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blood drug teset
if your urine is clean of drugs does that mean that you blood is also?
Updated 22 minutes ago.
how to solve somparaz hp side effects
My endoscopy results shown andral gastritis. My docter suggested somparaz HP kid for 7 days I finished 5 days my stomach has pain and diarea over hungry I can't digest that tablets so I stopped somparaz HP tablets.I will continue somparaz r 40. this is right or wrong please give the answer?
Updated 45 minutes ago.
actavis microgestin vs watson microgestin
Over six yrs my b/c was Watson brand Microgestin now the new pills I picked up Actavis Microgestin is making me have side effects...breakthrough bleeding and cramps. If the company name changed, I'm assuming the medication as well! If my body is already immune to this medication why the side effects... ## I am having the same problem. Im experiencing side effects (headaches, mood swings) on the actavis microgestin fe 1/20. I am getting off of it.
Updated 1 hour ago.
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hydrocodone law refill laws in fl.
My husband went to the doctor on the 26th of nov. and got his refill for hydrocodone. being that Oct. has 31 days in that month, what date by law is the first earliest day he can refill them. This is falling on Thanksgiving and he can not be driving or riding in a car without his meds.
Updated 1 hour ago in Hydrocodone.
accutane long term side effects
I have a son that took accutane 60 mg a day for six months in a row three years ago. Now after many trips to doctors over strange medical problems, it seems accuatne is the culprit medication that has caused servere joint and muscle pain, severe dry lips, redness in face, eye infections of own immune system attacking itself, systems of osteoarthritis in both shoulders, both wrist and right hand, blood in stool, possible hair loss, abnormal liver function test results in AST and ALT. My son went from being a high school football and track athlete while taking this medication three years ago to someone that is in constant pain just washing a car. After I have researched this drug extensively, I can't believe that the FDA allows this drug originally made for cancer patients to be marke...
Updated 2 hours ago in Accutane.
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is methadone after subutex safe???
Hello my name is kev. I have been consuming about 3 to 6 mg of subutex daily for about 7 months. I'm very eager to eliminate the subutex and start on these methadone. Is it safe to consume methadone 20 mgs the day after taking about 3 mgs of subutex? I heard suboxone was the dangerous one, not subutex and I also heard the taking methadone after subutex is the safe apose to methadone to subutex. Any answers would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Updated 4 hours ago in Methadone.
is methadone after subutex safe?
Hello my name is kev. I have been consuming about 3 to 6 mg of subutex daily for about 7 months. I'm very eager to eliminate the subutex and start on these methadone. Is it safe to consume methadone 20 mgs the day after taking about 3 mgs of subutex? I heard suboxone was the dangerous one, not subutex and I also heard the taking methadone after subutex is the safe apose to methadone to subutex. Any answers would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Updated 4 hours ago in Methadone.
Contraindications Of Duvadilan
contraindications and nursing ressponsibility in administration of duvadilan ## Hi im on my 31week pregnant..i experienced to got bleed last doctors advice me to take duphaston for 7days after it the bleed stop..whenever i stop using duphaston the bleed someone experienced the same as me??
Updated 4 hours ago.
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ls folic acid & vitamin b11 are same
Wanted to know whether folic acid & b11 are same? If not then what's the name under b11 is marketed? Thnks
Updated 5 hours ago in Folic Acid.
what is the difference in yellow 4mg dilaudids i have always got and white ones that are manufactured by malli they dont work
I have always got the yellow 4mg. dilaudids and they worked great. This month I got white ones 4mg. that are manufactured by Malli. They don't work at all. I need to take two to even get any relief and it is not much.
Updated 5 hours ago in Dilaudids.
ano ang pills na pwede sa nag papa breast feed
..6 months na pu ang baby ko...gusto ko pa sana gumamit ng pills,.dahil ntatakot po ako.bka masundan agad sya..kaya lan wala po ako idea kng anong pills ang dpat kong inumin.kc po nag papa breast feed po kung skali 1st time kong mag take ngpills..ano po ba ang dpat gamitin na pills for breast feeding...salamat po ## Good day.. anu po bang pde kong gamitin na pills.. 2yrs. Old na po baby ko pero everynight nadede padin po xa xken.. thanks..
Updated 5 hours ago.
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Doctors Willing To Prescribe Heavy Pain Medication In Colorado
I have a serious problem. My dr. had two patients start dr. shopping and has decided it is too big of a pain in his butt to continue prescribing, even though I have gotten MRIs and Xrays to prove my problems. I have over a half a dozen herniated discs in my low back, along with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and arthritis in my facet joints. I am currently on5 30mg oxycodone a day for breakthrough and 60mg of methadone for my long lasting meds. I REALLY need a doctor in the Denver, CO area who will not judge me because of my age, thinking I'm just some drug seeker as I TRULY need my meds to function. I am even being placed on disability until I can get my back healed because if something doesn't change I will be in big time pain for the rest of my life. If...
Updated 6 hours ago in Oxycodone.
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oxycotin 15 mg images
Light green letter a numbers214
Updated 6 hours ago.
About A side effect of menabol
i just want to know about advantage and side effect of menebol ## hi any one can tell me about post usage side effects of menabol. ## Menabol, also known as Stanozolol or Winstrol, is a man-made steroid, similar to the a naturally occurring steroid testosterone. Stanozolol is used in the treatment of hereditary angioedema, which causes episodes of swelling of the face, extremities, genitals, bowel wall, and throat. Stanozolol may decrease the frequency and severity of these attacks. As far as side effects go, it is noted that in rare cases, serious and even fatal cases of liver problems have developed during treatment with stanozolol. It is advised that you contact your doctor immediately if you experience abdominal pain, light colored stools, dark colored urine, unusual fatigue, nausea...
Updated 6 hours ago in Stanozolol.
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primolut n for periods
Hi I ddnt have periods for 2 years then my doctor prescribe primolut n and I got period on the 10th of November which looked like spotting so im wondering if im pregnant
Updated 7 hours ago.
Doctors Who Prescribe Methadone
I am addicted to strong pain meds and I am tired of having to come of of them the withdrawal is awful I went to a urgent care doc and was prescribed simboxon I take anxiety meds to but he wants me to stop I really need the anxiety meds but he wants me off them how do I get him to change it from simboxon to methadone so I can take my anxietymeds ## Legally, he can't. To get Methadone for addiction treatment in the U.S. requires that you go to an actual Methadone treating clinic, private doctors aren't allowed to prescribe it for addiction treatment. What anxiety medication do you take? Did he say why he wants you to stop taking it? ## Valium and in sc he is licensed to prescribe and treat me sumboxone is like methadone it us prescribed the same as methadone ## how about for neuro...
Updated 7 hours ago in Methadone.
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What happens if I mix my white pills with my yellow pills
Hi I am currently taking the Adco Fem contraceptive. I've been taking it for the past 2 years now. I never missed a pill BUT I recently took my first white pill where I should have taken my last yellow pill. I only realised this the next day around the same time so I took the yellow pill after the white pill and continued with the white pill thereafter. I normally get my period 3 days into the white pill which I did.... Am I at risk of falling pregnant ?
Updated 7 hours ago in Birth Control / Contraceptive.
I cannot find the brand dexidrene at any pharmacy. the generic dextroamphetamine, does not work the same for me. must have diff inactive ingredients. I clinch my jaw, my neck hurts, it doesn't act same for making me be able to remain focused, and makes me irritable when the brand does not
Updated 7 hours ago in Dextroamphetamine.
suboxone vs norco. please help
I have chronic pain issues. Numerous injuries, a spinal growth and advancing arthritic conditions have my left side barely ussable. I am permanently disabled at 44 and under the care of a pain management center. I was prescribed loritab/norco about 2 yeArs ago and of course the dose went and the tolerance built and by summer of 2014 I found myself taking 4 10's per day...and of course that wasn't enough so I found myself running low every month and spending the week or so before refills in extreme withdrawals. So I went to my general family doctor and started a Suboxone program and called the pain center and told them I didn't want Norco anymore and thought I as doing a good thing. But I forgot about one thing....the God awful pain. I have been on suboxone for about a month ...
Updated 8 hours ago in Suboxone.
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pain management and anxiety disorders
I live on cape cod I'm looking for a dr who will b willing to help me live my life normally I have had a surgery on both my shoulders called latterjay very pain full daily I was on the right meds for a long time I though I was all better I have all the records you may need I have server anxiety disorders please help me I am willing to do what ever I need to prove that I'm all truth I just need to find a dr who is takeitaking new patents asap please get back to me please thanks for your time ## Hello, Salena! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. Due to the new regulations that have been put in place, you'll most likely need to see specialist, so that would be a psychiatrist for the anxiety and a pain management specialist, as well. Do you...
Updated 8 hours ago in Xanax.
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