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marilyn Says:

I have finished my pack of pills for a week now, but still i dont have my period... I used a PT after 4 days of finishing off my last pill and its negative. What could be the problem? Am i possibly pregnant? Should i start a new pack of lady pills?

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Verwon Says:

Did you miss any pills, at all?

If not, then the chances of your being pregnant are not very high. For most birth control pills, it only takes 7 days of taking them continuously for them to protect you against pregnancy.

However, these are hormonal based contraceptives, so they can, sometimes, cause you to skip your period. You should start your new pill pack on the same day that you normally would.

There is actually no harm in missing your time of the month, many women use birth control to do it on purpose, when it would be inconvenient to have one.

Your being pregnant is also especially doubtful, if the test you took was negative, however, if you are still concerned, then you should contact your doctor.


Are there any other questions?

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anne Says:

i did not follow the instuction .. they say use condom for 7days taking the 1st day of pill.. it wiil effect on me? i wiil become pregnant??>>

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maldita Says:

is taking a trust lady pills can delay my period because i will go to the beach on the day of my next period so i need to delay it

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keisha Says:

we had sex..and i was expected my period the next week after the sex, but it had been alsmost 2weeks, and i didn't menstruate, i tried lady pills on march 14..we had sex on march it possible that it can be still gone?

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jdymier Says:

its my 1st time to take a trust pill.... my bf and I have an UN-protective sex last September 1and i immediately take the 1st pill in the same day before my regular period,my regular period is September 6. but i'm worried because until now i still don't have my period.and i already tried 4 PT w/ da same result its negative. 2 more brown pill left. am i possibly pregnant?

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christine Says:

ng take na ko ng pils for 2 months ngyon,first month ko ng karun ako,but nung pang second month , ngkarun ako pero bahagya lang, doen'ts mean im pregy,dahil first last tym lang mangyari sa akin ang ganitong case.

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Gina Says:

I started using Lady Pills and I've been getting really bad side effects from it. My period hasn't stopped since the first day (9 days ago) of taking the pills and the cramps are starting to bother me. If I discontinue taking Lady pills now (day 10 onwards), what are the effects that I should expect? and will that guarantee that my menstruation will not go "amok" again? (I was regular before starting on the pills)

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sidney19 Says:

your system is still adjusting to the pill you are long as you did not miss any pill then you don't have to worry about it.just continue taking the pill and after the 28th pill, start a new pack.

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patrice Says:

i make love with my hubby when the date of my menstrual period is coming, i used lady pill for sure tha i can get fregnant, i finish my lady pills but nw 2 days still my mestrual period not come, i ma be possibly fregnant,?? pls answer me what can i do,,,

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ladyheart32 Says:

does the component of lady pills from 1-21 is the same?

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jackie Says:

Ginagamit ko ang lady pills as pampayat kxe daw my ganun side effect, i dont have any intercourse but nadelayed ng 1wk ang mens ko, normal lng ba yun?

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mikaring Says:

Mam tanong kulang natural lang po ba minsan magbleeding ang babae umiinom ng pills

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jaluz Says:

i start taking trustpill the first day of my period & it's my 6th day now.was it fine having unprotected intercourse now on my 6th day while on trustpill

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charmaine Says:

Ask ko lng kc matagal na ako nagtatake ng lady pill pero ngaun lng ako ndi neregla actually mag 2months na last april kc mga 2wiks q tinigil ung pag inum q ng ladypill peru bgo naman q cnumulan ulit ung pag inum gumamit aq ng pregnancy test negative naman sya till now negative parin.

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Rinoa Says:

Is it safe to take lady pills in replacement of charlize pills? Ponds is still not in manufacturing the said pills..


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Lady101 Says:

Hi! I've been a trust pill user for 6months. What are the possibilities if my last brown pill was not taken and just took the yellow one? So basically, I took the 1st yellow pill in the new pack one day advance. Is the pregnancy percentage high? My LMP July 28, 2014. I had intercourse with my husband on Sunday.

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Mcbeal Says:

Hi, ask ko lang pano kung after ng last brown tablet, di ko nainom un 1st tablet ng 2nd pack. Pde pa ba ako uminom ng 1st tablet ng 2nd pack sa ibang araw?

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eever Says:

hi. its been my 2nd month in taking lady pills. do i still have to wait for 7 days before intercourse and is it ok for him to climax inside me? thanks.

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bebs Says:

Ginamit ako ni mister ko sa araw n fertile ako at agad agad nagtake ako ng lady pill...first two pa dhl baka mabuntis n nmn ako..effwctive po ba un?

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joyce Says:

My question lang ako ?? Paano kng after itake ung pills tpos tatlong araw ng hndi nkkapgtake anung magyyari?? Kc kktpos ko lang mgatake ng pills 3days ago from now.. Pero nkipgtalik ako sa bf ko hung Thursday.. Hindi ko po kc alm kng anung mangyyari kng do ako nkainom ng pills first tyme KO mgtake ng pills

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