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IUDs r not 99% affective

IUDs r not 99% affective I know this from experience. I have 3 kids and have had 3 miscarriages. my oldest is the pill and condom. I was 17yr old I got pregnant 3 months after starting the pill. I have been sexually active since I was 13 and not once got pregnant till I got on the pill my daughter was 4 months old when I got pregnant again and once again I was on the pill just a different kind. after I miscarried I tried the shot but I was allergic so I tried the patch. 4months later I got pregnant again and miscarried got back on the pill and when my oldest was a yr I was pregnant again. so after her I got the IUD I was told 99% affective and will last 5yrs. my daughter was 9 months old when it fell out while using the bathroom. I had it put back in that was AUG of 2008 and then in mar...