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Plan B..bleeding..pregnant possibility

I took the plan b pill earlier this month.. under horrible circumstances. I bled the next day for about 5 days. My period wasnt for another 2.5 weeks. Am I suppose to have my regular period? I had unprotected intercourse with my guy a week later. Its the end of the month, no period. I've been nauseous and have little tings in my breast. I feel like I have little cramps but not cramps in my lower abs. It's been a little over a week and a half since I slept with him. Is it possible that I could be pregnant? Or this is just normal. I don't want to jump to conclusions. I don't want to say nothing to him bc he would be so excited and I don't want to give his hopes up. Thanks for the help you guys. I tried to call the doc office and ask the possibilities but they wanted al...

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Are althea pills safe?

Hi, I started taking the althea pill last night, but i had intercourse on the same night and by the next day without using any contraceptives like withdrawal or condoms, but it's still within the 7 days period after my menstruation. Am i still protected against pregnancy? ## If you started taking them on the first or second day of your period, then you are protected against pregnancy, however, if you started it on any day later than that, there may be a chance that you are pregnant and you should have yourself check for it, according to NIH reports. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and PMS-like symptoms. When did you start taking it? ## I had my period aug 21 and started with althea aug first 7days of taking...

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Plan B and cramps...

My fiance and I had unprotected sex on March 6th around 1 in the morning. She could have been ovulating, i heard there were different times for that. Her period ended on March 4th. On March 7th at 9:30 in the morning she took the plan b pill. It has been 20 days and she is experiencing sharp cramping in her abdominal area, a little back pain and some fatigue. No bleeding yet and her period was supposed to start today. She says that she will start soon, but for my benefit can someone help out? I am worried that she may be pregnant or have an ectopic pregnancy, she will not go to the doctor or er because of her pain. Are these just side effects of the plan b? I hate that she is having this pain. ## I had unprotected sex on March 24th and I took plan b the morning after. Exactly two weeks ...

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Plan B taken ovulation/semen through clothes

So long story short, me and my girlfriend got frisky and I came on her vag but she was wearing 2 layers of clothes (leggings and underwear) but it appears to have seeped through and she complained to me about a strange feeling all night and in the next morning. She was ovulating at the time when I came on her and what came out of her was thick and white I said it could be vaginal discharge as it was the logical thing to say but it can also be semen if any got in her. and she also panicked thinking it was semen. Around 18 hours after I came on her I got her plan B to just make sure she doesn’t get pregnant l. She started feeling pregnancy symptoms/the side effects of plan B (Nausea and headaches, etc). Her concern is that the pill won’t work even though it has such a high per...

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Took plan b, missed my period.

I had recently taken plan b, I took it within 16hrs. My period was supposed to come roughly two weeks after I had taken it. All that had happened though was a little light brown discharge. It has now been two weeks since my missed period. I have taken 4 tests, 2 showed negative and the other two were unclear. Since the day I missed my period my stress levels have been sky high, seeing IM assuming I'm pregnant. This is also the third time in 6 months I have taken plan b. I am wondering if a combination of stress and over use of plan b could cause this. Is it possible that the light. brown discharge was my actual period? Thank you in advance ## Plan B is a hormonal tablet that is used to help prevent a possibly fertilized egg from implanting, thus, spotting, headache, dizziness and PM...

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Need Help Affording My Medication

I need help getting my medication. I am out of work and have very little money coming in. What or where can I go for help? I've been turned down for medicaid. ## What medication is it? I can't help you, without knowing this information. There are programs from various manufacturers that can help an uninsured person receive their medications for little, or no fee, depending on income. if you can post back with the name of the medication, I will gladly check for you to see if there are any programs available. ## I have no job. I have Kalamazoo country health plan b for insurance. There is a copay for my medication and I can't afford it. [Synthroid 50mg, Acyclovir 400mg, Celexa 40mg, Buspar 15mg, Wellbutrin 100mg] ## Be Easy Beze, Unfortunately, there aren't any programs th...

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Heavy bleeding after plan b

Took plan b twice about 2 months ago.. I got my period a month after for about a week then after 2 weeks I got heavy bleeding. I've been researching about it and I've seen that it's possibly not my period. It's hormonal bleeding ? Anyways, I went to to see a doctor 2 weeks later because I was still bleeding heavily. He prescribed birth control pills to get everything back on track. I am now on my 2nd week of taking the pills, however I'm still bleeding. Although not heavily, I'm still so worried. And the bc pills have affected my body so much; headaches and I get tired very easily. I also have hyperthyroidism, not sure if that affects anything ? And is still on medication. Please help me. Thank you in advance ## Everything you've described can be normal side ...

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Microgestin 1-20 and Plan B

Hi! I am currently on Microgestin and have been on it for the past year. I just went to Mexico and took my birth control around two-three hours off from usual every night because of the time difference and one night about 7 hours off. That same night I had unprotected sex where we used the pull out method, but I am pretty sure he may have came inside of me just a little. I am also on my second week of the pills where I am most fertile and I do not get my period so I get extra nervous! Should I be taking plan b? ## Generally, there is 12 hour window, before it is considered a late pill, and 24 hours, before it is considered a missed pill, according to FDA advice. Thus, you should be okay, as long as you didn't miss any tablets. They list its typical side effects as possibly including...

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Sex after Plan B pill

I had a romantic weekend away and had intercourse several times this past labor day holiday. Our last day together he came inside of me because he knew I was going to take the pill. I didn't realize that I was in my prime fertile region, nor that I was on point for ovulation Saturday. Sunday morning I took the pill about 30 minutes after he came in me, an hour max had gone by. About four hours later we had a last quickie and he came in me again. I asked him if I should take another pill and he didn't think so. I didn't have any normal side effects from the plan B. I felt fine. On Tuesday I started experiencing fatigue and mood swings and extreme hunger. This alarmed me as I was pregnant once before in my previous marriage and had all of these symptoms almost immediately afte...

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Plan b and low WBC count

A friend of mine took the plan b pill and has not had her period in 2 months. She has had headaches, been vomiting and feeling very hyped up and sensitive. She keeps saying she needs to have her period to release all this tension. She has been very stressed out over it. She had blood work done and it showed a low white blood cell count. Can the plan b pill and the side affects cause her to have a low white blood cell count? ## No, that is not a normal side effect. The FDA lists its typical ones as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and irregular bleeding. Whether or not she gets her period, it will most likely not change these issues. Given the symptoms, it sounds more like she is pregnant, or dealing with some type of hormonal issue. Is she on any other medications? Has th...

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Plan B and birth control pills

I've been taking birth control for about four months. I ended my last pill of my birth control pack and had to wait a week to get my prescription filled. About 6 days after that last pill, I had unprotected sex. I took Plan B the next morning. i started my new pack of pills the night after taking the Plan B and had sex that same night. Do the 6 days of not taking birth control make my body new to it again? How possible is it that I am pregnant? My nipples are a bit sore and I'm feeling a little queasy, but nothing too terrible. I know these are also side effects from Plan B, but I'm experiencing these symptoms 6 days later. Is that normal? ## So i had my last period april 4-9th then had intercourse on the 13th. We used condoms but there was a moment that precum could get in ...

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nexplanon help

Hi so i went out a few weeks ago for a couple drinks and somehow I ended up blacking out...i guess i went down to the bathroom and was down there for about 15-20 minutes before my friend came down looking for me...i do not know if anything happened to me that night but I do have the nexplanon have had it since the end of July...i took a plan b just to be extra safe but about 2 weeks later I've been feeling weird different constipated, dizzy with headaches and gurgling/weird feelings in my stomach, sore boobs occasionally and since I got the nexplanon I've been bleeding pretty much the whole time and now last week for 4 days no bleeding then got my period for 3 days now it stopped again...what is the chance something happened to me that night and I could be pregnant or does this ...

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Plan n normal or?

I'm curious. I had read that plan n will cause a bleed (withdrawal) 5- 7 days after taking it. Is this always true? I'm an early ovulate, usually cd10 to cd12 out of a 23/24 day cycle. I confirm ovulation by taking my bbt. However, this month I took a break from doing so as I was experiencing more stress than usual after a job promotion. I had unprotected intercourse on cd8 into the early morning of cd9. Because I wasn't tracking this cycle i completely forgot where i was until i looked back at my tracking app. It was pull out method but we all know how reliable THAT is. I took the plan b pill around 3pm the following day. Today makes exactly 7 days since and I've not had any symptoms at all except for being tired (as of yesterday) & my breasts are extremely tender e...

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Plan B, early period, late second period.

So I had unprotected sex and took plan-b 4 hours after. My period had ended April 2nd and I had sex April 8th. I got my period a week after April 8th which was super early, and it lasted idk 5-8 days I don't really remember. Anyway, its May 17th. Should I be worried that I haven't gotten a second period? Or is it that the hormones in plan-b really messed up my cycle? I think I'm fine because I got my last period? Please let me know. ## I had unprotected sex Saturday night. Just to be safe, I took Plan B Sunday morning. 5 days later (Friday) I noticed light blood when I would wipe. I just finished my period the Thursday before sex so I should not be getting it. I have also noticed the blood looks darker in color than usual. It isn't dark like black but a darker red. Is al...

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Can Ampicilina Mexapin interfere with PlanB One Step

I took a planB onestep pill on Monday the 4th and on Wednesday the 6th I started to take Ampicilina Mexapin for a really bad sore throat. I wasn't on any medication when i took the Plan B Pill it was until 2 days after that i took this Antibiotic. I was just wondering if this Antibiotic could decrease the effectiveness of the PlanB Pill? ## Hello, Andrea! How are you? Sorry about the sore throat. There shouldn't be a problem, especially since you didn't take them together on the same day. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this antibiotic as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. The side effects for Plan B may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache and spotting. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I was on an...

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Plan B two months ago - having leukorrhea

I took plan b one step less than 24 hours after a slip up. I got a period about a week later. It was lighter and shorter than usual. My period last month was almost two weeks late and again light and short. On and off I've had heavy milky discharge. When I went to the bathroom it was so abundant I heard it fall out of me. I've never had this much discharge. Just wondering if I could be pregnant or it is a plan b side effect. It's been almost two months since I took it. ## Usually, when you have that much discharge, it's due to a yeast infection. The FDA does list this medication as being known to cause various types of vaginal infections and issues as side effects, along with spotting and menstrual pain. Are you on any other medications? Have you checked for pregnancy?

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Missing two periods since taking plan b.

My last period was august 13th. It is now oct 10th. I had unprotected sex on aug 26th and took the pill within hours after it happened. I have yet to have a period since taking this pill. About a week after sex i had a morning where i woke up with small spotting but nothing since. It doesn't even feel like it's coming. I took pregnancy tests and it was negative. I went to my doctor three weeks after the incident and had blood work done. It was thankfully negative as was a pelvic ultrasound (though the lady who did it told me it would be too early to see anything on the ultra sound anyways). My period should have come a few days ago and there is still nothing. How long is kinda normal to not have a period after taking plan b? The package says i should have had it a week early or ...

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Still ovulating?

Hello, I am concerned I am ovulating and the pill is not working. I took plan b 20 hrs after the condom failed. It is possible I was ovulating. Now 3 days later I feel the twinge of ovulation, that dull ache in my lower stomach. Also my cervical mucus has changed like ovulation. I'm very worried that the pill is not working? Thoughts? ## Hello, Kos! How are you? Has there been any change? Plan B is very effective if taken within the first 24 hours, though there is always a small risk that it won't work. The symptoms you described can be typical side effects of taking it, according to FDA reports. You may also experience nausea, headache, and spotting, however yes, they could also be signs of ovulation. If you don't start your period when you should, it would be best to have ...

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I am on the nuvaring birth control (i do 4 weeks with nuvaring in (28 day) - 1 week out (7day)). the nuvaring was still in and we had an accident where the condom broke on Nov 11 night. I didn't think much of it... I am due for my period - so I took the nuvaring out on Nov 13 (as I was supposed to as it had been 4 weeks). Then on Nov 15, my nipples started feeling tingly... So I started getting worried. I took a plan b on No 15 (approx 90 hours after incident).... So - given the fact that a. i had birth control in (nuvaring) b. it was days before my period was supposed to start (and 26 days in my 28 day cycle with nuvaring IN) c. i have taken plan b just in case... So, while my period was supposed to start today - I know it won't since I took plan b yesterday. I assume my chance...

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Nexplanon birth control implant

I started my period on May 9th and had Nexplanon implanted on May 11th. I was intimate with my partner on May 30th, but the condom broke. Should I take the plan b or am I protected? ## Generally, unless your doctor says otherwise, you only require backup concentration for the first 7 days of using a new hormonal contraceptive. However, if you are concerned, there is no harm in having yourself check for pregnancy, to be sure. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings, irritably, PMS-like symptoms and breakthrough bleeding. Is there anything else I can help with?

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