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Mirena for too long

I have had Mirena for a little over 7 years. I know I need to get it removed but that is not possible for me right now. Lately. I have been experiencing strange periods. They are bright red one day, practically black the next. I will have two or three days that go from heavy to light and then disappear. Two days later, it starts all over again. I thought this might be normal at first, especially since I didn't have a cycle for almost three years before getting Mirena inserted. However, this has been going on for two to three months. I also have cramping in the lower abdominal area that does not coincide with the bleeding. Intercourse is also painful at times and I have experienced cramping and bleeding afterwards. I considered menopause but I am only 31. I also know I am not pregnan...

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Regestrone 5mg is mainly used for what?

As i dont have the knowledge of the pill would you please tell me the main use of regestrone? ## REgestrone contains Norethisterone, a progestogen hormone. It can be used to prevent pregnancy, normalize the menstrual cycle, help correct heavy bleeding and etc. Learn more: Has your doctor prescribed it for you? ## my monthly cycle is not on time .....how main months should the regestrone 5 mg i take.... ## what time may i use sandoz regestrone ## my monthly cycle is not on time ## Actually I had PCOD Few months ago...n I took treatment for 3 months..for 3 months withdrwl bleeding had occured..n after 15 days of ma 3rd withdrwl I mean after completion of my couse of my t/t I had normal bleeding for 6 days n exact after 14 days I had little bleedind I think dat was bcz of ovulation...as be...

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mirena & primolut n

I got the mirena put in 2 weeks ago and have been bleeding heavy since. Today my doctor put me on primolut n. I just wanted to know what is actually going to do? Will it stop my bleeding ? ## Hello, Tam! How are you? That is pretty common with the Mirena, though not everyone experiences heavy bleeding. But hopefully yes, the doctor has prescribed that to try to help balance your hormones back out, so the bleeding stops. The typical side effects of the Primolut N may include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability and PMS-like symptoms. The only way to see if it will help is by actually trying it. If the bleeding doesn't stop, you'll need to return to your doctor. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi, I got the mirena IUD inserted last week and i am currently still ble...

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tablet tranexa 500 for blood clot

I am 8 weeks pregnant and scan showed blood clot in the uterus. my Dr prescribed tranexa 500 to be taken morning and night for 8 days. All I have read online says tranexa is to stop bleeding, and yet the Dr expects me to bleed out the clot formation. I really am confused ## I m 8th week n 6 day pregnant. Had on and off bleeding from 5th weeks onwards. Came to know about vanishing twin 2days before and my doc prescribed me trenexa 500mg twice a day for 3 days. I m confused about this medicine as this medicine is usually used to form blood clot. Will this medicine affect my other fetus. Should i continue with this medicine . ## I HD been inserted mirena 2 month back but the periods didn't stop now doctor suggested me primulut n n trenexa is this right medicine ## Hi Seema . . I know i...

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Heavy flow can't stop after taking regestrone and premarine.

hi am 38 years of age due to heavy flow in periods my dr implanted mirena 1 yr back but it did not work well till date. Dr said partial expulsion happened. For this reason he checked again and prescribed me to take 6 nos. Regestrone tab with 1 premarine tab. But after taking it my heavy flow did not stop after 4 th day. Now, in this is situation I can't go to the Dr. Pls suggest what to do?

first time user of femilon but m still having periods after 5th day

First time user of femilon but m still hsving periods after 5th day also, which generally stops after 5th day ## Hello, Wer! How are you? Has it stopped, yet? These are hormonal based contraceptives, so it can be normal for you to experience some oddities for the first few months, as your body gets used to them. Have you discussed it with your doctor? If you continue bleeding, you should make sure to get in touch with them to have things checked out. ## I am taking familion contraceptive pills and I started having periods after using it for 7 days. It's 4 th day of my period and I still have bleeding. Is it normal? I have stopped using the pills from the Day my periods started. Is everything okay or do I have to go to gynaecologist? ## I am having dysfunctional uterine bleeding due ...

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Mirena.primolut n n adenomyosis

i had unusual bleedingfor 15 days so dr.did.a.endoscopy n laproscopy for afenomyosis n endometrosis and inserted mirena in april.20 and till now august end.am.bleeding.daily. Now started.primolut n.for the last 3 days. When bleeding will stop ## Irregular bleeding can be a normal side effect of Mirena, as reported by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache and PMS-like symptoms. The Primolut N might stop the bleeding, but the only way to know is to take it and see if it works for you. How long has your doctor told you take it?

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could I b pregnant

Have it in well over five years but dident relise until now tought it was five years in feb but it will b six havent been taken an other protection could I get pregnant still not haveing any periods havent had any peripd since I had my mirena put in ## Hello, Una! How are you? Yes, if you didn't have it replaced, when it should have been, then there is a risk of pregnancy. Have you experienced any symptoms, such as nausea, sore breasts or weight gain? The FDA lists them as being the typical symptoms of pregnancy.

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cymgen 60 and mirena side effects

I am taking Cymgen 60 and having the Mirena birth control inserted, but I am uncertain now as I have read about a few bad side effects of it together with depression. I need clarity on this as I can opt for the Nova -T instead ## Hello, Mariska! How are you? Yes, the Mirena uses a hormone to prevent pregnancy, so it can cause some mood swings and irritability, as listed by the FDA. Other side effects may include nausea, headache and spotting. Is there anything else I can help with?

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dicuss mirena

i have had a mirena in for 5 years and now it has to be removed i am 54 years old a bit scared having this done as when i had it put in it was in hospital. do you think i will get any more periods after it has been removed? ## Hello, Karen! How are you? No one can really say for sure, it depends on whether or not your post menopausal. Even if you are, there is still a chance that you may have one more period, just due to the hormonal change of having it removed and possible prior build up of the uterine lining. You may also experience drowsiness, dizziness and weight changes, since having it removed, as listed by the FDA. Does anyone have experience with this scenario?

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really worried about my abnormal bleeding and its colour

Ive had my mirena in for nearly 6 years now and iam bleeding nearly every day this month so far ave only had a 5 day break from the bleeding the colour is pinish then browish with black bits when i wipe myself with the toilet roll and more watery can any one else tell me if they have had this.PLus i constantly run to the toilet every half hour for a wee. ## Hello, Jillian! How are you? Abnormal bleeding is a normal side effect of Mirena, but after 6 years, it needs to be replaced. It is only effective for 5 years, which may explain the increasing irregularities. The brown blood is usually old blood that has been sitting in your uterus for awhile and is nothing to worry about, as explained by the NIH. Black bits are usually clots and the watery part is due to discharge. When is your Mire...

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What Can I Take For Weight Gain

I'm a very tiny petite 21 year old girl I'm looking for some kind of way to gain weight fast! For two years now I've been trying to gain weight . I use to weigh 114 in high school and since I gave birth to my daughter two years ago I've lost a lot I was 85 pounds in january. I had a iud (mirena) but had it removed because it was one of the causes of my weight loss. Now I weigh 90 but still not what a 21 year old female should weigh... I tried everything but pills even protein shakes didn't help. I ate better and tryed not to do a lot of excersizing that would cause weight loss but still no improvement. :( I'm very scared because health wise I'm nt ok my veins show through my arms. My shoulders and face look horrible because u can see the collar and cheek bone...

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I have been gaining weight and I have an IUD MIRENA in me and I don't know what to do. Is there any possible way for me to not gain weight???? #PLEASEHELPME ## Hello, Monica! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. No, but generally hormonal contraceptives only cause a gain of about 10 pounds. The only thing you can really do is eat a healthy, balanced diet and make sure that you get lots of proper exercise. How much have you gained? Other side effects may include nausea, headache, acne, irritability, PMS-like symptoms and breakthrough bleeding.

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mirena interactions

I Am Having Problems With The Mirena And The Lisinopril And Levothyroxine That I Am On ## Hello, Lucretia! How are you? Can you be more specific? What types of problems are you having? ## can Mirena 52 mg intrauteral device and hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg oral tablet and levothyroxine 150 mcg interact. I take the thyroid med 1st thing in the morning and an hour later I take hydrochlorothiazide.

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wanting to get preg. and was proscribed medroxypr ac

Im trying to get pregnant and I got the mirena out over 6 months ago and I have yet to get my period. So my dr prescribed me medroxypr ac 10mg. And i was wondering how long after taking it will i start ovulating again? ## Hello, Sara! How are you? Ovulation usually occurs the 14th or 15th day of your cycle, so if these induce a period, it would be about 2 weeks from that day. However, there is no guarantee that you will ovulate, even if these work to induce a period. The FDA classifies this medication as being a hormonal supplement and lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Have had Mirena for 10 yes we no period

Am wondering after 10 yrs we no cycle if it will b possible to get pregnant after remove. Havent had any kind of bleeding at all in the 10 yrs ## Hello, Susie! How are you? No, it shouldn't have had any permanent effect on your fertility, but it may take a few month for your body to balance your hormones back out on its own, so you can get pregnant. Once it's removed you may experience hormonal symptoms, such as headache, bloating, PMS, acne and irregular bleeding. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Very light bleeding afte 1.5 years

Since having my IUD put in about 1.5 years I have never had a period or any bleeding At all. But just the other day I started bleeding but not very much didn't even last half the dAy. What does this mean should I see my doctor? ## Hello, Nat! How are you? Have you experienced any more bleeding? Some spotting can be normal with the Mirena, it's actually much more rare to not have any bleeding, at all. However yes, it would be best to double check with your doctor to be sure that all is well.

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Trying to conceive after a month's use.

I was on the Mirena for 2 1/2 years, I recently had it taken out on June 26, which is on a Thursday. I didn't bleed Friday but Saturday and Sunday and Monday morning I bleed. I did start taking the Lo Loestrin Fe on that Sunday. I have two brown pills left to take and is te feat back and first time I have taken BCP and was wondering how soon can I get pregnant? I am still waiting on my period so I could see when I start ovulating. I have a calendar to keep track of my period. The last time I had my period was June 16th and lasted for 6 days. I should have had my period on the 18th of July but since I started taking BCP I knew that it might have changed a little. So I am a little confused because of the period and the Mirena an pills. So the question is is it possible to get pregnant...

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should I wait or get it removed

I am a 33yr old female with 4 kids and I had my mirena put in just over 3 months ago cause of real heavy 2 week bleeding and clots during my period. I must admit it has stopped the clots n heavy bleeding but I have a brown blood discharge everyday, but my main reason in asking what I should do is, since having it inserted I have big mood swings, constant headaches ( not bad just always there) I wee a LOT more and have more urgency when I need to wee, I get woken up from sleeping (I'm sleeping so much lately) because my kidneys are killing me and even though I don't feel the need to wee at that time, the pain don't go away till I go to the toilet, my back is aching more and more, my scalp is so dry n itchy (when I scratch it flakes of dry skin go everywhere) My libido WAS ver...

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Mirena for 3 1/2 years miscarriage and 2 periods a month after removal

Hi all, I had mirena inserted 6 weeks after my daughter was born so July of '09 I had it in for 3 years and thought all was well. I am 24 years old and already have 3 children so in other words very fertile.Anyways I would have occasional bleeding that never felt like a real period until the third year when it stopped completely. Shortly after I started having severe cramps, fatigue, worse depression, loss of libido, fogginess, an extreme hair loss. Once the cramps started to feel like I was in labor I started to look into it. I knew it was the mirena so had it removed right away. I started bleeding very lightly 2 weeks later for only a few days, then about 6 weeks later I bled like crazy! And have had horrible cramps. I always had very light short periods before mirena and never ha...

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