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Plan b symptoms 2 weeks later

I took plan b on the 7th and for a whole week I experienced extreme nausea and was really light headed, feeling pressure. The following week the nausea went away but I still have pressure headaches, dizziness and chest pains as well. I got my period a few days ago and it was really heavy. Took a pregnancy test. Not sick. No heart problems. Could this still be from the plan b? Someone said it could be hormonal... ## It might be, those can be hormonal symptoms, as reported by the FDA. However, anytime you have chest pain, you should seek medical attention to be sure, for your own safety, since there are other issues that might cause that, such as a blood clot, or heart attack. Even though you don't have any prior heart problems, hormones can cause them, in some people. Are you on any ...

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Week long symptoms?

I took plan b one step about a week ago and had such a bad experience! I had nausea the first two days, started spotting the third day, by the fifth day was bleeding VERY heavily and the whole time had the most terrible cramps. It seems like everything that could happen did...I was especially disturbed because I'd taken another ECP one other time about 4 years ago and experienced no side effects. Now, it's been just over a week and the bleeding has stopped as well as the normal menstrual cramps, but they were replaced by pain in my lower abdomen that feels more like dull muscle pain when I push on my lower abdomen, walk or hold my stomach in. It's not severe, but it is definitely noticeable and just one more out of the ordinary thing to worry about. Also, I would have though...

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symptoms 3.5 weeks after

i had intercourse on the 11th of AUG the condom broke, i was ovulating during and then i went out and bought the one step, i took it 2 days after sex, he went inside me, im scared i might be pregnant. still to this day 4th SEP im feeling nauseous, extremely tired, always getting bloated, peeing alot and in the morning my body temp is really hot. i havent been on any birth control b4 and it was my first time taking the planb. When should i take a home pee test from the intercourse date? i want to know for sure i am before i see a doctor. Oh and also we had sex on the 11th of AUG and then on the 25th of AUG i got what seemed to be my period, went for 5 days but only light. usually my cycle is 28 days but is irregular. Any help will be great, should i be stressing this much what should i d...

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