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klor con m 10meq
I am looking for an over the counter that is equivalent to to the kor-con m10 er tablets
Updated 8 minutes ago.
My father age 53 suffering from OCD of self suspetious along with anxiety ,under cycle of depression. Which antipsycotic,antianxiety or antidepressan drugs better help him? Fluvoxamine do not help him ## Hi this is chintan from baroda i read ur question wel im also suffering from ocd i suggest u should consult gnd psychiatrist he knows the best medicine fluoxamine also didnt help me there are many othes ssris like sertraline qutipine anafranil escilatopram and antidepresent that works like clomipramine but consult psyciatrist dont do self medication it wil harm u and these are many other therapies like cbt behaviour therapy that works along with med just find a good psychiatrist he wil help u ## Hi Chintan. I am hardik from baroda. As i am also suffering from ocd, i would like to meet y...
Updated 16 minutes ago in Fluvoxamine.
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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Heavy Pain Medication In Colorado
I have a serious problem. My dr. had two patients start dr. shopping and has decided it is too big of a pain in his butt to continue prescribing, even though I have gotten MRIs and Xrays to prove my problems. I have over a half a dozen herniated discs in my low back, along with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and arthritis in my facet joints. I am currently on5 30mg oxycodone a day for breakthrough and 60mg of methadone for my long lasting meds. I REALLY need a doctor in the Denver, CO area who will not judge me because of my age, thinking I'm just some drug seeker as I TRULY need my meds to function. I am even being placed on disability until I can get my back healed because if something doesn't change I will be in big time pain for the rest of my life. If...
Updated 17 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
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name of medicine that makes person fat
pls,i am,too slim i want to become fat, so i we get some respect.i need the name of drug that can make me fat.thanks for your consent. ## i want to be fat within one months because i m to much slim so i m requestig to u pls tell me some medicines name .
Updated 22 minutes ago.
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Hi - I have SLE - LUPUS diagnosed May 1976,however in the last (6) years it has now become LUPUS IN THE GUT and I have had two major abdominal operations December 2010/May 2012.Since then I have experienced bad reaction to Buscopan Co and have been using Scopex Co which I find more compatible for me and have recommended to other patients who have also encountered problems with Buscopan Co.However,basically I have been unable to obtain Scopex Co for most of this year from any Pharmacy,they are all punting Buscopan Co and telling me that they have not manufactured Scopex Co and its been out of stock for months. It should be noted, that I as a retired Pharmacist, who was involved for years in both Manufacturing and QA/QC in the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries,I find it hard to belie...
Updated 34 minutes ago.
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Any experience with reliable pharmacies in india?
In the same boat as everyone else regarding Tramadol schedule change. I remember seeing a post about a site from India someone mentioned. It was a 3 letter abbreviation, but cant remember what it was. Any ideas out there
Updated 39 minutes ago in Tramadol.
How much weight gain???
I'm on 5mg of Bystolic and besides being so darn tired, I've gained weight. How much weight gain can I expect??
Updated 55 minutes ago in Bystolic.
Will Oxycontin Be Changed Back To Original Formula
is Oxycontin going back to their old formula? OC instead of OP. ## At this time, Purdue has no plans to return to the original formula. They released this new one, with the specific intention of helping to prevent abuse of the product and discontinued making the original, when they did so. They claim, however, that it works the same and causes the same side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## They re not even remotely close to the original OC formula. I'm concerned about what this new formula might be doing to me. At least I knew the olf formula eventually disolved, I'm not sure about this new version. Hopefully someone will make a similiar version as soon as they are allowed. I think the original patent exp...
Updated 1 hour ago in OxyContin.
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Looking for my script in Nashville
I have my script of 15mg er oxymorphone count 120. Does any know where to get these filled.. No pharmacist around me seem to have them. ## People have been having trouble finding them all over the U.S. right now. There has been no official word on why, but there are 2 possibilities that may explain it. The first is that some rumors have been circulating that it is due to new and stricter changes in the regulations regarding how much a pharmacy can keep on hand at any given time, which is making them be more choose of whose prescriptions they fill. As I said, however, this is just a rumor. The second possibility is one that I have witnessed before and usually crops up every year around this time, it is due to a shortage that has been caused by the mandatory manufacturing limits. To expla...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxymorphone.
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tramadol control rant
Is fast becoming a low grade but definite controlled substance. Have there been many cases of over dose? Deaths? Why is this happening? Back in the day you could order narcotics from Sears catalog. And buy tramadol over the counter. I'm not saying this is responsible for this day in age of course, but there just seems to be so much over control. I'm not speaking for all, just this particular medication. It has potential dependence not so much abuse. And so what I don't drink. Don't smoke.hate that, ew. Just put it behind the counter and ask for an I.d. 21 and older. ## Hello, BluLotus! How are you? I understand what you're saying, but Tramadol does have addictive potential, plus there have been cases of overdose. While it seems like a rather benign mild medication, i...
Updated 1 hour ago in Tramadol.
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Reduce 15 Mg
A frien od mine gave som slimming pills called Reduce 15 mg that he bought in Thailand. They are not allowed in the country where I live, so I can't consult my doctor. I'm healthy but I have suffered from stress due to too much work, and have been medicated for that a couple of times, though not currently. I'm not fat, but I have gained 20 kg due to stress. Do you know which secondary efects these pills could have or if I should take them at all? ## From what I can find, Reduce contains the active ingredient Subutramine, which has been pulled from the market in many countries, due to the severe dangers associated with it. It can cause cardiac related dangers, such as: accelerate heart rate, trouble breathing, elevated pulse and elevated blood pressure. There have been some i...
Updated 1 hour ago in Fluoxetine.
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was on amox clv for cat bite and now have itching and burning in pee and poop area
I was on anti biotic for cat bite and now I have itching and burning around the rectum and pee hole. Can I use premarin crème down there? Or can triamcinolone crème be used. also I applied the premarin there and now I don't have to wear pads for incontinence for a few days. Is that good? I don't have to urinate as often. Did do something wrong by trying this or have I just found a CURE for bladder incontinence. Any advice or info would be so appreciated. Thank you
Updated 1 hour ago in Premarin.
tramadol becoming a controlled substance across the US by aug 14th, 2014
Tramadol is becoming a controlled substance by Aug. 14 2014 - no more US pharmacy sites will carry it. Better find overseas pharmacy ## I would really be surprised if this is true.I would never order anything from overseas.if it were controlled doesn't mean US pharmacies wouldn't carry it. ## When all states make is a schedule 4 (C-IV), you'll still be able to get it with a prescription. ## why would anyone take this 'non-pain reliever' really worthless ## You're absolutely right, it's about as worthless as taken an Aleve. ## Tramadol will become a Schedule IV in all states, effective August 18, 2014. A dr can write a prescription for it or call it in. ## BL is correct. Ultram aka tramadol will become a scheduled drug in August of this year. It will be a C-IV...
Updated 1 hour ago in Tramadol.
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generic drug comment
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful with generic forms of medications. Doctor's, Pharmacy's, Pharmaceutical companies and ESPECIALLY insurance companies will not always tell you that the formula has been changed when they transferred to generic, in fact I have had a Pharmacist and my Insurance company flat out lie to me. I nearly ended up in the emergency room, and nearly had a car accident when Watson pharmaceuticals purchased Avasta Pharmaceuticals; then dropped the Watson name (I suspect because they have multiple legal suits filed against them) Avasta altered the formula of 10/325 Oxycodone which I use for horrific Fybromyalgia pain. Because of the side affects, I nearly ended up in the ER, the disorientation almost caused me to have a car accident. ## Ellen, I have Fibromyalgia...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxycodone.
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anywhere to get tramadol after august 18?
Ive been taking tramadol for aprox 8yrs nonstop other than a 7week break. Ive back problems and my knees are broken down do to years of rough wear and tear on top of many injuries. Ive no health insurance either. Truth b told,i cannot function very well at all without taking the tramadol. So i am checking to see of anyone has any insight or suggestions as to where i may b able to purchase tramadol after the 18th of august which is when tramadol becomes a controlled substance. Im aware that ordering overseas is risky but going without the meds is not an option. I am very worried about the change in classification. I never expected anything like this to happen, had i known and not been ignorant to the possibility of not being able to order tramadol online i would have done something diffe...
Updated 1 hour ago in Tramadol.
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hydrocodone acetaminophen with Ibuprofen
I just started taking acetaminophen + hydrocodone 7.5/500 and still have pain (tooth). Can I take Ibuprofen at the same time. ## yes you can, little secert you can hold a mouthful of listerine or alcohol on tooth an as long as its there it will relieve pain not unless its abcessed, don t swallow either as alcohol an apap don t mix ## Does hydrocodone-acetaminophen curve your appetitve? Does it cause itching in the following areas? sole of the feet and palms of the hands? ## I have the same issues of itching but notice it only when I take Baclofin (muscle relaxer) with it. But I have no hives or marks from itching. Just an all over itch for no reason. Is tis like a small allergic reaction of the two medicines combined? And is that normal. Been taking these for many years now. ## if you h...
Updated 2 hours ago in Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone.
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Coxflam & effects to heart
I have acute Sciatica & also have a heart condition. Will Coxflan relieve the Sciatica pain & Will there be any problem with my heart condition. I am 71 & battling with the back & leg pain Will there thanks john ## Coxflam contains the active ingredient Meloxicam, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and no, these are not usually given to heart patients, because of the dangers that they can present to someone that has an existing heart condition. NSAID can cause fluid retention, which can result in complications, such as congestive heart failure. In addition, congestive heart failure has been induced by large doses and long-term use of some NSAID medications. My doctor has instructed me to stay away from all of them and said the only thing I should use is Acetaminop...
Updated 2 hours ago in Meloxicam.
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meloxicam 7.5 mg and prednisone 20 mg
how long can you store these in your medicine closet before it is not safe to take them?
Updated 2 hours ago in Meloxicam.
medicine that can cause miscarriage
I have Folic Acid but I am not sure if I want to take it because of the side affects. The real question is DOES IT WORK for miscarriage.
Updated 2 hours ago in Folic Acid.
Switching from loestrin 24 fe to lomedia
I am one of the customers unhappy with the discontinuation of Loestrin 24 Fe. I saw so many negative reviews with those who switched to Minastrin that I refused to take it despite what my nurse was trying to say. I researched and knew a generic was coming. I have waited since October of last year for Lomedia and picked up my prescription and pills 3 weeks ago. I still haven't taken them because I'd like to know about the experience on these pills. Has anyone taken Lomedia? Please share your experience so we can all be informed. ## Hello, Kimmie! How are you? From what I can find, there is no difference better the Lomedia and LoEstrin FE, the active ingredients and the dosages are the same. The FDA has approved it as a generic equivalent, so you shouldn't have any problems wi...
Updated 2 hours ago in Loestrin 24 Fe.
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