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small round pink pill labelled phentermine
127 Replies RSS
the label says 'phentermine' but it is a small round pink pill. I have searched many websites but most phentamine pills are white and blue. can anyone help me identify this pill ## Are there any markings on the tablet? If there aren't, it is going to be impossible to positively identify it. There are just far too many possibilities. It could be an over the counter item or a supplement. I am sorry, I wish I could be of more help. ## There are no details on the pill but I do know it is an appetite suppressent and the bottle said phentermine ## My friend has just come back from a slimwise clinic she has been given some round pink pills and there are no markings but have phentermine on the front ## hi i am taking the same pills small round pink tablets with no markings but was p...
Updated 46 minutes ago in Phentermine.
Trust Pills How To Use
5 Replies RSS
paano po kung nkalimutan kong uminom ng pills 4x n..anong ggawin ko mbubuntis po b ako? ## pano po kung 3 tablets hindi ko nainom tpos nagamit po ako tpos di ko na tinuloy ung mga tablets na naiwan?mabubuntis ba ako? ## Maari po ba akong mabuntis daily namn ako na inum ng lady biglng uminom ako ng gamot pAra sa sakit ng ulo then ng intercourse kami ng posible bang mabuntis ako ## Gud pm po. tanong ko lang po kung tapos ko na po ung 1 pack ng trust pills so nagkameanstration naman po ako then nung natapos po ung last menstration ko nag take me ng one tablet then di ko na po tinuloy. Pero simula nung nagkameanstration po ako wala namang nangyari sa amin ng husband ko. So bkit kaya as of now wala pa ako. Nagbabago po ba ng cycle or may posibilidad na mabuntis me khit wala...
Updated 48 minutes ago.
any side effects for desval er 250 mg
2 Replies RSS
My friend is taking desval er 250 mg is there any side effects ## I am taking Desval ER 250 one tablet daily in the morning . Besides I am taking one tab of Depranil Plus, one daily and also One tab of Admenta 5 daily. Very often in the night while sleeping I sit up on the bed and start talking, some times violently. Is it due to the medicines I take? Which one is the suspect? ## I have been suffering from DEPRESSION for the last 15 years. At present I am taking daily one tab Desval ER 250, one tab of Admenta 5 and one tab of Depranil Plus in the morning after breakfast. Also I take 0.25 tab of Alparzolam and one tab of vitamin E 400. Recently I find that I am getting up in the middle of my sleep on the bed and start talking , sometimes violently. I do not recall anything in the morning...
Updated 58 minutes ago in Vitamin E.
prexum plus and Pharma Press co
5 Replies RSS
I was using Pharma press for +- 10 years and then Pharma co for 6 months. I started to get muscle weakness around my knees then the one arm now the other arm. Constant pain in my kidneys and bladder. Have done a lot of tets and cannot find a solution. In Hospital for 5 days after i tried running and the muscles just packed up. The only reason I discovered is that these tables above shows muscle weakness en kidney problems but our docters cannot find another bloodpressure pill without those symptons -PLEASE HELP - or if something else can cause please let me know, I cannot sleep at night with pain in my arm muscles thanks ## The active ingredient in Prexum Plus is listed as Perindopril, this is an Ace Inhibitor. Things such as muscle weakness, headache, dizziness and joint/muscle pain ar...
Updated 1 hour ago in Perindopril.
Type II diabetic drug information
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from last 4 yrs i am suffering from Diabetes , my sugar level : 240 PP and 180 Fasting, taking GP-1 Now my doctor has changed Glycomet 500 and dianorm M 80. Dianorm M 80 in morning and night before food ; and Glycomet 500 in lunch after food. You pl suggest for using both tablets and what is the side effect or suggest any alternative drugs or can I opt for taking insulin to control diabetic.
Updated 1 hour ago in Diabetes.
i am want alprazolam 0.5 mg in dammam
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i am want alprazolam 0.5 mg in dammam saudi arabia so posibel
Updated 1 hour ago in Alprazolam.
Susten 400 overdose
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I am in 7th week of mistake I have taken susten 400 in 15 hours instead of 24 hours.Is there any problem.
Updated 2 hours ago.
Has Anyone Tried The Generic Version Of Wellbutrin Sr Made By Sun Pharma Bupropion Hcl
20 Replies RSS
Hi - I just got a perscription for the Sun Pharma generic version of Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion HCL SR). Has anyone had success with this one? If not which generic version have you had success with? ## Whatever generic worked for someone else may not work for you and vice versa. Learn more Wellbutrin SR details here. The only way to find out what works for you is to actually try it and see. If one generic doesn't work for you, then you can consult your pharmacist to see what else is available. Have you started them yet? Have you had any problems with them? ## CVS stopped carrying the Watson generic in March and supply only Sun Pharma brand of Bupropion, which is manufactured in India and distributed in the U.S. by CARACO Pharmaceutical Labs based in Detroit. The pills I took in March ...
Updated 2 hours ago in Wellbutrin.
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Syrup first sub next 20 30 mins bluuh. Precip wds?
Updated 3 hours ago in Promethazine.
need doctor to give me 4perk tens a day
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I need to find a pain management doctor that will prescribe oxycodene xanax and all other medications I need to live a normal life. With medications I can function on a daily basis
Updated 3 hours ago in Xanax.

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