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Persistant Side Effects from Injectafer
75 Replies RSS
My first dose was given four days ago and I am still feeling nauseous, muscle pain and cold sweats. Realizing that we're all different, I'm hoping someone's experience with Injectafer is better than mine and can offer some hope that things get better. Compared to my Infed and Venofer infusions this is the worst I've felt afterwards. This is my first try at a forum. Thank you for any advice. ## Those can be normal side effects of such infusions and, unfortunately, they don't always improve or go away. Some people end up with such symptoms for life. You may also experience dizziness, flushing and darkening of the skin at the administration site. Has it improve any, yet? Why were you switched off of the others, were they no longer working? ## I had mine on Friday (it...
Updated 15 minutes ago in Injectafer.
Adderall manufactured by Teva not working
418 Replies RSS
I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA? ## You'd have to report any complaints to the FDA, at 888-INFO-FDA. However, there may not actually be anything to report. They do allow generic medications to differ from the name brands, in the amount of the active ingredient, by up to plus or minus 20%. This is considered an acceptable therapeutic window. For most people, these differences don't cause any problems, but if someone is sensitive to medications, it means that one with a slightly ...
Updated 29 minutes ago in Adderall.
Percocet generic report on phasing out opioids by the year 2021
1 Reply RSS
I got a report to read from the FDA sent from the DEA on generic Percocet from a friend's family member that works for the FDA. The report said that in their discussions they came up with a plan to stop people from dying from overdoses & addiction. Said Generic Percocet is the most abused medicine on the market. They have in place a 20% tolerance on generic pain medication and they deemed this wasn't helping the abuse of Percocet. People have been complaining in the thousands about Rhodes Pharmaceuticals and others not putting the correct amount of opioid in generic Percocet plus it seems to be making people sick. In the report not only are they decreasing the 20%, but also adding 50% to the 20% so you're getting 70% less of the active ingredient in Rhodes/Purdue Pharmac...
Updated 43 minutes ago in Percocet.
Pictures Of Xanax Pills
15 Replies RSS
found a pill in my house it was blue and round with a fish looking imprint on one side and 130 and the other side ## I don't have a picture to post for you, due to copyright reasons, however, there is a round, blue tablet with an R on one side and the numbers 031 on the other that contains 1mg of Alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax, a Benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Side effects may include: nausea, headache, drowsiness and irritability. Learn more: IS there anything else I can help with? ## Is there a small blue pill with a fish symbol on one side and 130 on the other side. ## Peggy, that would be the pill I described in my other post, what looks like a fish symbol is actually meant to be an R logo and the numbers are 031, you're just looking ...
Updated 46 minutes ago in Xanax.
hydrocodone pills l374
8 Replies RSS
L374 oblong white is generic Excedrin, don't understand why everyone has problems looking up drugs. And by the way take it from an addict you shouldn't use, hydrocodone, or any opiates or drugs at all these can easily cause your heart to stop. Get sober and be somebody that gives back to the world. ## @RockieAnn, Thanks for taking the time to share that pill information. And just to confirm for anyone else who might be reading, this pill is in fact a generic Excedrin, containing: Acetaminophen + Aspirin + Caffeine. (NOT Hydrocodone). I realize with a lot of people posting for help on identifying something, they don't always know what to type in a search field and may be thinking that it's just easier for someone else to assist them. Having identified a vast majority of p...
Updated 48 minutes ago in Hydrocodone.
82 Replies RSS
I live in Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia. Diagnosed suffering from Degenerative Disc Disease, with Cervical Radiculopathy (one bulging disc) and Lumbar Radiculopathy (two bulging discs). These spinal problems are diagnosed by three (3) recent CAT Scans, with radiologist analyses. And yes, I have ALL of the CAT Scan CDs, and radiologist reports. I went to Frank Howard Bynes, M.D., a retired trauma surgeon, and practicing internal medicine M.D., here in Savannah, Ga, for help with severe pain control. I was written valid prescriptions for: Roxicodone 30 mg; Dilaudid 8 mg; Xanax 2 mg; Fentanyl 100mcg/hr transdermal patch; Soma 350 mg; Neurontin 800 mg. ALL, YES ALL local pharmacies, will NOT honor ANY of these prescriptions. I was a previous patient of David M. Nelson, M.D. here in Sava...
Updated 51 minutes ago in Roxicodone.
Hydrocodone pill that says u03
73 Replies RSS
Has anyone seen a hydrocodone pill that has u03 on it? ## There actually are white oval-shaped pills marked with U03 that are identified as Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone bitartrate (325/10mg). Manufacturer: Aurolife Pharma LLC These pills do seem to be uncommon though, as I rarely even hear mention of them among all the other brands on the market. Learn More: Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone I hope this info helps! ## Just got refill & it was these U03's. They are pretty weak compared to the former "Lortab" however they are controlling my pain somewhat... ## The.e weaker? I had never seen them before today. At 1st, I thought pharmacy gave me wrong med until I googled it. It should be basically same thing; However, have you noticed the change in the name & came outright af...
Updated 51 minutes ago in Acetaminophen.
verapamil difference between SR and ER
16 Replies RSS
I am taking verapamil SR 240mg. A lot of drug plans only offer it as ER. What's the difference? ## There is no difference, they are both just abbreviations that denote it as being a time released formulation. ER= extended release SR= sustained release You may also see it denoted with the abbreviations: XR = extended release and CR = controlled release. However, as I said, they all mean the same thing. Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker used to treat hypertension, angina and other cardiovascular problems. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach pain. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## There is a difference between verapamil ER and SR. One is taken once a day and the other is meant to be taken twice a day. That is what the pharmacis...
Updated 58 minutes ago in Verapamil.
Harvoni withdrawal symptoms
38 Replies RSS
anyone having problems after stopping harvoni? ## Hello, Kat! How are you? What type of symptoms are you experiencing? I'm not seeing anything about it causing withdrawal symptoms, but it is a relatively new drug. Its typical side effects, as listed by the FDA, may include nausea, diarrhea, headache and weakness. Withdrawal effects would usually be virtually opposite, so may include constipation, dizziness and drowsiness. How long were you on it? ## Hello, I also am having withdrawel feelings, I am constantly tired, I feel fatiqued, slight head ache, have a sick feeling in my stomach I completed the the Harvoni treatment, I pretty much had these same feelings on the Harvoni. I saw my doctor 2 weeks ago, he had me do some blood work, I go back this morning to see him, I hope he has s...
Updated 1 hour ago in Harvoni.
160 Replies RSS
I have been on subutex for 9 months now. But i have a very big problem next month k mart pharmacy will no longer carry subutex. I live in the tri cities in tn. I have called about 35 pharmacies around they either do not take new people getting subutex or do not carry it at all. I have no insurance i found 1 that cost 340 which is way more than the 215 i paid at k mart. Also some pharmacies I know only carry the small ones which to me do not work as good as the bigger ones. Huge difference i go back the 8th next month so if there is anyone that knows of a good pharmacy in my area your help would be greatly appreciated ## Hello, Scott! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're having. However, if you've called the pharmacies, then you've likely not actually received ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Subutex.

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  • Sep 1 2017 0517-1980 Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 20 mg/2ml Intramuscular Injection, Solution (American Regent, Inc.)
  • Sep 1 2017 25000-133 Ibuprofen 200 mg Oral Capsule (Marksans Pharma Limited)
  • Sep 1 2017 50580-342 Sudafed 12 Hour 120 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated, Extended Release (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., Mcneil Consumer Healthcare Division)
  • Sep 1 2017 50804-777 Ear Drops 6.5 g/100ml Auricular (Otic) Liquid (Good Sense)
  • Sep 1 2017 51991-218 Oxaliplatin 50 mg/10ml Intravenous Injection, Powder, Lyophilized, for Solution (Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc.)
  • Sep 1 2017 51991-219 Oxaliplatin 100 mg/20ml Intravenous Injection, Powder, Lyophilized, for Solution (Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc.)
  • Sep 1 2017 52000-063 Ultra Strength Pain Relief Balm Topical Ointment (Universal Distribution Center LLC)
  • Sep 1 2017 52817-110 Levetiracetam Extended-release 500 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated, Extended Release (Trupharma, LLC)
  • Sep 1 2017 52817-111 Levetiracetam Extended-release 750 mg Oral Tablet, Film Coated, Extended Release (Trupharma, LLC)
  • Sep 1 2017 54273-002 Zims Max Freeze 37 mg/g Topical Gel (Kobayashi Healthcare International, Inc.)
  • Sep 1 2017 54273-003 Zims Max Freeze 37 mg/g Topical Gel (Kobayashi Healthcare International, Inc.)
  • Sep 1 2017 54273-004 Zims Max Freeze 37 mg/g Topical Spray (Kobayashi Healthcare International, Inc.)
  • Sep 1 2017 55328-901 Salonpas Lidocaine Plus Percutaneous; Topical; Transdermal Liquid (Hisamitsu America, Inc.)
  • Sep 1 2017 59385-021 Belbuca 75 ug/1 Buccal Film, Soluble (Biodelivery Sciences International Inc)
  • Sep 1 2017 59385-023 Belbuca 300 ug/1 Buccal Film, Soluble (Biodelivery Sciences International Inc)
  • Sep 1 2017 60687-321 Ramipril 1.25 mg Oral Capsule (American Health Packaging)
  • Sep 1 2017 60687-327 Quetiapine Fumarate 25 mg Oral Tablet (American Health Packaging)
  • Sep 1 2017 60687-332 Ramipril 2.5 mg Oral Capsule (American Health Packaging)
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