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find a doctor in pittsburgh pa
3 Replies RSS
I have been on different physc meds over the years.I know what works n what don't. I was on zanax 1mg 3xs n 1mg of klonapin.now, my Dr. Only takes cash n I recently lost my job.I would be willing to change pcps and/or see a new physc. If anyone in the pgh area has any info PLEASE PLEASE can u past it on.thank u ## I have a couple names i can give you if you can gimme your old doctor ## Can you tell me the doctor that will take cash? Lol I don't know of really any doctors and I've been looking around and my doctor wont give me anything like that so please help. I only live about 45 minutes from Pittsburgh so it would be perfect for me. ## If you can send me the cash doctor's name I know of two on the north side that are amenable to this treatment. I can pay cash. I need t...
Updated 13 minutes ago.
anyone know which generic is best, mylan or endocet for oxycodone 10-325?
10 Replies RSS
I also took the Watson. Last prescription I received amneal which were awful. Aleve worked better! I threw them away! I did take the Mylan before and they was not too bad. Don't know if any generic now can get close to the Watson.Now I found two different pharmacies that carry mylan and endocet. Seems from reading, Endo does not make the generic endocet only the brand percocet, its qualitest which is now part of Endo since 2010 per Endo website. Confusing to me. Can anyone explain this to me? Since the company Endo really does not make endocet, are they still the best generic or should I stick with the Mylan? ## Hi Lulu, How's it going? Sorry to hear about your experience with Amneal Pharmaceuticals. It looks like they haven't been receiving much positive feedback from what ...
Updated 20 minutes ago in Endocet.
Harvoni treatment side effects
14 Replies RSS
Curious, I've started my 5th week of treatment and am wondering if anyone has experienced similar side effects as me: Confusion, depression, crazy acid reflux, and mood swings...3 weeks left to go. ## Hello, Joe! How are you? Yes, those can be typical side effects of this medication, along with headache, nausea and dry mouth, as reported by the U.S. FDA. However, such side effects are usually transient and should go away, within a week or two of finishing our course of treatment. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi Joe I would finish your treatment! Your in the home stretch. I know the sides are bad...and I live with them still but I am virus free and that is important to hang on to in your battle to get well. I also did the 8 week plan and it worked. ## Joe you are doing ...
Updated 32 minutes ago in Harvoni.
trigestrel and its side effects
6 Replies RSS
Hey I'm 20 and just started using the pill a few days ago. I miscarried 2 months ago and got the inj. but I decided not to go back 4 a 2nd inj. which is why I'm now on the pill. I wanna find out about its side effects and if it won't ruin or reduce my chances of being pregnant in the near future? Please help. ## Hello, Anovuyo! How are you doing? So very sorry about your loss. No, it shouldn't affect your future chances of fertility, these only work on a temporary basis, as long as you are taking them, though once you stop, it may take a couple months for ovulation to occur again, so you can get pregnant. The side effects usually include nausea, dizziness, headache, weight gain and some breakthrough bleeding. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Hi my name is eu...
Updated 33 minutes ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
can you use miralax after the expiration date
6 Replies RSS
Can you use MiraLax after the expiration date? And how much to use for an adult single use? ## Hi Dani, I haven't come across any specific details pertaining to the safety of this medication after it's expiration date. However, I think it really depends on how long has it been since the product expired? If it hasn't been too long, it might still be functional enough to get the job done, but you're still probably better off getting a new batch if you want to play it safe. Regarding dosing instructions, the usual adult dosing for Miralax is one cap full (approx. 17g) taken once daily or as needed. Apparently the measuring line on the bottle cap itself is supposed to be used as a guideline for taking a single dose (which also measures out to about 1 large tbsp). Lastly, it ...
Updated 36 minutes ago in MiraLax.
How Long Do Topamax Side Effects Last?
154 Replies RSS
I began Topamax a week and a half ago as a migraine prevention. I am experiencing random facial, hands, and feet numbness. Mental fogginess, dull headaches, and tiredness. For those of you who have had success with migraine prevention and have taken this medication for a long time: How long did your side effects last? I have heard only a few weeks. I'm not sure If I can deal with this constantly much longer. I am contemplating which is the lesser of the two evils side effects vs. migraines. I have lost 10 lbs. though. Any advice? ## I haven't used this medication, but what you are experiencing are normal side effects of it and I can tell you that in most cases, they start to taper off about 4 weeks, as your body adjusts to the medication. Have you consulted your doctor about the...
Updated 36 minutes ago in Topamax.
Rhodes Pharm Manufacturer for RP 10/325 Generic for Percocet
3 Replies RSS
Horrible experience with RP 10/325 generic for Percocet 10/325 prescribed by my Pain Mgt Dr. I got the prescription filled at Walmart a month ago. Since that time, I have been in withdrawals, with aching muscles, mostly in my shoulders and wrists, the pain I felt before going on any pain pills over 25 years ago, also the chills and sweating, just as if I were in complete withdrawal. I took the bottle to the pharmacy and told the pharmacist what was happening and he told me he has had no other complaints and couldn't do anything for me...okay, so my husband is now picking up my new monthly prescription at Walgreens, and the manufacturer is Actavis, which I believe is the old Watson and I am praying they will take away the withdrawal feelings. Has anyone else had this issue with the R...
Updated 39 minutes ago in Percocet.
Rhodes manufacturer of 10-325 oxycodone
6 Replies RSS
Been taking oxycodone-acetaminaphen 10-325 for about 5 years for chronic back pain. Had the best control of pain from Malinkrodt Manufacturer of this Med. Pharmacist gave me Qualitest once and it failed miserably in controlling my pain. Now they want me to try Rhodes brand. How does Rhodes really compare with my favorite Malinkrodt? ## There are many variables that come into play when determining if one brand is better than another, and the answer to this question tends to be different for each individual based on things like tolerance, age, weight, metabolism, digestive health, mentality, body chemistry, how their body responds to different binders/fillers, etc. Any number of these factors can affect one's perception (without them even knowing) of which tablet they prefer and why t...
Updated 42 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
Extreme Mood Swings on Prozac
4 Replies RSS
Hi everyone, I developed anxiety attacks 2 weeks ago due to a relationship problem. I tried to solve too many problems at once associated with the split and couldn't sleep for a long time resulting in my current condition. I'm 37 and never experienced anything like this. It scared me so much that I started having delusions and slight hallucinations and it wouldn't stop. I had horrible thoughts because I believed that I had become insane. I found a great doctor who spent an hour with me and suggested I commence a government initiative called a mental health care plan involving 10 free psychologist visits per year. He prescribed me Prozac 20 mg and Seroquel. The 2nd night I felt so content, calm and happy which continued into the next day after a great sleep. (This included a ...
Updated 44 minutes ago in Prozac.
Rhodes brand generic oxycodone 10/325
5 Replies RSS
I ran across these pain pills due to having severe chronic pain and after reading some of these comments i am shocked. I used to take the Watson brand of percocet and could not find another manufacturer that compared to them until i got the Rhodes brand. I would like to see other pharmacies carry them. I cant believe that im reading that ppl think they arent any good. I have one of the worst spinal problems in the world and stay in pain. Im thankful to have found this brand. ## Renee, It has nothing to do with the active ingredient oxycodone. Each generic drug differs in the binders used.Some folks are unable to tolerate these so the adverse effects stem more from that then the response to the oxycodone component ## To add some more information.... Under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, ge...
Updated 55 minutes ago in Oxycodone.

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