Active Ingredient(s): Drospirenone + Ethinyl Estradiol
FDA Approved: * May 27, 2014
Pharm Company: * LUPIN LTD
Category: Birth Control / Contraceptive

* This drug may consist of multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or distributors. If applicable, they would be listed below under "NDC Database Records".

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Drospirenone is a progestin medication which is used in birth control pills to prevent pregnancy and in menopausal hormone therapy, among other uses.[1][7] It is available both alone under the brand name Slynd and in combination with an estrogen under the brand name Yasmin among others.[7][2] The medication is taken by mouth.[2][1] Common side effects include acne, headache, breast tenderness, weig...

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oralcon contraceptive pill side effects

What side effects have others experienced and how long do the side effects last for? ## Hi, Rassie! How are you? The side effects, if they occur, can start within a few days and last 2 to 3 months, since these are hormonal based contraceptives. They may include nausea, dizziness, breakthrough bleeding/spotting, headaches and weight changes. However, you may not experience any of them, some people do and some people don't. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Hi there. I've been using Oralcon for about two weeks now. And my breast are painful to the touch and heavy. I've also noticed that they're big. I wanna know how long is this going to last? ## Hi, Ive been on oralcon for the past three months and have gained a significant amount of wieght since then. I hove ...

Alko tablet overdose

My friend who is 21 years old has taken overdose of alko tablet. He has taken all 20 tablets at a time just because he was having some stress. Now he has consulted to a doctor. I'm worried that will he face some kind of disorders or kidney failure? Is he safe or still in danger or any other risk? ## Yes, I would just like to know, is alko-1, 1mg alprazolam? I have been scammed in the past with a product saying one thing, and being another, and usually a pacebo! I would like to know. These pills are white and on one side there is an "N" and a "T" on the bottom, with a check mark on the other side! ## I believe they are xanex and am satisfied with these. Deb ## I just recieved alrpozolam it ahd the marking N-t on it woth a J something like is that is is real or a plece...

Krimson 35 irregular periods

I am 22 yrs old and am an unmarried girl. I am suffering from PCOD since the last 3 years. Earlier my doctor advised me to take Doris and it was cured only for a year but again i faced problem of irregular periods and i consulted another doctor who gave me Krimson 35. i started using from 16th june 2014 but before completing 21 days i have seen few drops of period within 2 weeks i.e on 29th june'14. should i stop using these tablets? and along with Krimson 35 doctor also gave me APCOD sachets. is it gud? please advise what should i do and will the problem be solved of irregular periods? ## Hi Nikki! I would call your Doctor and let him know what's going on, and, your concerns. ## Hi...i have used krimson 35 for one month and i got my period on the correct date after usage...Howe...

k3 diet pills

contains papaya, toronja. ## looking for deit pills k3 ## Anyone have more info. on K3 diet pills? ## looking for more information on K 3 and how it works and where to buy it ## there 7 pills in a can and you pretty much lose about 5 pounds a week depends on your body, you still have to eat your 3 meals, what i notice is that you just dont get real hungry they give you energy and when you eat you get foul real quick so you dont eat has much they really work you do lose weight ## I BUY THEM IN MEXICO YOU CAN FIND THEM IN NUEVO PROGRESSO AT PRETTY MUCH ANY PHARMACY IM GOING TO GO GET SOME THIS WEEK ## You should all be aware that this is a dietary supplement, thus it is NOT proven to actually do ANYTHING and possible side effects are unknown. I advise being careful when using them. ## Doe...

Tablet for treating piles

I am 35 years old suffering from piles with itching, bleeding, inflammation and irritation. I need a quick acting tablet for the treatment. Please help.... ## I'm suffering from piles..kindly tell me the tablet names for relief... ## I have had a 7 year piles problem and bleeding most of day. Please advise. ## Rachana, Hemorrhoids (piles) will not heal or resolve on their own. There are treatments available to correct this condition OTC medications are available at any pharmacy consult with a pharmacist for recommendations to alleviate these SYMPTOMS of this unfortunate condition. Regards, Kenie ## Last 10 days I suffering piles and bleeding. Please tell me tablets name. ## My wife has had a bleeding (piles) problem for the last 30 years. But bleeding occurs once every 3 or 4 months...

can i be pregnant if have regestrone tablet

Hi doctor my name is ... And my age is 25 years .. I missed my Period this month period date was 11th December so i chk prega news and it confirm i pregnant but after sonographi no pregnancy so doctor give me Regestrone tablet. . i took 5 tablet daily and today is 6 day but period not happend. Please suggest what to do ...... ## Nanna lost 16 th april next 27th april bleeding start that time i will use regesteonr tablet .but nanu ega pragnanct agbeku antha ankondiddini agutha ## My lost peeiod is 16th april .than 27th april bleeding start 'that time i wll take regestrone tablet .but i will try to get pragnancy its safe r not .tablet uses any problem for get pragnnacy ## Nanna lost perios 16 th april next 27th april bleeding start that time i will use regesteonr tablet .but nanu ega ...

pur bloka 10mg

Hi there, i have really bad chest pains i did not go to the docter but i talk to a guy at the pharmacy and he said i should use it, i just want to know if its safe? It really get scary this pain but i dont have medical aid and i am too scared to go to a state hospital.. Im 23 years old... Please help ## This medication contains Propranolol, which is used to treat high blood pressure, and certain cardiac conditions. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, headache, increased urination, dizziness, and hypotension. However, you really need to see a doctor to be sure what is causing your chest pains. That is the only way to know what is safe for you to take. Are you on any other medications? Have you been diagnosed with any medical conditions? How old are you?

thyronorm dosage

Hello, My wife had a tsh level of 7.2 in first 3 weeks of pregnancy than we started thyronorm 25 mcg we continued it and in 10 week pregnancy tsh came out to be low as 1.2 than i continued the same medicine but last 3 days back i got her tsh as 8.2 so now should i increase the dose of thyronorm to 25 mcg to 50 mcg or 100 mcg please suggest. Her delivery is due after 10 dayss only..... ## Her doctor should be making the decisions on whether or not she needs a dosage adjustment. What have they advised? Since she is pregnant, it is especially important that this be monitored and her dosage adjusted very carefully. Her doctor should be helping and this shouldn't be left up to your guesswork. No one online can make these types of decisions based on just the information in a short interne...

side effects of levera 500 during pregnancy

I had 1st convulsion at 19yrs old, nowI am 31 yrs old,taking levera 500 & lobazam 10 daily from last 3 month,previously i was using encorate chrono 300.....i want to concive as soon as want to know the side effects of these medecine in pregnancy.. ## Hi Dr, I am 34 years old women. I had partial seizures since am 16. From that time i was taking Valparin chrono tablet... Initially i was taking 250 , then increased to 300.. I consulted neurologists in between [only 2,3 times ] and they asked me to continue the medicine.. since 6,7 years i was taking valaparin chrono 300. And i get the jerks only if my sleep n not proper or if i get so early in the morning... I had only sudden jerks thats it.... Now am married and planning for a baby.. Recently my doctor did an eeg test a...

How to get rid of side effects of Montair lc kid

My 2 yr old is suffering from Cough ..khasi also,doctor prescribed her montair lc kid syrup ...2.5 ml 2 times a day for 7 days,5 days I hv given her medicine but observed that her behavior totally changed showing a lot of aggression and feeling sleepiness ,crying a lot through out a day....Plz suggest how to recover this problem....


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