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Flucillin Side Effects

11 and half year old boy on Flucillin 500 mg and Pinamox 250 mg for bacterial skin infection getting really bad leg cramps ## Hi Kyra, According to the link below, muscle pain or tenderness, joint pain, as well as bone marrow problems are all listed as very rare side effects of Flucillin (also known as Flucloxacillin or Floxacillin): Is he still experiencing these side effects after stopping the medication? ## Just started taking flucillin this evening for an indentation on my ankle. Now I feel very nauseous and have a headache with pain in my joints. Is this normal and should I keep taking them?

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red capsule with m 683 on it

Two rwd capsules were found iny beer at the club and i am trying to find out what they are im not certain about the numbers but am certain that there was an M. ## Hi, Kyra! You mean someone slipped them in your drink? Did you report this to the police? Unfortunately, without knowing what the numbers are, it's really a guessing game to try to identify them. There are quite a few red capsules on the market that have an M on them, as well as numbers. Do you still have them, could you double check the numbers?

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