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can you get pregnant while on jadelle?

soooo i have had the jadelle for two and a half years now. im not to sure how it works really! um my period hasnt come for like almost 3months now i look like i am pregnant. i thought it was the jadelle koze it says that you gain weight while on it, I feel tiered all the time idk? what happens to the baby if you are pregnant and you have the jadelle??? last question: do you get pregnant and then the jadelle kills the baby, how does it work?? ## I am so very sorry that this was not properly explained to you. No, it does not kill the baby, it prevents you from becoming pregnant to begin with, so there is never a baby (fetus) to worry about. Basically, while using it, you do not drop an egg, so fertilization cannot occur. Weight gain and irregular periods can be a normal side effect it, ac...

how long do you take to get pregnant after jadelle removal

I had a jadelle implant removal recently which i had for 9 months. I want to get pregnant as soon as possible. Will it be a good idea to take fertility tabs? ## Hi Cathy, I got mine removed after about 18 months and it took me a long time to get pregnant so I went to my doctor and he gave me doxycaps and cotrimoxazole tablets (they are just antibiotics) but they worked wonders more like they cleaned my womb. ## Hi.. I had my jaddelle removal Now the fifth day,, i receive my periods after three days of the removal, is it possible to get pregnant after my menses...thanks! ## Hi.. I had my jaddelle removal Now the fifth day after having it for five months ,, i receive my periods after three days of the removal, is it possible to get pregnant after my menses...thanks! ## I have Jadalle for ...

jadelle and pregnancy

I am on jadelle for 4yrs now and have been having my period but last yr in October was the last time I saw my period. I keep feeling sick at a certain time of the day. I'm also putting on weight. I took a test and it says I'm not pregnant but where is my period n y do I feel this way? I'm supposed to get it removed in August this yr. That will make 5yrs I have it in. ## Hello, Shana! How are you? This is a hormonal contraceptive, so it can cause you to skip your period, according to the U.S. FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, and PMS-like symptoms. There isn't much of a risk of pregnancy, since it is still active. Have you consulted your doctor? ## Can I get pregnant two days later after my jadelle implant is removed? And how long does it take to g...

trying to get pregnant after jadelle removal

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I had jandelle in for 3years. Had it removed in june 2016. Been trying to get pregnant. I have been told it can happen right away. But nothing yet? Is there something wrong with me? ## No, but it can take several months for your body to balance your hormones back out on its own, so that you begin to ovulate, according to the NIH. Other withdrawal effects, according to the U.S. FDA, may include irregular cycles for a few months, headaches, and irritability. Have you had any luck, yet? ## No luck yet. My period are irregular. Every 19 days now ive had it removed. With jadelle it use to be every 28 days. ## Hi, i had jadelle in for 3yrs and i removed it a year ago but i still can't conceive yet. What should i do? ## I got my jadelle remo...

Pain in arm where Jadelle implant is

Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had like kinda stabbing needle pain where their implant is when they move their arm. Ive had my implant for just over a year now and within the last couple days its been painful movin the arm its in as it feels like stabbing needle pain right where it is. ## I'm 16 but i stil get pain in my arm and Igot it removed maybe two years ago nw but i still get pain where jadelle got inserted. I even get pain when I don't move my arm but also when my arm get cold ## I would suggest that both of you should consult your doctors. To the original poster, yours may be moving and causing the pain, which should be a situation your doctor can rectify. Tiffany, it sounds like you possibly suffered some nerve damage that may require treatment. Are there any ot...

Jadelle Implant Removal In Johannesburg

Where can l get a gynaecologist or clinic that can remove my Jadelle implants that have expired. ## Hi Pearl, I was able to locate a few different gynecologists in and around Johannesburg, with the following information: Bvuma, Eton T (Practitioner) - Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Location: Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. Street Address: Morningside, 2196 Moodley, Serilla (Practitioner) - Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Street Address: Linksfield West, 2192 Pheiffer, Elsbeth L (Practitioner) - Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Street Address: Parktown, 2193 I would definitely consider visiting each of them if possible to get a real vibe for which one you prefer. Hope this info helps! ## I hv...

Pregnancy after jadelle removal

I had jadelle implants for 5 years and removed the implants in May 2013 and up till now I am still not pregnant. I have had normal menstral cycles after removal and still cant understand why i cant get pregnant. How soon will the effects of Jadelle wear off so i can become pregnant ## After having it in your system for 5 years, it can take awhile for you to be able to get pregnant again, once it has been removed. Jadelle is still a hormonal contraceptive that prevents ovulation, so it's likely that you're not even ovulating yet, so soon after its removal. I'd suggest getting an ovulation test kit to see if you are, or not. Have you consulted your doctor for advice? ## thank you for the response. I did go to see my doctor and he recommended i start taking a fertility drug Clo...

pregnancy symptoms with jadelle

hey ladies. i wanted to know if anyone has had the same symptoms as me. iv got pelvic and lower back pain, nausea , dizzymes and sometimes i feel like i can feel kicking andwhat feels like baton hicks ## If you are actively engaging in intercourse, there is always a risk of getting pregnant. Using a contraceptive, such as this, just helps lower your risk, but it doesn't do away with it entirely. The only full proof method to prevent pregnancy with 100% reliability is abstinence. Thus, the only way to get an answer to your question is by having yourself checked for pregnancy. Have you consulted your doctor? ## not been to the Dr but i did do a test which came up negative but i can't shake the feeling of something being there ## Hi marshmellow, i get the same feelings the kicking,...

Can I use contraceptives while having the Jadelle implant?

Hi, I've had the implant for 4 months and had no periods for almost 2 months but now for almost 3 weeks i have been spotting/bleeding. Is it possible or safe to take the placebo pills in the contraceptive packets to stop the period for a few days as am going to spend the weekend with my boyfriend? ## I started using jadelle last year and started spotting for a period of 3 months with only breaks of about a week in between .. I was put on an oral contraceptive to control my cycle and my question is, when I'm done taking the oral contraceptives, will this affect the effectiveness of jadelle or it remains effective? ## The placebo pills will not help stop the bleeding, they are actually what's used to induce it, when a woman takes oral contraceptives. However, if your doctor ap...

jadelle side effects/lactating breasts

I removed jadelle a month ago but the issue is that i am now lactating. My son is 6 years old now and I stopped breast feeding when he was one year six months. ## I did Jadelle implantation November 2014 and I registered for 5 years. Now my question is, can this implantation cause breast pain? and if it can, what can I use? ## I have used jadelle for one year now n I haven't gotten my periods,i have lost so much weight so I just want to know if it makes someone to loose weight.

jadelle contraception side effects

Has anyone had the jadelle implant and had bad side effects? I got it done a weeks ago and have started light bleeding over the last few days and it wont go away as well as my skin breaking out. ## These are actually some of the normal side effects for any hormonal method of contraception. It can continue for several months, even the breakthrough bleeding. Weren't you warned about such side effects, when you were discussing having the procedure? You may also experience weight gain, hair loss, anxiety and dizziness. You can read more about the possible side effects here: It says they can last for up to 3 months. ## do ladies go skinny with jadelle also? ## This will be my first month of having the Jadelle implant. In december 2010, had the IUD removed, went on Depo till Feb 24th had ...

Jadelle removed, no conception yet

I have inserted jadelle in August 2011 and had it removed in September 2013. I have been trying to conceive since then but not yet. I was on on acne medication, oratane during the same period and stopped it a month before Jadelle removal. Is there any relation between the use of Jadelle and acne medication and also conception? I get my mens every month though. ## Hello, Ndempa14! How are you? It can take several months for your body to balance things back out on its own for ovulation to occur, after you stop a hormonal contraceptive. And have you consulted your doctor? They'd be able to provide you with the best information and advice on this. ## Thank you so much Verwon. I just made an appointment with my gynaecologist for end of February. I will hear what she also says. ## I start...

Side effects after three years of removal

Hi... it's been three years since i removed my jadelle implant. I only had it for a year and some months because i had a lot of strange experiences with it; I would see my period for more than a week, blurry visions, sleepiness etched. It's three years now and my hormones are still all over the place, I still have mood swings, tiredness, bloated stomach, intermittent weight gain and weight loss... please , what's the maximum time for these side effects to wear off. I don't feel like myself and really need a solution. ## After 3 years, it is highly doubtful that this is due to the remove of the Jadelle. Those withdrawal effects typically including nausea, headache, weight changes, irregular bleeding, and mood changes, according to NIH studies. After this long of a time pe...

Feeling sick after Jadelle removal

I have been feeling weak and having palpitation since I removed jadelle on august 17, 2017. I used it for 9months before removal. I have done ECG and heart extray, everything normal. My period came September 29 and October 31 for five days respectively, since 31st of October till date no menstration. Please what is the cause, all pregnancy test till date are negative. What can I do as my pulse rate is still high, pulse rate114 when I checked last. Please help not easy to cope ## I had my jadell on for two years and months after I removed it days ago I started running temperature,having headaches, runny stomach and vomiting is that supposed to be happening???i need to know

Jadelle in but i think im pregnant

Hi i've had the jadelle in for a year and a half now but lately im feeling some pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting, feeling sleepy and being irritable. I admit to having unprotected sex a few times but im worried that i might be pregnant or have i just gained weight? Can there be a chance that i am pregnant? Please help right away!!! ## I have been using jadelle fo 8 mnths and my periods were becoming lighter then stopped suddenly should i be worried ## just get a pregnancy test dear thts the only way you will know for sure bn there done that and the feeling at times is irritating

effects of jadelle implants on pregnancy

I had jadelle implants which I removed after using it for two months and I got pregnant three month after the removal but have been having severe nausea and sometimes feel very weak. Am 7 weeks pregnant and on pregnacare. Could this be as a result of the implants I had before. ## Hi I've just had jadelle removed 3month ago and got pregnant straight away, I have my scan next week but I have a gut feeling i might have lost it after having alot of cramping, spotting, not feelung pregnant anymore and the worst sore lower back. Ive had them in for 2 1/2 years and wasnt aware of any side effects if I wanted to conceive again. Im real nervous about the scan as I miscarried my last pregnancy at this time before I had jadelle put in. It seems all to common. ## Hello, Monny! How are you? Cong...

Jadelle removal/period

Hi there, I've just recently come off the Jadelle 2 months ago and I haven't received my period. I get the cramps normally no spotting nothing! My tummy feels weird every morning and I'm just wanting to know how long it will take to get my period again and is this normal? I want my body back to normal. ## It can take a couple of months for your body to balance your hormones back out on its own and for things to return to normal, but if you go past 3 months without a period, you should consult your doctor. The FDA lists the other withdrawal effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, weight changes and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi. I have had jadelle in for 11 months, but now im bleeding badly and I want to remove it. Where can I do that? #...

Trying to conceive after jadelle removed

Hi, I'm 24yrs old trying to conceive my first child. I had my jadelle implants removed in Feb 2016 after 14months in as trying to Concieve. When I had them removed I had my period. The following month I ovulated then got my period, now in April, I think I ovulated as normal and now my period is 3 days late, doesn't feel like it is coming either, however, pregnancy test is negative. Could I still be pregnant? Why would my period be late if I'm not pregnant? ## Your hormones can fluctuate, especially this soon after having the Jadelle removed and that could result in irregular periods and irregular cycles, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience weight changes, irritability and PMS-like symptoms. It usually takes a few months, for things to return to normal, once your ...

1 month after jadelle removal

Hi there, I got my jadelle out over a month ago and I still havent had my period, should I be purchasing a pregnancy test? ## Have you had unprotected intercourse since having it removed? If so, then yes, a pregnancy test would be wise. Jadelle will only protect you from pregnancy as long as it is in and actively working. If you've no had unprotected relations, then it may just be due to your body trying to rebalance your hormones, as using a hormonal contraceptive such as this can throw them off for awhile. ## Hi. I was using Jadelle for one year and I removed it. I need to know the side effect after removing it. I put it in for five years and experienced long periods of bleeding. How should I remove that poison in my body? ## I have removed jadelle after 6 months with no conceptio...

Side effects of Jadelle after removal

I had jadelle put in 6 months after I gave birth to my daughter and she is now a year and 10 months old, so I decided to take it off because I am planning to get pregnant but I have not seen my menstruation for 2 months now after I took it off. I feel really heavy in my tummy but I checked and am not pregnant, should I be nervous now or is it normal? ## Hi! How are you doing? Since Jadelle contains synthetic hormones to prevent pregnancy, it can take while for your body to balance back out on its own, once it's been removed and for ovulation to start occurring again. It can take several months in some women. If you don't start to cycle again soon, you may want to consult your doctor for assistance. ## before using jadelle implant for a year i was having irregular periods and aft...


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