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gabapentin withdrawals
87 Replies RSS
being taken off of neurontin/gabapentin after seven years. crying, anxious, and what no one mentions itching all over! have tried antihistamines, cortizone creams but w/ no relief. ## yes this is normal I went through the same thing. I was on 3600 for eight years. I weaned off very slowly. I started weening off in 2008. I am now down to 400mg and go down about 100 a week. Its so awful ## These types of problems are normal from a sudden withdrawal of any medication that affects brain chemicals, which is exactly what Gabapentin does, since it was initially discovered as an anticonvulsant. Unfortunately, since you were on it for so long, it is probably going to take several weeks for these effects to wear off, though they should gradually improve and lessen in severity. As to the itching, ...
Updated 14 minutes ago in Neurontin.
Can steroids cause Fentanyl medication to wear off faster?
2 Replies RSS
I've been using 100mcg patch Fentanyl every 48 hours for months now. Last week my neurologist had to prescribe me a Medrol-Dos Pak (steroids) because the pain in my knee became unbearable, even with pain medication. It was too early to get another shot. So, I'm now on DAY 3 of the DOSE PAK, and I swear these patches start wearing off after only 1 day! Out of the blue I started feeling horrible withdrawal symptoms yesterday, even though I wasn't due to change the patch until today. I had no choice but to replace the patch early. I figured maybe it was a defective patch. But now TODAY I am experiencing the same problem. If these are not defective patches, then the only factor possible is the steroid medication having an effect on the medication/or my body's tolerance level...
Updated 18 minutes ago in Fentanyl.
amlodac tablet used for what ages
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Hi i take norvasc for my hypertension,can i take amlodac too for substitute of my medicinde novarsc?I am 40 years old. Thank u
Updated 35 minutes ago in Norvasc.
ampicilina 500mg for abscess
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I am taking the above med for a tooth abscess. I've read all the before answers and have not seen a straight answer. Is it effective or not? And what dosage is recommended?
Updated 38 minutes ago.
systane eye drops
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I came across these drops as follows - Ultra and Balance. Are they different or similar ? Which one you recommend ? Thanks.
Updated 1 hour ago in Eye Drops.
Is it popssible to completely recover from 6-7 months of heavy meth use? How long does the anhedonia last?
14 Replies RSS
I am 30, in (well, was) excellent shape, (was) sharp as a tac etc... Somehow got into this crap and trying to get the hell out. The 1st and 2nd days of withdrawal I am "ok". The 3rd day to the 5th day (which is as far as I've made it) are horrible!!!!!! I have no feeling at all. Total numbness. Please, has anyone beat this? No one in my family knows the real truth. I am pretty much in this alone. Any advice appreciated (good meds to get on, supplements, home remedies, timelines etc...) ## You go numb??? Do you have an email I can write you you have to convince yourself you can do it. Its more of a mind game ## Mentally/emotionally anhedonia. I am terrified my brain is never going to recover {edited for privacy} ## Yes numb. Anhedonic. I am up to sometimes a gram...
Updated 1 hour ago in Methamphetamine.
Lexapro: Increasing dosage/how long?
2 Replies RSS
I'm in my mid-thirties and have been suffering from anxiety for a long time. Have been taking xanax for many years and while it helps, I recently decided to give Lexapro a try. I've been on 10 mg for 1 week now. I realized immediately that I was sleeping better but today I had a slight panic attack (which I understand happens in the initial stages of taking the drug). My doc discussed upping the dose eventually but there's no specific timeline. So my question is this: How long did you wait before increasing the dose from 10 mg to say 15 or 20? I have a colleague who started on 10 mg and then went to 15 after one week. Not sure if that's the norm. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. ## It is important to give the drug several weeks to work. There is no way to know a...
Updated 2 hours ago in Lexapro.
30mg Oxycodones
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Was on 360 30mg Oxycodones a month for 5 years. Doctor has now switched me to 240 30mg Oxycodone and 25mcg Fentanyl patches. I seem to be hurting worse since going on the patches. I go back Thursday for refills should I ask him to change anything?
Updated 2 hours ago in Oxycodones.
triamterene 37.5/25 2x a day
2 Replies RSS
I started this three days ago and I am not going to the bathroom anymore than normal, actually less. I drink around 12-14 bottles of water a day and should be going more? Was on lisinopril for 3.5 years and it just stopped working after a third round of botox inj. for migraines. I wanted to just try a water pill because losartan and clonidine made me feel dead for these past three weeks. BP 164/102-168/110. Took triamterene/hctz three times today cuz I feel I need it about every six hours, hands and feet still swollen and red not going to the bathroom but actually not feeling the BP is high. I'm confused as to why this is not working. Can you help? ## Hello, Melissa! How are you? It is going to take more than 3 days for it to reach its full level of effectiveness in your body, for y...
Updated 2 hours ago in Triamterene.
h 86 cancer cureT
1 Reply RSS
What is h-86 and how can you get it? ## Hi Ollie, H-86 is actually just another name for (Avemar) fermented wheat germ extract, that a company by the name of HSI (Health Sciences Institute) came up with to brand it differently. According to a number of related threads on here, that particular company is thought to be a scam and in my own honest opinion upon investigation of those claims, should be avoided. However, there are plenty other retailers/distributors of "Avemar" and "fermented wheat germ extract", that you can find by simply searching for those keywords online. American BioScience is one manufacturer of brand name Avemar/Avé Ultra who lists their products on Amazon. Hope this helps!
Updated 2 hours ago in Cancer.

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