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An analgesic or painkiller is any member of the group of drugs used to achieve analgesia, relief from pain. Analgesic drugs act in various ways on the peripheral and central nervous systems. They are distinct from anesthetics, which reversibly eliminate sensation. Analgesics include paracetamol (known in North America as acetaminophen or simply APAP), the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as the salicylates, and opioid drugs such as morphine and oxycodone. In choosing analge...

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15 Mg Morphine Ir Vs Two10mg Oxycodone 325
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is 1 15mg morphime IR stronger than 2 10mg 325 oxycodone tablets ## Yes there stronger ! Morphine has a high acting effect on the neural pathway and does a much better job for relief from what ails us all ! Check a pharm scale the oxy is like 6 or 7 on th list morphine is 2 ! ## hydromorphine 32mgEX what do they use for breakthrew pain..? ## Actually no, Oxycodone is stronger than Morphine by one and a half times. In other words for each 10mg dosage of Oxycodone, you'd need to take 15mgs of Morphine to be equivalent. You can learn more Morphine details here and you can learn more Percocet details here. Additionally, the Acetaminophen in the Percocet potentiates the action of the Oxycodone to help it work better. oldtimefiend, there isn't any specific medication that has to be us...
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doctors willing to prescribe pain medication
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Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin ## You'll get a much better response if you post back and state what area you are in. From your current post, people can only guess. Where are you located? Vicodin is a narcotic pain reliever containing Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. Common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: ## i have am being treated for a back injury i aquired in the army 19 years ago i now have 3 buldging discs in my lower back. i have been on numerous meds 2 try and confort my situation, my New va. dr. took me off 8 percocet 5s a day and wont give them back. he dont believe in them. i have been on them now almost 3 years now and they are they only meds that help me with my pain. what do i do ? ## in souther...
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The white watson norcos don't work at all!
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I have been on pain management for 10 years due to severe car wreck. I have taken all of the generic brands in the past and to me the yellow watsons r the best followed by qualitest with the mallins not worth taking. So last month i go to docs get scripts and go to walgreens to get my norcs, i get my pills and notice that they were white, So i take a couple and nothing, i take two more,nothing! So im stuck with them all month and everytime i took them nothing, Watson is now Activis or whatever, All i know is that they r not watson norcos, they might have the name and numbers but they r not the real deal. So this month i went to a different pharmacy that sells the qualitest yellow norcs with the v on them. They r waay better than the white watson/activis norcs. So from now on, i will get...
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tramadol 50mg white pills
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Desperate times require desperate measures. With that said I filled my tramadol script off the internet. I recieved them today but not the way I bought them before they went controlled. These came vacuumed packed. Can anyone tell me what I blew my money on? Small round white T 50. I've looked and only found rybix but those melt under your tongue. There's no mint flavor on them. Anyone know if these are tramadol? From India? China? Not looking for a lecture. Try going through a medical condition. Can't get Obama care can't get state aid cuz I make over $300 a month. Was looking for help before giving up. ## All you have to do it make a police report. Take report to doctor-if doctor has no problems with you. Sees you haven't been abusing them, then he should have no pr...
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where to get tramadol after Aug 14th?
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Since tramadol is becoming controlled in August, what are my options? I've always gotten it from web-based pharmacies due to not having insurance. please help!!! ## Tramadol is no longer able to be obtained online without a Rx in the USA. Other countries may offer their version of it but I'd be careful with that. Tramadol itself is a very inexpensive medication... if your Dr. writes you a Rx for it you'll find that is very inexpensive. ## Let me know if you find out anywhere else to order this. I dread running out of my tramadol...ohhhh mmyyyy ## If you really need it as bad as you say you do, I honestly think your best bet would be to go the legitimate route and see a good doctor who can prescribe this for you on a monthly basis. You can always save money on your script by ...
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tramadol after August 18??
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Hearing lots of places that the people who order tramadol via internet will no longer be able to. I live in a town with uptight doctors who charge outrageous prices plus insist on doing constant testing before writing a prescription. If true what are my option after Aug 18 ## i wish i had an answer for you, i have been using it for 3 years, more as a anti-depressant. I take 200 mg a day and feel good, certainly not intoxicated. This decision by FDA is ridiculous. Tramadol is not in the same class as Percs and Roxys etc. Unbelievable. I can go to Dr but i will be spending mad $ on their BS. Prices in the international market will now be inflated as well. The market is risky unless you know credible sources. ## Tramadol will become a Controlled Substancde Schedule IV in Aug. But, Schedule...
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Fill Oxycodone Prescription In A Different State
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Does anyone know where I can get a prescription filled in Michigan that was written in Pa? I moved out of state and have been on this for over 6 years. What's the deal? It is a legit prescription. This is absolute crap. Help anyone? ## I have an out of state prescription and can't get if filled. I didn't go in my state because the visit cost $450.00 as i went out of state and paid $200.00 for the visit. I am TRULY disabled and can't find a place in Louisiana to fill them? any help or knowledge? WALGREENS use to fill them but is now telling me they can't. ## I would really live right kn ow whe're you went to get medication wrote. I have sepious pain problems with rsd that I can jot get a doctor to write more than 15 mg. Oxycodobe n please help ## Hello jbjgirl, To...
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is oxycodone the same as a percocet answers
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Wow. Either most of you are drug seaking at this point or you need some education. ## Wow some ppl are just looking for answers for some one else or for them selfs so they dornt hurt them selfs bc the doctor or pain clinic doesnt answer there question clearly. Maybe u should support ppl with the hand they been given and maybe just maybe u should try not being so narrow minded put yourself in there shoes and stop judging ppl on an info sites like this one bc this is a site that ppl come to for answers. If u want to judge ppl stop a blog that no one will read. If u want to act like someones mom do it somewhere that ppl dont look for real life answers ## Amen! First of all, you gotta love the people that throw around their strong, close-minded opinions in ONE SENTENCE!! I mean, of course w...
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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Heavy Pain Medication In Colorado
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I have a serious problem. My dr. had two patients start dr. shopping and has decided it is too big of a pain in his butt to continue prescribing, even though I have gotten MRIs and Xrays to prove my problems. I have over a half a dozen herniated discs in my low back, along with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and arthritis in my facet joints. I am currently on5 30mg oxycodone a day for breakthrough and 60mg of methadone for my long lasting meds. I REALLY need a doctor in the Denver, CO area who will not judge me because of my age, thinking I'm just some drug seeker as I TRULY need my meds to function. I am even being placed on disability until I can get my back healed because if something doesn't change I will be in big time pain for the rest of my life. If...
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do oxcodone and tramadol have the same ingredients
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Does oxcodone and tramadol have the same ingredients
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