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Side effects of Jadelle after removal 49 REPLIES
pregnancy after jadelle 29 REPLIES
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jadelle & tranexamic acid

Hey! I'm just a little concerned because i am anemic and have been bleeding down there for almost a year now. The doctors have given me Cyklokapron. I'm not gonna lie i have missed taking it a few times. I also was prescribed ferrograd iron supplements and i'm still bleeding. I read about "NOT TAKING Cyklokapron if... etc" - One of them said if you have irregular rapid heartbeats & If you're on hormone birth control. The birth control I'm on is jadelle and i have been taking tranexamic acid. Is that ok? And i have irregular rapid heartbeats. Please reply asap! ## Tranexamic Acid helps promote blood clotting,s o yes, there may be risk to taking it while on hormonal contraceptives, or if you experience irregular heartbeat, due to the fact that those conditi...

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Pregnancy after jadelle removal

I had jadelle implants for 5 years and removed the implants in May 2013 and up till now I am still not pregnant. I have had normal menstral cycles after removal and still cant understand why i cant get pregnant. How soon will the effects of Jadelle wear off so i can become pregnant ## After having it in your system for 5 years, it can take awhile for you to be able to get pregnant again, once it has been removed. Jadelle is still a hormonal contraceptive that prevents ovulation, so it's likely that you're not even ovulating yet, so soon after its removal. I'd suggest getting an ovulation test kit to see if you are, or not. Have you consulted your doctor for advice? ## thank you for the response. I did go to see my doctor and he recommended i start taking a fertility drug Clo...

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Jadelle side effects please

Hi there I had jadelle inserted two days ago. Just wondering when are side effects likely to start? I have experienced none so far ## My side effects started about two months after But from what I have read and heard everyone is different. I hope you don't experience any. ## There is no set answer that can be given, since we are all different as Valeisha stated, someone could experience side effects almost immediately, after insertion, or they may not experience any side effects, at all. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, irregular menstrual cycle, spotting, and headache. Ref: Hormone-Based Contraception Information How are you doing, now? Has there been any change?

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Microgynon contraceptive pills

Hi, I am taking microgynon contraceptive pill and my concerned is that I am on the last brown pill but l can't see my periods. Is there any problem with this? ## I was on Jadelle for 1 year and 3 months. I got it removed in January because of non stop spotting. I had unprotected intercourse a week after and I took 3 pills of microgynon in the morning and 3 at night. I got my period on the 9th of February which lasted 7 days. I had unprotected intercourse again on the 11th day post menses and I was wondering if I can be pregnant? I did a home test today and it was negative. What may be the problem? ## I had forgotten my pill packet of Microgynon at home and travelled to another town where it appears to be out of stock. Can I continue with Oralcon-F as a viable substitute?

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Side effects of Jadelle after removal

I had jadelle put in 6 months after I gave birth to my daughter and she is now a year and 10 months old, so I decided to take it off because I am planning to get pregnant but I have not seen my menstruation for 2 months now after I took it off. I feel really heavy in my tummy but I checked and am not pregnant, should I be nervous now or is it normal? ## Hi! How are you doing? Since Jadelle contains synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancy, it can take while for your body to balance back out on its own, once it's been removed and for ovulation to start occurring again. It can take several months in some women. If you don't start to cycle again soon, you may want to consult your doctor for assistance. ## before using jadelle implant for a year i was having irregular periods and aft...

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how long do you take to get pregnant after jadelle removal

I had a jadelle implant removal recently which i had for 9 months. I want to get pregnant as soon as possible. Will it be a good idea to take fertility tabs? ## Hi Cathy, I got mine removed after about 18 months and it took me a long time to get pregnant so I went to my doctor and he gave me doxycaps and cotrimoxazole tablets (they are just antibiotics) but they worked wonders more like they cleaned my womb. ## Hi.. I had my jaddelle removal Now the fifth day,, i receive my periods after three days of the removal, is it possible to get pregnant after my menses...thanks! ## Hi.. I had my jaddelle removal Now the fifth day after having it for five months ,, i receive my periods after three days of the removal, is it possible to get pregnant after my menses...thanks! ## I have Jadalle for ...

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Pregnant after Jadelle removed

Hi, I was wondering that if you were unprotected during intimacy a few days before having the Jadelle removed could you fall pregnant? ## Hello, Missy! How are you? If it had expired by the time you were intimate, then yes, there would be a risk of pregnancy. However, if it was still within its normal period of protection, then no. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Jadelle as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings and irregular bleeding. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I had just got my rods removed just 5 days ago, when will the side effects of the rods go away? ## They should eventually go away, but it may take a month or more. It can take awhile for your body to balance your hormones back out on its own. How are you feeling? ## I remove mine la...

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Jadelle and arm pain

Hi, iv had the jadelle in for 2 and half weeks, when I run a figure down my arm it hurts. I can feel pain when I bend my arm or if I lay my son on my arm. I can also feels like a tight string like possibly a nerve next to the jadelle under the skin. Pain only seems to be getting worse. Should I go to doctors or hospital or will the pain go away? ## Hello, Bobby! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. Yes, you should have it checked out, it might not have been placed correctly. The FDA lists possible Jadelle side effects as including dizziness, headache, irritability, breakthrough bleeding and PMS like symptoms. The tight string spot that you feel is most likely an irritated muscle. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Hi, I've had jadell for 2y...

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Jadelle Implant Removal In Johannesburg

Where can l get a gynaecologist or clinic that can remove my Jadelle implants that have expired. ## Hi Pearl, I was able to locate a few different gynecologists in and around Johannesburg, with the following information: Bvuma, Eton T (Practitioner) - Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Location: Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. Street Address: Morningside, 2196 Moodley, Serilla (Practitioner) - Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Street Address: Linksfield West, 2192 Pheiffer, Elsbeth L (Practitioner) - Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Street Address: Parktown, 2193 I would definitely consider visiting each of them if possible to get a real vibe for which one you prefer. Hope this info helps! ## I hv...

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pregnancy after jadelle

has anybody had the rods removed and become pregnant almost instantly, if so did your baby survive? i was 12 weeks one day yesterday (already have a 3 year old son.) when i bled had a scan and the baby was the size of a 9 week old fetus, still not sure if it died 3 weeks ago, or just stopped growing, i am a healthy person and after reading this article: acultureoflife.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/questioning-the-benefits-of-jadelle i just wondered if there was any research or experiences into pregnancy and miscarriage after having it removed? ## Actually, when you've used a hormonal contraceptive, such as Jadelle, it's generally not recommended that you try to get pregnant, immediately. It can take about 3 months for your body to rebalance your hormones on its own and the proper amo...

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Missing jadelle

I had jadelle implanted july 2015, and recently one of the rods started comming out.. I went to the doctor and only had that one removed.. Will its still have the same affect with just one as to having two rods?? Or can i get pregnant ? ## The nurse only put one rod in for me a year ago instead of two and I thought it was normal till now!!!!!! - a year and a half later. Somehow havent fallen pregnant thank god..... going to nurse in an hour to see if they believe me. They all think im crazy ## Hello Kelly, What a crazy story! I can't believe that one of them just started to pop out. I hope it didn't hurt too badly. According to the manufacturers webpage both containers of Jadelle need to be in your arm. The reason for this is that both of them are given a certain amount of levon...

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is it possible to get pregnant while on jadelle

I started spotting 3 months after having jadelle inserted. It continued for 1 month and have stopped for 2 weeks now. I sometimes have strong stomach cramps and my body temperature has risen. Could I be pregnant? Pls help me. I am confused. ## I am 30 yrs old, I inserted Janelle 2 yrs ago. Then on the last day of my period I had intercourse. It was on the 2nd of august 2016. From that day on I didn't see my period again and now I'm not feeling myself. I'm vomiting, loosing weight, lacking appetite. Does that mean I'm pregnant? Plz help. ## The only way to know for sure is by having yourself checked for pregnancy, though it isn't very likely that you are, given that you have the Jadelle implant. Some women stop having periods, when using contraceptives, the U.S. FDA l...

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pregnancy symptoms with jadelle

hey ladies. i wanted to know if anyone has had the same symptoms as me. iv got pelvic and lower back pain, nausea , dizzymes and sometimes i feel like i can feel kicking andwhat feels like baton hicks ## If you are actively engaging in intercourse, there is always a risk of getting pregnant. Using a contraceptive, such as this, just helps lower your risk, but it doesn't do away with it entirely. The only full proof method to prevent pregnancy with 100% reliability is abstinence. Thus, the only way to get an answer to your question is by having yourself checked for pregnancy. Have you consulted your doctor? ## not been to the Dr but i did do a test which came up negative but i can't shake the feeling of something being there ## Hi marshmellow, i get the same feelings the kicking,...

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Feeling sick after Jadelle removal

I have been feeling weak and having palpitation since I removed jadelle on august 17, 2017. I used it for 9months before removal. I have done ECG and heart extray, everything normal. My period came September 29 and October 31 for five days respectively, since 31st of October till date no menstration. Please what is the cause, all pregnancy test till date are negative. What can I do as my pulse rate is still high, pulse rate114 when I checked last. Please help not easy to cope ## I had my jadell on for two years and months after I removed it days ago I started running temperature,having headaches, runny stomach and vomiting is that supposed to be happening???i need to know ## Since Jadelle is a hormonal contraceptive, it can be normal to experience some irregularities, after it is remove...

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trying to get pregnant after jadelle removal

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I had jandelle in for 3years. Had it removed in june 2016. Been trying to get pregnant. I have been told it can happen right away. But nothing yet? Is there something wrong with me? ## No, but it can take several months for your body to balance your hormones back out on its own, so that you begin to ovulate, according to the NIH. Other withdrawal effects, according to the U.S. FDA, may include irregular cycles for a few months, headaches, and irritability. Have you had any luck, yet? ## No luck yet. My period are irregular. Every 19 days now ive had it removed. With jadelle it use to be every 28 days. ## Hi, i had jadelle in for 3yrs and i removed it a year ago but i still can't conceive yet. What should i do? ## I got my jadelle remo...

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Bleeding for 2 weeks after Removing jadelle and replaced it with loop

I had jadelle for 1yr 3 months and was having side effects. I had it removed 2 weeks ago and have been bleeding since then. Will it ever stop? ## Having jadelle inserted 2015June removed removed it 2018May no periods but having a headache,stretching discharge,other discharge stretching with a litle blood can l be pregnant..l did a test and it says lm not

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jadelle contraception side effects

Has anyone had the jadelle implant and had bad side effects? I got it done a weeks ago and have started light bleeding over the last few days and it wont go away as well as my skin breaking out. ## These are actually some of the normal side effects for any hormonal method of contraception. It can continue for several months, even the breakthrough bleeding. Weren't you warned about such side effects, when you were discussing having the procedure? You may also experience weight gain, hair loss, anxiety and dizziness. You can read more about the possible side effects here: It says they can last for up to 3 months. ## do ladies go skinny with jadelle also? ## This will be my first month of having the Jadelle implant. In december 2010, had the IUD removed, went on Depo till Feb 24th had ...

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what pill can i take for the bleeding from jadelle

I have been on jadelle for more than a year and breastfeeding my baby.i had no complications then but my menstrual period stopped because i was breastfeeding.myproblem started when i stopped breastfeeding im experiencing light bleeding for almost a months now is this going to stop or should i remove it. ## That's exactly what's happening to me ,so l went to a clinic and they told me to take control pills for 21 days and the bleeding stopped , but after the 21days l stopped taking the pills and started bleeding again ## It is very hard to say, since irregular bleeding can be a normal side effect of Jadelle, according to FDA reports. You may also experience dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. Sad, are you still taking an oral contraceptive, or did you stop, at t...

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can you get pregnant while on jadelle?

soooo i have had the jadelle for two and a half years now. im not to sure how it works really! um my period hasnt come for like almost 3months now i look like i am pregnant. i thought it was the jadelle koze it says that you gain weight while on it, I feel tiered all the time idk? what happens to the baby if you are pregnant and you have the jadelle??? last question: do you get pregnant and then the jadelle kills the baby, how does it work?? ## I am so very sorry that this was not properly explained to you. No, it does not kill the baby, it prevents you from becoming pregnant to begin with, so there is never a baby (fetus) to worry about. Basically, while using it, you do not drop an egg, so fertilization cannot occur. Weight gain and irregular periods can be a normal side effect it, ac...

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jadelle and pregnancy

I am on jadelle for 4yrs now and have been having my period but last yr in October was the last time I saw my period. I keep feeling sick at a certain time of the day. I'm also putting on weight. I took a test and it says I'm not pregnant but where is my period n y do I feel this way? I'm supposed to get it removed in August this yr. That will make 5yrs I have it in. ## Hello, Shana! How are you? This is a hormonal contraceptive, so it can cause you to skip your period, according to the U.S. FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, and PMS-like symptoms. There isn't much of a risk of pregnancy, since it is still active. Have you consulted your doctor? ## Can I get pregnant two days later after my jadelle implant is removed? And how long does it take to g...

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