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piles medicine
i have internal piles gr-2 from very young age itching paining sometimes bleeding. pls refer any medicine.i am 43 old ## I have piles give me suggestion for remove piles?
Updated 13 minutes ago.
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What is stronger Dilaudid or Oxycontin 40 mg.?
I have been on Dilaudid for over 2 years now and I can't seem to get off of it. I'm under a doctor's care, but anyone who is on it knows it's very addicting! I think like everybody else, it's no good if you take it orally. It's only effective other ways. I always run out of Dilaudid before my prescription is ready to refill and recently I bought some oxycontin 40 mg. to see if they could replace my 4 mg. Dilaudid. However, I did 1/2 of a 40 mg. and I felt nothing. An hour later I did my 4 mg. Dilaudid and really felt it. But they are very short lived, that's why for cronic pain they like to give these stupid time release pain pills. How many mg.'s does equal the same amount of dilaudid? I also would like to know if anyone has ever tapered off of Dilaudid?...
Updated 25 minutes ago in Dilaudid.
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trying to identify a small white round pill that dissolves under tongue
I was told it was some sort of subutex. But I still haven't found out exactly what this pill is. It's a small white round pill. One side it has a line through it, almost dividing it in half. One the other side it has a mushroom like, T symbol. Some might even say it looks like a lamp. Please help! ## Hello, Jessie! How do you know it's a sublingual tablet? I've gone through all the available pictures and descriptions of Subutex/Suboxone and their generics, but didn't find anything that matches this description. Where was it found? Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## Pill marked with a C on one side and a 30 marked on oppiste side its supposed to be generic hrdrocodone 30 mgs opiate pain med... Please help worst tooth ache pain... And cant afford another er vis...
Updated 26 minutes ago in Subutex.
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ecosprin 150 mg tablet
Sir i took 17 ecosprin150 mg tablet yesterday night at age 21 what will be the side effects...... ## Hello, Krishnaa! How are you doing? Please see your doctor as soon as possible and inform them of this. There is a chance that you're done some internal organ damage, which may not be evident to you, yet. This medication also increases the risk of bleeding, so you could be bleeding internally. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Dear Sir, last yr i had anepisode of perspiration, numbness in my limbs and acute breathlessness. I was preparing for some very imp career exam that time. Fot myself thoroughly checked with the heart plus other doc. All rest were clinically ok. Got my haulter test also done. Heart condition ok. Doc diagnosis it as anxiety. But since then a...
Updated 33 minutes ago in Anxiety.
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Orange oblong shaped pill/tablet with letter 'B' on it
Please could someone help me identify this pill? Thanks ## Subutex
Updated 34 minutes ago in Subutex.
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orange hexagon shaped pill stamped with N8
orange hexagon shaped pill stamped with N8 ## WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS TO THIS DRUG ## I found this pill orange hexagon shaped pill stamped with N8? What is this pill used for? ## I believe this pill is used for heroine addicts to help with withdrawals. ## what is the name of this hexagon shaped orange pill stamped with N8? ## The correct ID of this pill is Suboxone, which contains 8mgs of Buprenorphine and 2mgs of Naloxone. Suboxone is an opiate used to help treat drug addiction and in some instances, cases of severe pain when other options have been exhausted. You cannot get high from it, plus since it contains the Naloxone, it will prevent you from getting high off of other narcotics while you are under Suboxone treatment. The side effects are similar to other narcotics and can incl...
Updated 35 minutes ago in Suboxone.
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Use of diane 35
How long it takes to start menstruating after taking diane 35 for 21 days?
Updated 37 minutes ago.
Wearing off to quickly?
Hello. I suffer from several back/neck issues and I was prescribed 50 mcg fentanyl patches i have been wearing the patch for alittle over 24 hours and it seems like it is already wearing off...Is this possible? And if it is, what would be causing this?! I am starting to feel pain again and i don't want to just stick another patch on because I have heard they are very dangerous. Before these patches I was prescribed 15 mg oxycodone without acetaminophen but grew too much of a tolerance to them, plus they didn't really help the pain in the first place. After the doctor prescribed me the Fentanyl I filled the prescription and put one on...It wasen't until 12 hours after that I felt some relief and like i said before it is already wearing off it seems like and I have only had th...
Updated 42 minutes ago in Fentanyl.
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what does it contain
ARE eurovit-T tablets safe from pork gelatin..I am allergic to pork... I need to know if the gelatin if any since it is a hard tablet,,has fish gelatin or plant gelatin..plz repond Thank you
Updated 44 minutes ago in Gelatin.
need advice on either to tapper with what i got or go ahead & jump from where im at with suboxone?
hi! i am needing some advice on a couple of things. i was o an extreme amount of pain pills for about 8-9 yrs then back in 09 i went thru the withdrawal from them & got clean for 9 months, i then came across suboxone not by Rx & started taking them at 1-1/2 a day the 8mg strips. i got on this ot for recreation but i have a really bad back & other problems that causes me alot of pain & thats what got my pain pill addiction started! the drs put me on them & left me on them for a yr! anyway ibe been taking the subs now for 5 yrs, i have went without before for 8-12 days so i know what the withdrawls are like from this to that point & it really scares me for the fact they last so long! when i detoxed myself from the pills it was over in 2 weeks! anyway right now i am...
Updated 55 minutes ago in Suboxone.
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round yellow pill, scored on back, K inside triangle on front side. Any clue?
round yellow pill, scored on back, K inside triangle on front side. Any clue? ## This is 2mg lorazepam manufactured by Karnel Labs in Hondorus. Decent stuff. ## How can you be sure? do you have a link to a picture of the pill online? thanks ## 5mg valium ## Sre you sure these are diazepam i know they come from thailand if that helps? ## Hey are you sure that these round, yellow ones w/ the K inside the triangle is deff a 2mg Lorazepam? And how do you know if I may ask? Cause I cannot find info about it anywhere... ## YOU MAY THANK YOUR USA CENSORSHIP PROGRAMMING FOR THAT!!! They do not lead you easily, to secure 90 days of imported medications for which you hold a valid prescription. In THIS way, I have watched BBro kill off the solid old google searches for foreign meds, and ROUTE you ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Lorazepam.
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progesteron in pregnancy
i am 25 year old . we r trying to coceive but i hav irregular periods,doctor suggested me to take susten 100 from 14 day of period for 14 days.actually i have taken it on 20 day of my period for 4 days only .2 days after these 4 days of using susten i got my period on 26 of july ,actually it was 5 days earliar to due date and the bleeding also in brown colour and watery texure that to 2 days only bleeding occured. sir or madam just iwant know what is the problem . is this necessary to consult a gyno? plz help me..
Updated 1 hour ago.
Day 1 of xulane instead of ortho evra
I HATE this new patch already. Did not adhere to my skin as easily as ortho and came off about 4 hours after applying. I've been on ortho evra for 5 months loved it and never once had a problem but I already can't stand xulane and so I don't know what I'm going to do ! :( My insurance switched me to xulane because it's the generic brand to ortho evra. This sucks I hate life. Ps. I'm 18 ## I'm 22 and I was on ortho evra for a YEAR and they changed me to this Xulane and good god I hate it. After a week of the switch I was in the emergency room passing clots and feeling like I was in labor, they thought I had PID and put me on antibiotics which kicked my ass even worse, but the bleeding stopped, and yesterday I was cleared to stop taking them because all my labs...
Updated 1 hour ago in Xulane.
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lorazepam 2mg image Pepto PINK, scored one side, triangle w k INSIDE it?
I have a pill that is internationally manufactured. It has the color of pepto-PINK, scored one line on one side, other is triangle with letter k within it. What dosage is this? What is its name?
Updated 1 hour ago in Lorazepam.
can i use akt 4 while breast feed of my 02months baby
My 02 month baby and i found lung inaction during pregnancy (8th month) and now my baby is ok, but i just want to know it is safe or not for my baby.
Updated 1 hour ago.
glycomet 850 sr side effects
my doctor adviced me to take this for year. there was change in my weight then .after period i have taking this tablet now my weight is increase. i want to know is there any connection between my weight increase and stoping the in take of glycomet 850 sr ## Does really glycomet sr850 helps to reduce weight.What are the disadvantages of in taking this. ## Glycomet is an antidiabetic medication and it is very common for people who take it and get better blood sugar control and insulin resistance to lose weight. However, if you stop taking it and let your sugar get out of control, again, yes the weight could return. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, hypoglycemia and flatulence. This also shouldn't be taken, unless your doctor has instructed you to do so. Is there anythi...
Updated 1 hour ago in Diet / Weight Loss.
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blue pill with ntz 1 0
Round blue pill with ntz 10 on face
Updated 1 hour ago.
Rejunex, methylcobalamin injection is safe for pregnent women
i was advided by neurophysician to take methylcobalamin injection (rejunex) for three months, on weekly basis ,in between i got pregnant . so please confirm whether it is advisable to continue the injection and complete the course as advided by doctor ## my father suffering from Parkinson decease doctor sujjested to take 1 injuction eavery two days is i t safe ## i am lakshmi 29 years old. I had a baby boy of 2 years. From the first day of my menstruation i had a problem of Irregular periods. In my first conception i used medicine. Now i am trying for second baby. I was suggested by my doctor to take medicine of Methyl cobalamin and metformin combination pill daily once. Is it better for conception. Please suggest.
Updated 1 hour ago in Metformin.
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telma h side effects
My father is using Telma H 40mg. I would like to know its side effect. ## i take aten-50. i am 44 yrs old.i would like to know its side effect. ## i am having Telma H .i would liek to know its sideeffect.Is it safe to have this medicine ## I am 50 years old and having marginally higher BP. Presently taking Aten 50 regularly and do not have any problem. BP when measured is normal. Doctor advised me to change to Telmisartan H as it is better. I am confused. ## i am 65 yrs old.i am taking the following medicines,telmaH,betaloc50 ,clavix as,&avas20,for the last 1 year i would like to know the side effects of all of them .for the last 3 months i have become diebetic too.`` ## I am a registered medical practitiponer ## Taking Telma_H 40mg for ! yr,for B P and Heart problem.With this B P r...
Updated 1 hour ago in Telmisartan.
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Methadone Clinics or medicaid doctors
My son and daughter inlaw are on methadone and they both are on medicaid. Is there a Medicaid Dr in birmingham where they can receive a prescription for methadone without having to pay the high cost of the dose wheter it is from pain or from addiction???? Please help me I am on SS and try to help them but I can only do so much. They have tried Suboxone but it made them sick. I would rather see them on methadone than on pills or whatever addiction. ## NWATC is a methadone treatment center in Bessemer Alabama. NWATC is a medicaid provider. If you are interested in finding out more about our treatment facility please call 205-425-1200 or e-mail me at the address above. ## Methadone is one of the cheapest pills to be on, if you have a prescription. I get 270 10 mg. pills for $27.22. That is...
Updated 2 hours ago in Methadone.
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