Active Ingredient(s): Ethinyl Estradiol + Norgestimate
FDA Approved: * March 26, 2004
Pharm Company: * ANDRX PHARMS
Category: Birth Control / Contraceptive

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Tri-Previfem Overview

Ethinylestradiol (EE) is an estrogen medication which is used widely in birth control pills in combination with progestins.[7][8] In the past, EE was widely used for various indications such as the treatment of menopausal symptoms, gynecological disorders, and certain hormone-sensitive cancers. It is usually taken by mouth but is also used as a patch and vaginal ring.[7][12] The general side effects of EE include breast tendernes...

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Tri-previfem causing nausea and vomiting?

Hey! I started this last month on 4/25 and the first week was miserable. I take it in the morning with Zoloft. I had really bad nausea either early in the morning or an hour after I take my pill. I don't usually eat in the morning so maybe that could be the reason why I have felt so awful. I have puked on a bus last month about a day after starting the pill. I finally finished my first pack and I just started a new pack. This time the nausea is worse and I can't stop puking. Especially after trying to eat. I wonder if I just need to eat with the pill, start taking it at night or just stop it all together. I just feel so bad and I want to continue taking it, but if it's going to make me feel like this for a while I'd rather just stop than continue to be nauseous. ## That ...

Tri-Previfem: Took wrong pill on the wrong day

Hello, I've been on Tri-Previfem for about 4 months now and have done a pretty good job of taking it consistently. I've never missed a day. 2 questions: 1. I try to take the pills at 1:30p daily. There are times where I'll take it as late as 3 depending on my lunch schedule. Will taking the pill at 3p cause it to lose its effectiveness? 2. Today is a Sunday and I'm supposed to start week 2 of my pill pack this week. I was careless yesterday (Saturday) and accidentally took the pill I was supposed to take today. I see on the pack that pill 1 has .18mg norgestimate, and week 2 has .215mg norgestimate. Today, I took the 'week 1' pill I was supposed to take on Saturday, and plan to proceed with my week 2 pills as usual tomorrow. Will this make the birth control ineff...

Stopping Tri-Previfem

Hi! I'm going to stop Tri-Previfem to level out my body in order to try to conceive in a few months. I've been on birth control pills (mostly this one and similar to it) for 17 years and I'm worried about what to expect. I'm fine with my period being a little whacky for a few months, but vainly I'm worried that my face will go crazy with acne. I had acne prior to starting the pill, but I was also 16, so I'm just not sure what to expect. Also, if acne does flare up, does it decrease once you do get pregnant? Thanks! ## There is a risk of you developing acne, again, and there is no way to say how becoming pregnant may affect it. Other withdrawals effects may include mood swings, headaches, and weight changes, according to the FDA. Do you experience pimples around y...

Tri-Previfem, Sunday starter, period stopped

Okay so I have searched high and low and even asked my pharmacist but I don't think they understood my question. I was on the implant for years and after bad side effects switched to the pill (tri-previfem). I went a month without any form of birth control between the two to let my body sort itself out and DID NOT have ANY intercourse, remained abstinent. My period started on Sunday and I started my BC pack day one, week one - 746 pill (white/greyish) - on that Sunday that I started. I've taken it for three days now and my period stopped, is that supposed to happen? I know I'm supposed to have my period on the last week (week 4) so is it supposed to stop my period once I start taking it the first week? If I could get an answer I would be soooooo grateful! Thanks in advance! ...

Early and Period

I had my period normally last month, then this month - 10 days before I was supposed to get my period - I started spotting, and just thought it was during ovulation. It ended up becoming a full on period and I still have it almost a week later! I am not supposed to get my actual period for another 5 days, but not sure what this is all about? I have taken my pill at exactly the same day every day and never missed one. Help! ## How long have you been taking this contraceptive? Irregular periods can be a normal side effect, according to FDA warnings. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. ## I have been taking it for a few months now and I have had no problems until this month! ## I had this issue as well! Sometimes spotting and other times a...

tri-previfem birth control

Since i started taking this drug, i feel very bloated. Is weight gain a side effect? ## Common side effects while taking Tri-Previfem are bloating, changes in weight, and many more. To view more side effects about this drug click on the link below... ## write down your symtems on a calender. I had severe swelling and bloating on the same days of each month. The fourth day of the month. On my third month on the fourth day, I had a heart attack! I'm 42 years old. I have no high blood pressure and beautiful cholesteral levels. figure that out! ## since the pill makes the cervix have more mucus, making it hard for sperm to get through, does that mean it is hard for your period to get through? please help! im freaking out! ## i just started my new pack of tri-previfem and the 1st week ar...

Too many missed pills on-and-off, not sure how to start fresh

Hello, I have been taking Tri-Previfem for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, and as much as I don't want to admit it, I've had a record of missing anywhere from 1-4 pills in a row or missing 1-2 pills in a row and then taking them on time, but then missing another 1-2 pills in a row. As you can imagine, I've lost track and dont know if missing this many pills so on-and-off means I should just start a new pack every time. I realize I need to start taking these more regularly and find a way to stop forgetting. During my most recent pack, I think I missed somewhere between 3-4 days of pills in week 2, and on the day I remembered I took the first one I missed, the next day I took the second one I missed, and so on and currently I am almost done with the pack, but I am very b...

Possibly pregnant

Took a pill during week 3 around five hours late, and this Saturday, I had brown discharge with some light pink. Is this implantation bleeding? However, I took two pregnancy tests and they both came back negative. Is there any chance I could be pregnant as a result of the late pill? (False negative) ## If two tests came back negative, it is not likely that you are pregnant. But only a medical professional can confirm this. Usually, you have to be more than 12 hours for it to be considered a late pill, and 24 hours, before it is considered a missed pill, according to FDA information. The discharge and spotting can be normal side effects of taking hormonal contraceptives, or taking a pill a bit late. Has there been any change, yet? Did you get your full period? ## I got my period!! Thanks...


Hello, i take tri-previfem. I have for a while now but last month I accidentally skipped my placibo pills and went straight to a new active pack. I skipped my period and now I'm on the sugar pills of this pack of birth control. I was just wondering if anyone knew how I could calculate when my period may start. I know for a fact I can't be pregnant but does anyone have any ideas that could help me? ## Hello, PandySue! How are you? If you are taking the inactive tablets now, then your period should start within a day or two of taking them. When taking OCs, your period is actually caused by withdrawal of the hormones, which is why you skipped it last month. If it doesn't start, then your hormonal balance may be off and you may need to check in with your doctor. Is there anythin...

Tri-previfem started a day late

I'm on my second pack of the pills and I've been taking them everyday around the same time. I probably shouldn't let there be a time gap on weekends but I take them when I wake up, which is a few hours after my normal time during the week. Would that mess up the effectiveness of the pill? And when I first started taking them, I started my period and forgot to take the pill the first day but my mom told me to just take the first pill on the second day instead. So technically I've always been a pill behind. Is there anything I can do and if I've had intercourse, am I at any greater risk? And finally, my last period started at a really strange time and lasted a full 5 days but I kept bleeding for another whole week, is that normal? And is there a large risk if I had unp...


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  • 0254-2030 Tri-previfemTri-previfem Kit by Par Pharmaceutical, Inc.
  • 0603-7663 Tri-previfem 28 Day Pack by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
  • 53002-1304 Tri-previfem Kit by Rpk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • 53002-2304 Tri-previfemTri-previfem Kit by Rpk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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