about to finish and only waiting for my montly period? Thank you. Waiting for your reply.

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Mae Says:

I have tb and prescribed with myrin p forte tabley. Taken for 65 days and my menstration was disrupted as i dont hsve menstration last two werks. Will i resume my diane pills.

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Gabby Says:

Please be very cautious and research anything & everything before you start or stop any medication!!! For your safety as well as your unborn child. My 2nd cousin was in college, engaged, both virgins!!! (Yes, and they are the most adoring couple EVER!!! They of course wanted children but not right away-her dr suggested getting on yaz to regulate her cycle before the wedding...seemed like the logical idea?!? Until a couple months went by and the beautiful, intelligent. Engaged senior just months away from graduation & then a walk down the aisle had her worse nightmare come true!!! A full blown stroke-21 years old, now can't, talk, can't walk!!!! Heartbroken!!! Them & both of their families...but being the amazing lovable soul that she has always been-she figured out out how to communicate through a key pad, and her Friends & family & teachers were so supportive and assisted here through the testing process and next she learned to walk again so she would still be able to walk down the. Beach on her wedding day, and join her wonderful & loving family & friends!!!! Praise the lord they are all doing fantastic!!! They now have a gorgeous baby girl!!! She couldn't be loved more-I wonder if one day when she gets older if any one will tell her how strong and brave her mommy is and how hard she worked to have her?!?! She is amazing!!!!!

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