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is it ok to take 500mg methacarbam and 100mg gabapentin together
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I ran out of my tramadol was wondering if could be take the gabapentin in its place with my methacarbam muscle relaxants ?
Updated 6 minutes ago in Gabapentin.
bystolic 10mg
5 Replies RSS
I recently went to fill my rx at my local pharmacy. I was told that bystolic would not be in until the end of the month because it was being repackage for 90 day supplies. I have already paid for a 90 day supply at the cost of $113.00 and the pharmacist suggested that I go with the 5mg for now and take two of these to make the 10 mg. This will Now cost me another $80.00. I am not going to do th is. I really like the bystolic. It does well for me but I cannot afford this. I should not have to pay for your untimely mistake. I wad never notified that all of this was going to take place. How do you suggest I solve this problem? I cannot go without a blood pressure pill until the end of the month. ## they are saying there are problems. 10/28/14 Bystolic 10mg tablet unavailable. 10/15/14 Manu...
Updated 12 minutes ago in Bystolic.
redustat orlistat
2 Replies RSS
xenical ## ## Has anybody else had "oily" discharge during a bowel movement? i'm thinking that it's the fat being taken out of the food i eat. I see it listed as a possible side effect but it's really a bit more than I was expecting. Plus I'm not eating too much fat in my opinion. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Also, what is the best brand name of this?? I remember back in the day it was prescription only but now there is over the counter versions too.
Updated 23 minutes ago in Orlistat.
confused why not continue taking pills after 21 pills
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hello po this my first time to use althea i've read the unstructions after taking 21 pills is it ok na hndi muna iinom for 7days? wat if i get pregnant?
Updated 25 minutes ago.
k cit
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Is K-CIt Syrup(Dr Reddy's) safe for Diabetes patients(Medicine- Gemer Forte 1) ## Please let me know regarding my medicines which I have used for diabetic type 2.My doubt is here,may I can use Daonil 5 mg tabs,instead of Amrayl 2 mg. ? il
Updated 44 minutes ago in Diabetes.
Worried about taking citalopram
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Hi I'm Chantelle my GP today prescribed citalopram 10mg for my anxiety/depression, after reading things from other users of this product I'm scared of taking it because the most common cause feeling sick is one of my biggest fears, with actually being sick, and I don't know whether to to take it! :( would I be better taking it before bed so I won't feel any symptoms, thanks ## Hi Chantelle, While I don't have any personal experience with citalopram, I do think it's important to understand that medications can and usually do effect everyone differently, whereas some people get great results, but there are others that it inevitably just doesn't work for no matter how many they take. Unfortunately when it comes to prescription drugs, the only way to find out is ...
Updated 58 minutes ago in Citalopram.
could these symptoms be side effect of ramipril
1 Reply RSS
I want to know if my partners symptoms could be caused by ramipril. For the past few days he's had sickness, dizzy spells, passing out, he seems anxious about things and very short tempered, he sleeps all the time but is permanently exhausted, loss of appetite, strange dreams. It started boxing day. We went to his gp but he dismissed the cause was due to the drug and suggested stress. We asked if we should come on our holiday and the gp advised we did and to continue to take his ramipril. We've spent the whole week in our room and are just wanting to come home. I'm so worried about him and I don't know what to do for the best. Should he keep talking ramipril, which he was prescribed for high blood pressure, or stop to see if his symptoms improve. ## Hello, 53 years old, ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Ramipril.
withdrawal from vyvanse
387 Replies RSS
My son had a terrible experience on wyvance. He has phyciatic systems to include halluciations. The doctor took him off the drup cold turkey and Ihe seems to be having withdrawal systems? Is that normal? ## My son,age 5 has ADHD and was on adderall but his father and I didn't like how he was acting so his dr. changed it to vyvance, I've read your comment now I'm very worried about giving it to him...what should I exspect? ## im replying for the kid that was tooken off his meds,denise,i honestly think u need to contact the dr who prescribed the meds to ur to your ?it is definitly normal to have withdrawls,im on adderol.and the dr i see told me this is a narcotic,i have adhd,and they cannot just take him off,i know this,becuz my doctor told me i will be dependent on thi...
Updated 1 hour ago in Vyvanse.
round pill blue a51
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I you're looking to iv this. The blue round small roxi don't. Personal experience. My hand hived. My body hurt. Idk why. Never had it happen with any other kind.
Updated 1 hour ago.
finding a pharmacy in las vegas with norco 10 325 stock
21 Replies RSS
Where can i get my prescription norco 10/325 filled in las vegas nevada? ## having trouble finding a pharmacy that has NorCo in stock ## Got me, CVS has been sitting on my Rx for 1 week. Can't or won't say when it gets in also may not get 7.5mg/325's ## I'm sorry that you are all having a problem getting your prescriptions filled. On top of all the other changes that happened this year, we are also now into the time of year when there is almost always a shortage of controlled substances due to mandatory manufacturing limits. Once a company has manufactured their allowed amount of the year, they must cease production until the new year. So far, I've not known of a single year where demand hasn't exceeded the supply and a shortage happened the last few months of th...
Updated 1 hour ago in Norco.

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