Norethindrone + Ethinyl Estradiol

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Norethindrone + Ethinyl Estradiol Overview

Birth control pills come in a variety of formulations. The main division is between combined oral contraceptive pills, containing both estrogens and synthetic progestogens (progestins), and progestogen only pills. Combined oral contraceptive pills also come in varying types, including varying doses of estrogen, and whether the dose of estrogen or progestogen changes from week to week. Contents 1 Mechanism of action 2 Combined oral contraceptive pills 2.1 Monophasic 2.2 Multiphasic 3 Prog...

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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Norethindrone + Ethinyl Estradiol
  • Capsule: 0.02mg + 1mg, 1mg + 20mcg + 75mg
  • Tablet: 0, 0.0025mg + 0.5mg, 0.005mg + 1mg, 0.01mg,0.01mg + 1mg,n/a, 0.02mg + 0.035mg + 0.03mg + 1mg, 0.02mg + 1mg, 0.02mg,0.03mg,0.035mg + 1mg,1mg,1mg, 0.035mg + 0.4mg, 0.035mg + 0.5mg, 0.035mg + 0.5mg + 0.75mg + 1mg, 0.035mg + 0.5mg + 1mg, 0.035mg + 1mg, 0.035mg,0.035mg + 0.5mg,1mg, 0.035mg,0.035mg,0.035mg + 0.5mg,0.75mg,1mg, 0.035mg,0.035mg,0.035mg + 0.5mg,1mg,0.5mg, 0.03mg + 1.5mg, 0.05mg + 1mg, 0.5mg + 0.1mg, 0.75mg + 0.035mg, 10mcg, 1mg + 0.035mg, 1mg + 0.5mg, 1mg/0.035mg, 75mg, Combo
  • Tablet, Chewable: 0.025mg + 0.8mg, 0.02mg + 1mg, 0.035mg + 0.4mg
  • Tablet, Chewable, Tablet: 0.01mg,0.01mg,n/a + 1mg,n/a,n/a, 1mg + 10mcg + 10mcg + 75mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Norethindrone + Ethinyl Estradiol: (41 results)

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  • 0023-5970 Femcon Fe Kit by Allergan, Inc.
  • 0023-6030 Generess Fe Oral Kit by Allergan, Inc.
  • 0093-2090 Zeosa 28 Day Pack by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc
  • 0093-3303 Necon 1/35 Kit by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.
  • 0378-7297 Norethindrone and Ethinyl Estradiol Kit by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • 0430-0010 Femcon Fe Kit by Warner Chilcott (Us), LLC
  • 0430-0482 Femcon Fe 28 Day Pack by Warner Chilcott (Us), LLC
  • 0430-0535 Minastrin 24 Fe Chewable 28 Day Pack by Warner Chilcott (Us), LLC
  • 0430-0537 Lo Minastrin Fe 28 Day Pack by Warner Chilcott (Us), LLC
  • 0555-9008 Nortrel 0.5/35 28 Day Pack by Barr Laboratories Inc.
  • 0555-9010 Nortrel 1/35 28 Day Pack by Barr Laboratories Inc.
  • 0603-7608 Gildess Fe 1.5/30 28 Day Pack by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
  • 0603-7609 Gildess Fe 1/20 28 Day Pack by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
  • 16714-346 Dasetta 7/7/7 28 Day Pack by Northstar Rx LLC
  • 16714-405 Larin Fe 1.5/30 28 Day Pack by Northstar Rx LLC
  • 16714-406 Larin Fe 1/20 28 Day Pack by Northstar Rx LLC
  • 21695-685 Tilia Fe 28 Day Pack by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 21695-857 Necon 1/35 28 Day Pack by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 50458-171 Modicon 28 Day Pack by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • 50458-176 Ortho-novum 1/35 28 Day Pack by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • 21 more results ...

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