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what exactly does suboxone do? is it addicitive?
258 Replies RSS
i have a friend who desperately wants to get off of methadone and pain pills. will suboxone work? is it addicitive too? if someone can please help me that would be great! also is it very expensive, that's what i've heard. ## Well, first off, yes, it can be addictive as well, however, it has distince advantages over narcotic meds, Benzos, and even Methadone. Suboxone works on many of the same receptors, since it is a narcotic agent, however, it does not give the same high effect and euphoria that most addicts enjoyed, which is what made them get addicted in the first place. It also contains an opiate neutralizer, so it neutralizes anything in your system from the other drugs you were using, and of course prevents someone from continuing to use while they are on it. Most people wh...
Updated 1 minute ago in Suboxone.
small, football shaped, light blue pill
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I found half a football shaped, light blue pill with what looks like a 9 on one sided 8, 8 on the other side.
Updated 38 minutes ago.
Metronidazole lasting side effects
404 Replies RSS
I have been taking this medication for 7 days and off of it since a week and still have severe side effects, abdominal cramps, severe headaches, dizziness, unsteadiness... How long is it expected to last? It was prescribed with Ciprofloxacin to me and I take Entrophen on a regular basis... ## Have things improved any? Have you consulted your doctor? For a short course of the medication, it would be unusual for side effects to remain that severe for that long, after you are finished with it. ## I started flagyl on 3/5/12 I'm so sick now, but I stopped it 3 days ago when these symptoms started yet they have only gotten worse. My throat is covered in sores and blisters. It also has a yellow type puss that runs down the back of my throat. I Itch like crazy my stomach is so bloated i loo...
Updated 55 minutes ago in Metronidazole.
My parents listen to them about my problems, but not me.
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My parents thinks all my problems are prescriptions and alcohol. I have never abused alcohol nor medications. They say I take too may of my medications, which is not true. 2 yrs ago, I had a bad car wreck and went through 5 medium size wooden post with my car. My airbags didn't deploy. The concussions hit all the parts ofl my brain plus I developed seizures , bilateral DVTs and PEs and other problems, such as TBI. I can talk for myself and make my own decisions. I am almost 40 yrs old. The doctors don't listen to me but they listen to my parents. My anxiety is very high along with anxiety. I have had most of the medications, but only a few work. I have chronic pain and chronic high anxiety. How do I make the doctor listen to me and prescribe the right medications that I know works?
Updated 56 minutes ago in Anxiety.
What Is The Use Of Oxetol 300
5 Replies RSS
i having 25years.5 years back i am suffering from pits.after that i became uncancious state.i don't know what happening.after that i had completed i am in also some times my feelings is different.i know that things.for ex:that thing is already completed once repeating again like that.what is the solution for my desease.i feel bore about medicines.plz tell me solution. ## Oxetol contains the active ingredient Oxcarbazepine, which is an anticonvulsant that is also sometimes used as a mood stabilizer. Learn more Oxetol details here. It is very commonly used to treat problems such as yours. What diagnosis did the doctors give you? ## sir,iam suffering from fits in only sleeping time iam getting.from 12 yrs iam 26yrs.using oxcetol 300 and lobazam 10mg.even iam...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxcarbazepine.
male star dietary supplement
3 Replies RSS
I got mail star and did not work for me so I asked for a refund. Was sent another bottle and I called told you again doe not work for me, asked for refund was told I got one refund in March but didn't. I should have 2 refunds and got none, my records show you taking out the price of your male star twice and so I expect refunds for both bottles, the second was returned unopened. My records show no refunds. I will sue for fraud, was told got one refund and got none got account info and just showing you pulled $89.95 twice out of my account and no refund. ## Hello, Laniel! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. However, you didn't order anything from this website. It is an information only site that does not manufacture, nor sell any products. Have you...
Updated 1 hour ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
28 Replies RSS
MY HUSBAND TAKES TRAMADOL FOR PAIN. IT HAS CAUSED HIM TO BE DEPRESSED. HE IS ADDICTED TO THE DRUG CAN'T FUNCTION WITHOUT IT AND HE IS ALWAYS ANGRE OR AGGITATED AT EVERYTHING AROUND HIM, HE CAN'T KEEP FOOD DOWN CAN'T SLEEP, NOW HE HAS TRIED TO STOP TAKING IT BUT IS ON A DOWN HILL DREPRESSED STATE... ## Well unfortunately our bodies can become dependent upon anything that we take regularly for a long period of time, anything from your morning orange juice to a cup of milk with dinner. There is a big difference between addiction and dependence though. To be addicted he would have to be abusing the drug, taking it more than prescribed and going to extreme measures to get more. Now the problem with dependence is that while the withdrawals are not as severe as addiction, you do su...
Updated 1 hour ago in Tramadol.
ano ang epekto pag inom trust pills
1 Reply RSS
elow po. nung may first time q ponagtake trust pills.kh8 ngpipills po aq eh withdrawal pa rn po gmit namen.peo nagmens po aq nung june 2.kso unti lng po,pgktpos d n po aq nagtuloy uminum ng pills kc wlng budget peo withrawal pa rin po gamit namen.peo bkit po hanggang naun wla pa po aqng poSibilidad po b na buntis aq? ## Ask lng po Kung safe po bang uminom ng glutatahione habang umiinom din po ng pills?at hangang ilang taon lng po bang pwedeng uminom ng pills?
Updated 1 hour ago.
how long do you have to take methadone get withdrawal
5 Replies RSS
Hi i take methadone for 3yrs now i take 80mgs a day. But Tuesday the 6th i took 70mgs and wensday on the 7th k took none and today Thursday i took maybe 40mgs and i don't get my next dose of 80mgs until Tomorrow do u think I'm be withdrawing soon i already starting to feel sick ## Hello I have been taking Methadone through a clinic for over 5years. I was prescribed methadone by a physician for a number of years prior to this. I consider myself a creditable source of information on this medication. Usually if I miss my dose i truly wouldn't be able to notice the first day if my pain level didn't spike. If I was to have a partial dose as you dud the second day, I wouldn't be sick but not be 100% good. I as you are by morning will be very ready to receive my full dose. ...
Updated 2 hours ago in Methadone.
Arrested and charged with possession with intent
1 Reply RSS
My question is if I was arrested and charged with possession with intent with my prescription of oxycodone 20mgs can I still fill my VALID prescription? ## I made a mistake I realize this but I have major back issues and do a job that doesn't help my condition. I'm worried that the police will try and arrest me just for filling my script.
Updated 2 hours ago in Oxycodone.

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