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Pano Po Ba Kung Di Na Ako Nakainom Ng Lady Pills Pag Katapos Regla Ko My Posibilidad Mabuntis Kapag Natigil Sa Inom
17 Replies RSS
3 yrs. na po ako nagtetake ng lady pills. ngayon po natapos po ako reglahin ng april 13,2013 po ang kaso po pagkatapos po nun hindi na po ako nakainon ng isang banig na lady pills sa ikalimang arw po ng regla ko po ako umiinom kaso di na po ako nakainon hanggang ngayon po. ngayong buwan na pong ito hindi pa ko dinadatnan,may posibilidad po kaya na mabuntis ako? kahit po nag lab kame ng aswa ko po nung nakakaraan pero withdrawal po? ## Pang 2nd week na po ako sa pack ng pills ang problema mo 4 na araw n po ako hindi naka inom. Pwede ko parin po ba ituloy ung pag inom ng pills. Na lalagpasan ko na lang ung mga araw n hindi ko nainom? ## SORRY...What are you trying to say...dont understand ## i had my period sept. 8, 2013, i took new set of pills started sept. 11, i had an on and off takin...
Updated 3 hours ago in Ella.
Lady Contraceptive pills
228 Replies RSS
Can I ask, is it safe if take a lady contraceptive pills 2 days after my menstruation and then be intimate with my partner? Is there no possibility that I would get pregnant? Thanks for the answer :) ## No, if you start these tablets after you menstrual cycle has ended and then have sex, there is still a chance that you could get pregnant. For immediate effectiveness of birth control pills, you need to start them, while you are on your period. If you do so, it will prevent ovulation and protect you against pregnancy. However, if you start them at any other time of your cycle, then you need to be on them for at least a full week (7 days), before you will be protected from pregnancy. Birth control tablets are not something that you can just take on the day you have sex and be protected fr...
Updated 15 hours ago in Ethinyl Estradiol.
how to prevent pregnancy after 20 days
50 Replies RSS
I have sex with my wife before 20 days & she is pregnant now, we don't want baby just now, please tell how it will prevent by medical treatment. ## I have sex with my wife before 20 days & she is pregnant now, we don't want baby just now, please tell how it will prevent by medical treatement. ## how to prevent pregency after 14 days me ## I have sex with my wife before 20 days & she is pregnant now, we don't want baby just now, please tell how it will prevent by medical treatment. ## how to prevent pregency after 14 days me ## I had a unprotected sex with my girlfriend on 24th Sep 2014, around 11AM a two days before her mensuration cycle . She took the unwanted72 pill after 69 hour of having unprotected sex. Her average period timing i...
Updated 20 hours ago.
novelon tablets
7 Replies RSS
Can novelon tablets be taken during irregular periods to stop it immediately, because i have been suffering from irregular periods for about one month? ## Hello, Nandy! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. Novelon is a hormonal based contraceptive, so it can help to regulate the menstrual cycle, but I don't know if it's the right thing to help you. Have you consulted a doctor? There are many reasons this could be happening and you need to discuss it with your doctor, so they can look into the matter to determine the cause and proper solution,. ## Sir i am regularly used novelon.from 2 months i am unmarried it was used for my irregular periods by that this month i missed 1 pill in yesterday. today is the last day for taken last pills what i can do i have 2...
Updated 22 hours ago.
Trust Info Nakakalaki Ba Ng Suso Ang Pills
8 Replies RSS
anung contraceptive ang nakakapagpalaki ng suso? ## Plano ko sana mag try ng pills..may bby na kasi ako ayaw ko na other reason ko din gusto ko medyu lumaki nmn boobs ko..maliit tlga sya eh..swerte na yung malalaki dyan..ask ko sana ano pills ba e take ko para lumaki nmn boobs ko pam pa dagdag confident nmn..yung medyu mura friends told me to try daphne kasi marami dw guagamit.. ## First tym ako uminom ng trust pills after a week nkramdam ako ng pananakit ng boobs o swelling my connect ba ito sa paginom ko ng pills? at ito ba indikasyon na lumalaki ang aking dib-dib? ## anung klase po ng pills.if ok lng malaman.thanks po ## Ilan days po para lumalaki ng boobs ko umiinom namn po ako nng pills ## Maganda po ba gumamit ng pills nagpapalaki po,b ng boobs ,nagpapaganda n...
Updated 23 hours ago.
Nur isterate and periods
6 Replies RSS
I've been on nur isterate for 11 years now. Since i've started i had no periods. Today i have signs of periods with terrible pains. Is this normal? ## Did you start your period? Or did you just have cramping and pain? The hormone levels in your body can change as you age, which could change how this contraceptive affects you. Has anything else changed recently? Are you on any other medications? Have you consulted your doctor? ## What was your experience when you stopped using nur-isterate (re: withdrawal symptoms)? Did you lose or gain weight? And how long did it take for your period to come back? ## Hey, so I started using the 2 month nur-isterate inj. in October. This year in February I had unprotected intercourse, then went to get my 3rd shot the next day. I didn't get my...
Updated 1 day ago.
procedure of taking trust pill
691 Replies RSS
can i take the trust pill after my menstruation bec as ive search in internet there says u must take the pill on the first day of mens but my firend told me after the mens so tell me pls im confuse bec i want to use trust pill so that i will not get pregnant. ## No, to first start oral contraceptives, you have to start them on the first day of your menstrual cycle. This helps allow your body to adjust to the hormones in the medication and starts the protection to prevent pregnancy, because you are not protected immediately, it takes time for the protection to take effect. You have to wait at least a week, before having unprotected sex and preferably, a month. Are there any comments or questions? ## can i use trust pill as a quick start? Its been two weeks ago since i got my monthly peri...
Updated 1 day ago in Ferrous Fumarate.
Stop Period Tablets in 5 days se
3 Replies RSS
having a procedure on cervix in 7 days doctor prescribed norimin-1 does anyone know if its going to stop my period which is to happen in 3 to 5 days thanks ## Hi terry, Unfortunately there's really no way of knowing for sure how this or any drug is going to affect you before you actually take it. Doctors can only assume that it may work based on your medical records, current health, and other individual factors. Norimin tablets are a type of hormonal contraception (birth control), and as a side effect it can cause irregular or skipped periods (due to a fluctuation of hormones); however this is not the primary indication of the drug itself. Because of that, it is my understanding that there's no way to tell exactly when side effects might happen. Anyone else have thoughts on this...
Updated 1 day ago.
contraceptive pills for breastfeeding mothers
1 Reply RSS
Hi I'm mira ? gsto k lng po mlaman kung anong pills ang pwede sa ngpapabreastfead 2years old napo baby Ko and I'm 20years old , pwede po ba yung Diane kase mgandang klase daw po yun at nkakahelp daw po sa paglake ng boobs he he, at isa pa pong tanong kpag nagpipills ka po ba tapos inihinto ko bigla mabubuntis po ba ko kahit di nman po ipinuputok yung sperm ng asawa ko sa loob ng ano KO since the first day na nagpills ako? Salamat po ?? ## Hi i kv from philippines can anyone help me im 1week pregnant and i want to abort i what pills can i use my first child is only 1yr and 9mnths and still he is breastfeeding..thank you plz reply
Updated 1 day ago.
want to fall pregnant but have been using nur isterate as contraceptive.
157 Replies RSS
How long does it take for nur isterate wear off because i would really like to become pregnant soon. I have been using the injection since May 2011 to Nov 2011. should i take pills instead so that my cycle can return faster or what? i desperately need advise on this regard because i want to have a baby. ## Have you consulted your doctor? From the time you stop the injections, you should probably allow a few months for your body to return to normal, before you try to become pregnant. It will greatly help your chances of getting pregnant and of carry a healthy baby to term. ## I've been using nur isterate for 3 years then stoped using it few months ago about for 4 months then went for another injection 2 months back, now i want to fall pregnant but i've been expiriencing some vagi...
Updated 1 day ago in Folic Acid.
medroxypr ac 10 mg tab
51 Replies RSS
i'm a female and i am 28 years old,my doctor prescribed me this medication but when i read the side effects,i got scared and i don't know what to do because i'm planning on having kids,please help me thanks ## I am trying to have kids as well. I have not yet started taking this medicine but I hope it will help in the areas where is it need but don't stop my goals of a family with my dear husband. I am praying for the both of us. ## As long as you aren't using it while pregnant, you should be okay. It says not to be used during the first 4 months. ## I was prescribed medroxypr ac tab and it has been a week since i finished them and i still havent gotten a period. Could i be pregnant. I have gotten pregnancy tests and they are negative. my last period was on feb 09. sh...
Updated 1 day ago in Heather.
Expired Implanon
10 Replies RSS
Hi. I have had the implanon since 2012. It is now due to be removed. It was expired on april 28, 2015. Today is september 12 2015 and I still have it. I got my first menstrual since march on sep. 2015. Is the implanon officially done working? Should I be worried? Am I healthy? ## It may still be releasing some hormones in your body, plus once it's expired, it can take a couple months for your body to adjust and for your natural hormones to take back over and things to return to normal. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Implanon as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight gain and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi. I'm a 22 year old female. I've had the implant for 6 years (I had it changed out 3 years ago) and the current ...
Updated 1 day ago in Implanon.
Depo Trust Injectable first time
58 Replies RSS
i take the first shot of depotrust in the first day of my period, is it really normal to have a spotting? and on the second day still thesame, im worried whats happening, im a first timer using depotrust... pls reply ## Yes, it can be normal to have spotting and experience such irregular bleeding when you take any form of hormonal contraceptive, especially if you are new to taking it, so your body isn't used to it. Learn more contraceptive details here. have things improve yet? ## i take my first shot of depotrust on the first day of my period (march 12, 2013) and until now i'm still bleeding. When will it stop? I had my regular period before, i was advised by my doctor to have injected by depotrust to stop my menstrual period because of my submucous myoma. But i think it didn...
Updated 2 days ago.
unprotected sex after taking postinor 2
45 Replies RSS
Had unprotected sex on Monday; took postinor 2 the same day. Had unprotected sex again on Wednesday. Can I still use postinor 2? Won't it affect me? ## I took postinor 2 a day before having unprotected sex. Will I get pregnant? ## I took postinor 2 before unprotected sex then I took the other one this ok? is there a chance I could get pregnant? Thank you. ## I had sex on Friday and took postinor on Saturday and later on Sunday I had unprotected sex. Should i take another pill? ## I took postinor 2 yesterday n had sex last night. Will I become pregnant? ## I had unprotected sex after taking postinor-2... Can I be pregnant? ## I had sex with my guy five days ago and each day after sex I took postinor 2...I currently had sex again and took postinor after that and am expecting...
Updated 2 days ago in Ella.
diane 35 pills as emergency contraceptive
18 Replies RSS
Hi, My doctor gave me Diane 35 as an emergency contraceptive pill to take within 24 hrs of unprotected sex. I had to eat 6 tablets a day.. (2 tabs ..3 times in a day)? This I had to follow for 3 days.. I.e. 18 tabs in 3 days. I started having this medicine in the evening of the same day. And continues it for next 3 days. So I ate 20 tabs in total. As per doc, after I eat this for 3 days and stop, I should get my period after 3-7 days. It's been 9 days and I haven't got my period yet. Usually my periods always get late by 5-7 days than the date I got it in last month. Is it because of this? Is there anything to worry? Should I wait more to get my period or should go for pregnancy test? Pls help. ## Hi Ladies, this is the scenario. My last pill was last Nov 23 Wednesday and i will...
Updated 2 days ago.
how to take exluton pills
526 Replies RSS
I'm taking exluton pills, naubos ko n po ung 1 pack ng pill pero d p rin po ako ngkakaron, may possibility po b n buntis ako? ## hi =) im taking my first set of exluton pills and im nearly done with it =0 when do i take the next set of pills? like after i finished one set i have to start the next set the next day? or is there a rest days? can you please help me with this matter... its my first time to take this since my husband is away i just have to start it because his coming back this august =) ## pwede bang mag take ng exluton pills khit hindi pa ko dinadatnan since i gave birth? almost 3 mos. now. ## is it ok for me to take exluton pills right now even if i still not have my menstruation since i gave birth?it is almost ## Hi, i just wanna share to you maybe i could en...
Updated 2 days ago.
How To Take Daphne Pills
71 Replies RSS
kakapanganak ko lang po 4 months ago, nag papa breast feed po ako, hindi pa po ako nireregla, pwede na po ba akong mag take ng daphne pills kahit wala pa po ang period ko..pls sana po sagutin nyo ako. salamat po... ## Ako nagkakaproblema sa pagsalin ng lahat ng iyong katanungan, gayunpaman, ako ay subukan na magbigay sa iyo ng ilang impormasyon sa paggamit ng bibig Contraceptive at kung hindi ko sagutin ang iyong mga tiyak na tanong, huwag mag-atubiling mag-post ng pabalik at ipaalam sa akin. Bibig Contraceptive, tulad ng Daphne, ay epektibo sa pumipigil sa pagbubuntis kung sila ay ginagamit nang maayos. Isang opsyon ay upang simulan ang pagkuha sa kanila sa unang araw na nagsimula ka sa magregla. Kung gagawin mo ito, ang mga ito ay epektibo kaagad, dahil sila ay pigilan ang obulasyon, ...
Updated 3 days ago.
Lo Loestrin FE and continuous bleeding
274 Replies RSS
I started taking Lo Loestrin FE on Feb. 2nd and it is now Feb. 21st and I have been bleeding non-stop (literally all day, every day). Doctor says to wait it out for 3 months... 3 months of non-stop bleeding? I've heard of breakthrough bleeding but this crazy! ## While I agree that it is crazy and unacceptable, yes, even if it lasts for a long time, continuously, they still consider that to be just breakthrough bleeding. However, you should give it at least a full month, to see if your body adjusts to these pills. If you are still bleeding by the time you start your second pill pack, you should call and insist on a change and if they don't agree, you may want to consider seeing a different doctor. To be honest, there is no reason for a woman to have to put up with it, for that lo...
Updated 3 days ago in Lo Loestrin Fe.
Lady Trust Pills
119 Replies RSS
i have finished my pack of pills for a weak now, but still i dont have my period.... I used a PT after 4 days of finishing off my last pill and its negative..what could be the problem? Am i possibly pregnant? Should i start a new pack of lady pills? ## Did you miss any pills, at all? If not, then the chances of your being pregnant are not very high. For most birth control pills, it only takes 7 days of taking them continuously for them to protect you against pregnancy. However, these are hormonal based contraceptives, so they can, sometimes, cause you to skip your period. You should start your new pill pack on the same day that you normally would. There is actually no harm in missing your time of the month, many women use birth control to do it on purpose, when it would be inconvenient ...
Updated 3 days ago in Provera.
can you get pregnant while on jadelle?
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soooo i have had the jadelle for two and a half years now. im not to sure how it works really! um my period hasnt come for like almost 3months now i look like i am pregnant. i thought it was the jadelle koze it says that you gain weight while on it, I feel tiered all the time idk? what happens to the baby if you are pregnant and you have the jadelle??? last question: do you get pregnant and then the jadelle kills the baby, how does it work??
Updated 4 days ago in Jadelle.

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