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Discontinued Necon 1/50

Necon 1/50 no longer available,the manufacturer has discontinued. I am not pleased with this .I have been taking for over a year and bee healthy and happy. Does anyone know why Watson has discontinued ??? ## No, I'm sorry, there are several posts about this recently. There are, however, several alternatives on the market that contain the same dosage, have you spoked to your doctor about using on of those? One of them is Ortho-Novum, there is also Genora, Nelova and Norinyl, as well as a few generics. Some common side effects to these birth control tablets may include: nausea, headache and weight gain. Are there any other questions I can answer for you? ## Thank you for responding so quickly,I will discuss this with my Dr.You have been helpful :) ## I called Watson and spoke with the...

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Necon 1/50 not available

I have been on Necon 1/50 for several years and all of a sudden I can't get it anymore. I am having trouble finding something that is similar that works as well for me with my heavy bleeding and cramping. Does anyone have any suggestions or know why or if this will become available again. ## Have you tried calling around to different pharmacies? I know that Modicon is the brand name for Necon. You can also contact the maker of the Necon you were taking and find out who they distribute to. I have found that the small mom and pop type pharmacies are very willing to work with you and help you get the type of meds you want. Good luck ## There have been several posts about this recently and it having been discontinued. Have you tried asking your doctor about a comparable alternative? I...

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Small Pink Round Pill Watson 475

Found a blister pack of 2 small round pink or peach pills/ Watson on one side and 245 on the other. Any clues ## Hi Jack, Watson 245 is identified as Necon 1/50; which contains Mestranol (0.05 mg) + Norethindrone (1 mg). Necon 1/50 is primarily used in the treatment of birth control. Watson 475 is identified as Next choice; which contains Levonorgestrel (0.75 mg). Next Choice is used in the treatment of emergency contraception. More details about Levonorgestrel can be found here: I hope this info helps!

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Necon1/50 Uteran cysts/acne

My daughter had been taking Necon 1/50 to control her acne (cysts) caused by cysts on the uterus. When she goes to a lower dosage, the acne cysts return. Recently it has been impossible to fill her prescription with the 1/50 dosage. The only thing the pharmacies carry is the 1/35 which is too light of a dosage. Is there a substitute. Her gynocologist does not know of anything.