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Lexapro Brand versus generic escitalopram
I have taken 30mg of Lexapro for past 4 years. After the deaths of my son and his wife in a plane crash the depression and anxiety were more than I could bear. This past May I was changed to the generic escitalopram. God Forbid!!!! What a nightmare. Within three weeks I was suicidal, I was going through SSRI withdrawals which are vicious. I am now paying over $225.00 per month for Brand Lexapro as my insurance will NOT cover it even with prior auth or any other reason. My Medicare Advantage plan leaves a lot to be desired even though I pay a $152.00 per month premium. Has anyone else had problems with the generic Lexapro? My pharmacist said I am not the first. ## I've been on Lexapro for 4+ years and got switched to generic as well. Initially the generic just didn't work (it was...
Updated 59 seconds ago in Lexapro.
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methadone and norco together
if i take two norcos 5/325 with my 60 mg dose of methwill i feel it
Updated 2 minutes ago in Methadone.
tissue tear
I got tissue tear/muscular pain in my knee, I went doctor and he priscribed the enractin tablet , I wanted to know whetther this is for pain killer or for other purpose also i wanted to know how many times a day i should take this?
Updated 32 minutes ago in Pain Relief.
How long after you Stop Suboxone do you have withdrawal symptoms?
My 63y/o mother survived chemo and radiation for throat CA but was unable to stop the morphine 15mg twice a day without horrible withdrawal symptoms. Her MD put her on Suboxone 8mg/2mg once a day in June. She even took half the strip on most days and the doctor was very pleased and anticipated that she would be able to stop altogether in November. She unfortunately had a stroke 14 days ago and has been in the hospital. The first 7 days she was confused from the stroke but now she is weak and forgetful but is no longer disoriented. She told me tonight tht she thought she needed her Suboxone. She said she thought she was going thru withdrawal. I was floored. She is not having any outward s/s of withdrawal: no back/stomach pain, no nausea/vomiting, no sweating or tremors. Isn't 14 days...
Updated 40 minutes ago in Suboxone.
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why we use Losita 10mg drug
I want to know the name of the disease that losita can cure.
Updated 41 minutes ago.
verifying of medicine
is this medicine same as other paracetamol, is this company band to product this medicine . pl let me confirm.
Updated 44 minutes ago in Paracetamol.
I take my Linzess in the morning, I love it. I was wondering if I could take the rest of my morning medication at the same time as I take the Linzess? I see no food or drink for 30 minutes but other than that...
Updated 49 minutes ago in Linzess.
can you fill a script for oxycodone from NY in Florida
Going on to visit family and just wanted to know if I will be able to when I get there ? ## What part of Florida you going to? ## Helllo, Jonna! How are you? No, you will probably not be able to get it filled there, since they cannot easily verify the validity of the prescription. It would be best to have it filled at home, before traveling. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Good luck with that one. I am a resident of Florida and can't even get any local pharmacy to fill my legitimate script for oxycodone filled. Over the top strict here in Florida! ## i know someone who went to Apopka Fl walgreens. They had...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxycodone.
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Looking for a doctor in ft wayne who prescribes methadone
I have been seeing a doc in Ft. Wayne, IN for a year and a half. His nurse called yesterday to say, He is no longer doing the narcotics side of business, one week before my monthly script is written. I have a crooked tail bone that sends pain down my leg. This drug has worked tremendously. I have been working as a waitress all my life and need to stay walking. this is the only drug that has helped. Does anyone have any idea besides writing that in search box on computer? Nurse told me to find pain Doc, but all I have called say they don't prescibe methadone. ## Hello, Katie! How are you doing? Sorry about the problems that you're having. However, if you were calling them and asking them up front about prescribing any particular medication, then it really isn't surprising tha...
Updated 1 hour ago in Methadone.
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Looking for a doctor in wv or close that prescribes subutex
I know people in wv who go to pa to get scripts of subutex and sell them. They wont give up any info about the doctor they go too because they don't want anyone else in the area out selling them. I am an addict who needs help. I have researched subutex and I feel that this med will help me. I am tired of these pain killers killing my pocket. If anyone has any info on a good doctor in wv or surrounding states please let me know. ## I may not have a personal doctor I can refer you to, but posted below is a buprenorphine physician locator showing 122 Physicians and 16 Treatment Programs found in the State of West Virginia: With such a list, there's bound to be at least a handful of really good doctors you can turn to for Su...
Updated 1 hour ago in Subutex.
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losing weight fast need to gain as fast ## I have been struggling to gain weight for years. please help me. how long to i have to take apetitos and when can I see results. how do I take them 1 or 2 tablets a day or twice a day. ## l am very thin l feel very bad about my body ,my husband is golling with fat ladies,we always figthing and he tells me mosquito because l am me with madicine to be fat ## I have been trying to gain weight ever since I can remember. I have tried everything but nothing works. Please advise where I can get these tablets as I live in Alberton, JHB. ## am a young man 5'10 i weigth about 130.i take centrum multi vitamin but it dont help.I want to put on about 15 pounds before christmas eve what are some possible medications i can take ## I have just a ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Diet / Weight Loss.
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what is doxycycl hycl cap 100mg used for
I have a small syst on my gums will this medicine help for that.? This medicine is for infection right.?
Updated 1 hour ago.
Folitrax Tablet Side Effects
is takinf folitrex 7.5 mgs three days in a week harmful for liver and kidney if it is so which tab should be taken for prevention ## for which disease is tablet folitrex taken and what are its side effects ## Taking folitrax 15mg once a week for arthrities. Started homoepathy treatment simaltaneously. - how to reduce the dose & ultimately discontiue. -What are its side-effects. -gmk ## I am a RA patient . I am taking folitrax 7.5 mg. What are the side effects and how to reduce the dose
Updated 1 hour ago.
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is amoxil 250mg okay for 8years old
my 8 years old son has typhoid and the doctor prscribed amoxil 250mg for him. i hope it is okay
Updated 1 hour ago in Amoxil.
bleeding after mtp kit continued so long
After using mifty tab ...bleeding continued for 20 it tym to consult doctor... ## After using unwantad tab bleeding continued for 20 days so what medition stop the bleeding pls
Updated 1 hour ago.
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menstrual delay
I haven't got menstrual period since May this year. I haven't tried PT yet but i have noticed many changes in my body. Am i pregnant? ## I haven't got menstrual period since May this year. I haven't tried PT yet but i have noticed many changes in my body. Am i pregnant?
Updated 2 hours ago.
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Suboxone and Adderall
I started subs four days ago I am taking a whole 8mg sub twice a day. I also take 45mg of adderall a day for ADD and i need the adderall because I am a college student is it harmful to take them together? The suboxone has done excellent for me, and has kept the oxy out of my mind. I got addicted to tabs when I was playing college baseball in order to play through two broken fingers and bum shoulder. So instead of doing a gut check time dealing with the pain through an ice bucket or taking some time off to heal up because i was just a freshman and i was battling it out for starting spot with a all-conference senior. I became immune to the tabs, so a player introduced me to oxy contin I was taking 80mg a day this continued into the fall season of my sophomore year until I tore the ligamen...
Updated 2 hours ago in Suboxone.
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20mg vs 40 mg of Viibryd
I have been on Viibryd since Nov 1 2011. I began with the started pack (10mg/7 days , 20mg 7days then 40 mg). After being on it for 2 days my anxiety was TERRIBLE on the 40mg. I am now on 20mg and feeling pretty damn good...better than I have in years. Psychiatrist has agreed to keep me on 20mg and we will re-evaluate later. My question is: are any of you on 20mg and staying there? If so, what are the pros and cons? How are you feeling...does it feel like that dose is enough? ## The dose that works well can vary from person to person and should be individualized, just as your doctor has agreed to do. It also means you will have another dose to go up to later, if/when your body builds up a tolerance to this one. We have a couple of active threads involving people that are using Viibryd, ...
Updated 2 hours ago in Viibryd.
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treatment effects
I am doing a 3 months treatment of itraconazole consisting of one week treatment and three Weeks without , the same treatment as to be repeated for the next three months I have found some changes of behavior with me , depression, paranoia , get irritated very often , i just want to know if other peoples taking this treatment found the same effect .
Updated 2 hours ago in Itraconazole.
Does 30mg Of Morphine Sulfate Relieve More Pain Than 50mcg Fentanyl Patches
My pain Dr.had me on 30mg. of morphine sulfate 3 times per day & switched me to 50 mcg. Fentanyl patches at 1 every 3 days.The morphine was keeping me up at night & did'nt seem to ease the pain.Second day on the patch & it does'nt stop the pain either any suggestions will be truely appreciated..Thanx ## I don't have an exact answer to your question, since everyone responds differently to both of these medications (based on tolerance, etc). However, according to numerous articles, Fentanyl is said to be approximately 100 times more potent than Morphine, with 100 micrograms of Fentanyl approximately equivalent to 10 mg of Morphine in analgesic activity (or in regards to pain relief). I hope this information helps! ## You need to give it a little time. I am on 75 ev...
Updated 2 hours ago in Morphine.
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