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Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medicine In Arkansas
I am located in Arkansas near Little Rock and I need to find a doctor willing to prescribe pain medicine. Please help if you know of any doctors in my area. Thank you. ## Hello community: I wrote yesterday and got back this morning good information. Vicoprofen and it's elimination process sounds just great for my need. I will start a search for a doctor near Little Rock Arkansas area who will see me as a patient in need of this drug. In the mean time any natural remedys for pain that is liver friendly would be much appreciated. Have a good-day, community. ## Hi Kay, I wanted to help to you out by posting a list of pain management doctors in Little Rock, Arkansas that may be able to help get you started on Vicoprofen or some other drug that is more liver friendly than Acetaminophen: ...
Updated 7 minutes ago in Vicoprofen.
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tablet to stop bleeding pause mf 500
Hi im pregnant of 7weeks but from 2 days I have started bleeding please help me in scanning report every thing is normal so what should I have to do to stop bleeding please help me I want this child pleas ## Hello, Jyothi! Congratulations on the baby! However, since you are pregnant, you need to see your doctor to see what your treatment options are to stop the bleeding. It would be far too risky for anyone online to suggest a medication or something, when they aren't familiar with your overall health or what's causing the bleeding. What did they saw was causing the bleeding? ## I bled for 6 months of my pregnancy. It's scary but sometimes normal. If everything checked out ok at your Dr then you have to put up with the bleeding. It go away by itself. ## Hi I have been suffer...
Updated 10 minutes ago.
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Duragesic patches. Need Dr.
My Dr has moved I am without Dr for my patches...I only have 4 left. Two Drs I went to do not prescribe . please help. Thank you....Jeri ## I need to find a Dr. in FL. who will prescribe my Duragesic fentalyn patches. West Palm Beach, Martin County or St. Lucie County FL.
Updated 10 minutes ago in Duragesic.
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Ruxolitinib medication
Hi, Can someone please help me? i have been on clinical trials of Ruxo for 8 weeks now... i am the 1st of my kind to be put on this drug who has multiple auto-immune diseases and a mutation in my genes. I was put in this drug to try correct alopecia and it has been a great success. Not only has this drug helped me with my hair loss but has also help with my general health. my only issue is my menstrual cycle has stopped and i'm trying to find out if it is connected to these medication or just a coincidence? Many thanks in advance ## You would need much more detailed information. Age? Recent hormone changes/starting and stopping birth control or other medications? Recently lose/gain alot of weight? How regular is your cycle normally? are you pregnant? ## I am 29 and my normal cycle i...
Updated 18 minutes ago in Ruxolitinib.
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Irratable Bowl Syndrome Treatment
My wife, aged 73 years, has been ailing with diarrhea dominated IBS for the past 4 years. The consultant has prescribed Lactobacillus capsules to control the disorder. Is there any other medicine which is more effective without side effects? ## Sir, i was searching for info on darolac ibs when i came across your post. I want to ask you if you have had your wife's serum b12 levels tested? It is very similar to my story and taking vitamin b12 has cured me of this and many other ailments.
Updated 30 minutes ago in Lactobacillus.
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oxycodone for back pain
I have had moderate to severe back pain for several years now, and have been prescribed meloxicam, vicodin, zanaflex, flexoril, and percocet, just to nam a few. i ignored the pain for several years, but it got to the point where i had to get it checked out. after getting an mri, they discovered several problems with my lower back. degenerative bone disease, slipped discs, arthritis, etc. Most of this is due to the nature of my work, and a couple of motorcycle wrecks. Here is my main question and problem. Out of all of the things that I have been given, I find that oxycodone works the best for me personally, without making me drowsy, or having any other adverse side affects. My doctor was giving me 90 extra strength vicodin per month, with another 90 percocets to use during the extra bad...
Updated 33 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
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find a doctor in my area who will prescribe xanax
Does anyone know of a doctor that prescribes xanax in florence,sc? I take the 0.5 and my doctor moved to Ohio!! Any help would be very much appreciated!! ## I am currently looking for a doctor that prescribes and acts in Marietta Georgia or Richmond Kentucky....with this said the reason I'm asking is because I have panic attacks, I can't be in large crowds of people, sleep disorders, aunmanageable amount of stress, depression, anxiety and not to mention, shaking all of the time!!!! ## Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, both of you will need to see a specialist, if you require such a medication on a long-term ongoing basis. Do either of you have a PCP that may be able to refer you to someone? Can anyone recommend good doctors in these areas? This medicat...
Updated 46 minutes ago in Xanax.
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bupropion xl 150 mg anchen vs 100mg mylan
I don't understand how a pharmaceutical co . Has a problem manufacturing meds. That is what I was told. I was taking Bupropion XL 150 mg (Anchen). The pharmacy wasn't able to get anymore of this. My Dr substituted Bupropion 100 mg x 2 a day (Mylan). I am having side effects that I never Had before. Can 50mg do that ? Anxiety, nervousness, trouble sleeping - all of which I never had before! Or could it be the difference between the 2 companies? Does anyone know how I could contact Anchen? Thanks ## Hello, Steff! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems that you're having. There are two things going on here that could be contributing to your issue. One is the dosage change, that's going to cause more side effects, and the other is the formulation change, you went from...
Updated 48 minutes ago in Bupropion.
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vicodin pill description cor 116
so if my daughter has access to regular Tylenol, these 4 pills I found,are they more then Vicodin ## Hello, Lisa! How are you? No, these tablets contain 650mgs of Acetaminophen in an extended release formulation, they are sold over the counter to help alleviate arthritis pain. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness and headache. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 53 minutes ago in Vicodin.
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OMG Cymbalta is evil
Feel like crap on this drug. want to know maybe dose is to low. taking for skeletal pain. losing weight fast, no appetite ## Hello, Cindy! How are you? What dosage are your taking and how long have you been taking it? Cymbalta is an antidepressant that can also help with some types of nerve pain. Its normal side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and weight gain.
Updated 55 minutes ago in Cymbalta.
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My Doc will not refill my xanax Im feeling sick
I was prescribed Prozac & Xanax 10 years ago by my psychiatrist for depression & severe panic attacks. He started me on 1mg 3 times a day. Around Dec 2005 he increased my daily dose to 1 mg - 4 times a day. I have been a patient of his now for 10 years where I see him every 3 months. Through the years, there has been a few times were I had to call to reschedule my appointment and a couple of times he had to do the same. He would call in my meds for the amount I would need to get me through to my next appointment. This month I had an appointment for May 27th I called to reschedule due to transportation. I do not drive now and my ride canceled on me. so, I rescheduled my app. for June 17th I then requested my meds be called in until my appointment, a 3 week supply. She said she wo...
Updated 55 minutes ago in Xanax.
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pre gabs
need some blues and pre gabs will pay good money anyone know where to get some pls help
Updated 59 minutes ago.
phentermine anyone have strange side effects?
I just started taking this medicine for weightloss.I am having hot flashes and cold chills,terrible headache and a tingly head.I feal awful.Has anybody taken this and had the same reaction?If so did it pass after a few days?Gotta say this...I am not ever hungry! Like to hear from anyone that has taken this med.Thanks :) ## hi jen! I have also been taking phentermine for about 2 months now, and yes, the medicine can be great, but the side effects aren't always pretty. when i first started taking them, i had a headache, was super thirsty, and felt like i could crawl out of my skin! I now only get an occasional headache and still deal with the insomnia. what dosage are you on? maybe you should start small, say 18 mg and then move on to 30 when that doesn't work anymore, then 30.7 (...
Updated 1 hour ago in Phentermine.
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What weight gain vitamins
I am 21 years old I weight 115 i use to be 130 but since I started working I never had time to eat so i lost my appetite completely i would eat one time a day or not all so i am wonder what vitamin should i take to gain weight.
Updated 1 hour ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
does ace proxy von cr contains sulpha
I am allergic to sulpha please tell me is it safe to eat ace proxy von cr as I am having pain on my ankle
Updated 1 hour ago.
dilaudid mixed with xanax
Can I take these together with my blood pressure medicine clonidine amlodipine and losinopril
Updated 1 hour ago in Dilaudid.
taking lipozene pill
Can i open up the pill and poor it into a water bottle im am having troubles swallowing it ## I did and it worked out fine, just try to stir it until it dissolves in 8oz of water, then I drink another 8oz after that
Updated 1 hour ago in Lipozene.
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hydrocodone 5 1 9
Would taking 3 vicodin 500mg/5mg be the same affect as taking 1 15mg oxytocin
Updated 1 hour ago in Hydrocodone.
can u take subutex and garcinia combogia at same time
On subutex currently can I take garcinia combogia at same time? ## Hi can I take subscribe and Sardinia at the same time. ## Hi can I take suboxone and Garcinia Combogia at the same time.
Updated 1 hour ago in Subutex.
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Prolia & Hair Loss
I've just recently had my second Prolia shot. So far so good...a little back pain. I continually have stress fractures on my feet and have also taken fosamax. My current problem is hair loss & I wondered if anyone else was having that problem? ## Hello, Gracie! How are you? No, this isn't listed from what I can find, but I'll check a couple more sources to be sure and post back. Are you on any other medications? How old are you? ## I'm 57. On no other meds except evista and a pill for reflux. A friend sent me a website that stated that there was a study with some hair loss ## Yes, after my second shot of Prolea, I had two UTIs, fatigue, huge bumps under the skin on my face and all over my scalp, an array of unexplained symptoms like peripheral neuropathy (not diabeti...
Updated 1 hour ago in Prolia.
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