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Is Philith the same as Balziva?

My pharmacist gave me Philith today. I have been taking Balziva for about 2 years. I'm concerned because I have heard that when you start taking a new birth control pill, you need to have a back up (such as condoms) for the first month. I know that the two pills both have some of the same ingredients, but are all of the ingredients the same? ## Hi, Debbie! Sorry about the confusion. As long as the dosage is the same, they are basically interchangeable. You can just go ahead and take the new one and you don't have to start all over, you'll still be protected from pregnancy. The need for back up is only if you take a break from them, are completely new to taking them, or are switching from one form of contraceptive to another, such as from the pill to a patch. You should doubl...

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