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Watson is now actavis generic percocet 5/325 what is up with this
I had been taking 5/325 generic Watson percocet for 4 years. Suddenly I get notified by Walgreens which I have insurance that there is no more Watson brand and I was given generic percocet 5/325 by Actavis. It is not the same at all. It has no pain relief for me. I used to break the watsons in half sometimes and never had a funny taste. I just broke one of the actavis white tablets in half and it immediately tasted like salt or alka seltzer? Has anyone had any issues with this drug too. Also, along with it not working right it has made my GI tract and stomach so ill feeling and cramping. This is not right how can they take away a medicine that someone has been on for 4 years without any problems and tell them to suddenly switch. Would a peson who has been on a certain heart medication f...
Updated 2 minutes ago in Percocet.
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effects of Adderal
Taking Amphetamine Salts- For 10 yrs, 20mg, 60 mg daily. Also Wellbutrin 300mg. Picked up prescription. They were different pills. Smaller round, light orange, with U30 on them, although they are 20mg. On 2nd day I start getting-it feels like an electric shock at right temple that lasts for about 2-3 second, every couple hours I'm healthy and pills never bothered me. Thanks for your help ## Hello, Walt! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. While there's a chance that this symptom is due to a slight fluctuation in the amount of the active ingredient in the new tablet, there is also a chance that it isn't and you could have some other health issue going on. It would best to see your doctor and have yourself checked out, for your own safety. This...
Updated 3 minutes ago in Amphetamine.
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Can pain in feet and ankle be from Losartan?
I started Losartan (50 mg/1 per day) in May, after battling the Lisinopril cough for 2 months. I have had a lot of pain in my feet and my achilles tendon on one ankle. I also have gained weight and have increased appetite. I also have pain in my knees. What is a good substitute for Losartan? Is it possible that these things I have described are caused by Losartan? Also, what about fatigue? Thank youi. ## Hello, CJ! How are you? I'm sorry that you're in pain. Yes, it could be due to the Losartan, it does sometimes cause these types of issue as side effects in some people that take it. I experienced similar issues from several blood pressure/cardiac medications, too. Atacand is a similar medication, it contains the active ingredient Candesartan, it's also available as a generi...
Updated 7 minutes ago in Losartan.
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cannot fill my prescription for oxycodone 30 in florida
i have tried everywhere in my county that i live in florida, get the same answer from all the walgreens and the pharmacies in my area they are out and dont know when they will have it if ever again. i think this is a shame for a person who has a prescription from a doctor and is in severe pain all waking hours. i think this is also a shame because all it does is gives the drug dealers on the streets a reason to charge $20.00 a pill and laugh at us all the way to their bank. there has got to be some relief for us honest people that are suffering and work hard to have insurance and be up standing citizens. i thank our governor for making this problem worse in florida and feeding right into the drug dealer hands. please can someone help and get the honest people who suffer everyday the rel...
Updated 11 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
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Medicine effects
For about three years, I felt like my brain was unfocused. Lately I've gotten very clumsy and can type accurately on the computer. I am taking Levothyroxine 88 mcg for about 7 yrs., pravastatin 20 MG for about 5gabapenton 300 mg )now off that) since 2011, and more recently Clonzazeoam .5 mg (about 10 moths) and fluoxetine 10 mg for about 7 months. Could any of these be causing my brain not to function rights, depression runs in my family and it seems like I'm afraid of everything, especially driving new places and technology, which I used to be pretty good at. ## Hello, Ladymarine! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you've been having. It could be due to the Pravastatin, Clonazepam, Fluoxetine, or a combination of all of them. There is also a chance that it mi...
Updated 13 minutes ago in Levothyroxine.
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apo 14 pill capsule
Small light green and white capsule with markings APO 14. I can't find any information on it
Updated 15 minutes ago.
new orleans soma doctors
Can anyone help me with the name of a doctor that is not afraid to prescribe soma. I understand my prescription can not cross state line. I have been told by walgreens it has to be a local dr. ## I did not know it has to be a local Doctor as Federal Law should apply. Seems that the State is meddling in places it has no right to be, and we the patients suffer. I know in California and Arizona Walgreens wouldn't tell you this, even though the Doc might? ## Hello, Susan! How are you? To explain this issue, Soma has become more strictly controlled, since it is very commonly abused, which means that the pharmacy stock limits now apply to it, just as they do for narcotics and benzodiazepines. Every pharmacy can only stock a certain amount each month, once they are out, they are out until ...
Updated 19 minutes ago in Soma.
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doctors who will prescribe pain medication Lexington ky
My mother is in her mid 60's and was getting perc 15s but she was seeing a TN doc and she lives in KY. This posed a problem because she has a medical card and has obamas well care and the doc no longer takes well care and she was Kicked out, she could pay cash but then she would lose her medical card, im just trying to find a doctor in KY that could treat her, she stays in pain due to neck spurs and deteriorating back disease. Is there a doc in KY that woukd prescribe her a similar medicaton because she is in agony, if anyone knows a good dic that could help please let us jnow. ## Hello, Shirley! How is your mom doing? Due to the new regulations that were put in place, if she requires this medication on a long-term ongoing basis, she'll need to see a specialist. Many of those ty...
Updated 27 minutes ago in Pain Relief.
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alzam or xanax
I was addicted to xanax and coedine for almost 12yrs!!! Ended up in ICU overdosed. Stopped abruptly. omg!! Thought I was dying !! . For the next few months it was hell. I am now drug free for two years!! Dnt start taking benzodiazepine!! ## That is what's so cruel about Xanax. I wound up in the ICU for a week after an under dose. I'm back on it, not proud to admit. If you don't take it stay far away from this poison.
Updated 28 minutes ago in Xanax.
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do pcp drs have a problem prescribing soma and norco
I have been taking soma and Norco for a many years for a c5, c6, fusion with a metal plate and screws. I have herard my pcp wont prescribe these meds anymore due to dea getting involved. my condition is real, experience a great deal of pain is this true? ## Hello, Carol! How are you? Yes, that is true. New regulations have been put in place that require anyone needing such medications on a long-term ongoing basis see a specialist. However, your PCP should be able to provide you with a referral. Norco is now a schedule 2 drug, it is narcotic that carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation. Soma is a muscle relaxant that is very commonly abused and its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry m...
Updated 33 minutes ago in Soma.
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No period at all?
I switched from a different type of pill to Minastrin this month. This is Saturday at the end of my first pack and I have had no period at all. Is this common with this pill? I know it supposed to make period lighter, but I need some kind of indication every month that I'm not pregnant! ## Hello, Matilda! How are you? If you haven't missed any pills, then there shouldn't be any reason to worry about being pregnant and yes, some women don't have periods, while taking oral contraceptives. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, bloating and weight gain. If you really aren't comfortable skipping your period, then you might need to switch, again. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 41 minutes ago in Minastrin 24 Fe.
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what does a "3 refills of 30 until 11/15/2014" mean? does it mean that if i cant refill before that date then its gone? ## Hello, Mary! How are you? Yes, that means that you can get 3 refills, before that date. Once past that date, the prescription will expire and you'd need to see your doctor for a new one. You'll see that on almost all prescriptions that have refills, they are only good for one year, from the date of prescribing. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 49 minutes ago.
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Started period before taking white pill
I'm on an antibiotic to get rid of my UTI. I don't start my white pill until tomorrow but I'm bleeding now. I've been on sprintec for almost 4 months now and my period usually happens the sencind it third day if the white pills. Is something wrong? And should I take my blue pill today? ## Hello, Grace! How are you? Some antibiotics lower the efficacy of oral contraceptives by reducing the amount of estrogen that you absorb. Thus, your body is reacting just like it would during your period week and don't take any hormones. You should continue taking them all, just as you normally do and use a backup method of protection, until you've finished your course of antibiotics and have taken 7 active tablets in a row after finishing them, which means no unprotected interc...
Updated 51 minutes ago in Sprintec.
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a small round pink pill with two F's facing outwards capital F
Round pink pill with two F facing left and right not facing each other Size of aspirin maybe a bit larger The texture is not smooth and breaks easily
Updated 54 minutes ago in Aspirin.
Why is there never ever a straight forward answer? This person answers this way, and this person answers that way. So annoying. And whats up with the long stories geez..
Updated 57 minutes ago.
local shortage of hydrocodone my mother takes 10 325
Our local walgreens is out and they have no idea when they will be getting any in. Tried at least 3 walgreens, 1 kroeger, cvs and no avail. any others having this problem? ## Yes... I'm having this same exact problem, my pharmacy CVS keeps ordering it but it never comes in. They think the companies who make it are having back order issues because of the recent change from CIII's to CII's... I have tried everywhere within driving distance and no one has this... what the heck is going on??? ## Unfortunately, we are having the same issues here in Central Florida. My wife was prescribed hydrocodone for mixed-connective tissue disease and is also recovering from surgery. On October 10, I took her prescription into the CVS my family always uses and was immediately told that they c...
Updated 58 minutes ago in Hydrocodone.
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Ruxolitinib medication
Hi, Can someone please help me? i have been on clinical trials of Ruxo for 8 weeks now... i am the 1st of my kind to be put on this drug who has multiple auto-immune diseases and a mutation in my genes. I was put in this drug to try correct alopecia and it has been a great success. Not only has this drug helped me with my hair loss but has also help with my general health. my only issue is my menstrual cycle has stopped and i'm trying to find out if it is connected to these medication or just a coincidence? Many thanks in advance ## You would need much more detailed information. Age? Recent hormone changes/starting and stopping birth control or other medications? Recently lose/gain alot of weight? How regular is your cycle normally? are you pregnant? ## I am 29 and my normal cycle i...
Updated 1 hour ago in Ruxolitinib.
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I go to the suboxone dr and i have been taking xanax for 20+ yrs i very bad panic attack my dr said i have to go off of them and my heart races very fast and i dont think i can come off i have try kolonopin and they worked ok but i need a dr who will write t hem in or around Hazard ky i really need help thank you
Updated 1 hour ago in Suboxone.
norco shortage metro detroit area
Cant find norco 10/325 i have been on these for years and because of high ons i cant get my rx this is crazy. What r we all suppose to do in when in pain? If anybody has info on a pharmacy please post as i will do if im lucky ## I've been to pharmacy all of the Detroit area and future out no one has them.every pharmacy has a different story. If anyone has any info please share... ## Hello, Fina and Nyla! How are you both? Well, unfortunately, we are into the time of year when there is almost always a shortage of controlled substances. There are mandatory manufacturing limits to help keep better track of the supply and once a company reaches that limit, they can not manufacture anymore, until the new year. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Norco.
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Norco Shortage in Michigan
Is anyone else having problems finding a pharmacy to fill their scripts of Norco? I have been taking them for a few years now for my chronic pain. I always go to the same pharmacy chain, and its always the same doctor who writes my scripts, but since the new law change no one seems to have them in stock. Some pharmacists told me it was a manufacturer back order. We are told not to go without our meds, but yet how is that possible if we can't get them? Anyone knows of a pharmacy that has Norco 10/325 in the metro Detroit area? ## Dear Painfully Annoyed, Yes, this appears to be a huge problem at the moment. I have called every pharmacy in my insurance plan and everyone says the same thing. Your not alone, I was told it is a repackaging issue with the manufacturers due to the new laws....
Updated 1 hour ago in Norco.
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