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levonelle double dose

my first day of period was 19 may, last day on 24 may, cycle lasts 29 day and period usually 6-5 days and on 25 may I had intercourse , condom stayed party inside but some poor out on my um I am not sure if anything went inside,I took levonelle onestep 11:30 hrs after one tablet and I took second tablet same one 3 hrs later to be sure am safe.after 4 days I got bleeding and now am waiting for 17 of june for period. My question is: do I need to worry or in my case especially that it was non-fertile day on 25 of may I should be safe ## No, you are not pregnant. If you want to make sure, you can opt to take a pregnancy test. But I am pretty confident that you aren't because (a) you and your partner used a condom and (b) you had intercourse on a considered safe/infertile day. ## does th...

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Levonelle Early Period

Took Levonelle about three days after unprotected sex. Period came about a week to 5 days early. However, period is extremely heavy and an unusual color. My period has always been consistently light and normal. Also, my muscles, especially back muscles, are extremely sore and it hurts to pee. Not to mention i have been extremely exhausted. please tell me what is going on! ## Levonelle is an emergency contraceptive, which contains the synthetic hormone Levornogestrel, so a heavier period and unusual color, plus some nausea and muscle aches are normal, especially if you were pregnant, because the emergency tablets prevent the actual egg from implanting in the uterus, which basically acts like an induced abortion or miscarriage. However, having pain when urinating is not normal and may sig...

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sulfameth tmp ds tab side effects

Can this pill have a reverse effect on drowsiness. I took two pills in 12 hours and was up agitated all night. ## SMX-TMP is an antibiotic used to treat various types of infections. And yes, not everyone experiences the same side effects and, thought it is rare, some people do experience the opposite effects. If it is creating a major problem, you should speak to your doctor. Do you have any other questions? ## i took levonelle (contraception pill) and then four days after taking that, began taking antibiotics for a ut infection (ic sulfameth), and now i have begun bleeding heavily and the blood is much more red that it ever is during my period, so I was wondering if the bleeding is due to the possible interaction of the medicines or if the levonelle has triggered my period about a week...

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