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cilift and bromazapam with alcoholBr
Hi i'm currently on Cilift 20mg and bromazapam. Is it safe to drink in moderation while using these drugs. I still get anxiety attacts, should it not have stopt now tha i am on these medication? ## Hello, Elsabe! How are you? How long have you been taking these medications? That could be a factor in why you're still having anxiety. It can take about 4 to 6 weeks, before they reach their full level of effectiveness in the body, so if it's been less than that, you may need to give it more time. If it's been longer, then you may need a dosage adjustment or to try different medications. The issues with alcohol are two-fold, one is that it can potentiate the side effects, so you may get a lot more drowsy, dizzy and nauseous than usual, basically each drink will hit you as if ...
Updated 28 seconds ago in Anxiety.
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Levothyroxine side effects
I was recently diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I have been taking levothyroxine for almost two weeks. For the last four or five days I have had a weird feeling. It is hard to explain. I don't really feel dizzy but I get a strange feeling in my head. I guess you would describe it as a head rush. Has anyone else had this feeling and will it go away as my body adjusts to the levothyroxine? ## yes i would get that every morning after i took my pills and drank coffee. I think its inmortant to eat a little over an hour after to avoid the dizziness. It does go away though. ## Levothyroxine Info and Side effects Click Here ## my pharmactist changed my thyroid pills because my insurance doesn't cover my other ones. I am cold all the time again and i am dizzy. I came home from work...
Updated 1 minute ago in Levothyroxine.
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Dexedrine Missing?
I was told by several Pharmacies that Dexedrine & the generic is NOT available, (on manufacturer back order, etc.), Does anyone have/not have the same problem? Please advise ## There have been a couple of other posts about this problem recently. Unfortunately, the only thing that anyone can really suggest as a solution would be for you to contact your doctor and see if there is an alternative medication you can use in the meantime. Does anyone else have any advice to add? ## I have read that the manufacturer should have all back orders filled by end of June. I had to call no less than 25 Pharmacies yesterday to fill my prescription, hopefully next months will be easier. ## I have used the Barr Dextroamphetamine for many years. I take 15mg 3x/day. I have always gotten my rx filled at...
Updated 2 minutes ago in Dexedrine.
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Just finished 6 month treatment a few days ago, WTF is going on ???
I did well all the way thru my treatement until now when I'm just done. I'm having clear bright colorful dreams while I'm wide awake, I'm seeing sparkles of bright vibrant colors when I close my eyes and my thoughts are actual images I can see in my mind, I can literally see what I'm thinking. I have this constant smell that won't go away, my ears are ringing, my head feels like it's about to explode, I'm cramping in my abdomen, legs and back, my stomach is hurting so bad. Called my doctor, said to get to hospital, WTF is going on, am I dying ? ## If you just finished treatment. Your not going through withdrawals. Your Dr. said to get to the hospital, get to the hospital! I am not a nurse, but with the smells and the visions you may be suffering some sort...
Updated 9 minutes ago in Sovaldi.
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Neeri Syrup or prescription of herbal medicine for kidney stone
My Brother in low has a stone in kidney (size : aprox 6.00 mm). its create pain too much. some one has suggest me to take neeri syrup or tablets., therefore i just want to know your advice in this regard. one more thing he want to avoid any surgery or operation. pls. help and suggest your valuable advaice. ## Hi Sanjeev, This alternative medicine actually seems like it would be pretty effective for treating kidney stones based on its primary indications. I came across a bit of information (listed below) stating what Neeri tablets are indicated for: -Urinary calculi / Stone -Recurrent calculi / Stone -Urinary Tract Infections -Cystitis (Inflammation of the urinary bladder due to infection) -Burning micturition (Burning sensation while passing urine) -Prostate enlargement associated sympt...
Updated 12 minutes ago in Urinary System.
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teal-green and white capsule no markings brown powder inside
I'm trying to find out what these pills are. There are no numbers or markings on the capsule ## Hello, Neal! How are you? I'm sorry, but without any markings, it is going to be difficult to determine what they contain with any certainty. We can rule them out as being a U.S. prescription product, since they are all require to have markings to enable their identification. Compounding pharmacies sometimes do specially ordered medications, but they use plain capsules, in most cases. That means that this is most likely and over the counter product, which leaves it open to many possibilities. I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else recognize this capsule? ## I also have found a zip-loc bag with this type of pill. Green/White capsule conta...
Updated 12 minutes ago in Gelatin.
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Why we need MCBM 69 tab in early pregrency
HI All, Why Doctor Prescribed MCBM 69 tablet in early pregnancy ?..Pl suggest immeditely
Updated 27 minutes ago.
urimax d --whether this can cure enlarge prostrate.
Ihave pressure and sugar but controlled by medication and exercise.Recently it is found in usg that the enlarge portion is 30mg. Ihave been prescribed urimax-d one tab daily.Iam 70+ and dont want surgery.Will this medicine do. ## I am taking Urimax D (Cipla) since one month after dinner. At around 2 AM I feel heavy stomach and uneasyness. Then I changed timing to morning, ie, after breakfast. Then the stomach problem is not experienced. But the Doctor told me that such side effect may not be there. But today again I experienced the same problem when I took the Urimax D at night after dinner.Then I took a pinch of asafoetida. after 10 minutes I felt normal. Kindly advice me why this happens. ## Hello, Nirmal! How are you? Yes, this is an appropriate medication, but the only way to see if...
Updated 28 minutes ago in Urimax.
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Suffer from depression anxiety new medication burspirone side effects
i AM A WHITE MALE, AGE 31, 235LBS 5' 11'' GOOD BLOOD PRESSURE. I suffer from major depression disorder, anxiety and adult add. A new prescription was prescribed to me because i was still having some issues such as tense muscles irritability quick to anger unable to relax mild to moderate depression without suicidal thoughts at all. (Keep in mind thats a big leap from where i was at which is suicide thoughts, plans, and 1 half hearted attempt with major depression without any medication). The new prescription burspirone I can honestly say changed my life however there are a few odd side effects that in a way kinda worry me/ curious about. I have been taking the burspirone for 3 or 4 days along with my other medications which i will list at the bottom of the page. The side eff...
Updated 29 minutes ago in Bupropion.
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Adderal 30mg Generic Which Is Better The Orange Oval Or The Pink Round
Is there a difference in the potency of the generic oval orange 30mg and the generic round pink 30 mg? ## Hi Wendy, When you switch brand names or manufacturers, the drug itself doesn't change, but rather the binders or fillers that they put with it. However I do want to mention that certain "inactive" ingredients (which may or may not be present in each brand) are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. So it's possible that you may respond favorably with one medication and not the other (even if they are the same drug and same dosage). I hope this info helps! Have you had a chance to take either of them yet? ## I have taken both the oval orange and the round pink 30mg generic adderall's. I prefer the pink ones but i"m having a...
Updated 30 minutes ago in Adderall.
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small blue pill k 9
Small round blue pill with the imprint of K 9 on one side and nothing on the other side. ## This tablet appears to be new to the market, as I can't find a listing, but someone else has posted that they recieved it as a 30mg Oxycodone tablet. This is a very potent narcotic pain reliever. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. You can read more here: Does anyone else have more information? ## Yes, that pill you are describing is oxycodone 30 mg. I was just prescribed that medication today and that's exactly what the pill looks like. I've never seen this type before either but I heard elsewhere while doing a search that a new manufacturer was approved this past August/September which is probably why it's difficult to find anything o...
Updated 32 minutes ago in Oxycodone.
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side effects of gabapentin methylcobalamin tablets
My father is a cerebral Haemorrhage patient with right side limb weakness and imbalance to fall. The doctor has prescribed to take. GABAPENTIN 300mg+METHYLCOBALAMIN 500mg. Is he taking the right medicine?? ## Hi. I am 38 years old now and ihave been on blood pressure control drugs for 10 years now. In January 2014 i started having pains in my chest and my drugs was increased.diagnosed i currently use carvedilil 50mg, gabapentin 300mg and methycobalamin 500mg, creator rosuvastatin 5mg and hydrochlorotiazidecandesartan cilexetil and hydrochlorotiazide (atacand plus 16/12.5mg). I have lost a lot of weight since and don't want to lose any more weight as i am beginning to look too thin for my liking. Pls advice on which of the drugs may result in weight loss and how i might stop this. I ...
Updated 34 minutes ago in Gabapentin.
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lactic acid gout
osteoarthritis pain from lactic acid ## Hello, Jules! How are you? What condition are you asking about? It seems you're confusing several. Osteoarthritis is completely different from gout and the latter would involved uric acid. What have you been diagnosed with? NSAIDs can be used to treat osteoarthritis, unless one's health prohibits such, but gout often requires something to reduce the uric acid.
Updated 45 minutes ago in Gout.
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can a person using lasixs and plenish k take urispas
my mother is eighty four and her ankles swell she is on lasix and plenish k but she gets up about every half an hour at night to go to toilet but sometimes nothing comes out and she says that when she gets back to bed that her bladder is full. she has got an endicrone seal or something. Can she take urispas with the lasix and plenish k and how much fluid should she drink a day? ## Hello, Barbara! How is your mother doing? Rather than adding another medication on your own, your mother needs to discuss this with her doctor. Retaining fluid like that can be very dangerous and could lead to congestive heart failure, which may put her life at risk. At her age, this just isn't something worth trying to treat yourself. What dose does she take of the Lasix?
Updated 52 minutes ago in Lasixs.
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ifanorex anfepramona
Light Blue Round pill Long dark blue pill Light Green pill ## Sorry, this appears to be an herbal supplement for weight loss, which is not available in the U.S. and I cannot find any information on it, or what it contains. ## IFA-Norex Anfeprmona is a diet pill, it supresse appretitate and gives a burst of enery. It's available in Mexico but is a controlled medication - requires a Dr. prescription. I first tried it 4yrs ago and lost an avg. of 5 lbs a wk. I still take it but I take breaks in between. ## im taking ifa-norex anfepramona50mg,but i suffer from anxiety is there a way i could take half a pill insteard of the whole since it has to much energy for me ## yes u kn take less my i take 1/4 every day ## My email is super nacha @ h o t m a i l . c o m all together of course if an...
Updated 52 minutes ago in Norex.
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hp 65 white oblong pill
YES I FOUND A COUPLE OF THESE HP65 ON A COUNTER TOP AND WAS WONDERING WHAT THEY ARE. ## Hello, Sully! How are you? Each of these tablets contains 500mgs of Metronidazole, which is a type of antibiotic. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and weight loss. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank You! JS.
Updated 54 minutes ago in Metronidazole.
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5 mg butrans patch
Hi there, I've been looking online for information on how to get off the butrans patch (5mg) I have been on now for about 3 years. I was placed on this due to a spinal infection and the lingering affects due to nerves thereof - a general diagnosis has been possible lyme/west nile - whatever it is/was - I am still (4 yrs. later numb from the knees down - numbness is intermittent and moves about from knees down to feet). Still on a walker as whatever this was took out my left leg in particular however my right leg is fine. It's been a trip - but I'll beat it - darn if I won't. All said, though and back to topic - has anyone any suggestions on how to "get off" this butran's patch - the lowest dose ? Can I just take the darn thing off and ride it out or is this d...
Updated 58 minutes ago in Butrans.
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Axiron application
All The Axiron Literature Says To Apply It Only Underarms. Why? Doesn't Other Skin Areas Absorb the liquid? ## Hello, Ron! How are you? The skin there is generally thinner, so more will be absorbed and that is also a safer place to use it in order to prevent its transfer to other people, since it can cause problems for women and children. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 1 hour ago in Axiron.
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white capsule plain no marks suspect it is oxycodone
Swim's pal came across some white capsules that had no markings at all, just about as long as abe's head on a penny, and a little more than three pennies girth-wise. Swim's capsules contained extremely fine white powder and swim was told that said capsules are roxy 30mg. Trusting what swim's pal had told him, swim opened the capsule, tasted the powder (finest grain powder swim has ever come across mind you) and it was the unmistakable taste of oxycodone, only less of the bitter bite was noticeable. After some consideration and careful preparation, swim insufflated half of what was inside, and immediately noticed that it was in fact, an opiate. Swim then insufflated the other half of the powder and waited for the heavier effects. Swim says that the taste is REMARKABLY les...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxycodone.
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White Oblong Pill With Ex Imprint Found In My Lortab Bottle
I found a white oblong pill with Ex on it in my lortab bottle could it be a new kind of lortab, or what is it ## Hi Coty, Based on the description provided, your pill has been identified as Excedrin migraine (Acetaminophen 250 mg / Aspirin 250 mg / Caffeine 65 mg). Excedrin Migraine is used in the treatment of pain/fever and migraines. It belongs to the drug class: analgesic combinations. Learn More: Acetaminophen + ASA + Caffeine Details I hope this helps! ## Not Exedrin Migraine, they have just an E on those. It's a foreign hydrocodone pill but not as good. ## I've found that pill you're describing: white, caplet with Ex on one side, no number. Based on internet search, I also thought it was a Migraine Excedrin pill but they only have the E marking. Can you tell me where ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Lortab.
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