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It is a birth control pill. It comes with a pack of 21 pills. The pill is small white in color. This pill was prescribed by a doctor when I was in India and I would like to know if its available in US. ## Yes, though it is most often found in the US under other names, a name brand for it here would be Desogen and a generic Apri. ## I started taking femilon from 9th day of my menstrual cycle. During 1st week I took unwanted 72 once on the 14th day due to unprotected intercourse the day before. Then during 2nd and 3rd week I didn't use any precaution. My period was supposed to be on 29th of August. But it has not started yet. Should I go for pregnancy evaluation.? ## is it possible to get pregnant even if you are on the pill. i am currently using femilon and i have to confess that i a...

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red, round one side has o/o one side has 42 ## This one is easy, I am on these. It is a birth control, generic for Desogen, it is called Apri. ## Thanks for the input.....I found it in my dining room and had no idea when/where it came from. ## Someone must have dropped it, the coating on them, if they get damp can also be a little sticky, then when it dries, it sets up normal again, so it might have been dropped outside and tracked in on someone's shoe, or even a paw if you have pets. ## round pills 44 on top 291 on bottom tan in color pill form

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