Implanon Severe Depression And Suicidal Thoughts. It's Real.

Mary Says:

My daughter who was naturally a funny, happy adventurous person her whole life became severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts from the very beginning of her use of IMPLANON. Anxiety and panic attacks, non-stop bleeding, Even hallucinating towards the end. It was so bad, she was house bound the last few months of her life. She took her life during one of her severe bouts of severe depression. She had this implanted in her body for 2 years. Could not find a doctor to remove it, even planned parenthood to her sorry, not our problem. UNBELIEVABLE. What do these pharmaceutical companies think women are for? Do we not have any more worth then their test monkeys or guinea pigs that they can just stick something in our bodies without concern as to what it does to our mind not to mention only 40% of women who use it actually can trust it to keep them from getting pregnant? 654 women out of 1500 got pregnant while having it in their arm. Oh that's another thing, since when is it ethical to put something in your body that an x-ray cannot find? That's right, if you no longer have your paper work you received when it was implanted, best of luck trying to find a doctor to take it out. They cannot just x-ray your arm because it does not show up in x-rays. UNBELIEVABLE................This is not only unethical, it sucks that our government approved such a thing. Maybe because it was initially designed for low income underage sexually active girls who they consider to be to irresponsible to take a pill everyday. Is this the governments answer to keeping the welfare system from growing? And so what if they have the paper work to show where it was inserted, the "match stick" as they call it, moves around in the body. The doctors who insert it are most definitely in the pocket books of the manufacturer, MERCK INC. Something needs to be done about this.... And if you are suicidal, remember, IT ISN'T YOU OR YOUR LIFE THAT HAS GONE BAD it is the implant in your arm. {edited for privacy} DO NOT HURT YOURSELF. GET IT REMOVED NOW before you let it get the best of you like my beautiful daughter did. Thank You....

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Vsanchez Says:

Hi Mary, I am going through a horrible situation right now with my baby sister. She's 15 and 2 -3 months ago she got the implanon. From that point on we have seen sudden weight lost , she stopped doing her make up , her hair, she would lock herself up all day and sleep. Sat night she started acting really weird, she came downstairs and wanted my mother and her to read the bible. She showered with her clothes on. She was completely out of it. Her stare was just blank. She kept saying a lot of weird things. Talking to herself. We took her to the er and they said they couldnt remove the implanon. When in fact she keeps requesting it to be removed . Now day 2 she's in a mental hospital being "evaluated" . She still hasn't slept even with the medicine. We are hurting to see our little sister like this .please advice from your experience. I'm truly sorry for your daughter.

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MaryAnn W Says:

Veralia, I have learned so much more about this horrific drug. Take your sister back to the Dr who put it in and demand he remove it NOW.. She is under the age of 15 so you or her legal guardian can demand this.....DO NOT LEAVE HER ALONE........Please get that thing out. the reason it is so hard to find someone to remove it is because of the difficulty of finding and removing it. please keep in touch with me, I really do care that this does not happen to anyone else's daughter, sister, friend. Again, DO NOT LEAVE HER UNATTENDED..,...

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Vsanchez Says:

We already demand it to get it removed and instead they transfer her to a mental hospital she begs us to stay with her.and the staff didn't allow us to. They want to keep her under medication and its not working on her. We keep demanding it to be removed and they said they need a doctor who specializes with that horrible bc. She is under age and my parents want to take her please advice of any law or right we have to her out. Please.

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MaryAnn W. Says:

Veralia, you or one of your parents need to go see the DR who put it in and explain what is happening to her. IT IS REAL.. Tell them you know of someone who lost their daughter to suicide from IMPLANON. DEMAND HE REMOVE IT. There is way, way to much hormones being pumped into her body. I KNOW THIS my daughter acted the same way. Please, Please stay on top of this. Tell them at the hospital everything, that she never acted this way until the implanon, The things she is doing are not normal. does she still have the DR who put it in. i AM SERIOUS. GO TO HIM TOMORROW MORNING AND TELL HIM WHAT IS GOING ON........your poor 15 year old sister, knows even less then my 26 year old daughter she is probably scared s***-less. please let me know what happens.. I care....

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MaryAnn W. Says:

Veralia, i posted to you last night but i see this morning it didn't get put on. Go to your family Dr. Hopefully he/she will have compassion and will help you in finding someone to remove this awful thing. My attorney would also like to talk to you. My attorney offered this advice:
1) You suggest they have their family doctor see the girl and report this to the doctor that inserted the device;
2) Ask why can't the Implanon be removed?;
3) They should contact Merck and FDA about the adverse effects;
4) Ask if it is ok that your lawyer's office contact them just to do some investigation (helps your case);
5) We should also report this to Stephanie;
6) Pray for the poor girl and her family.
I am forwarding all this info to them. Veralia, Please understand how important it is that this not be ignored. My daughter knew it was the IMPLANON that was causing her to do the same things your sister is doing, yet in a moment of terror, (her own) when I was not around, she took her life. Do not think for one minute your sister will be alright until it is removed. please leave a way for my attorney's to contact you. it is so important so this does not happen to anyone else. contact me at {edited for privacy} so I can help you......

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Vsanchez Says:

I will follow along with your instructions.
How can we get in contact ?

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MaryAnn W. Says:

Veralia, I'm glad to help you anyway I can. My e-mail is {edited for privacy}. (They may delete it.) Are you in the United States? I"m in California. It doesn't matter where you are, This is serious stuff. I cannot place the importance that you not leave her unattended. I have all the information for you to report this to Merck, manufactures and to the FDA. Ask the DR you find to remove it to please contact Merck. I can tell about it when you email me. THIS LAST PART IS FOR" Those who moderate this site," i do not know what your rules are, but I hope you allow this young lady to contact me (delete my email address?) another site did, via email. thanks. Please contact me Veralia I am concerned. Mary Ann

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Vsanchez Says:

Mary ann, Your email was deleted. I am in california. I'm in oakland, ca. The doctors dont believe is the implanon causing it but we do. She still says she wants it remremoved. We keep demanding it and they don't listen. We need to find another way to get in contact. {edited for privacy}

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Amy Says:

Hi Mary Ann,

I am so, SO sorry for the loss of your daughter. I agree with you and believe that the suicidal tendencies she experienced were from the Implanon. I have been on it for a year now and have experienced overwhelming suicidal thoughts, fairly often. At first I thought it was due to the challenges of life, and maybe I had a chemical imbalance so I had my doctor start me on an antidepressant. After a few months it hadn't helped so she doubled the dose of the antidepressant. And here I am months later still struggling with the lowest lows I've ever experienced. 90% of the time I feel completely unmotivated and worthless, incapable of facing life day-to-day. I've been so scared of myself sometimes and what I might do to myself. One day I even had my boyfriend hide his gun from me when he went to work because I experienced a very sudden downward rock-bottom mood swing and I was afraid of what I might do to myself. Ugh. It's a horrible feeling. Sometimes I think I probably would've done it already if I didn't have children. They are what keeps me going. I can't bear the thought of them living their lives knowing that their mom took her own. Although many days life feels so painful and overwhelming to me.
I just moved to a new state a few months ago, and I'm really hoping that I can find someone to take this thing out of my arm. I kept thinking if I'd just stick with it maybe my body would get used to it and things would get better. But it hasn't happened yet. And I'm getting to the point that I'm exhausted of feeling this way.

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Anni Says:

Hi Mary, I too have been having these same side effects minus the hallucinations. I have had it in for a year now, and lately my symptoms have been getting progressively worse these last 3 months. My husband left me with our two year old son and now I'm even more depressed. I have had these symptoms and more so I do know it is my implanon.

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Hsbcbcu Says:

I'm nearing my third month having it. I'm usually a very happy person. Now all I do Is cry and sleep and eat. I can't smile anymore and I lost interest in everything. I have no more friends. I want it out. I want it out I want it out I can't take this anymore I cry in class every single f***ing day. I'm only 16 and I'm as depressed as depression gets. I want to cut it out myself sometimes. It's tearing apart my entire life I would give anything to go back and just go on the pill. Please help me in desperate in afraid ill end up hurting myself if I keep it in very much longer

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Veralia Says:

Go to your doctor asap and get it removed. My 16 year sister is having to take medication for life due to the side effects of the implanon. She was 15 when she first got the implanon . The exact same symptoms you have she had. She started to have suicidal thoughts and hallucinations. She regrets ever getting implanon. Get it removed asap. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you.

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Connie Says:

My 16 year old daughter started on implanon due to getting ovarian cysts. We had it removed today. She recently spent 3.5 weeks in a psychiatric hospital suffering from hallucinations, severe depression, anxiety and suicide attempt. She wasn't able to sleep and spent days awake. She is now on medications for psychotic tendencies and depression and anxiety. I pray that at some point her emotional health can return to normal. I urge anyone who feels that something isn't quite right to have this thing removed.

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Katie Says:

Hi I had implanon implanted October 2012 by December I was completely out of control making crazy decisions (completely out of character but at the same time I moved jobs city etc
Everyone though stress of the change) February I overdosed on prescription medication requiring hospitalisation I was panicky and irrational I had gained 20kg. August I slit my wrist because I didn't want to feel like
that anymore or put my family through my craziness anymore. My gp asked about what I was using for birth control when I said implanon he said oh no not again. Removed it immediately and I felt better 2 weeks later but I had done a lot of damage to my loved ones. I wish someone would hVe told me this was even a possibility I would have never used it.

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raelynng Says: going through the same.thing what going had the implanon for going on 7 months I.need answers I.made.a it.removed

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Ashley Says:

Hi my name is Ashley. And I have been having the same symptoms. You have described... I have been to the er.sever times over this issue. I almost. Killed myself. The other day and I have never been a suicidal.person. I can't find anyone to take this thing out unless it would cost me 500$ from the original doctor! I have lost my whole family do to this implant and seriously. Need help.! I know I'm not crazy! And know it's this thing but no one will believe me. I need help. I'm scared for my life! I have lost everything as well. I can't get out of my bed most days and I'm the only one supporting. Me and i'm. Just too weak! This was supposed. to be taken out last August. And it seems the symptoms. Are getting worse! How do I convince. them that it's hurting me and about to take my life without sounding. Absolutely. Wacky?

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maryjo Says:

Im so sorry to hear about your daughter- what a terrible loss for you. I cannot imagine your pain. I can totally relate to your daughter's story and what she went through. Ive had the implanon in for 2 and a half years now and have become incrwasingly depressed and recently had suicial thoughts. I have three children andI couldnt actually follow through and do anything but I definitely dont want to be alive any more. Ive just stumbled upon the link between Implanon and severe depression and tbis has given me hope that maybe its not me, maybe its these damn hormones pumping through my body. It makes sense, because even though I feel depressed now all the time, its much worse before I get my period and alleviates a bit once my period starts. Im going to get it taken out tomorrow and I cant wait to see what happens next. I know it cant get any worse.

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missy Says:

I have the same stuff going on with me. Idk what to do anymore

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maryjo Says:

Just had the implanon removed and already I can feel the dark cloud starting to lift away. I can go for a walk again and I dont feel like a rat caught in a cage anymore which is what I had been feeling like. My advice to you all is to get that thing out of your arm; it obviously seriously disagrees with some people.

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Ingting Says:

Hi everyone!

I am a 21 year old Norwegian girl, and had my implant taken out 2 months ago after dealing with the same horrible side effects. Severe depression, anger issues, crazy anxiety and suicidal thoughts. It was only due to great luck that my mum decided to Google the Implanon after witnessing the total breakdown of my mental health. Though being Implanon free for the eight last weeks, I am still really struggling with the hormones that are still stuck in my body. But I am starting to the see the light in the end of the tunnel. Thank God. I’m crossing my fingers for everyone of you out there fighting the same battle. We will get through this. Please don’t hurt yourself, keep reminding yourself that it is not you that have gone crazy, it is the hormones that have been injected into your body. EVERYONE ELSE; NEVER TAKE THE IMPLANON.

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