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Active Ingredient(s): Acetaminophen + Propoxyphene
FDA Approved: October 18, 1972
Pharm Company: AAIPHARMA LLC
Category: Pain Relief

Darvocet Overview

Dextropropoxyphene[3] is an analgesic in the opioid category, patented (1955)[4] and manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company. It is intended to treat mild pain and also has antitussive (cough suppressant) and local anaesthetic effects. The drug has been taken off the market in Europe and the US due to concerns of fatal overdoses and heart arrhythmias.[5] Its onset of analgesia (pain relief) is said to be 20-30 minutes and peak effects are seen about 1.5-2 hours after oral administration.[1] Dex...

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i'm not sure
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round white tablet has a symbol on one side resembling a v or a square root symbol the other side has the numbers 2355 ## this is a darvacet it causes you to feel a sence of uphoria. carful! this is the second most powerful pill! ## What is the 1st most powerful pill, just wondering. ## INCORRECT THIS IS NOT DARVOCET NOT EVEN CLOSE Pill Image This is Acetaminophen 325mgs, Butalbital 50mgs and Caffeine 40mgs, a generic Fiorcet used to treat certain types of headaches and migraines. The other poster, apparently, does not know much about drugs. Darvocet IS NOT the second most powerful narcotic out there, it is actually the MILDEST Unless you can be certain of a drug ID, you should not post a response like that. What if this person thought you were right, took this med, thinking it was Ac...
Updated 4 days ago.
Darvocet return to market
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I have given Darvocet to patients for over 50 years. It is much superior to the codeine addicting medications. I have been unable to find any pain medication as effective as darvocet on medium acute or chronic pain. How can we get this medication back on the market? ## Darvocet and it's related medications will not be returning to market in the U.S. or Canada. On top of the severe issues that caused it to be pulled from the market, it has been replaced with safer and more effective medications. First, it was just as addictive as other narcotic opiates, including codeine and yet was found to be nowhere near as effective as the others that are available. Second, it was found to be cardiotoxic, thankfully, most issues it caused were reversible, when the medication was discontinued, but...
Updated 13 days ago.
hot pink pill
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NEED HELP IDENTIFYING! I found a oblong shaped hot pink pill in my son's room yesterday. It has the letters HD on one side and the numbers 630 on the other side. I have searched all over the internet and cannot determine what this pill could be. Someone please let me know something ASAP. Thanks! ## These are an old form of generic darvocet which have been recalled and discontinued due to instances of fatal overdosing. It contains Propoxyphene Napsylate (100 mg) + Acetaminophen (650 mg). It is used for treating mild pain and is additionally an anti-tussive and local anesthetic. More details about this medication are available at: Please post back if you have any other questions or comments to add. ## Hi, Maggie here, just wanted to say, I am about 97% positive that this oblong dark p...
Updated 3 months ago.
Substitute For Darvocet
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My Dad is taking Tramadol in place of Darvocet. He took Darvocet for 20 years no side effects, now he is taking Tramadol and is good for pain but his blood pressure is going high and he has arrythmia and terrible depression. I think this pill has problem working with Paxil, Atenolol, Norvasc and Digoxin and should not be given together or adjusted. Why are doctors not aware of this and what else could he or should he be taking? Confused and upset! I f Darvocet cause heart attacks then why could he take it for 20 years without problems and now with Tramadol the safe one he's having all these troubles. ## Well, first of all, no medication is absolutely safe, they all carry risks. Now, the next question is, how long has he been off the Darvocet and did he stop taking it abruptly? Darvo...
Updated 4 months ago.
hot pink pill what could it be
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my step daughter said that her mother gave her a hot pink oblong pill and said that her mother said it was a pain killer. but my step daughter said that it wasnt anything like her fathers that is darvocet and he gets the brand name and generic due to back injury so what else could it have been ## Sorry, without knowing the markings that were on the pill, it is impossible to say. There are many generic Darvocet's available, some are hot pink and they do not all look the same, so it is possible that is what it was, or it could have been something as innocuous as over the counter Benadryl, which also comes in a hot pink tablet. ## I would like to know the identity of a pill I have that is Hot Pink and oblong, capsule shaped but NOT a capsule that can be pulled apart to spill the conten...
Updated 6 months ago.
Darvocet worked for me
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I have had chronic pain for over 20 yrs. After trying every kind of pain mgmt under the sun, I had a spinal laminectomy. The dr gave me Percocet and various other pain meds and finally Darvocet. It worked like a charm. I took it as needed for 10 yrs with no problems. I found nothing else that I could tolerate, then contacted Lyme Disease. My dr tried several different pain meds (along with lyme treatments) and again nothing I could tolerate. Now it saddens me to say that I have to take morphine (MS Contin ER). I am scared to death I will never be able to stop taking it. Hope those responsible for taking Darvocet off the market are happy. ## I agree, darvocet was a good pain killer, I remember Darvons! Then they went to darvocet. The prob with morphine is that you will need more and more...
Updated 7 months ago.
make darvocet or proxyvon at home
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is this possible to make proxyvon or darvocet at home using simple availabe chemicals here in nepal
Updated 7 months ago.
Taken old darvocet
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I took one that is very old. Will I get sick ## Hello, Scoby! How are you? How old was it? Medications can lose effectiveness over time and this one also carries the risk of causing cardiac toxicity. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.
Updated 7 months ago.
darvocet in USA
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When will darvocet n be available again? ## Hello, MJ! How are you? I'm sorry, but Darvocet has been permanent removed from the market, due to the fact that it was found to cause cardiac toxicity and there were also many cases of overdose fatalities. It would be advisable to speak to your doctor to see what would be a safer alternative for you. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 9 months ago.
While Taking Darvocet I Had A Blackout
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I have been on darvocet for five yrs.I recently blacked out while driving can someone tell if this was caused by the drug? ## That happen to me on Zoloft, my Brain shutdown almost completly but I was coherent, just blind as a bat with my eyes wide open. I could be from not enough food or vitamins in your system+stress that day or you might have just gotten lightheaded and the pill took over from there since you were dehydrated or malnourished
Updated 1 year ago.

Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Acetaminophen + Propoxyphene
  • Tablet: 100mg + 325mg, 100mg + 650mg, 325mg + 32.5mg, 325mg + 50mg, 500mg + 100mg, 650mg + 100mg, 650mg + 65mg
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