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Things I did to help
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I was addicted to tramadol for three years. I was in bad car accident, and prescribed 4 50 MG tablets per day. At first they were great. Managed my pain, gave me energy, made me last longer in bed to name a few. Six months into my treatment I noticed I was always running out before my next refill. I went on line a Dr called me and I had 180 next day. This Dr per scribed me 8 50mg. I took this dose for two and a half years. I also started taking mmj which intensified the effects. My actual Dr said I didn't need any more. I disagreed because they help me. August 15,15 tramadol becomes a controlled subtance. Three weeks prior to this date I decided I was going to stop. I read on the internet that the best way to stop was to slowly take less over a few weeks. I had a hard time doing thi...
Updated 21 minutes ago in Tramadol.
Doctors Who Prescribe Pain Killers In Philadelphia
736 Replies RSS
Hi, My current doctor has decided that it would be best to stop my monthly prescription for 30mg percocets. I have chronic back pain from skiing injuries and other sports related problems. I have never abused or taken more than was suggested. I never got "high" and was always able to work and interact with clients in a positive way. Now without the medication, the pain is becoming a distraction. Does anyone know a doctor who isn't scared to prescribe common pain killers. They are produced for a reason, but recent uptake in illegal abuse has made doctors uneasy with long term prescriptions? I live in the Philadelphia area (main line) but I am familiar with the greater Philadelphia metro area. Thank you and kind regards. ## I think you may be confusing medication names and if ...
Updated 37 minutes ago in Percocet.
metoprolol withdrawal
307 Replies RSS
i've been taking metoprolol for several years as partial treatment for high blood pressure. through diet and xcercise, i've lowered my BP to the point my doctor says drop the metoprolol. i did, 3 days ago, and i'm soooo tired, dizzy, irritable, and my vision is blurred. is this withdrawal? how long will it last? i remember starting this medication was terrible to get used to. it appears that stopping it is just as bad. ## I am experiencing the same thing and I am tapering off of the metoprolol. I have only been on for a couple of months and now the withdrawal is just as bad. I am down to 12.5 mg two times a day. It is tough. ## it went away after a week or so. i feel great now, and my BP and heart rate have risen slightly, but thats the reason we stopped it. i've lost en...
Updated 49 minutes ago in Metoprolol.
which is stronger oxycodone 5 325mg vs ibuprofen 600
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Hi was prescribe both and my pain is pretty low now and I just want to take the lesser of the two when needed. Thank you
Updated 55 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
rosuvastatin and fenofibrate
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Hi! I was prescribed Rozavel F 20 for lowering my cholesterol. I got 1 strip same from my chemist and he gave Roseday 20 mg. I see that Rozavel F 20 has ingredient fenofibrate 160 mg which Rose day 20 mg doesn't specifies. Does it mean Roseday us different from Rozavel F20?
Updated 57 minutes ago in Rosuvastatin.
what is the shelf life of alprazolam before it's useless?
97 Replies RSS
I have a bottle of alprazolam from 2005 and I'm wondering if it's still good? It's 4 years old at the time of writing this. ## The shelf life of Alprazolam should be located on the packaging of the drug. If not, then chances are that the medication is no longer good based on how many years it has been sitting there; however I am not an MD, so I cannot say for sure what may or may not be safe for you to consume. I would urge you to contact your doctor or local physician to assess if the quality of the drug still remains. If you are interested in viewing more information regarding Alprazolam, then please follow the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back so I can further assist you. ## If you need help with drugs please ask God for healing ju...
Updated 1 hour ago in Alprazolam.
Opiate addiction and trying to beat it
3 Replies RSS
I have had a problem with opiates going back to 2006 starting with vicodin following shoulder surgery. My usage progressed to Percocet, fentanyl, OxyContin, suboxone - clean for 2.5 years, relapse on tramadol, back on suboxone for 2 years, jumped at 2mgs and now weening with kratom. To say it has been a journey is an understatement. I am not naive enough to think that using kratom means I'm "clean" from opiates. It is filling my receptors just like the rest an it's time for me to stop. I've been actively trying to stay clean for about a year now. I no longer chase the high, I just run from WDs. I've gone through them more times to count and only once pulled through and stayed clean for longer than a week or 2. I actually was clean for almost 3 years following my ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Vicodin.
me 12 od side effect
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This medicine me 12 od suggested by dermologist for skin disease vitiligo .is this correct for this disease
Updated 1 hour ago.
novelon and periods
8 Replies RSS
after taking novelon for 21 days my periods have not started.Is there any chance of getting pregnant while taking novelon? ## HI, Mini! There's always a chance of getting pregnant, regardless of what form of prevention you use. The only 100% full proof method of preventing pregnancy is abstinence. When did you start taking it? Was it the first day of your menstrual cycle? If so, you should have been protected immediately and you may be skipping just because your body is adjusting to the hormones in this medication. However, if you started taking it at any other time, such as when you weren't on your period, then it would have been necessary to use protection for the first 7 days to prevent pregnancy, because it takes that long for them to reach their full effectiveness in your b...
Updated 1 hour ago.
actavis adderall
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Couldn't take Activis adderall, different from others, terrible.
Updated 1 hour ago in Adderall.

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