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how to tell fake percocet a333's
88 Replies RSS
How can you tell if you have a bad percocet 10mg/325 pill? Anyway to test to make sure they are good? ## Hey Bob; thats a real good question. and the sad part is they come in all shapes and sizes based on the manufacturer and brand...overall the will be a long a oblong shape pill with the numbers clearly written on it. except in the case of watson where it says watson right on it... another way to determine a real one from the fake one is by the price. if you see a ridiculous price like $2 ($60 for 30) a pill chances are you getting a placebo...the average cost of 30 pills is anywhere from $500 to $700. anywhere in that price range you know that you are good. ## 500 to 700 bucks for 10/325 percocet? ## People are making fake a333 and others... watch out ## Yep, I know for a fact because...
Updated 47 minutes ago in Percocet.
evion 400 vitamin e capsules how it is useful for darkspots
4 Replies RSS
I'm 20 years old and i had very dark spots on my hands and breast. Can evion help me to reduce these spots quickly? plz advise. ## No dear it may be Serious Problem .. Yoy Should Contact Your Dermatologist or Any Other Gynaecologist ## I have scar on my lips.so I can use vitamin e ups 200capsule for it. ## Is helpful to take the vitamin E capsules for dark circles? If so, is it okay to take vitamin E capsules on a daily basis? I have very deep dark circles. How can I get rid of them? ## I am 40 years old and have dark circles under my eyes.So should I used vitamin e gel mix with aloe Vera gel at bed time??
Updated 1 hour ago in Vitamin E.
Me 12 Od
6 Replies RSS
I have problem with voice.It shivers when i speak and looks very disturbed.the ent specialist has suggested 2 tabs a day. I am worried aboout the side effects and actual effects on my problem. kindly educate me . the doctor has told that i have some problem with layrnx ## What specific problem did he say it was? ME-12-OD is a nutritional supplement that contains Folic Acid, Pyridoxine and Methylcobalamin, which is a form of vitamin b12. It is often given to people that suffer from certain types of nerve problems, because a deficiency in these nutrients can cause or contribute to such issues. However, as supplement, it has not been studied for side effects, as is done for prescription drugs, but some people do report some nausea, after taking it. ## hey... Well i saw a dermatologist to g...
Updated 1 hour ago in Folic Acid.
license is required for manufacturing white phenyl
3 Replies RSS
I want start manufacturing of deodorant cleaner (white phenyle). So any drug licence is required ?or not for manufacturing of this please give advice sir...or MDM... ## How to start phenyl pl send more details in this business licence requir ## Chemical name or Generic name for white phenyl concentrated ## Is license is required for packing phenyl in small scale industry.
Updated 2 hours ago.
IP 464 round large white
3 Replies RSS
Bought these thinking they were endocet 10mg. Am I wrong? ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Ibuprofen (400 mg). Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used for relief of symptoms of arthritis, primary dysmenorrhea, fever, and as an analgesic. For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## I found a round white pills with IP 464 in my Percocet bottle. I need to identify these pills. Please tell me how to distinguish between IP 464 and Ibuprofen. ## IP 464 is Ibuprofen 400 mg. They do not contain any opiate ingredients as found in percocet or endocet. For example, see NDC code 53746-464.
Updated 2 hours ago in Endocet.
ip 464
4 Replies RSS
round white ## round white tablet with IP 464 ## round white pill with IP 464 on one side. This is 1/2 inch wide. ## I cannot find a listing for this, does any have any information? ## Yes, it's Ibuprofen 400 mg. Goes under the NDC code 53746-464 among others.
Updated 2 hours ago.
can i use daflon500
1 Reply RSS
piles with external lump and swelling in the rectum, please suggest medicine , no bleeding ## Daflon 1000 for three days and then daflon 500 for at least three months along with caldob 500 for two weeks......Dr A P Singh
Updated 2 hours ago.
evion 400 vitamin e capsules how to use?
12 Replies RSS
Meri umar 21 saal h aur mai evion 400 daily 1 capsule dinner k baad le rahi hun lagbhag 20 dino se.. Apne hair fall ki paresani k aran aur face glow karane k karan .. Mai puchhna chahti hun ki daily khane se koi problem to nahi hoga na??? Aur agar hai to plsss aap mujhe thoda btaiy ki mujha kitna capsule Lena chahiy kitne dino me aur kitne dino tak??? Plsss reply sir ## evion khane se koi fayada hua h to mujhe bhi batado plss ..m bhi khaunga ..contact me {edited for privacy} ## Yes you can take 1 tab daily after freakfast..its safe..my dr suggest me.... ## i think koi side effect to nhi hoga. but apko Dr. se advice le leni chahiye... ## Dear Puja, I'm a consultant, tou ap mujse contact karo, mai apko har skin problem k bareme suggest dunga okay... ## Can i take it orally after dinne...
Updated 2 hours ago in Vitamin E.
daflon 500 mg can i use or not?
1 Reply RSS
i am 19 years old and i have been experiencing symptoms such as heavy legs, cramps etc. lately. the doctor told me to take daflon 500mg however i was told by 2 pharmacist that that drug is too strong for me? can anyone help me out??? ## It's not a drug it is supplement called flavonoids extracted from citrus fruits like oranges,you should go ahead with doctors advice....Dr A P Singh
Updated 2 hours ago.
Refilling my valid Xanax prescription early
527 Replies RSS
I only see one doctor and he gives me a 3 month supply of xanax. When I went the last time he wrote me out a prescription but I still had two refills. I had a friend and her husband passed away and I gave her some of mine thinking I would have no problem re-filling the prescription. I had sense enough not to go to the same pharmacy and not to give my insurance information. So I go to this small drug store by my house and I had to fill out paperwork such as dob, name and my DL #. Well they paged me to the front of the store and advised me that it was 7 days to early for them to re-fill. So my question is where can I go to re-fill a prescription that is valid written by the same doctor. I only tried one place, I'm guessing they must have a data base if you try and refill your prescrip...
Updated 2 hours ago in Xanax.

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  • May 22 2017 Kevzara Sarilumab (SANOFI SYNTHELABO)
  • May 17 2017 Kalliga Desogestrel + Ethinyl Estradiol (AUROBINDO PHARMA LTD)
  • May 8 2017 Minolira Minocycline Hydrochloride (DR REDDYS LABS LTD)
  • May 1 2017 Steritalc Talc (NOVATECH SA)
  • May 1 2017 Imfinzi Durvalumab (ASTRAZENECA UK LTD)
  • Apr 28 2017 Alunbrig Brigatinib (ARIAD)
  • Apr 28 2017 Rydapt Midostaurin (NOVARTIS PHARMS CORP)

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  • Jul 14 2017 42874-117 Flublok Quadrivalent Intramuscular Injection, Solution (Protein Sciences Corporation)
  • Jul 14 2017 64720-415 Desipramine Hydrochloride 10 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Corepharma, LLC)
  • Jul 14 2017 64720-416 Desipramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Corepharma, LLC)
  • Jul 14 2017 64720-417 Desipramine Hydrochloride 50 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Corepharma, LLC)
  • Jul 14 2017 64720-418 Desipramine Hydrochloride 75 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Corepharma, LLC)
  • Jul 14 2017 64720-419 Desipramine Hydrochloride 100 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Corepharma, LLC)
  • Jul 14 2017 64720-420 Desipramine Hydrochloride 150 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated (Corepharma, LLC)
  • Jul 14 2017 69842-546 Severe Cold Plus Flu Daytime Nighttime Kit (Cvs Pharmacy, Inc.)
  • Jul 14 2017 70756-811 Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Topical Ointment (Lifestar Pharma LLC)
  • Jul 13 2017 53345-014 Ibuprofen 200 mg Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Humanwell Puracap Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) Co., Ltd)
  • Jul 13 2017 53345-039 Ibuprofen 200 mg Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Humanwell Puracap Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) Co., Ltd)
  • Jul 13 2017 57627-200 Acne Defense Foaming Cleanser 2 g/100ml Topical Liquid (Merle Norman Cosmetics, Inc)
  • Jul 13 2017 61312-010 Premierpro Flushable Wipes With Dimethicone 32 mg/g Topical Swab (Hangzhou Guoguang Touring Commodity Co., Ltd.)
  • Jul 13 2017 63868-213 Severe Sinus Congestion Relief Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.)
  • Jul 13 2017 63868-217 Regular Strength Pain Relief 325 mg Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.)
  • Jul 13 2017 63868-219 Nighttime Cold and Flu Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.)
  • Jul 13 2017 63868-220 Cold Flu and Sore Throat Relief Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.)
  • Jul 13 2017 63868-222 Cough Relief 15 mg Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.)
  • Jul 13 2017 63868-227 Severe Sinus Congestion Allergy and Cough Formula Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.)
  • Jul 13 2017 63868-281 Ibuprofen 200 mg Oral Capsule, Liquid Filled (Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.)

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