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lomedia 24 fe

Hello guys I started taking lomedia 24 fe three months ago. I switched from minastrin. I switched because I couldn't afford the minastrin and the Dr said lomedia was the same thing. Since switching I have had 3 panic attacks I cry over every little thing I cramp horribly when I am bleeding. It's to the point of just laying in bed crying and not doing anything. I have bled most of this month. I had a reg period for 7 days except it was heavier than usual. Then a couple days after getting off I went to the bathroom and wipped there was a bunch of big blood clots but I hadn't been bleeding. Ever since that day I will randomly bleed heavily as if I'm on my period or sometimes worse and then a few hrs later ill stop bleeding and the cycle has continued for about two weeks now...

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results with loloestrin after having issues other birthcontrols

I have been on many birth controls and had issues such as mood swings, anxiety, no libido, and i was very angry all the time with just about all that i have tried. I was curious if people who have had similar problems with other pills had a good or bad experience with lo loestrin. I am currently on the NuvaRing and i love it but my insurance does not cover it so it is too expensive so i am looking for other options. ## Hello, Claire! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems that you've had. Those types of issues can occur when taking OCs, since they add hormones to your body to prevent ovulation. But many women do better with the low dose ones, so that might apply to you, as well. However, you could still experience nausea, headache, irritability and PMS like symptoms. Can anyo...

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