Actavis Microgestin Vs Watson Microgestin


Over six yrs my b/c was Watson brand Microgestin now the new pills I picked up Actavis Microgestin is making me have side effects...breakthrough bleeding and cramps. If the company name changed, I'm assuming the medication as well! If my body is already immune to this medication why the side effects...

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I am having the same problem. Im experiencing side effects (headaches, mood swings) on the actavis microgestin fe 1/20. I am getting off of it.

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Hello, Kym and Sandy! How are both of you ladies doing? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having.

There can be slight fluctuations in the amount of the active ingredient from one generic to another, so the new one is most likely a little higher or lower, which could account for these new side effects. I used to experience this myself, when I was taking it years ago, anytime they switch the generic they gave me at the pharmacy.

I finally asked my doctor to prescribe it as 'brand medically necessary' to avoid such issues. I'm not sure what the equivalent is in your respective states, but you may want to ask your doctor about prescribing it so you can't be given the generic.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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I was on the Microgestrin Watson brand for 3 years with no issues. I just finished my first pack of the Actavis brand and researched for articles/threads to find out if others were experiencing side effects. I now have mood swings, have had severe cramping for two weeks and have had my period for a week and a half. I'm supposed to start my new pack tomorrow but am hesitant to as I don't feel like myself.

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Carol I was having mood swings as well. I decided to stop taking it a month ago because i wasnt myself. My first night of not taking it I felt like my old self again. Ive been off of it since then and havent had much side effects of being off it. I couldnt be happier with my decision. I really encourage you to either stop taking it or switch to a different brand.

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Thank goodness for everyone else's posts! I thought I might possibly be go crazy, or becoming clinically depressed. I started to have mood swings, depression, headaches, and I was pretty sure cramping despite that I am 3 days past my period ending! At first I thought it was in my head, then it hit me I felt exactly the same as when my Rx got switched to generic one time before. Then I remembered my BC packaging had Changed the last time I got it filled. I looked into it and my pharmacist noticed it's a different manufacturer. Then you all confirmed that it is something different about the formulary between the two companies!

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I was on Watson microgestin and absolutely loved it. After the "same" pill was made by Actavis I had nothing but problems. I am incredibly upset because everything was fine with taking it continuously until the company changed. I don't know what is in it, but there is no way the pill is the same. I have breakthrough bleeding, weight gain, blurred vision, mood swings, ect. I hate it so much and don't know what to switch to

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I completely agree with you. Try yaz. I was on it for a while before i switched to watson microgestin and i loved it. It was the only one that didnt make me retain water.

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Omg! I am having the same problem I loved my Watson before these new pills..I am having breakthrough bleeding, headaches, erc. This is not normal for me 3 days or 4 days the most. If y'all want to speak to a legal adviser I am ready...since Nov this is not right! Yes my body is already immune to Microgestin why side effects.

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Same. Exact. Problem. I have been on the Watson version of this pill for like 10 years with zero problems, and I've been taking the Actavis version (or trying to) for two months. I was so incredibly nauseous for the first week I started to taking the pills and could barely get out of bed! I asked CVS and my doctor what it could be, and the doctor said something about them possibly changing the binder in the pill. Apparently the drug number on the medicine is so similar that it is interchangeable, but clearly it has very different side effects.

I asked CVS if this was a nationwide change and they said yes. Looks like it's time to find a new pill for us all.. So annoying!

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Relieved to see this isn't in my head. Have been questioning my gyn about the drug. Had been on Watson's Microgestin 1/20 (generic Loestrin) for several years. Switched jobs & Rx providers, and was given a different generic. Was thrilled five months ago when my Rx co mailed me what I thought was my trustworthy Watson. I've been having trouble since, just noticed this past week that the manufacturer is Actavis. For me, my issue has been severe bloating, constipation, change in discharge. Unusual cramping, as well, throughout my cycle. Been evaluated and even had an ultrasound. All normal. Am now convinced it's this pill. Thanks for everyone's posts!

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Spot on, ladies. Once manufacturers changed, the side effects have been atrocious. I take my bc at night and I was so nauseous during the first week of every new pack that I would wake up feeling like I needed to barf...and even did a few times. It's subsided but still flairs up, especially if I don't take it at exactly the same time (like seriously, only a 45 minute difference). Then the additional side effects: random cramping, heavy earth-shattering 2-3 day menstruation, and slight weight gain (about a pound a month - not a BIG deal but STILL). The worse side effects, the ones that have not improved or worsened, is the melasma and massive mood swings. I stayed, I played, now I am done with this "new" pill. There's no doubt SOMETHING has changed in the making of this. It really sucks because the original formula was working well. I even had to fight to get Microgestin 1/20; A lot of pharmacies don't carry it or replace it with another generic. I am headed to the doc tomorrow finally and am replacing and or stopping this horrendous birth control immediately.

PS - Did anyone else notice the once flavorless pills actually now have a faint minty flavor now? Sick.

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I have the same problem. What are you taking now?

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Thank you SO much for your poat. I thought I was losing it and now I feel so relieved. Have you found a replacement pill?

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I switched to the name brand (it was outrageously expensive) for a few months and THEY DISCONTINUED THAT TOO! Now I'm on Lo Lo Estrin Fe and only take the active pills. I've been on it for 3 months with no issues, but Activis is still the parent manufacturer so I'm hoping its not just a matter of time

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I'm so glad I found this! On top of all the side effects you all have already mentioned, my blood sugar has been out of control. I'm type one diabetic, and with the Watson brand, there was no difference, but with aventis, my blood sugar is high all the time, and changing my insulin does nothing to help it.

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I wish I had read this before refilling my 3month script. (My doc advised me to give it 6 months.) I have just finished my first 3 month supply and am with the rest of these posts. I never had trouble with Watson's microgestin- or periods for that matter. Now I bleed and am in severe pain every month! I even had a second "period" this month. I never skip pills and am not taking any meds so I can only blame this pill. I now have to see what happens over the next few cycles or suck it up and pay out of pocket as I search for a new pill. I want Watson back!!

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I have only dealt with the depression and mood swings when I was on Generes Fe. That was my worst pill experience ever. When I switched to Microgestin I was relieved because I felt amazing and no weird side affects until just recently and now I see why. The manufacturer changed and now my 7th pack in and I need to stop it. I have been feeling nauseous for 3 straight weeks until I was off of it for that week to get my period and I could finally eat, now 3 pills in my stomach can't take anymore. Hopefully my doctor can help me because I need birth control to get my levels normal. They need to make all birth control free, paying anything more than $50 to prevent a baby is outrageous!

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I know exactly what you all are going through. I am having cramps between periods. On the Watson brand for 3 years and I rarely had a period now I'm having on every month which I can't really complain. I have dizziness my vision isn't the same. Feel bloated and uncomfortable. I only been on the actavis brand just started the 4th pack and I'm going to give it 6 months to see if it might go away. Also I feel like my blood sugar is always low. Weak and tired. But if not time to switch.

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Hey! Ladies this is Keke I posted in Jan 2015 about the same situation. My doctor took me off the generic pills because of the heavy bleeding and I became an Anemic from this!! My uterus became thin from so much do a follow up with your doctor before you have the same problem or something else! Take care...

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I knew something changed!! I was fine with my Watson pills and recently noticed the changes (including taste) with Actavis!! I am having similar side effects like all of you, except I actually skipped my period this month! Has this happened to anyone else and no I'm not pregnant!!

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I have had all the same issues. I took microgestin 1.5/30 for 8 years with fabulous results. This June though I started a new pack of my 3 month pills and began bleeding the next day. This has continued for 3 months! My dr just switched to lo loesyrin and I'm still cramping and bleeding and feeling exhausted. My dr told me this would happen until my body gets used to change in hormones. Just wondering if you experienced the same thing?

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I've been HEAVILY bleeding nonstop since January 25th...It is now March 9th... I told my Gyno and she said "that shouldn't happen..." So she put me on the higher dosage 1.5/30. I'm REALLY hoping my bleeding does not continue because it has giving me a yeast infection. D:

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How bad was your breast pain and what did I feel like

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Yeah I pretty much skipped mine and I'm having horrible breast pain

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Excuse me my gf is still not having her period it has been a month since what pills should she take?

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I'm so glad to finally found out what happened. In December of 2014 I started bleeding every time I had intercourse. I went to the doctor and found out I had a cervical erosion. She cauterized it with silver nitrate, but it came back the following month. So, again she used silver nitrate and again it came back. Finally she recommended getting off the birth control pills because she thought it might be the hormones. I was on microgestin for 6 years with no problems, so I was very confused. I have yet to find another pill that works for me. Every pill I have tried has given me daily spotting. Has anyone tried another pill brand from the same class as microgestin?

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I was put on the actavis microgestin after being on microgestin soon after it came out. I was experiencing abnormal side effects and a lot of spotting. It was awful! At the time, there was almost no research or blog posts about it so I was very confused and concerned for my health. After weeks I was FINALLY able to find the ingredients and found that they switched to a bunch of cheap fillers and almost nothing was the same. This seems to now be a common problem... with other types if actavis meds as well such as their pain killers. If this happens to anyone, don't feel to alarmed. I would just recommend switching. I was very upset that no one had warned me about any of it!

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I am 43 and have been mostly on birth control since 16. I started Watson brand Microgestin 14 yrs ago. ZERO problems. Then, starting in February 2015 I started to get terrible symptoms - which I thought was due to a B-12 'deficiency'. Now I'm skeptical. SYMPTOMS: 1.) Started with slight dizziness/ rocking feeling. 2.) Loss of balance, like the ground was moving....but I could still walk straight. 3.) Panic attacks (which could have been induced by my fears of the weird symptoms at that time). 4.) Headaches like I've never experienced in my life. (I'm not a headache person. Only when sick).

I decided to test it by getting off this pill last month. 'Rocking feeling' when still - Gone. Headaches - Gone. But, now I have my cystic acne back and I'm in store for a horrible period, which is why I'm on the pill. Trying Ortho Levora on Sunday. What the heck happened to the Actavis brand of the microgestin? What did they do??? On the same pill for 14 yrs - it changed manufacturers (I didn't know this until I found this website last week) and a year of my life was totally altered, even went to emergency. Affected my work life and everything else. I'm ticked!!!

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Yes the Watson generic for microgestin was wonderful with zero side effects. The actavis is very strong for me with soreness in breast area, and mood swings which didn't go away over time. Can they work on perfecting actavis generic for a little improvement since there are so many negative reviews about actavis microgestin? I certainly hope so since we're all in the same boat.

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I'm also type 1 diabetic, but my body responds differently to stress, so my blood sugars were periodically dropping low for no reason. I'm not talking about slow dips. My blood sugars were dropping so fast that I was throwing up and trying to eat something to get it up at the same time.

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