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Celexa and temazapam
Hi, For the last three weeks I have taking citalopram 20 mg (a generic of celexa) and 15mg temazapam. The first 2 and half weeks I felt great, the last few days I have had a low mood, lost my appetite and have poor memory. I was prescribed the meds since I had an emotional meltdown. I am usually a happy, alert person and I do not like how I am feeling. Has anyone taken a combination of these meds? Do you have any symptoms like the ones I am feeling? I am open to suggestions. Thank you! ## Hi Seeker, Based on my research, there are some moderate drug interactions you should be aware of while taking these two medications together. The interaction basically states that using either drug together may increase your risk of certain side effects such as impaired thinking or judgement, dizzines...
Updated 2 minutes ago in Celexa.
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generally used
Knowledge for medicine I m medical student
Updated 2 minutes ago.
tablet for long pein
Please , i want you to recomended me the medicine could be use for strong peins and long peins thanks
Updated 7 minutes ago.
tribex fort
I have prescription of tribex fort 30 Dragees vitaminees , I want to know what it treats ## tribex fort 30 Dragees vitaminees , I want to know what it treats?
Updated 10 minutes ago.
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prm drts xxvl 2xxx
What is this im confused ## Hi Elconejo, That's a pretty broad abbreviation you have there. To be honest, it could literally stand for many different things depending on where you sourced it from. I do know that the XXVI is roman numeral #26, and the 2xxx may correspond to a particular year/date, but the "prm drts" brings up too many possibilities in realm of non-medical related topics. Could you please post back with any specific details as to where you saw it posted or how you came about this abbreviation? Maybe these additional clues will give us some idea of what were supposed to be looking for. I hope this helps!
Updated 19 minutes ago.
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lisinopril increased gfr
58 yo female on lisinopril 10mg for 1 yr. gfr 55 b4 script, now 39, keep loosing weight, feel really crappy and weak. all dr is cocerned with is cholesterol. BP ok on med. I stpd taking med for 5 days. 4 days bp 123/83, tdy creaping up so I will start again but because of gfr, i would like to take 1/2 dose. No heart problems otherwise. feedback appreciated
Updated 20 minutes ago in Lisinopril.
Opiates and Pain Management
I have been taking various opiates for pain management for about four years now. Pain management for me has been a very touchy balancing act. If any small change is made, my pain can go "out of control". I have several conditions that are occurring at the same time, I have been told that opiates do not help with the Fibromyalgia pain (but I have found that opiates help mine). Opiates definitely help the pain caused by other conditions. Does anyone have information on how opiates that you have taken for over five years are now effecting you? ## Most people I know who have fibromyalgia say that exercise is the best cure for their symptoms. So in the event that those meds ever stop working for you, due to a high tolerance/side effects/etc., that may be something to take into consid...
Updated 30 minutes ago in Pain Relief.
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norco 375 10
In Georgia, can my Dr call in a prescription for Norco 375/10, or does it have to be written? Can my Dr put refills on the prescription, or would I have to see the Dr monthly to get another prescription? ## Hi Jean, I believe it is your doctor's discretion to make these types of decisions, because there are many doctors out there who do call in prescriptions everyday, and it seems to just come down to their willingness to do so on your behalf. My mom actually had her doctor call in her Norco refill a number of times, due to her inability to leave the house frequently; but still had to be there in person to pick it up if that makes sense. However, she lives in California, not Georgia, so this is something you may have to call your doctor about and ask him directly for assistance. I h...
Updated 45 minutes ago in Norco.
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Tab Zolax 0 25 Mg Suitable For Diabetes Patients
Is tablate Zolax 0.25mg Suitable For Diabetes Patients???? ## I am diabetic patientrecently diagnosed,taking zolax for last 20 years.Is diabelties is due to continuously taking zolax 0.5 or its not due to its side effects.Should i continue to take it or stop it.
Updated 1 hour ago in Diabetes.
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What Is The Best Generic Version Of Wellbutrin Xl - Watson or Anchen?
My doctor will not prescribe generic Wellbutrin XL but my insurance will no longer pay for brand name drugs. I will have to pay about $7000 per yer for what I am taking now (3 of the 150mg Wellbutrin XL brand name per day). I am reading that the problem with the generics is the time release mechanism and not the drug itself and that some are better than others. Anybody have experience with the generics made by Watson and /or Anchen? ## I have no experience using it, but I do understand the problems that can occur with generic medications. I also did some searching and from what I've found online, most that have tried the one manufactured by Anchen have had good results with it. However, you may not get the same results, the only way to find out is to actually try it and see how it w...
Updated 1 hour ago in Wellbutrin.
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Zepose 10 made by Cipla in India
Is this legitimate? I'm using it to help withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. I have 10 mg tablets made by Cipla and I am taking half every 4 hours and plan to wean off as quickly as possible. I tried already and clearly cut back too much too fast. How much is safe? I don't want another addiction, but I know I need something, as I've already had a grand-mall seizure a few years ago from alcohol withdrawal. Any advice is welcome. ## Zepose is listed as containing the drug Diazepam, but I can't verify the legitimacy of the ones you have, because there are many fraudulent products on the foreign market. Are there any markings on them, at all? Learn more Diazepam details here. How much have you been drinking and how often? It may not be safe for you to just try to stop on your ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Diazepam.
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taxim o tablet
my wife is suffering from widal from last two weeks nd doctor advised me take taxim o tablet for five days is it safe for her and after that she will b fine ? plz help me
Updated 1 hour ago.
Nitrosun 10 Side Effects
using it for quite a long long time. around 20+ tabs of N10 minimum and around same amount of alprex , the main effects i noticed is you just live in present , u feel evrythng is f9 and just saying ryt qwatever u feel. Most of the people just dun gve a damn abt us as they thnk we r on pills, so leave those s*** heads. and second damn thing is it affects the memory slowly slowly , as dossage and tym, increases its effects become more common... think and then take.. "Addiction can't be "controlled" or " handled " by everybody only few can withstand it. ## Nitrosun contains the active ingredient Nitrazepam. Common side effects associated with this drug are listed below: Central nervous system depression including, somnolence, dizziness, depressed mood, rage, violenc...
Updated 1 hour ago in DTs.
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Zubsolv reviews
Has anyone tried it? ## Ya, I got it yesterday. I'm not really digging it. I have taken both suboxone 8mg tabs, and strips. This does not seem to be near as strong to me. Its only been a day so maybe it will get better. But, its suppose to be great for takin effect quicker? And it burns the shiznikks out of my mouth! ## tried it yesterday, really good in my opinion a big step forward, easy to use and you get rid of the hideous aftertaste. Haven't noticed any difference in strength. ## Much, much, much better taste and really fast dissolve time - I really can recommend Zubsolv!! ## Hello, Based on my research, Zubsolv is a medication that contains the active ingredients Buprenorphine + Naloxone. This medication is intended for the treatment of Opioid dependance. Buprenorphine is ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Zubsolv.
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kvk tech oxycodone 30 mg
Regarding KVK Tech oxycodone 30mg / K-9 ...Garbage ! I have serious pain from two separate problems. Bottom line is Walgreens switched from Activis to KVK recently and I noticed the difference within one day, pain waking me more than usual and early withdrawal sensations. I should add that I don't misuse or abuse, all I want is pain relief. I'm fed up with fighting every step of the way to manage my pain (resulting from injuries sustained as a firefighter/ medic and a connective tissue disease) Thanks to the war on drugs and so many people overdosing, the government has the doctors and pharmacies all running scared, etc.. So people who are legit and truly suffering every day are screwed. Seems like they forgot about us. I wish these people AND the addicts/ abusers could feel wha...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxycodone.
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New fioranal capsles don't work as good as my regular white pills with a V on them. Whats up
The green and white tablets are not effective. These new green and yellow capsules are not as effective as the white tablets with a V on them. What's up. If drug companies are cutting corners I will turn them in to the FDA for a full investigation. I get constant headaches and I MUST have a medicine that works
Updated 1 hour ago.
taking subutex and percocet together
My doctor just put me on subutex along with percocet. I've been on percocet for yrs for severe and chronic migraines. He told me to take the subutex and if it doesn't work to take a perc. I take 15mg percs at a time. I've read some stuff online that worries me. Some people say if you take percs with subutex you'll go into withdrawals. I went through severe withdrawals with fioricet months ago and I don't want to go through that hell again. I took my first subutex about an hour ago and I still have a migraine so I want to take a perc now. Can I do that or will I get sick? ## I have been taking subutex for the last month or so. about 2 weeks ago i had a terrible migraine, so I took a 10mg percocet. I went into full withdrawal. Throwing up constantly, nausea, still had ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Subutex.
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Sudden Withdrawal from Neurontin
I have been taking 600 mg of Neurontin 4x a day for about 2 years and recentlty ran out of this medication due to excrutiating slow service from mandatory mail order RX company.... I was extremely agitated during this time (approx. 5 days), nervous, stressed out, etc. Has anyone else had these symptons as a result of sudden withdrawal from Neurontin? I can't understand why this happened, I felt so scared and lousy for that time. Is this a known reaction for this med? I haven't been able to find an answer. I take it for relief from carpel tunnel syndrom. Thanks ## Almost any med, or substance, even you morning coffee, will cause some withdrawal symptoms when you have been used to having it in your body for awhile, and suddenly stop taking it. Did it ease when you finally started ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Neurontin.
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I took this drug in the 1970's while pregnant. Am looking for the side effects to the babies. Drug has been off the market for many years. Not sure on correct spelling. Used for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Thank you for any help you can send me. Sincerely, Dana Jones. ## Dana, The drug Bendictine you are referring to was reported to cause birth defects in some cases. But a similar drug is prescribed today and it's called Diclectin. Funny how some people will say to stay away from something while others say it's perfectly safe. I think it's a matter of speaking to at least several physicians and following your intuition, as far as what feels right for you and who you trust. The drug Diclectin is a combination of Doxylamine (an antihistamine) and Vitamin B6. A go...
Updated 2 hours ago in Diclectin.
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wysolone 10 mg Tablet
hi, i'm 29 yr old father of 1.4 yr child ,my child consuming wysolone 10mg 3times a day.. my child having effects like swelling of cheeks, round face, stomach swelling.. Can anyone help my child to recover from it.. and can any one tell me the side effects of these wysolone 10 mg tablet.... Please........... ## Wysolone contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, it is a corticosteroid. It can cause such side effects, such as weight gain, swelling and water retention, but you should check with his doctor to be certain that's what it is. As to recovering from these side effects, with this type of medication, it is likely that they will last as long as he is on it. Other side effects can include: nausea, acne, constipation and mood swings. You can learn more about this medication...
Updated 2 hours ago in Prednisolone.
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