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marlissa birth control is what i am taking

I have been super busy lately and my boyfriend and I on Monday Jan 11,2016 had unprotected intercourse. I missed the time i was supposed to take my pills two days in a row. I just started a new pack for my 5-6 month. I took the first pill i missed three hours after my scheduled time and the second pill six hours from my scheduled time.... Do i take a plan b pill or do i let my birth control do it's job? And if i do have to take plan b will that effect my birth control?. ## Hello, Yella! How are you? You've generally got a window of about 12 hours, before it's considered a late pill and about 24 hours, before it would even be considered missing a pill, so unless your doctor feels otherwise, there's likely nothing to be concerned about. The FDA lists the typical side effec...

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Marlissa Inactive Pills

I am taking Marlissa 28 day birth control pill. I noticed that 3 weeks have active pills and the 4th week the pills are inactive. Does it matter if I don't take the inactive pills? ## Hi Humblebee, if I were u, I would still take all of my pills as prescribed. If they weren't meant 2 b taken, they wouldn't put them In there. Just follow Drs directions. ## The inactive pills are only in there to try to keep women in the habit of taking one each day, so they don't forget any while they are on the active pills and increase their pregnancy risk. So no, they don't have to be taken, you can simply discard them.

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