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padmini 21 days tablet - just spotting during monthly cycle
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Hi . I am 23 years old .. unmarried i used to get pimples before monthly cycle .. my doctor asked me for a ultrasound to check for pcod .. thankfully i did not have pcod .. to correct the situation he prescribed me padmini 21 tablets .. i have been taking it for 6 months now .. my pimples are controlled but for the first 2 months my periods were ok .. flow was ok and they were on time .. from the third month, flow decreased tremendously .. i just have spotting during my monthly cycle .. for the 3 months situation is same .. 'only spotting during periods' .. i asked my doctor if i am fine and its normal to have such decreased bleeding ., he said its fine. But i am still worried .. i want to know if i am doing right or should i stop taking it .. ? WILL IT STOP MY PERIODS . ? AND WILL
Updated 21 seconds ago.
is it safe to take nuzak and alchohol together
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My lady friend is addicted to alchohol what if she take Nuzak with alchohol , side effects ?
Updated 6 minutes ago.
Stopping Eliquis SAFELY
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I've been taking Eliquis for a couple months after a bout of a-fib. I'm back in sinus rhythm and am in the low risk (Cat 1) group for clots. Due to the side effects and cost, I want to stop Eliquis and take aspirin daily. But the FDA black box warning makes me scared to stop Eliquis. Is tapering the dose over time a good way to get off it safely? IS there a safe way, or is it a scare tactic to have me pay for Eliquis for the rest of my life? I'm really angry - if I'd known about the FDA warning, I'd never have agreed to take it in the first place.
Updated 8 minutes ago in Eliquis.
tablet to stop period bleeding immediately
35 Replies RSS
Hi its my first day i need to stop my bleeding for 5 days as going for a pilgrim please help EMERGENCY ## i want to stop the periods because for attending pooja ## Am going on a function next week,which pills can use to start my menstruation today or tmrw.plz help ## Its my first day of periods I want to stop bleeding and its really very important becoz I have to travel a lot for next 5 days suggest me any tablet ## hi.. its an urgency tomorrow is my marriage and today is my frst day can i stop bleeding immediately... vit any tablets ## I am very sorry to inform you all that there is no way to do this. Once your period has started, theres no guaranteed way to stop it immediately, I'm sorry. If you checked with a doctor in advance, oral contraceptives can be used for some women, to d...
Updated 19 minutes ago.
Taking trust pill at the wrong day
19 Replies RSS
Im on the 8 pill but I take the 14 pill... It is ok to take the 9 pill on the next day and continue taking the pill or should I stop taking this pack of pill.... ## Hello, Celle! How are you? Yes, you can just continue taking them, there is nothing specific in the tablets that makes it so they have to be taken on any certain day. They active tablets all contain the same thing and can be taken on any given day. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Nagkamali din ako sa pag inum ng trust pills instead of 8, 14 yung nainum ko then i stopped taking pills muna pang 3 days pills ko na sana mamayang gabi.. Wala rin munang contact sa partner ko.. Ok lang ba stop muna ako o i.continue ko nalang yung pag inum? So bale 3 pills na yung iinumin ko mamaya? Pls help me.. ## i stopped taking trust...
Updated 54 minutes ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
gabapentin withdrawal still
8 Replies RSS
Been off Gabby for 5 weeks. Feeling pretty good except still have tightness in chest off and on. Anyone else have chest pain? Was on high dose for quite a while. Got off it too fast. ## Hello, Sandy! How are you? You should have this checked out by your doctor to be safe, there are many things that could cause chest pain and some of them are very dangerous, such as heart conditions. The typical withdrawal effects of Gabapentin are listed by the FDA as possibly including nausea, dizziness, fever, chills, rebound pain, depression, anxiety, seizures and diarrhea. There's a chance the chest pain is associated, but after 5 weeks, most symptoms should be gone. Are you any other medications? ## Just B P meds! Not really a pain more of an ache. Not bad and with all the other withdrawals it ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Gabapentin.
harvoni side effects
505 Replies RSS
I have been taking Harvoni for 3 months now and am having nerve pain in my legs and lower back pain. Is anyone else taking Harvoni having any of these same side effects as me? Please help if you are able. Thank you ## Hi Tony, From what I've researched, "lower back pain" is specifically listed as one of the more common side effects of Sofosbuvir (the second active ingredient in Harvoni); so I'd imagine that "leg pain" may be attributed to this drug as well. If you'd like a more concrete reference, "back pain" is also listed as a side effect of Sofosbuvir on Pubmed at: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25422576 That said, you may want to contact your doctor if the pain becomes too bothersome or severe. This way you and your doctor can determine if Harvoni is sti...
Updated 1 hour ago in Harvoni.
collagena medica
48 Replies RSS
can anyone tell me if they have taken Collagena media and if it has helped them - also if there are any know side effects ## Collagena Medica is a supplement that contains Collagen, it is a natural substance found in our bodies in our joints and skin. That said, whether or not it actually helps is not proven and the side effect profiles are not studied for it, since it is not an actual prescription drug. Has anyone tried this? ## yes I have tried collagena medica and have notice a difference, my knees use to crack alot but they dont any more also my hands are not so painfull and the swelling is reducing ## My wife and I took Collagena Medica early this year. My wife is still taking a pll every second day. I had two moles on my shoulders that shrunk and disappeared after 2 months of taki...
Updated 1 hour ago in Blood Pressure.
Affect any organs if we take Nexito 5 for a long time?
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I am 35/M. I used to get depressed sometime at that time my heartbeat will be high, nausea, fainting and i wll be uncomfortable. So i went to dr, he says it may be depression or anxiety. He prescribed me to take Nexito 5 for 4 months. I took that for 4 months and feel very comfortable. But after 6 months, I get depressed due to some prblm. so should i take the tablet for another 4 months. Will it affect any organs if we take for a long period please suggest???
Updated 1 hour ago in Antidepressant.
Eto Safe Er 600
3 Replies RSS
My doctor has prescribe to use EtoSafe Er 600 daily one time for ten days.Is it safe to continue this drug for long run. ## 10 days isn't long-term, for taking any medication. EtoSafe contains the active ingredient Etodolac, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that's used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include: nausea, headache, dizziness and stomach irritation. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## when to take this etosafe er 600mg ## im having this tablet since a month is it harmful, im having some pain in my left knee. its been more then 3 months course of medicine changed but past a month im taking this medicine,
Updated 2 hours ago in Etodolac.

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