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naproxen 500mg 149
1 Reply RSS
I have a bad pain in my hips and wanted to know if 2 Naproxen 500 MG would be too much to take...I'm hurting pretty badly. ## Hello, Terri! How are you? It would be best not to double up, unless your doctor approaches. Naproxen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and taking too much of it, as listed in the FDA warnings, risks severe stomach and/or liver damage. Especially if taken for long periods of time. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, increased risk of bleeding and stomach irritation. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 2 minutes ago in Naproxen.
Metronidazole lasting side effects
345 Replies RSS
I have been taking this medication for 7 days and off of it since a week and still have severe side effects, abdominal cramps, severe headaches, dizziness, unsteadiness... How long is it expected to last? It was prescribed with Ciprofloxacin to me and I take Entrophen on a regular basis... ## Have things improved any? Have you consulted your doctor? For a short course of the medication, it would be unusual for side effects to remain that severe for that long, after you are finished with it. ## I started flagyl on 3/5/12 I'm so sick now, but I stopped it 3 days ago when these symptoms started yet they have only gotten worse. My throat is covered in sores and blisters. It also has a yellow type puss that runs down the back of my throat. I Itch like crazy my stomach is so bloated i loo...
Updated 4 minutes ago in Metronidazole.
Intuniv vs. Generic
10 Replies RSS
Hi, my daughter was on Intuniv for several years...she's a high functioning autistic teen, and Intuniv helped with her ADD and behavior issues. Last month, we were able to get the new generic version which was just released in December. After about 3 weeks of her taking it, we've noticed behavioral problems begin to crop up again...mostly in the evening. I'm wondering if it has to do with the drug change. Has anyone made the switch and began seeing differences??? ## We started noticing a change as well, about one week after starting the generic. Definitely more emotional, and when we scaled back the dose we started getting the defiance and impulsivity that had really been under control. ## Thank you so much for your reply...we're now back to daily tantrums, which is not ...
Updated 5 minutes ago in Intuniv.
taking cozaar, atenolol and lipitor
3 Replies RSS
My MD recently lowered my atenolol to 25 mg daily and losartan 25 mg daily, but added Lipitor 1 hs. due to my dizziness and lightheadness. pressure seems fine, but still feeling dizzy, can I take both all 3 at bedtime ## Why was the Lipitor added? The FDA classifies it as a statin medication that is used to lower cholesterol. It is very well known to cause side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, headache and joint/muscle aches, so it's very doubtful that it will improve anything. Generally, it is best to take the blood pressure medications, Lisinopril and Losartan in the morning, so they can help control your blood pressure during the times of day you'll be most active. The Lipitor, however, can be taken any time, unless your doctor specifies otherwise. ## sorry my question was...
Updated 8 minutes ago in Losartan.
pulmonary embolism/clots
3 Replies RSS
I'm hospitalized with clots around my lungs. 65, 2 x leuakimea survivor in remission for 16 years, lower back fused, upper disectomy,neck, partial thoracotomy, about 1/2 of one lung removed through my back. One Dr said warfin but cardiologist says xarelto? I take many meds due to abuse. They say that's not a problem. I also suffer a lot of pain and occasional migraines. They've reduced over the past few years. Any advice on the preferences? Warfin or Xarelta? I also live in a small town with a hospital not very well equipped. Almost 2 hours to nearest full hospital. Please advise? They want to switch me from the heparin injections tomorrow, 3-28-15. Thanks DW ## Hello, DW! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the medical problems you're having. Both are effective medic...
Updated 14 minutes ago in Xarelto.
Starting a pack the week before your scheduled period.
3 Replies RSS
Ok, so I had a tubal ligation a few years ago and my cycles went crazy. I asked my doctor to put me on something to regulate me before my Hysteroscopy and Uterine Ablation. I am supposed to start my cycle next week in the middle of a vacation that I never ever have. I really really don't want to be on my period during a romantic getaway. What would happen if I started taking the Previfem now? 6 days before my cycle? Is it possible that I won't be on my period? I'm 33, 2 kids... Thank you! ## Hello, Michelle! How are you? Yes, it is possible that doing that might skip or delay your period and there's no harm in it, if your doctor approves. The FDA lists the typical side effects of oral contraceptives as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, breakth...
Updated 16 minutes ago in Tri-Previfem.
Day 15 of Suboxone withdrawal. What the heck?
3 Replies RSS
I'm on day 15 of no Suboxone. I took a low dose of 1/2 mg a day, if needed, for 18 mos. I never took more than that at any time. I jumped & didn't taper b/c I felt w/d at 1/4 mg anyway. It's not getting any better & I'm beginning to wonder if things will ever swing upward. My RLS is pathetic. It's even in my arms & I feel like flailing my hands, as if it'll escape out my fingers. I can't stand for it to be quiet & I'm so nervous every single second of the day. I can't relax, let alone sleep. However, I'm fortunate to have access to Neurontin & my dentist husband gave me an Rx for Tramadol today. (Hard to imagine this would actually be worse if I didn't have these.) I'm eating well, keeping myself hydrated, using Benadry...
Updated 16 minutes ago in Suboxone.
zc 38 long oval white pill
3 Replies RSS
Can this be a form or substitute of benicar hct ??? ## Hello, Robb! This tablet is manufactured by Zydus Pharmaceuticals and they list is as containing 200mgs of Hydroxychloroquine. The FDA shows this medication as being used to treat or prevent malaria. Its typical side effects may include nausea, blurred vision, headache, unusual bruising and weakness. So no, it is not a substitute for Benicar and will do nothing to treat high blood pressure or a cardiac condition. Bencher contains the active ingredient Olmesartan, which is classified by the FDA as an ARB. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain and hypotension. Were you given this in place of Benicar? ## Yes by mistake of the pharmacist....... I noticed that the pills were different tha...
Updated 17 minutes ago in Benicar.
kroger new rules on oxycodone
3 Replies RSS
my pharmacy said that they would probly not be able yo fill my 150 oxycodone at that amount my freind gets 280 15mg a month im talking about KROGER IN MI THEY FILLED3 80MG PLUS 120 30MG DID THEY CHANGE THERE GOD COMPLEX ## Hello, Mike! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. There have been many new changes going into effect throughout the U.S. and one of them is many states restricting the daily dose for most chronic pain patients to the equivalent of 100mgs of Morphine or less. With exceptions only being made for people with chronic conditions that have the potential to be terminal, such as stage 4 cancer. The FDA classifies this medication as being a a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as naus...
Updated 20 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
Zyrtec + Amox clav 875 mg tabs
1 Reply RSS
Can I take Zyrtec with Amoxicillin-clav 875 Mg? ## Hello, Debbie! How are you? I didn't find any problems or interactions listed between these two medications, but it's always best to double check such information to be sure. Zyrtec contains the active ingredient Cetirizine, which is classified by the FDA as an antihistamine that's used to treat allergies. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and drowsiness. The side effects of this antibiotic may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 23 minutes ago in Amoxicillin.

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