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smh.....makingvit hard for people that needs pain meds
I have read some comments on here. I have five herniated disks, degenerative back disease. I have went to doctors who have denied pain meds. O see hy being active, walking, stretching helps. Pain meds are very addictive and after reading some. Of these comments, asking for certain meds it seems practical that a physician sees this behavior as addicts. It makes it hard for people who are suffering. From chronic pain. Good luck all :) ## Hello, Joy! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. And yes, you are correct. Doctors are taught to view that as being drug seeking behavior. Red flags are raised any time someone goes in asking for specific medications in specific dosages, at least in respect to controlled substances. Red flags are also raised, if someone is uninsured an...
Updated 11 minutes ago in Cancer.
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white pill with one line and nothing on other side
I found a long yellowish pill that has a line on one side and absolutely nothing written on either side. It's days percocet 10:325 on the outside packaging. What is this?
Updated 14 minutes ago in Percocet.
How long altraday
I have been prescribed Altraday one tablet in the night for suspected CTS (Corporal Tunnel Syndrome) at right hand wrist. I have been taking the same and if I miss one or two days, the pain erupts again and it stops on continuing the tablet. How long I should continue to take? ## you can take altraday continuously upto six months and thereafter give a break of ten to fifteen days and restart the course again for next six months. it is very much safe according to the research studies
Updated 15 minutes ago.
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what is flamar mx tablets used for
Could it be use for joint and inflammatory pain
Updated 56 minutes ago.
composition in osicare ds
I have been prescribe a medicine osicare ds for my knee pain. I wud like 2 know the composition of this medicine and its side effects also. And as my vitamin -D is on a higher side as per the results.. so does this medicine osicare-ds contains vitamin -D. If yes then which medicine shud I switch it over which dosn't contains vitamin -D. Thanks. ## Hello, Vijay! How are you? From what I've found, Osicare-DS contains the active ingredient Glucosamine, which is actually a supplement. It is a substance that's naturally present in our joints and it's vital to their health and mobility. So no, it doesn't seem to contain any Vitamin D. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## For how long can I take osicare ds at a stretch without giving as break. I hv got my gall blad...
Updated 58 minutes ago in Glucosamine.
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pain management or primary care doctor needed
Can anybody tell me of a great pain management or primary care doctor in Anderson Indiana or around that area?? i live n Elwood. so anywhere within an hr drive of where i live would b fine too. Thank you! ## Danelle, did u find a dr? My hubby needs one also ## Finding a pain clinic lately is very hard to do I am from ma but it's in every state unless your lucky enough to have chronic pain (stupid statement but true) you are going to have a wait in front of you which probably means detox. My clinic got shut down by the government. I had to find a new primary because mine went into private practice .I found one and he would give me NOTHING without my medical records from pain clinic or old primary. In the meantime I was in so much pain and detoxing. He sent me to back dr for ultrasoun...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxycodone.
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how long after taking suboxone can I take Hydrocodone for surgery?
I have been on 8 mg/2mg Suboxone strips for 1 year. I am having a tooth (back molar) extraction in the morning. I used my Suboxone strip this morning & the tooth extraction is at 9:30 am tomorrow. If I don't use another Suboxone strip before the extraction, would I be able to use Hydrocodone after my surgery? I don't want to get sick, but I am terrified of going through this surgery with no pain meds. Please help. ## Hi, you can use hydros after you have your tooth pulled but it,s not gonna do much. You would be better off taking extra suboxone after you had extraction. Suboxone only works for about 4-5hrs for pain relief. Of course it works much longer keeping wds away and stuff like that. I was speaking to my sub dr just the other day about this. I have addiction issues an...
Updated 1 hour ago in Suboxone.
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throat infection-ACUTE PHARYNGITIS
My ENT doctor says I have acute pharyngitis. He prescribed pentids 200 for 6 months. Is it safe to have this antibiotic for such a long period? any side effects? ## I have a throat infection. Is it okay to have pendit 800mg. If yes then how many tablets. I am 35yrs old
Updated 1 hour ago.
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doctors willing to prescribe pain medication
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin ## You'll get a much better response if you post back and state what area you are in. From your current post, people can only guess. Where are you located? Vicodin is a narcotic pain reliever containing Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. Common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: ## i have am being treated for a back injury i aquired in the army 19 years ago i now have 3 buldging discs in my lower back. i have been on numerous meds 2 try and confort my situation, my New va. dr. took me off 8 percocet 5s a day and wont give them back. he dont believe in them. i have been on them now almost 3 years now and they are they only meds that help me with my pain. what do i do ? ## in souther...
Updated 1 hour ago in Vicodin.
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Where can Jakafi be bought
does anybody have an idea how can Jakafi be bought outside the united states? what is the price? ## I got Jakafi through my doctor for the treatment of myelofibrosis. We had to fill out an application for it from the pharmacuetical company, "Incyte". It has not been made available to local pharmacies, only through the way I just described. ## That is correct, it is currently still in the investigational stage, so it hasn't actually been approved and isn't publicly available anywhere, which also means that there is no price to give anyone. You can learn more about it here: Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am in Indonesia at the moment, and my dad's doctor recommended him to try JAKAFI. But it is only still available in US. My dad is feeling horrible at ...
Updated 2 hours ago in Jakafi.
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does ms contin's generic form Morphine Sul have ?
A friend of mine recently told me that she had been prescribed 30mg of MS Contin but opted for the generic Morphine Sul as it was cheaper and was the same as MS Contin but while researching the above med she found that this med also contained both morphine and oxycodone . This didn't make sense to me because if any combination of meds would or could be found in the name brand or generic wouldn't it be more likely that it would be morphine and oxycontin since the name brand does have the word Contin in it ? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated . ## Your friend's information is incorrect. MS Contin contains solely the narcotic Morphine in a time released formulation, the generics are the same. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming a...
Updated 2 hours ago in MS Contin.
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Vyvanse Hallucinations
Last summer i was taking vyvanse 70 mg for my add. It worked wonders for me, but I stopped taking it because i had transportation issues and couldnt get to the dr. On may 31st I started taking the vyvanse 70mg again and for the first week I was fine and things were great. The second week I started to be too concentrated on my work spending from 2pm - 1 am on the computer doing research for a class, and 2 of the nights i had hallucinations. The texture of the ceiling was gently waving like water on a lake, and the carpet was doing the same. on day 17 (yesterday) I threw up about an hour after taking my vyvanse. I felt sick and jittery all day Last night I started feeling worthless and hopeless to the point of wishing I were dead. Today I did not take my vyvanse but my stomache still hurt...
Updated 2 hours ago in Vyvanse.
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medicine for infection cold throat infection during pregnancy 5th month
I am pregnant and fifth mobth is running.. Feeling frog in throat and not able to speak.
Updated 2 hours ago.
Sleep paralysis w/ hallucinations
Has anyone else experienced sleep paralysis accompanied by hallucinations since starting viibryd? I have been on the medicine for about 4 months now and for the last 2 1/2 months have had several very scary episodes of sleep paralysis... I have never been on a anti-depressant before and never experienced sleep paralysis until i started this medicine. I am a 23 year old female and i take no other meds except a daily multi-vitamin. Ive noticed that if i accidentally miss a viibryd pill i have sleep paralysis... but have also had it on occasions of not missing a pill. It occurs about once a week... its to the point where i dread going to sleep at night in fear of sleep paralysis, but the hallucinations that come along with it are what I dread the most. Has anyone else had a similar experie...
Updated 2 hours ago in Viibryd.
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actavis microgestin vs watson microgestin
Over six yrs my b/c was Watson brand Microgestin now the new pills I picked up Actavis Microgestin is making me have side effects...breakthrough bleeding and cramps. If the company name changed, I'm assuming the medication as well! If my body is already immune to this medication why the side effects...
Updated 3 hours ago.
Find A Doctor In My Area Indianapolis Xanax And Pain Pills
I need a agood dr. that is persistant. One that will help me control my pain, and help control my very high anxiety... Please Help!!!!!! ## Hi Mike, Personally, I think if you suffer from any sort of anxiety/depression and need a Benzodiazepine class medication (like Xanax), usually your best bet is to see a psychiatrist, rather than a regular medical doctor. Reason being, is that they are better trained in the types of medications that handle these problems and can also help you treat the underlying cause of your anxiety or depression, as opposed to covering up the feelings and emotions with medication. In regards to finding a local pain doctor, I have listed below a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or z...
Updated 3 hours ago in Xanax.
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Meds in indy?
I've just moved to Indianapolis Indiana. I have not begun to look for work yet. once I find a job then I need to find a new PM doctor. I'm from California 52 years old with a list of painful conditions topped with depression. I need a doctor to prescribe me something now, especially with this bloody cold weather I am miserable. Anyone? Please {edited for privacy}. June ## Did u find one?
Updated 4 hours ago in Antidepressant.
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capsule color amoxicillin 500mg
The color baige , they don't smell like amoxicillin
Updated 4 hours ago in Amoxicillin.
paano ba tumaba?
Guz2 qng 2maba pero paano...!????
Updated 4 hours ago.
e d save tablets what purpose it is use
Sir, Iam 60 years old healthy male. Had bypass surgery in June 2013. Having BP, Diabetics, Cholesterol (all are under control). Now I have ED problem and please inform me the the drug I can use to continue a normal satisfactory life.
Updated 4 hours ago in Cholesterol.

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