Marlissa Birth Control Is What I Am Taking

yella Says:

I have been super busy lately and my boyfriend and I on Monday Jan 11,2016 had unprotected intercourse. I missed the time i was supposed to take my pills two days in a row. I just started a new pack for my 5-6 month. I took the first pill i missed three hours after my scheduled time and the second pill six hours from my scheduled time.... Do i take a plan b pill or do i let my birth control do it's job? And if i do have to take plan b will that effect my birth control?.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Yella! How are you?

You've generally got a window of about 12 hours, before it's considered a late pill and about 24 hours, before it would even be considered missing a pill, so unless your doctor feels otherwise, there's likely nothing to be concerned about.

The FDA lists the typical side effects of oral contraceptives as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability and weight changes.

As to Plan B, for future reference, it is most effective if taken within the first 24 hours, after unprotected intercourse, it's efficacy goes down the longer you wait to take it and it has virtually no effect if you wait longer than 5 days.

If you feel you have reason to be concerned, it is usually best to take it, unless your doctor has said it isn't safe for you. It will not alter the efficacy of oral contraceptives, but you could experience irregular bleeding and cramping.

However, as I said, you didn't actually miss any pills, so in this case, all should be fine.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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yella Says:

How to Change My hours on my Marlissa Birth Control without getting pregnant?

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Moni Says:

Do not take Plan B!! You should be fine with your birth control, just make sure you keep and eye out on getting your period on time. If you were to take Plan B while on birth control you WILL get severe side effects along with it possibly being damaging to you. Plan B is double the dose of your birth control. As for switching the time of your birth control you can change when ever but I would use a back up birth control (condom) for a week after you change the time so your body gets use to the change and you don't freak yourself out if you get pregnancy like symptoms due to the time change.

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yella Says:

So, I'm back. Long story short.. My boyfriend climaxed in me while on my first day (sunday feb 28th) of the pill that is supposed to stand as a "reminder pill". I'm supposed to have my period soon. But if i don't get it... What is next? Could i get pregnant?

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Verwon Says:

As long as you've taken all other pills, as directed, you should not get pregnant during your period week, even though you're taking inactive tablets.

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