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I Was Told That Ortho Prefest Is No Longer Made And On The Mkt

I was on ortho prefest tabs for several yrs. for menapausal symptoms...went on nat. compound creams which are no longer working...is ortho prefest still made? ## I haven't found any information stating that Ortho-Prefest (estradiol + norgestimate) has been discontinued, so I'm led to believe that it's still readily available at your local pharmacy & with a valid prescription. Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, a Johnson & Johnson company based in Raritan, New Jersey, manufactures and markets medication with the same active ingredients as Ortho-Prefest; but lists them under different names such as: Ortho Tri-cyclen LO and Ortho Evra. Maybe you can contact them for more specific details on its availability, considering that they have similar brand names: janssenpharmaceutica...

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