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Questioning this medication

My pharmacy recently switched my generic for Aviane , Lutera to Falmina. I work at an OBGYN and know that it sometimes causes problems when they switch it up on you. I wasnt really having problems with the Lutera, i mean i didnt have awesome acne control with it but it wasnt horrible. Well i was switched to this Falmina and have read 4 reviews on WebMd that are horrible! Belly pain, chest pain, migraines and weight gain? I was on Yasmin before which was amazing and cleared my skin right up but i gained 30 pounds on it. Im worried about gaining weight on this one! Has anyone tried this and done well with it? I know everyone is different but its always nice to have input! ## Hello, Tennisgirl! How are you? While your pharmacy can switch which generic they give you, the dosage should be th...

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