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switching from effexor to Prozac
My doctor has me switching from effexor to prozac which I am in total agreement with but the symptoms I am having are horrible....dizzy, diarrhea, brain zaps (I finally found a way to describe them through others online), im so tired during the day but am up all also taking trazadone to help with the insomnia. I am nervous that the symptoms will persist since im only starting the prozac at 10 mgs. Im freaking myself out and making my anxiety worse on top of having hardly any medications in me to help! Anyone have anything similar to this? And is prozac better than effexor? ## Hello, Ash! How are you doing? One isn't necessarily better than the other, it really depends on the person and the symptoms being treated. What dose of Effexor were you taking and is your doctor tap...
Updated 1 minute ago in Effexor.
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hi im brand new here detoxing at home so feel lonely thought try find a place where can meet people in similar situations
Wheres a chatroom? Where we csn all talk?ive come from 110 mls yo 25 mls of methadone on own, need help and suggestions, etc.ehat has worked for others ## Hi Faith! Just to let you know, you're not alone going through this. Many of people have gone through this including myself. I was on 110mgs of methadone and tapered down to 24mgs. I was on methadone due to pain and addiction issues. My problem was when I got down to 24mgs I was going through some pretty bad withdrawals. My doctor prescribed me suboxone to help with the withdrawals. The main thing is to taper VERY slowly so you feel the least bit of withdrawals. Methadone is a very strong medication and some people require a life time maintenance dose. I hope everything works out for you. You've come so far. Any other question...
Updated 14 minutes ago in Methadone.
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Why wouldn t Dr s who prescribe Phendimetrazine also have a follow up medication to help to ween off of this highly addictive drug
It seems Dr.'s know all to well about the addiction of the magical weight loss medication PHENDIMETRAZINE. Why in the world wouldn't ANY DOCTORS have a follow up medication AFTER the weight comes off? You will gain the weight back at SUPER SPEED as soon as you stop taking it. And BYE BYE energy-plan to fall on your face-not to mention your new MENTAL problem HELLO DEPRESSION. Looks like I will be taking PHENDIMETRAZINE for the rest of my living life. ## Hello, KimmyChoo! How are you? Have you talked to your doctor about the problem? A medication such as this is generally only used for a short period of time, to boost the initial weight loss, which is supposed to be maintained through diet and exercise. Have you tried tapering, rather than stoop it abruptly? ## I am working on th...
Updated 58 minutes ago in Phendimetrazine.
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green white capsule 1no name
Has no writing. Green, white its all found in husband things
Updated 59 minutes ago.
Doctors Willing To Prescribe Heavy Pain Medication In Colorado
I have a serious problem. My dr. had two patients start dr. shopping and has decided it is too big of a pain in his butt to continue prescribing, even though I have gotten MRIs and Xrays to prove my problems. I have over a half a dozen herniated discs in my low back, along with degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and arthritis in my facet joints. I am currently on5 30mg oxycodone a day for breakthrough and 60mg of methadone for my long lasting meds. I REALLY need a doctor in the Denver, CO area who will not judge me because of my age, thinking I'm just some drug seeker as I TRULY need my meds to function. I am even being placed on disability until I can get my back healed because if something doesn't change I will be in big time pain for the rest of my life. If...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxycodone.
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zendol sr tramadol tablets
Has anyone taken Tramadol ZENDOL - SR? I am curious what the affects are suppose to be and the difference between Tramadol HCL 50 mg? Is one more effective than the other? I have taken traditional Tramadol HCL 50 mg once every four hours and it doesn't help much. I was reading up on the Tramadol ZENDOL - SR 100mg and was wondering if I should ask my Dr. for something that may be more effective? ## No, it is the same medication, Zendol is just a foreign brand name for it and the SR shows that it is time released. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. So yes, you may not get much more relief from it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi,i also tak...
Updated 1 hour ago in Tramadol.
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Hydrochlorothlazide 25 mg
How long dose it take for high presses to return ,to normal after Hydrochlorothlazide 25 mg
Updated 1 hour ago.
anfepramona 75mg
Are the side affects really bad I have it and I am scare to take them..... ## Hello, Rhonda! How are you? This contains the active ingredient Diethypropion and its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, nervousness, anxiety and nightmares. You should not take this medication, without your doctor's approval, because it can elevate heart rate and blood pressure to potentially dangerous levels. Is there anything else I can help with? ## No thank you....thanks for the info
Updated 1 hour ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
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Viibryd Nightmares
HI I am on Viibryd for 4 months now and i have these terrible horrific nightmares that i am dyng or sufficating a kind of sleep parasis and it happens a few times a night to where I am aware this drug is causing it. However it happens maybe once a week or once every otherweek so should i just stay on 20 mg i decided to bring it down and go on prozac but i want to make sure i am making the rght dec w doctor of course. I have been on cymbalta 2 years and ristiq 2 years prior and they were terrible to get off i notice that if i am 2 hours late for viibryd i have a night of hell with the nightmares. Does anyone else? Is viibryd going to be a nightmare to get off im very nervous. ;/ ## Wow! I also had the worst dreams I have ever had last night. It was appalling. I am turning into a real shr...
Updated 1 hour ago in Viibryd.
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are 10ml dianabol white small and round ish
can i have a picture ov a white dianabol tab please because it could be very dangerouse if there not
Updated 1 hour ago.
how long can take K STAT tablet
how many K STAT tablet can take in a month
Updated 2 hours ago.
urinating during the night
medication to stop urinating ## please include my name in free rx discount card scheme
Updated 2 hours ago.
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Is Sulfameth Tmp Ds Tab Used For Urinary Tract Infection
I have a urinary tract infection and need antibiotic. I have a refill for the drug listed above. Is it a good medication for what I have? My Doctors office is closed today and I need it now. ## Sulfamethoxazole + Trimethoprim is used in the treatment of a variety of bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections. Dosage guidelines for a UTI are as follows: Sulfamethoxazole + Trimethoprim 800/160 mg every 12 hours for 10 to 14 days. You can view a detailed description of the drug by clicking on the link below... Please post back if you have any other general questions or concerns about this drug. ## my father is over 90 years old and having problem to urinate for two days now
Updated 3 hours ago in Sulfamethoxazole.
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cherifer pgm 10-22
height increasing food supplement ## This is a supplement from the Phillipines, there is no scientific proof that it does as claimed. ## can u help me? i want to grow up. my height is only 5'2 ## does Cherifer PGM really increases growth? I am 18 and 5'3 in height.. i really want to grow at least 2 inches..but seems cherifer doeasn't work at all.. please reply..thanks ## How long should i eat the cherifer pills to grow up? when is the best time to eat the medicine and is there any effect? ## my sister bought me a box of cherifer premium instead of pgm, does premium are good for the growth? or just a vitamins.. plz reply me.. tnx ## i take cherifer, because i want to grow more, but it seems it doesnt work! ## when i bought cheriffer pgm.. the girl in the merury drugs says tha...
Updated 4 hours ago in Tao.
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Adderall or add medication
that's what Adderall or add medication supposed to do: keep u awake, so u can read.
Updated 4 hours ago in Adderall.
encorate chrono 300 what is the side effects
I want to know about what is the side effect of Encorate chrono 300 for taking long term.. daily i took twice what happen long term ... ## I have been taking encorate chrono for the last 3 years for epilipsy and there is no further epilpsy since the first one before 3 years. I have been taking 300mg twice a day. Please advise me how long I have to take this tablets? I am OK now.
Updated 5 hours ago.
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For What Absolut 3g Tablet Used
hi.. i need to know why this absolut tablet in used for... and any side effects is there.?plz help. ## This is a nutritional/herbal supplement product that also contains vitamins and minerals. As such, it isn't tested for side effects, as is done for prescription medications. Are there any other comments or questions? ## The question is what is Absolut 3G prescribed for and or for what ailment it is. ## I actually want to know if the Absolut 3G has any side effets? is it a good suppliment? ## Effective in combating age related issues such as fatigue, waning memory & overall physical debilities and mental faculties. In my own experience I felt a welcome change within a week of starting on this tabs. Dosage is strictly one tab day. Medical clarification is that primarily it is the...
Updated 5 hours ago in Allergies, Cough & Cold.
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wysolone side effects in diabetes
im am diabetes . recently i have suffering from bells pelsy on 27 th jul 2014, Dr prscrib wysolone 60 mg per dey, but my diabetes lavel not control.I have also take nsulne,
Updated 5 hours ago in Diabetes.
Need a doctor in Arkansas Missouri for chronic pain
I originally wrote on 3/16/14 looking for a pain doctor in north central Arkansas or southern Missouri...I live in Mountain Home, AR & am willing to drive to Springfield MO or as far south as Little Rock AR, as far west as Fayetteville or as far east as Jonesboro. I moved from California to Arkansas to be with my sister a year ago & am still unable to find a doctor here who will prescribe the meds I was taking in CA, which were 60 mg MSContin twice daily, 350 mg Soma three times daily, and 1-2 10 mg oxycodone every 4 hrs, plus a 3rd one 45 minutes later if I really needed it. It is like the twilight zone here in AR; every doctor thinks you're a drug addict even though I have all my surgery records, films, discharge instructions (I'd been in a nursing home for 2 yrs befor...
Updated 5 hours ago in Soma.
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Pharmacy to fill 30mg oxycodone in/near Los Angeles
Hi, I'm a chronic pain patient and have been taking this medication for about 4 months, but this last time I have not been able to find any pharmacy to fill my prescription at. Is there anyone who knows a pharmacy in or around los angeles or neighboring cities that will fill an rx for 60 30mg oxycodone? I can't drive around and shop store to store since the pain I am in prohibits me from doing so. I've been to about 20 places without luck. Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you! ## I need a pain doctor in Phoenix. I just found out all the pain. management places are really rehab's so I don't go to them. I'm not a criminal, I've been a regular patient for 4 years. My pain med doc just up and dumped me because my pain was too high in one arm and i a...
Updated 6 hours ago in Oxycodone.
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