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hydrocodone 5 325
Had a tooth extracted took two 500mg of Tylenol can I take a 5 325 Vicodin three hours later ## Yep drink water ## Hi Mark! You just need to be careful of the amount of Tylenol ( acetaminophen) you take. It gives you instructions on the Tylenol bottle as to how much you can take. Remember that the Vicodin has 325 mgs in it too, from what you said.
Updated 3 minutes ago in Hydrocodone.
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white rectangle pill with Onax on one side and the number two on the other and able to be split into four pieces 2mg
is it a xannex? ## That is what they say it is, 2mgs of Alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax, but I cannot confirm this. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, irritability and memory loss. Read more: Is anyone familiar with these tablets? ## white oblong one side onax 2nd side #2 ## I do believe this to be a xanax bar. ganeric i would say. ## i just took a half and waiting to see if they are real. I've been taking 2mg bars for 8 years... so i will be able to tell if they are real. I have read about people saying if they have that bitter taste, which people who take them know what taste I'm talking about. Then they are real, also if they have square edges and not a little rounded then they are fake... if anyone has tried these.... put some feedback please... ...
Updated 9 minutes ago in Alprazolam.
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I am 24 days pregrent but I now I don't want child. pl advise ## Why don't you want child now? If you seriously don't would you consider adoption? Please give the baby a chance. Please talk to someone who will help you.
Updated 14 minutes ago in Albendazole.
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Watson is now actavis generic percocet 5/325 what is up with this
I had been taking 5/325 generic Watson percocet for 4 years. Suddenly I get notified by Walgreens which I have insurance that there is no more Watson brand and I was given generic percocet 5/325 by Actavis. It is not the same at all. It has no pain relief for me. I used to break the watsons in half sometimes and never had a funny taste. I just broke one of the actavis white tablets in half and it immediately tasted like salt or alka seltzer? Has anyone had any issues with this drug too. Also, along with it not working right it has made my GI tract and stomach so ill feeling and cramping. This is not right how can they take away a medicine that someone has been on for 4 years without any problems and tell them to suddenly switch. Would a peson who has been on a certain heart medication f...
Updated 18 minutes ago in Percocet.
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how to take ampicilina 500 mg
Can i combine ampicilina 500mg with nquil ? ## Hello, Roxane! How are you? Which Nyquil formulation are you taking and what are you taking the antibiotic to treat? ## I had a huge boil and it was very painful. It drained but skin is still red. I am taking Picamicina Ampicilina 500 mg. How many a day should I take? Will it kill the indection?
Updated 23 minutes ago.
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use of nitrosun 10
i am using nitrosun10 for 1yr at 2 tabs per day. what side effects will be there in ma body and mentally ## why do u take it ?? ## Hi Rupesh! From my research, Nitrosun is a benzodiazepine. It is used to treat nervous and anxiety disorder and insomnia. The side effects can be drowsiness, dizziness and headaches. If you have any side effects or concerns, call your doctor.
Updated 27 minutes ago in Anxiety.
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Naltrexone and continuing to drink
Hi, I am rx'd ntrexone for alcoholism and it's working, reducing cravings and all. I was a half a bottle of vodka type drinker. Now, when I take one shot of vodka, I get really sick and nauseous. Does this happen to anyone else? I thought naltrexone allowed you to still drink, but reduces alcohols effect on your pleasure receptors. I tried switching to beer or wine and still get sick. I guess that's a good thing but was wondering if anyone else feels this side effect when the drs and drug companies say it does not make you sick like Antabuse. Thanks.
Updated 34 minutes ago in Naltrexone.
NAL Trexone
Will naltrexone help with stop smoking and obesety (food cravings) ## Hi Dan, The answer to your question would be no; reason being is that Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence (not for smoking and obesity). "The Chicago Stop Smoking Research Project at the University of Chicago found that Naltrexone did not help improve study subjects to quit smoking any better than a placebo would." This information is referenced from the link below, where you can also find more details on the drug: I hope this helps! ## Hi, I have never heard of naltrexone being used for food cravings. I am taking it to combat alcoholism, and one side effect I've noticed in me is that I no longer desire junk food, or eatin...
Updated 47 minutes ago in Naltrexone.
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Been on bromergon for 3month nw due to high prolactin and infertility 2weeks ago I notice I get too hungry can I be pregnant or is it bromergon side effect.
Updated 52 minutes ago in Hyperprolactinaemia.
Find Pharmacy which carries Oxycodone
Neex to fill my script asap for pain in orange count y ca any help thanked ## What reasons are the pharmacies giving your or why they can't fill it? Are they claiming a shortage, that they are out of stock, or something else? Learn more Oxycodone details here. Are you and the prescribing doctor both in Orange County? ## I live in Orange County and my doc is here too. yesterday was the first time in a year ibhad trouble filling. The small mom and pop I've been going to for the last year was out which has never happened. They said the warehouse isn't shipping them new orders and don't know when it'll change. So i had to do the hunt, talked to atleast 6 pharmacists from walgreens, riteaid, CVS, and a couple other places. They all told me the same thing, they couldn'...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxycodone.
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Napra D 250
sir mere head ki naso main dard hota hai ,ye mujhe ganga ram hospital ke dr. ne lele k liye bola hai, sir isko lene se koi side effect hota hai ## I'm sorry, but I can't get a translation for this, at all. So, unfortunately I have to post in English and am just able to cover the information on Napra-D. It contains the active ingredient Naproxen, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to treat pain, fever and swelling. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach pain. Learn more: Is there anyone else that can help translate this question or the response? ## nahi iska koi bada side effect nhi h hai,, mai lag bhag 3 saal se ise as migraine medication le rahi hu ## she is saying that i have been suffering from regular headaches and feel the sens...
Updated 1 hour ago in Naproxen.
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roche 10mg available
if anyone is interested in proper blue 10mg Roche Valium min order 20 strips comes in 10 per strip, good prices can send samples first, also any amount available on order with tracking number provided.only serious customers please. ## fur 1000 blue valium asap cheap no rubbish ## price will be £ 450 for 100 strips (1000) roche can send samples first will be here in a few days please tell me where to send samples when arrive will post off to you immediately can also do this on a weekly to 10 day basis if required.
Updated 1 hour ago in Valium.
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Red Pill With 85 On The Side
Found a red barrel shaped pill with just 85 written on the side, any idea what it is? any help would be appreciated :) ## By barrel-shaped, do you mean oval or oblong? Or is it actually wide like a barrel too? Right now, the closest match I'm finding is a maroon colored, oval, scored, film-coated tablet imprinted with "AP | 85". This is identified as Bifera Rx Oral vitamin and mineral combination. Can anyone else confirm what this might be? ## Red to Maroon, Capsule shaped tablet, 85 on one side - no other marks Please help me identify this... (Australia)
Updated 1 hour ago in Vitamins & Supplements.
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get rid of pimples
Sir/mam i've got lots of pimples on my whole face. There's not a single place on my face where i didnt find that. I have also got pimples on my back. Please suggest some best natural ways to get rid of these pimples and dandruff...thank u
Updated 1 hour ago.
sinus and migraine headaches
M 30 year old. M lactating. M suffering from both sinus and migraine headaches since 4 years. Whenever the pain starts I wil take grenil tab. If d pain doesn't reduce I would take dolo kind or dolokind plus l. So far these are the medications m taking for my pain.would these hav caused any sideeffects on me. Are there any better medicines to treat my headaches
Updated 1 hour ago in Migraine / Tension Headache.
My Mom was Diagnosed with lime diseses after a year of suffering.Why did not one Doctor recognize the symstens?
Updated 1 hour ago.
chlortab interaction other meds
Taking: Synthoid Lysinopril Hydrochloride Fluoxetine Dexilant Advair Vivence Vicoprophen Chlor tabs
Updated 1 hour ago in Fluoxetine.
schedule h1 drug list pdf
I am a medical retailer ,plz send mi schedule h1 drug list ## I am medical retailer pz send me schedule h1 drug list ## This is the official schedule h1 drug list given on this link ## pl shedul h1 list list send inmy id in maha govt ## please provide me schedule h1 drugs list of 46 drugs as per fda. ## I am K.Manivannan working as QC Manager with TTK Health care,chennai,India I would like to get a list of drugs falling under Shedule H1 ## sir plse send me h and h1 schedule drug list in detail ## iam medical retailer pls send schedule h1 list ## i am a medical retailer please send a shudule h1 list. ## plz send me schedule h1 drugs as a detailed list ## I am a medical retailer please send me schedule h1 drug list... ## Hi I am pharmacist...
Updated 1 hour ago.
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how long does it take suboxone to get out of your system
I had surgery due to a bad pinched nerve on march of 2013 on lots of strong meds, Ive been on the suboxone for 1 month 4mg under your tougne twice a day weaned myself down to 2mg a day...I feel like I'm getting myself in a worst spot...taking this stuff any longer.I stopped my last one on July 25th @ 7pm ....PLEASE SOME HELP ME I NEED SOME ENCOURAGEMENT ## Hi NewStart, Let me say that Suboxone is a very powerful drug. I am writing you at all hours of the night due to my insomnia (my last dose was July 19th at 7pm). When I stopped, I was on 1mg a day (after 6yrs of use and 1.5 yrs of tapering down). It hasn't been easy, but it will get better, and it WILL get better for you too! Life sucks for a couple of weeks, no doubt, but just think of the freedom from dependence when it'...
Updated 1 hour ago in Suboxone.
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glowing skin and avoid pimples .
i had visited clinic due to avoid my pimples and darkness. dector prescribed TAB GLOW -Z 100mg. could you please suggust which is good one or not. and tell me where i can get this medicine.
Updated 2 hours ago.

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