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medicine to start my period AGAIN
12 Replies RSS
last month my period date is 2sep bt in this month my period is not come i test my urien bt result is nagative i tried to find what is the prioblm with my perios pz give me a some tablet name to come my periods ## 40 days gone my frd period was not yet came ## I used injection for 3 years but I want a baby now but do not see my period after 6 months, now what can I used to get my period back ## i ma 25 years old and engaged. i am not getting my period. my last period date was 02 january 2014. till then yet m facing delay of my period. please let me know wat to do to get my periods on time. ## Hi im ysabel..I want to ask if what is the possible reason why my period is late? In a previous months its normal always 1st week or second week 20 of the month but this month of march already 30 n...
Updated 2 minutes ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
bukol sa likod ng tenga
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may bukol ang 1 year kung anak sa may kikod ng ulo nya pghinihilot naman sya dumudulas maliit lang .
Updated 9 minutes ago.
3 Replies RSS,oval shape pill with a line in the middle going up to down. i can see some numbers on the back L441? I cant see a name on it!? ## It must be L441, the pill marked L447 is not blue. L441 is Doxylamine 25mgs, a generic for the sleep aid Unisom. ## I found a pill in my sons room its A long oval light blue pill with WATSON 780 on one side an/A line down middle of the outher side? Any body can tell me what it is and what it is used for would be appreciated . ## Opiate. Like Vicodin. Not good.
Updated 10 minutes ago in Doxylamine.
use of sorbidiol 300
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My liver size is normal but fatty doctor has advised me to take sorbidiol300 is it ok I have stones in gall bladder
Updated 27 minutes ago.
Redotex AND Orlistat
2 Replies RSS
I am taking Redotex in the morning and orlistat twice a day, one after lunch and one after dinner, It's is my first day, I took them for a month about 4 years ago and los 45lbs, mind you, I was eating extremely healthy and was working out 3 hours a day, jog for one hour in the am and at night would do at the time turbo jam and as soon as I was done with that I'd go for another hour jog. My head would hurt every morning, it was more of a pain in the back of my lower head, but I stuck it out and if ever I felt dizzy I would eat an orange and I would feel better 15 minutes after. The combination is quite dangerous but if you are limiting your caffeine intake and are following your doctors orders you should be fine.. Consult your doctors, well if you live close by the border, becaus...
Updated 1 hour ago in Orlistat.
regestrone for irregular periods
7 Replies RSS
Hi all, I'm suffering from irregular periods. I had a skip in my cycles for 2 months so i was suggested to take Regestone 5mg for 5 days(2 tablets a day). The course is over and even for the next 5 days I haven;t got periods. How many more days i gotta wait to get mensus? ## Regestrone contains the hormone Progesterone, it is often used to try and help regulate the menstrual cycle. It can, sometimes, take a week or more to start your period, after taking it. However, like any medication it does not work for everyone. Have you spoken to your doctor, yet? ## Hi. I am 18yrs old. I have skipped my periods for the last 2 months. I do not have any kind of problems relating to mensturation. plz do suggest a medicine for getting regular periods. ## hi i am married my age is 29 ,i am suffrri...
Updated 1 hour ago in Progesterone.
Diane 35 Interactions With antibiotics like Sazo 500
1 Reply RSS
can these tablets interact with zifioz, Sazo-500 tablets causing side effects? ## I too want to know the same details
Updated 1 hour ago in Antibiotics.
Effects of Althea Pills to menstrual period
2 Replies RSS
Hi! Its my first time to take althea pills. My OB prescribed it because of my PCOS and very irregular period. Just a few days ago, I have spotting. I thought i already have my period so I took my first pill, but then the spotting stopped. Can somebody enlighten me if it's normal or what? today, I experience headache and feels like to vomit. I am aware that these are the side effects. ## Hi, you mentioned you have PCOS. May baby ka na ba? I think its better if you'll ask your OB about your spotting that stopped. Yung akin kasi, nag-take muna ako ng Duphaston for 10 days twica a day and after that, nag-spot ako then tuloy tuloy yung mens ko. :) ## Hello, thanks for the advise. I have no baby po. (: I have not visit yet my OB due to complicated schedule of my work for 3 months up t...
Updated 2 hours ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
pharmacies refusing to fill for hope clinic in W.V.
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Colony Drug in Beckley WV has been filling my pain medication for yrs. & today I took my scripts in to be filled & they refused to fill for the Hope clinic due to a newspaper article. Can anyone tell me another pharmacy where I can get my meds?
Updated 2 hours ago.
pizotifen vitamin b complex mosegor vita
1 Reply RSS
Pwd po ba uminom ng mosegor vita kasi probs ko tulog. Kaso sa gabi umiinom ako ng xanax na nireseta ng doctor ko. Pwd b sila isabay bago matulog? ## I get pharmacy emails that read like your post. I'm sure its some code that installs a virus on the computer if you click the link
Updated 2 hours ago in Xanax.

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