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IMPLANON severe depression and suicidal thoughts. It's real. 59 REPLIES
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Expired Implanon 26 REPLIES
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hindi ba nakakasama ang buwanang dalaw dahil sa implant

dalawang taon na po ako hnd nireregla dahil sa implat masama po ba yon sa akng kalusugan ## Hi po itatanong ko po kung ano pa ung pedeng gwin etc.para reglahin.kase 7months na po di nireregla,htumataba at lumalaki ung tummy ko. Ano P po Ung pedeng praan pra reglhin.slmat po ## Ako den ganyan 2 years na implant ko pero hndi ako nireregla khit isang beses. Msama po ba yun? Gusto ko po mlaman. Sba may magreply agad. ## Hello po 1yr mahigit na po akong hindi nireregla masama po ba ito sa katawan at medyo lumalaki po yong tiyan ko hundi ko po tiyak kung dahil sa tumataba ako o dahil sa hind lng lumabas yong dugo. Ang gamit ko po ay implanon..sana po may mag reply. ## Bakit hindi parin po ako dinadatnan dalawang buwan na Simula nung nag-implant ako? ## Ang lin zhi at implant pwedeng pagsabayi...

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implant and yellow non itching or smelly discharge

My implant is about to expired on october 8th. Is it normal to have yellow discharge? ## Hello, Jesse! How are you? You may have developed vaginitis, which the FDA lists as being a possible side effect, you may also experience spotting, irritability, and headache. It would be best to have it check out to be sure. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hello Jesse, It is not normal to have any discharge from Esperal as long as you haven't consumed alcohol. Esperal doesn't infuse any chemicals (Disulfiram) into your blood stream. So, you are clean alcohol wise you can't have any side effects from Esperal. ## I want to purchase the Esperal implant. Where can I get it in India? Does it require a prescription? ## Hello, patil i am also looking to get implant in india if you f...

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nexplanon & hypothyroidism?

I got my nexplanon implanted a year and a half ago soon after I received news that my thyroid was swollen and been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. There is not history of this in my family and have never had any problems like this, I'm still pretty young being 26. I've had 3 kids and my weight has always be stable until now. Hypothyroidism is ruining my life and I believe it might have something to do with the nexplanon because this all started when I got it implanted. Thoughts?? ## Hello, Holly! How are you? No, that's not a normal side effect of Nexplanon, as listed by the FDA. Typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, PMS-like symptoms and irregular bleeding. Had you ever had symptoms of a thyroid issue in the past? Are you on any...

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Expired implanon and nausea

My implanon expired a month ago And I've noticed horrible headaches and night time nausea. I cannot be pregnant because my husband and I started using condoms before it expired. Any advice? I cannot afford to get it removed right now, I have no health insurance. Thanks ## Just like when taking any other medication, withdrawal of contraceptive hormones can cause withdrawal effects, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience dizziness, PMS-like symptoms and spotting. However, it would be best to have things checked out, as soon as possible. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I had the nexplanon for 6 years (2 terms) and it's still in my arm. It expired on Dec. 6th. It's now Jan. 12th and I've had a regular period since maybe 6 months before it expired. And it ...

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Expired Implanon

Hi. I have had the implanon since 2012. It is now due to be removed. It was expired on april 28, 2015. Today is september 12 2015 and I still have it. I got my first menstrual since march on sep. 2015. Is the implanon officially done working? Should I be worried? Am I healthy? ## It may still be releasing some hormones in your body, plus once it's expired, it can take a couple months for your body to adjust and for your natural hormones to take back over and things to return to normal. The FDA lists the typical side effects of Implanon as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight gain and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi. I'm a 22 year old female. I've had the implant for 6 years (I had it changed out 3 years ago) and the current ...

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Implanon and Nature-Throid

Hello! I'm 33 and have been on Implanon since 2017. Prior to that, I was on Depo Provera for about 10 years. I prefer these forms of birth control since I do not menstruate while I'm on them. I do not have PCOS, nor have I been diagnosed with endometriosis, however my periods were always very painful and I prefer to avoid them for this reason. My doctor(s) have always been amenable. I recently began taking Nature-Throid and Metformin and, after nearly 12 years of not menstruating (beyond the occasional light spotting when my Depo shot was due), started my period. Does anyone know whether thyroid medication or Metformin can impact menstruation in this way? I was on a lower dose of the same thyroid medication for a month previously, but my doctor doubled it recently and now, BAM, ...

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IMPLANON severe depression and suicidal thoughts. It's real.

My daughter who was naturally a funny, happy adventurous person her whole life became severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts from the very beginning of her use of IMPLANON. Anxiety and panic attacks, non-stop bleeding, Even hallucinating towards the end. It was so bad, she was house bound the last few months of her life. She took her life during one of her severe bouts of severe depression. She had this implanted in her body for 2 years. Could not find a doctor to remove it, even planned parenthood to her sorry, not our problem. UNBELIEVABLE. What do these pharmaceutical companies think women are for? Do we not have any more worth then their test monkeys or guinea pigs that they can just stick something in our bodies without concern as to what it does to our mind not to mention on...

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Nexplanon removal, but immune to local anesthetic

So, in the next few months my Nexplanon will be expiring and I plan to get a new one put in since it worked really well for me. I am a little uneasy though since, when inserting it the first time, the local anesthetic apparently didn't work and I felt everything. I powered through it, but it did hurt. I am far more worried about the removal process since I know they have to make an incision and fish the old one out (and of course I put on like 10lbs so there is fat that has grown around it) and I am pretty unsure about it. I mean, I know it has to come out and I plan to talk to my doctor about it, but I am curious if anyone else has anyone else run into this problem and if anyone has been able to work around it. I suppose if all else fails I can bring in a leather strap to bite down...

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DEATH BY implanon

Warning label on implanon does not begin to describe to horrific side effects of this birth control. And yes, there are many. Many of them will depress you to a point of suicidal thoughts and actions. Some women love this BC as their bodies seem, for now,to adjust to the enormous amount of synthetic hormone being released each day into the body. But if you research this product further, you will see women are having bad effects years down the road. It is not worth risking your health on this one. Keep in mind it is not detectable by an x-ray so if your are one of the many women who begin to have unwanted bodily changes and who will experience emotional issues, you may be stuck with it until the medication runs out, after which it is too late to do anything about it. you will be forever ...

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Possible pregnancy on expired implanon

My implanon has been expired for 7 months. My bf always pulls out (every single time) - I've heard of becoming pregnant by pre-ejaculate but statistics show it's unlikely when used correctly. I've been having pretty normal periods except for this last month - I should have started around the 3-5th but it's now the 17th and nothing. About 2 weeks ago I had a little tiny bit of spotting but when I would go to put a tampon in it would be almost dry. My symptoms are tender swollen breasts - nausea for no reason - weight gain - fatigue- mood swings - frequent urination - and my sense of smell is seriously heightened. Is it possible to get pregnant like this? ## Yes, it is possible, if you are not using a reliable form or contraception, as you've already stated, the pull-o...

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implanon advice

Ok so my implanon is due to be removed in 6 weeks which is when it 'expires' i have had regular periods since having the implant inserted and felt fine having no problem with it. Until i missed my regular period and i am now 11 days late. I know the implant can mess with your periods but at this stage I find it strange. I 'feel' pregnant but done 2 hpt and both negative. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or become pregnant at the end of the implanon? Maybe its expired early? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ## If the PTs were negative, then it isn't likely that you're pregnant. However, the Implanon may be releasing lower amounts of hormones, since it's near expiring, which may be causing you to miss your period. Have you inf...

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Implanon side effects

Hi, i just got my implanon implanted yesterday. I suffer bad migraines that started a long time ago. I was actually feeling better. I dont know how soon i can expect to have side effects, but i feel depressed and have a headache. Is it possible that i already have side effects? ## Hello, Jenny! How are you? Yes, it is possible and those can be typical side effects, according to FDA reports, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, irritability, and PMS-like symptoms. If the headaches get too severe, you should consult your physician. Is there anything else I can help with? Are you on any other medications? ## Hi, thank you so much for your help! That really helps! ## I got my implanon device put in a week ago. When I try to feel the device I feel weird bumps where it's at and my w...

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implanon and plan b

I have had nexplanon for a month. My boyfriend and I had intercourse and i was wondering if i could take a plan-b pill just to be safe because i have three kids already and my youngest is two months old. I'm not ready for another one. ## Hello, Miajade! How are you? If you have the Nexplanon, then there should be no need to take Plan B. It is effective at preventing pregnancy, unless your doctor has instructed otherwise. Side effects to the implant may include irregular menstrual bleeding, headaches, mood swings and cramps. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I've had the implant birth control on my arm for about 2 months. I was intimate with my boyfriend and he came inside me for the first time. Do i need the plan b or am i okay? I'm scared... And also I've been ...

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Getting pregnant on Implanon?

I was wondering if anyone has heard of beng pregnant on implanon? I've had it in for over a year. It made my periods last longer and heavier. Well I haven't had it for 2 months now (I know it can stop) but the last week I've felt really light headed. I've had really sore boobs and will randomly feel sick to the stomach and certain smells cause it... please give me your advice ## Hi Dallas, To my understanding, it can sometimes take up to a few months to get hormonal contraceptives completely out of your system. So based on your description, it sounds to me like your hormones may have just been fluctuating throughout the time you stopped using the medication (possibly resulting in those side effects). I could be wrong in assuming that, so I would definitely encourage you ...

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Redotex Side Effects with birth control

Ive been taking redotex for 3 weeks now my weight loss is amazing ive lost 17 lbs and have had no real side effects other than dry mouth but drinking water is vital. I have an implanon birth control inserted in me and dont have frequent menstraution cycles. But since taking the redotex my menstraution hasnt stopped some days its spotting other days its full on. Has this happened to anyone ? thanks for your help :) ## Hi Laurie, Based on my research, there aren't any drug interactions listed between the active ingredients found in Implanon and those in Redotex. Although I still wouldn't be surprised if Redotex has been contributing to the cause, since the stimulating ingredients in this medication may have some effect on your thyroid & hormones. I think it may also be a good ...

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Can inplanon make you sick

Hi am on implanon and its for the second time i have periods last time they gave me sugar pills but today they gave me famynor and they always give me white ones,but i have a very serious problem i sometime become numb,dizzy,have backache,headache,tiredness,sleepy,my stomach becomes weird and so big it feels like its empty or full of air,abdominal pain and my implanon hand and feet feels lk i wld be hit by stroke because sometimes i can't feel them,oh and my hands are always tired and feels like i have needle more especially the inplanon one.plz help am really scared and confused because all this happens after i had inplanon (i put'd it on de 4th of march 2015 ) one day i was so sick my hand and feet were swallen and my hand couldn't touch or work and there were needles like pa

Brown discharge on Implanon

Hi I'm looking for any help at all here. I have been on Implanon for almost three years now. It is my first one and I am due to have it taken out in two-three months time. I am here because I went to the bathroom and noticed some bright blood on the tissue. I had my period a few weeks ago and I have very irregular periods on Implanon. I can go months without getting any bleeding and when I do bleed it can last for about 2 weeks. I had practically no bleeding the first year I was on Implanon. I was surprised to see blood because I have had my period recent enough in the last 3 weeks or so but I'm not 100% because I am terrible for keeping track of it. The bleeding went almost straight away but then I noticed some brown discharge when I wiped. It was very thin and not heavy at all...

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Struggling with pregnancy after having implanon removed

Hi - just wondered if anyone else is struggling to get pregnant after having implanon. I have it removed 2 years ago and it took 7 months for me to get a period and when I did the pain made me faint. My periods only now last one day but do come every 28 days... I have been to see my doctor and he was not interested as I already have one child and because of my age 28. I am convinced my hormones are not right? Thanks :)

Nexplanon implant

Hi, I have had the nexplanon implant since August 2012, it was due to come out this August 2016. After trying to get a doctor's appointment for a whole year I finally got one 18 days after expiry. (also no reminder from the doctors) me and my husband had unprotected sex 16 days after expiry. The nurse won't put another implant in my arm for another 2 weeks due to pregnancy. I already have 2 sons (10 and 6) so think I've done my bit, had very bad pregnancies. Could I be pregnant or will the hormones from nexplanon still be in my system? The nurse has now put me on a contraceptive pill to tie me over until my next appointment when I have to provide a urine sample. I'm really scared and have argued loads with my husband. As he still wants intercourse but I'm not sure. T...

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Implant, nexplanon, contraception

After some advice: So i had the implant in for 3 years, had it changed and now in the second year of this one - in total about 5 years. I never had a period when i got it put in on both occassions; i had the very very minute spotting on the very odd occassion. Last month i had a full on period for 7 days. And now iv come on again this month. Should i be worriied?

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