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Jadelle effects
3 Replies RSS
Hi, I have recently had the Jadelle contraceptive implant inserted into my arm, and have experienced huuuge changes in my moods and also eating habits, and this is only a week after having it put in ... I would just like to know of anyone else who is experiencing bad side effects or if there are any positive things about this !! ## i have had my jadelle for 4 months, i got it straight afta having my baby via c-section, i havent stopped bleeding-spoting since and sometimes the insertion area becomes sore. i am bloated. i think th only gd thing about it z i dnt av to remember to take t. ## I also have the implant but since I was inserted been having cramps,headaches too much nausea my urine colour has changed n abdominal pain at times is this normal? too much to handle. ## I'm plannin...
Updated 20 minutes ago in Jadelle.
umbilicus abscess
1 Reply RSS
I have abscess in the belly button it was deeper using some antibiotic now a new abscess appears in the belly button what should I used plz reply ## Hi was wondering if you can post a update and what antibiotics worked for you. Thank you! Im having same problem and very painful
Updated 32 minutes ago in Antibiotics.
side effects of lyrica
5 Replies RSS
I have just started this medication for acute jaw nerve pain. i have just read all about it. sounds like a terrible drug with weight gain, depresion, etc. can you give me more details please. i am already on citilapram 30mgs a day ## Hello, Jacky! How are you? Yes, there is a risk of such side effects with it, but the thing you have to be aware of is that not everyone experiences them. Some people may run the gamut of all the side effects, but others may not have any. It all depends on you and your body. Do you normally experience a lot of them? ## I have been taking Lyrica for several months now and currently at 200mg a day. I have had some weight gain (aprox 10-15lbs) but the worst parts are the memory loss.. stupid stuff like word finding that should be simple and is just gone! Anoth...
Updated 41 minutes ago in Lyrica.
My genital HPV treatment
2 Replies RSS
Hi all, long time ago I posted a msg on this forum afraid of the consequences of the HPV virus (which I fought over a year) ... well, I can breathe , after long treatment (no vaccine) I got rid of this virus!! I appeal to all girls and women who have similar problems, it's better to go to the doctor for not having anything to lose the contrary else can heal without complications! treatment only .. do not be afraid for this virus can win up to reach the stage of cancer !! My gynecologist recommended treatment with Cervugid Ovules 3 courses with breaks for 7 days. This treatment can say it is miraculous. I did Pap test again and it came out negative. I am grateful to God and Mr. Doctor for this treatment. I wish you good health. ## I have been through hard times like you. in the first...
Updated 46 minutes ago in Sexual Health.
Being addicted
2 Replies RSS
Ive been on this med for months now for migraines,after taking it for awhile ive noticed my anxiety went to an all time low,but,I was prescribed 300 2x a day..well ive taken alot more,its been 3 almost 4 days and im spazing without them..ive made a dr appointment to let my dr know ive taken alot more prescribed and idk what to nervous of what he will say..any others that have delt with this? ## Hello, Tammy! How are you doing? Telling your doctor is the best thing to do. Gabapentin is actually classified by the FDA as an anticonvulsant that is also used to help with certain types of nerve pain and some mood disorders, that's likely why it alleviated your anxiety. Although it is not an opiate, it has been known to be abused, in some cases. Its typical side effects may pos...
Updated 1 hour ago in Gabapentin.
rupture de stock xarelto a thionville
Post a Reply
j'ai eu en début d'année une thrombose déclancheur d'une empolie bipulmonaire je m'en suis sorti de justesse de ce fait xarelto 20mg m'a été prescrit maintenant on me dit dans les officines que la quantité pour cette année est au niveau maximun c'est quoi cette histoire on dirait une histoire de quota comme les vins nous prendrez t'on pour des droguées en attendant on m'a donné xarelto 10mg 2 prises pour compenser on ma meme dit que ca n'est pas grave si je m'abstient 2 a 3 jour me prendrer t'on pour un cobaye .je n'ai aucun probléme pour le moment ni aucun inconvénient a suivre je fait des prises de sang tous les trois mois car il parait que rein et foie peuvent prendre un coup on vera .
Updated 1 hour ago in Xarelto.
diane pills for gay
2 Replies RSS
it's a safe to use these pills i m 22 years old i have mash what should i do ...its safe to use or no? thank you ## Can I use those pills for mangay ## hi nag tatake po ako ngayon ng micro pill nag wo2rk po kc aq 1week pang umaga 1 week pang gabi always 6to6 po ang pasok q alam q po na hindi dpat nag pu2yat pag nag pi2lls pero nkaka tulog nmn po aq atleast 5 to 6 hrs pag nigth shift ...ok lng ba na minsan 9 tabs a day then minsan 4 tabs lang kc inaantok aq pg nasa work aq pag 6 or 9 tabs kya minsan 4 tabletlang efect p din nmn ..and ok lang din po ba kung mag papalit aq ng pills na trust?
Updated 1 hour ago.
Can side effects of gabapentin be similar to dementia?
2 Replies RSS
I have been taking gabapentin and lamictal for bipolar for about 2 years. I am very sensitive to medications so my doses have had to be cut back a few times. I do not take what a "normal" dose would be as I do not tolerate it well. I am having trouble with my memory. I am concerned about my medication doing this. I have sometimes forgotten names or what I did the past few days or a week ago. I get confused over things that should not confuse me. I have lost interest in doing my hobbies. Please let me know if it is possible side effect? ## Hello, Nancy! How are you? The FDA classifies both of these medications as anticonvulsants that can also be used to help with some mood disorders and virtually all such medications are known to cause similar issues. They also tend to worsen the...
Updated 1 hour ago in Gabapentin.
anong gamot efective pang regla
1 Reply RSS
Anu po bang gamot ang pang regla kasi po guxto kunang datnan ayaw ko pang ma buntis ## 1week nko delay tpos kinakabhan ako nag PT ako lumabas positive Peri sumasaket puson ko buntis po kya ako salamat
Updated 1 hour ago.
using candid cl causes drowsiness?
1 Reply RSS
Hi Dr advised me to use candid cl tablet as I ve small infection in virginal area, does it cause drowsy??? I'm feeling extremely sleepy!! ## The doctor has prescribed CANDID-CL to my wife. What is the reason for this precription.
Updated 2 hours ago.

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