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i would like to find a dr that prescribe subutex and live greeneville tn anybody know any drs close johns city
Need a Dr that wtDN Will prescribe subutexsubutex isubutexsubutisubutexsubut I live in Greeneville, TN Close by like Johnson City, Tn
Updated 17 minutes ago in Subutex.
oxycodone 5mg look a like pills
i need to know what over the counter pill loojs like percecet 5mg ## To my understanding there are no similar looking OTC medications to Percocet and any Rx medication. Reason being is that every prescription drug contains a specific imprint or marking to verify the substance, manufacturer, and dosage. No two pills share the exact same qualities in this regard, and therefore you may be lucky to find something even remotely close. If you have the wrong intentions behind finding a replacement drug (i.e. taking someone else's script), I would suggest reconsidering your approach, as karma does make its way back around in the most unexpected ways. I hope this helps and hope you make the right decision! ## But is there a round white pill that looks similar to a oxycodone 5mg pill even if ...
Updated 26 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
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Clonazepam - generic or legitimate? Small, blue, round, Clonazepam written around edge
Are small, round, light blue, pills with "Clonazepam" written around, almost the entire edge of the pill legitimate or are they bogus and how many Mg's are they? My girlfriend is prescribed this regularly but I'm not sure this new form she has is legit or safe.
Updated 34 minutes ago in Clonazepam.
Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication In Huntsville Al
My pain management doc got investigated and now hes closed his practice down. I was getting 30mg oxycodone 5 times a day and morphine 15mg 2 times a day. Does anybody know a doctor in huntsville alabama that will keep me on my meds, need answer ASAP! ## My doctor office just shut me out cause if got investigated and if was prescribing me 30 milligrams of roxycodone 4 times a day and I really need it does anybody no of any docs around Huntsville Alabama that Will sick me back up and continue with my meds ## I may not have a doctor I can refer you guys to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service in so far as finding pain management doctors within your general area... Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results: we...
Updated 47 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
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BEEN ON FOR 3 YEARS TRYING FOR THE LAST YEAR TO GET OFF TO SEE WHAT MY MIND WAS LIKE EVERY TIME I TRY THE PAIN IN LEGS KEEPS COMING BACK I DONT KNOW IF ITS THE PAIN OR THE MORPHINE WONT LET ME GO ## Hello, John! How are you? How have you been trying to stop it? If you've been going cold turkey, by stopping abruptly, then such symptoms are to be expected. The best way to stop it is by doing a gradual taper, so your body can slowly adjust to being without it. Otherwise, on top of withdrawal symptoms, it can cause rebound pain, which may be worse than the pain you were taking it to treat. Do you take any other medications, or just the Morphine? ## Thanks. I was given adavin . Started ; the first time cold turkey that was a Mistake. I'll tell ya thought I would bust out of skin got ...
Updated 56 minutes ago in Morphine.
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I am taking daflon 500 for about 6 weeks and the pain in my legs are still there is it normal
Updated 1 hour ago.
leg muscles damage?
My mother has been on Eliquis for several months. Lately she complains of leg muscles that get tired and she can not walk. She is alo having dizziness and can't sleep. She is 86 and has afib.
Updated 1 hour ago in Eliquis.
White Round Pill 54 411 how to take
How do u take a subutex? Is it the same as taking as taking a subuxone ? ## This is an 8mg sublingual tablet and yes, they are used in very similar ways to treat the same things, except Subutex eliminates the Naloxone that can throw someone into withdrawals from taking it too soon. Learn more Subutex details here. Since it is also an opiate narcotic, it does have the potential to be habit forming and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and constipation. Are there any other questions or comments? Does anyone else have any advice to add? ## Hi katiy, I haven't found any prescribing information, but a recent review from another Subutex user was stating that "the pamphlet says to just let the tablet dissolve under your tongue, and to not swallow the tabl...
Updated 1 hour ago in Subutex.
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doctors that prescribe xanax in lincoln park michigan
I have recently moved from New Orleans and have been on 2mg alaprolazam for many years. I need to find a Dr that can write me my proper prescriptions. Please help
Updated 1 hour ago in Xanax.
doctors willing to prescribe pain medication
Can you tell me about any doctors who can prescribe Vicodin ## You'll get a much better response if you post back and state what area you are in. From your current post, people can only guess. Where are you located? Vicodin is a narcotic pain reliever containing Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone. Common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth. Read more: ## i have am being treated for a back injury i aquired in the army 19 years ago i now have 3 buldging discs in my lower back. i have been on numerous meds 2 try and confort my situation, my New va. dr. took me off 8 percocet 5s a day and wont give them back. he dont believe in them. i have been on them now almost 3 years now and they are they only meds that help me with my pain. what do i do ? ## in souther...
Updated 1 hour ago in Vicodin.
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want to stop norco, what's the easiest way?
I've been on norco 7.5/325 for 3 yrs now for chronic pain d/t a nerve entrapment. These new laws are going to make it so difficult to get my medication and in the amount monthly that I was getting. So its looking like I'm going to have to deal with the pain (not sure I can but not sure what else to do,unless I just make myself pain free for good). I've been getting prescribed #180/ month and now I'm being told by my PCP that they can only write for 60/ month. It looks like I'm gonna be heading down withdrawal lane and I'm terrified. I hate all of this so much! My life sucks having this pain and not feeling like myself anymore. Im too young for this! But does anyone have any suggestions on how to make withdrawal easier?
Updated 1 hour ago in Norco.
black lips
My lips are getting black because of smoking.i want that my lips should be naturally red. Can I use lobet gm to getting benefit.
Updated 2 hours ago.
green round pill with heart logo
Found small aqua green pill on my bench with a heart logo on 1 side and 2 triangle shapes on the other. Not mine and i hav sml kids who could hav got to it can u tell me what it is? ## I have no idea but im telling you now, Ive never heard of any pharmaceutical company that stamps hearts on pills. Most likely its molly or something in that class. ## Hi suzie, Based on my research I think Kevin may be on to something with his guess on molly. I actually came across a photo of round light green pill with an embedded heart logo on one side and a score on the other; which was also identified as such. I'm not sure about the triangle shapes you mentioned, but a few things to take note of in this particular pill are the texture (i.e. chalky?), smell, and even the taste or dimensions if you ...
Updated 2 hours ago.
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I think this company is just out to cheat people and take their money. They tell you that you are only being charged for the price of their shipping and nothing more. No one really calls you to explain that they are going to charge you a non refundable fee of 87 dollars. If it is as good as they claim why don't they accept returns and only give two weeks for the trial. Their customer service is also so poor, the lady sounds so rude and you can stay on the phone for ten minutes before someone attends to your call. Their website does not provide any means of order cancellation either.
Updated 2 hours ago.
Day 1 of xulane instead of ortho evra
I HATE this new patch already. Did not adhere to my skin as easily as ortho and came off about 4 hours after applying. I've been on ortho evra for 5 months loved it and never once had a problem but I already can't stand xulane and so I don't know what I'm going to do ! :( My insurance switched me to xulane because it's the generic brand to ortho evra. This sucks I hate life. Ps. I'm 18 ## I'm 22 and I was on ortho evra for a YEAR and they changed me to this Xulane and good god I hate it. After a week of the switch I was in the emergency room passing clots and feeling like I was in labor, they thought I had PID and put me on antibiotics which kicked my ass even worse, but the bleeding stopped, and yesterday I was cleared to stop taking them because all my labs...
Updated 3 hours ago in Xulane.
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Withdrawal from Vyvanse
I have been on Vyvanse for 4 weeks and I am now tapering off. I was going to quit cold turkey , but I wke up this morning and felt like I'd been hit by a truck. It's been a few hours and I still feel like I have a mild case of the flu. Anyway, I started 4 weeks ago and the first 3 days I never felt better in my life. I 'd never been so productive, focused, and organized! By day 7 , I was back to my normal under- acheiving, scrammbled , self. Then my Dr. raised my dose from 30 mg to 50. Well this threw me into severe anxiety. I have been chewing my nails till they bleed. I can't seem to stop. I have a feeling of being completely overwhelmed, my house is trashed and it's driving me nuts, but I have no energy or drive to get up and clean it.....Can anyone else out there...
Updated 3 hours ago in Vyvanse.
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i cold turkeyed methadone at 3mgs and methemphetamines at the same time and i am getting dizzy spells should admit my self to a hospital
i cold turkeyed methadone at 3mgs and methemphetamines at the same time and i am getting dizzy spells ## Well, what you are experiencing is a normal withdrawal symptom. We aren't medical professionals and only a doctor at said hospital could decide whether or not you require admission. If the symptoms are very bad or worsen, then yes, you should go to your nearest ER, as some withdrawal effects can be very dangerous, possibly deadly. Are you experiencing any other symptoms? ## Yes. Probably was a bad idea.
Updated 3 hours ago in Methadone.
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prednisone20 mg i must ve read wrong and took 3tabs at the same time a few hours ago should worry can still
I took 3 pills accidental because I read the label wrong. I'm so worried to even go to sleep ugh. Can anything happen to me? Can I still take my sleeping pills, muscle relaxers and my pain pill wish is percocet 20mg... please help! I've never been so worried.:-( ## You'll be fine. 60 MG is still a starting dose. Perhaps be more careful next time? ;/ If it happened to me, I would still take my Percocet, sleeping pills, and muscle relaxers. ## No do NOT mix perocet with muscle relaxers and sleeping pills. It will interfere with your respiratory system. Remember what happened to Heath Ledger? First of all, 20mg of percocet is awfully high on its own. Don't compound the risk. ## And as to the other reply, 60mg IS NOT a starting dose for percocet. That is insane. They only ma...
Updated 3 hours ago in Percocet.
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doctors that prescribe pain meds westwego la
HI, I am moving from Ga back to my Home state of Westwego, Louisiana. I am looking for a doctor that will keep prescribing my meds,Perks,zanxax & other medical meds for my Fibromyalgia & Chronic Artiritis in cervical & lumbar area due to a car accident. Been steady with my appts & take my meds as prescribe. Any of you know a doc that can do this, please email me {edited for privacy}. moving sept. 4th 2014 to help my mother take care of my father. Thanks to all in advance. Sweetpea ## Hello, Sweetpea! How are you? Due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, you'll need to see specialists now, to have such medications prescribed. The best way to do that would be to set yourself up with a new PCP and then have them refer you to the appropriate doctors. ...
Updated 3 hours ago in Xanax.
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Doctors Who Prescribe Methadone
I am addicted to strong pain meds and I am tired of having to come of of them the withdrawal is awful I went to a urgent care doc and was prescribed simboxon I take anxiety meds to but he wants me to stop I really need the anxiety meds but he wants me off them how do I get him to change it from simboxon to methadone so I can take my anxietymeds ## Legally, he can't. To get Methadone for addiction treatment in the U.S. requires that you go to an actual Methadone treating clinic, private doctors aren't allowed to prescribe it for addiction treatment. What anxiety medication do you take? Did he say why he wants you to stop taking it? ## Valium and in sc he is licensed to prescribe and treat me sumboxone is like methadone it us prescribed the same as methadone ## how about for neuro...
Updated 3 hours ago in Methadone.
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