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Hormonal contraceptive

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spacy Says:

is dronis20 the same as yaz?

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am Says:

am not a doctor. but i know dronis 20mg is same as yasmine. only diff is dronis is 24 days course and yazmine is 21 day course. content of drugs in boh is same. dronis is 24 days as one of the drug content in dronis is 0.02mg and in yasmine is 0.03mg. so dronis being 0.02mg is the course of 24 days.

i konw this as my wife was pescribed with yasmine. and i have a friends pharmacy shop so he informed me. that the price if dronis is expensive compared to dronis.

after tht i confirmed with my doctor tht yasmine is not available is dronis ok to take. he advised me its same u can take.

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mrs meera shete Says:

I am 23 years old and doctor prescribed me Dronis20 as a contraceptive pill. Is it safe taking the tablet or there are side effects like acne, dark spots? Please help me

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yogi Says:

I have irregular periods. My doctor suggested that I take dronis 20, but I don't know how to take the tablet such as when to start it in relation to my monthly cycle?

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