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femilon side effects

hiii, i am married women 29 yrs age. I have take femilion birth control pills as per my doctors prescription and has completed only 15 days course . after this i experienced sever bleeding for more than 7 months. initially doctor suggested me to continue with those pill but i was experiencing abnormal bleeding hence i have stopped using those pills by myself. I have gone through a sever blood loss and has taken heavy medicines to overcome and finally after 7 months i came back to my regular monthly cycles. Doctors has found a cyst in my ovary bt i havent choosed to get operated. i want to have baby now and m trying it since 3 months but unable to conceive. Please tell that is this a problem i am unable to conceive. is this something which could be the reason of my infertility. ## I am a...

Depo Trust Injectable first time

i take the first shot of depotrust in the first day of my period, is it really normal to have a spotting? and on the second day still thesame, im worried whats happening, im a first timer using depotrust... pls reply ## Yes, it can be normal to have spotting and experience such irregular bleeding when you take any form of hormonal contraceptive, especially if you are new to taking it, so your body isn't used to it. Learn more contraceptive details here. have things improve yet? ## i take my first shot of depotrust on the first day of my period (march 12, 2013) and until now i'm still bleeding. When will it stop? I had my regular period before, i was advised by my doctor to have injected by depotrust to stop my menstrual period because of my submucous myoma. But i think it didn...

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pagtigil ng pag inom ng pills

7 years n nagttake ng pils. last period Oct 18 no sex then. stop pg inom ng pills. this month Nov d p nagkakarun. buntis b? eh wla nmn sex mula ng last period ## hi po ask q lng po sana kse po umiinom aq ng pils then ubos n po ung pils n iniinom q bale sept4 ngkron n po aq ntpos aq sept 10 .nkpgtalik po aq ng hndi na bumili ng pnibgong pack ng pils bale s loob po ng two weeks n hnd q pag inom lan arw po naulit ang pgtalik pero withdrwal nmn po posible pdn po bq mbuntis?? bale nung nung sept 25 hnggang ngaung oct 5 di n po aq nkpgtalik kc hnhntay q p po mgkron aq .tanging after q lng po tlga ngkron lastmonth s loo ng two weeks my mga arw po aq nkpgtalik ung hninto q po pils pero withdrawal posible po bq mbuntis.thanks po ## 3 yrs na po akong gumagamit ng pills. gsto ko sanang huminto na ...

I Had Unprotected Sex With My Boyfriend But Was Not Sure If Sperm Entered Vagina

WAS INTIMATE WITH MY BOYFRIEND AND I AM NOT SURE IF SPERM ENTERED TO MY VAGINA OR NOT. I TOOK A PLAN B PILL. AFTER 7 DAYS OF HAVING THE PILL, STILL I WAS NOT GETTING MY PEROID. CAN I BE SURE THAT SPERM DID NOT ENTER MY VAGINA? ## me and my boy friend both are virgin we never had sex before my regular periods started on sunday i.e 14th of this month it ill usually be for 5 days we planned to have sex..i e on 21 which is 3dr day after my periods...but we stopped it just with rubbing each others with ours...the liquid substance was more from my side...his penis din't even reach mine half a inch also he also said he din't ejaculate any thing nor any thing came out of his penis but for a safer side i took i pill around 5 pm on monday but this happened around 2 or 3 p m on sunday .......

Lo Loestrin FE and continuous bleeding

I started taking Lo Loestrin FE on Feb. 2nd and it is now Feb. 21st and I have been bleeding non-stop (literally all day, every day). Doctor says to wait it out for 3 months... 3 months of non-stop bleeding? I've heard of breakthrough bleeding but this crazy! ## While I agree that it is crazy and unacceptable, yes, even if it lasts for a long time, continuously, they still consider that to be just breakthrough bleeding. However, you should give it at least a full month, to see if your body adjusts to these pills. If you are still bleeding by the time you start your second pill pack, you should call and insist on a change and if they don't agree, you may want to consider seeing a different doctor. To be honest, there is no reason for a woman to have to put up with it, for that lo...

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Expired Implanon

Hi. I have had the implanon since 2012. It is now due to be removed. It was expired on april 28, 2015. Today is september 12 2015 and I still have it. I got my first menstrual since march on sep. 2015. Is the implanon officially done working? Should I be worried? Am I healthy? ## It may still be releasing some hormones in your body, plus once it's expired, it can take a couple months for your body to adjust and for your natural hormones to take back over and things to return to normal. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Implanon as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight gain and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi. I'm a 22 year old female. I've had the implant for 6 years (I had it changed out 3 years ago) and the current ...

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jadelle contraception side effects

Has anyone had the jadelle implant and had bad side effects? I got it done a weeks ago and have started light bleeding over the last few days and it wont go away as well as my skin breaking out. ## These are actually some of the normal side effects for any hormonal method of contraception. It can continue for several months, even the breakthrough bleeding. Weren't you warned about such side effects, when you were discussing having the procedure? You may also experience weight gain, hair loss, anxiety and dizziness. You can read more about the possible side effects here: It says they can last for up to 3 months. ## do ladies go skinny with jadelle also? ## This will be my first month of having the Jadelle implant. In december 2010, had the IUD removed, went on Depo till Feb 24th had ...

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maling paginom ng Pills

nagkmali husband q ng pagbigay ng # ng pills instead # 9 ang iinumin q dat nyt naibigay nya is # 14.. late q n nkita n pabalik n pla ung # n iniinom q... pero tinuloy q p din ang paginom. Is there any chances n mbuntis aq? Kindly respond nagwwory kasi aq mallit p ung bunso q... ## Nakainom po ako ng pills diretsong 2 buwan masama po ba yun? Hindi ko po kasi alam.ano po pwedeng epekto nun? ## paano po kung ang dapat nya inumin ngaun ay 5 pero kahapon nya nainum yun at un 4 ay ininum nya ngaun ## pano kung un nainom na number mali anu po b ang dapat gawin ## Nagkamali ng inom ng pills...6 then 14 ## nagkamali po ako once ngayon this month ng pills imbis #14 ang iinumin ko nsa #15 ang nainom ko ng araw na yon may possible po ba na maging buntis ako pag gnun once lng naman po ung pagkakamal...

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Trust Lady Pills

i am using trust lady pills for 8 months. however, in my last month of usage, instead of taking up only 21 beige pills, i mistakenly took 25 beige pills, which means i had an excess of 4 beige pills.. if only i had taken the 7 white pills properly, my expected menstruation should be around june 12 to 14, but until now june 15, i have no menstruation yet.. is that a usual effect of exceed intake of 4 beige pills? ## Yes, taking the active pills for a longer period of time, will delay your menstrual cycle, that is perfectly normal. As a matter of fact, that is how some women use birth control to skip their menstrual cycle, at times when it would be inconvenient to have it. There is really no harm in it and you should, once again, start your cycle, after taking the white, inactive tablets ...

Oralcon contraceptive pills: Can you get pregnant while taking?

I wanted to know if I could use oralcon pills and if there's still a chance of me getting pregnant while taking them? I'm asthmatic. Can the pills interfere with my medication? ## Hi, I used oralcon for the1st time in december 29. That was the beginning of my new cycle for only 5 days. It made me sick, then I stopped it. My periods continued till the 12 Jan. Was feeling weak then went to the Dr on the 12 Feb. Pregnancy test was faint positive. Am I really pregnant, or are my periods are still to come since I have menstrual cramps? ## Hi, I have been on the contraceptive pill for 7 years now (Oralcon). I am a very consistent individual where my periods are concerned. I have never missed a period once ever. The only time I did not have a period is when I found out I was pregnant w...

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Lo Loestrin Fe - Missed Birth Control Pill

I accidentally missed a Lo Loestrin Fe pill on a Friday due to being busy at work. I took a pill the next evening (Saturday) not realizing that I missed a pill. I was intimate that same night with my significant other, but I took the pill beforehand. Sunday evening I take my pill and realize my mistake and took a second pill that was missed. I've taken the pills the past 7 months without missing a pill. This would be my 8th pack and still on the first week. I plan on taking Plan B to prevent a possible pregnancy, but I wanted to make sure if in any way I was still protected and what are the chances of becoming pregnant? ## Every missed pill does increase your risk of pregnancy, though the risk is not as high as if you had missed several, or weren't using any form of contraceptio...

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Use Of Dronis 20 Pill

My doctor advised me to take dronis 20. It has 24 pills and i want to know when to start the pill - I mean on the 2nd day or 4th day? ## Hello, Based on my research, Dronis 20 is used as an oral contraceptive and contains the following active ingredients: (Drospirenone + Ethinylestradiol). It is also used to treat (PMDD), premenstrual dysphoric disorder or acne in women who are using Dronis for birth control. It may also be used to treat other conditions. Administration: First and foremost, only use Dronis as instructed by your doctor. Dronis should be taken by mouth, with or without food. -If you begin to take Dronis within the first 24 hours of your period, an extra form of birth control shouldn't be necessary. -If you begin to take Dronis the Sunday following the start of your pe...

Lo Loestrin FE 1-10 missed white pills

Last month I took all the blue pills but I skipped the white and brown pills. I know the 2 brown pills are just iron pills but is it bad that I skipped the white ones too? ## Hello, Kate! How are you? No, the white ones have no active ingredients in them, whatsoever, so it doesn't matter if you skip them. Is there anything else I can help with? ## The other response is wrong! I just started this pill and was confused myself. The patient insert does indicate that the white pills have estrogen! I didn't take them either! But will from now on! I wish my doctor had told me...I'm so used to the white pills being inactive! ## The white pills have *estrogen* in them. What they are missing is the progestin. Without progestin, your body starts having a period. That's why it's...

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Jadelle removed, no conception yet

I have inserted jadelle in August 2011 and had it removed in September 2013. I have been trying to conceive since then but not yet. I was on on acne medication, oratane during the same period and stopped it a month before Jadelle removal. Is there any relation between the use of Jadelle and acne medication and also conception? I get my mens every month though. ## Hello, Ndempa14! How are you? It can take several months for your body to balance things back out on its own for ovulation to occur, after you stop a hormonal contraceptive. And have you consulted your doctor? They'd be able to provide you with the best information and advice on this. ## Thank you so much Verwon. I just made an appointment with my gynaecologist for end of February. I will hear what she also says. ## I start...

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can take a contraceptive pills kht wala pang regla?

Hello, ask ko lng po kc uuwi aq sa 27 of dec but my last menstration was on 1st wik of the month pde npo b aq mgstart uminon ng pills kht 5 days after na lng nsa pinas nko? Kkbili k p lng dto sa hk rigevidon pill ung brand nya tnx po. ## Tanong ko lang po kapapanganak ko lang po. Noong september 2015 dinatnan na ako noong january 18, tapos feb 25 tapos ngayon walapa delayed po ako breastfeeding po ako. condom po gamit namin ng asawa ko ano po dapat ko gawin? ## hi po, anu poe bang pdi qoeng inumin pamparegla. pls lng poe one month and 13 days n poe aqung delay. plagi din poe msakit ung puson qoe. may uti din poe kc aqoe. pls poe anu poe bah ang pd kung gawin. nung oct 14 poe kc nung huling may nangyari smen ng bf qoe. tulungan nyo poe aqoe auqoe p poe kcng mbuntis. ## Hi po, ask ko lng ...

Oralcon Contraceptive Pills - Is It Possible To Get Pregnant When I Am On This

I am using oralcon contraception, but since the beginning of April i haven't seen my period. Is it possible to get pregnant while on this? ## All oral contraceptives carry a slight risk of still getting pregnant. I believe it could be a 1-10% estimated possibility depending on the brand; but in my opinion that merits reason enough to use another form of protection. Irregular periods however, are a general side effect of these types of medications; so it's not always something to be overly concerned about. This may simply be due to a fluctuation in your hormones. To make using oral contraceptives as safe and reliable as possible, you should understand how and when to take them and what side effects may be expected. A paper with information for the patient should've been given...

name of tablet to get early period

my marriage is coming and i want to get my menstrual cycle before the time, so plz suggest me tablet for that. ## Hi priya, If you have a preferred doctor or gynecologist, I would suggest discussing hormonal contraceptive options with him/her. Usually these types of medications (when taken in a particular manner), can significantly influence the timing and duration of your period. For example, with something like Lo Loestrin Fe (norethindrone acetate + ethinyl estradiol), there are 2 or 3 different color tablets. 1 blue, 1 brown, and 1 placebo. Taking these in a certain order for a set period of time can provoke an early period or delay it, depending on how you use them. Your Dr. or gynecologist should be able to prescribe you the necessary medication as well as offer you instructions o...

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Side effects after three years of removal

Hi... it's been three years since i removed my jadelle implant. I only had it for a year and some months because i had a lot of strange experiences with it; I would see my period for more than a week, blurry visions, sleepiness etched. It's three years now and my hormones are still all over the place, I still have mood swings, tiredness, bloated stomach, intermittent weight gain and weight loss... please , what's the maximum time for these side effects to wear off. I don't feel like myself and really need a solution. ## After 3 years, it is highly doubtful that this is due to the remove of the Jadelle. Those withdrawal effects typically including nausea, headache, weight changes, irregular bleeding, and mood changes, according to NIH studies. After this long of a time pe...

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diane 35 pills as emergency contraceptive

Hi, My doctor gave me Diane 35 as an emergency contraceptive pill to take within 24 hrs of unprotected sex. I had to eat 6 tablets a day.. (2 tabs ..3 times in a day)? This I had to follow for 3 days.. I.e. 18 tabs in 3 days. I started having this medicine in the evening of the same day. And continues it for next 3 days. So I ate 20 tabs in total. As per doc, after I eat this for 3 days and stop, I should get my period after 3-7 days. It's been 9 days and I haven't got my period yet. Usually my periods always get late by 5-7 days than the date I got it in last month. Is it because of this? Is there anything to worry? Should I wait more to get my period or should go for pregnancy test? Pls help. ## Hi Ladies, this is the scenario. My last pill was last Nov 23 Wednesday and i will...

procedure of taking trust pill

can i take the trust pill after my menstruation? ive search the internet and it says u must take the pill on the first day of menses but my friend told me after the menses, so tell me pls as im confused, bc i want to use trust pills so that i will not get pregnant. ## No, to first start oral contraceptives, you have to start them on the first day of your menstrual cycle. This helps allow your body to adjust to the hormones in the medication and starts the protection to prevent pregnancy, because you are not protected immediately, it takes time for the protection to take effect. You have to wait at least a week, before having unprotected sex and preferably, a month. Are there any comments or questions? ## can i use trust pill as a quick start? Its been two weeks ago since i got my monthl...

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