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liquid methadone
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PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW IF LIQUID METHADONE COMES IN PINK OR IS IT WATERED DOWN because i have always got cherry red and never saw pink methadone until i got to this clinic and i take 150 mil. and with in 15 hours i need another dose when i got cherry red i was able to take it every other day and i was fine so can you PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON THANK YOU P.S. I TAKE IT FOR PAIN ## in my country methadone is dark green, however that is when it comes ready made, the chemist can get methadone crystals,speical water,and colourant to make themselves wich costs less aprently and that 99% of the time will taste less strong and be of a lighter colour, the chemist stands strong,oviously, and sais they make it right each time but if i were u i wud ask them if u can watch them make it up an...
Updated 42 minutes ago in Methadone.
My Doctor messed up my prescriptions
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I usually get sixty 5mg hydrocodone a month. Well this month when I went in I had a UTI so needed an antibiotic. My Dr messed up and gave me the amount of 30, that she was supposed to give of the antibiotic as my hydrocodone amount and then gave me 60 antibiotics instead of 60 hydrocodone. Well, I got my medications filled and my pharmacist tells me that she gave me 60 Bactrim and thought that was strange and asked me if I knew why and all I knew was I had a bad UTI. It still didn't make sense to her that I was given that many. Well, I got home and realized the mistake. I called my Dr office and they saw the mistake and I have to go back and get the other part of my pain medicine prescription. OK, I always fill ALL my medicine at the SAME pharmacy and do NOT like to go get one med s...
Updated 1 hour ago in Hydrocodone.
sulfamethoxazole temp ds and pseudoephedrine
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I was prescribed sulfamethoxazole-tmp ds a week ago for urinary infection and ear pain. Was taken by severe headache behind my eyes. I've had constant nagging headache all week that won't go away. I don't know if it's from the antibiotics or the new Belviq I was also put on. Can I take Sudafed with these and excedrin to be able to function today? ## Hello, Laura! How are you? Yes, this antibiotic can cause headaches as a side effect, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. You should avoid taking the Excedrin, though, because the antibiotic may cause you to absorb too much of the Aspirin that's in it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Feeling better now that I restarted my citalopram as well. I ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Sulfamethoxazole.
Viibryd side effects
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What if any side effects are people experiencing on viibryd ## Taking Viibryd (vilazodone) at a dose of 40 mg per day is considered to be well tolerated and reported adverse effects ranged from mild to moderate in intensity; side effects included diarrhea, nausea, and somnolence. Other than that, I haven't located any other side effect information on this drug. You can view more details on Viibryd by following the link below: Please post back if you have any other general questions or concerns about this drug. ## I have noticed hair loss, been on it about 4 months now. ## been on vii almost 2 months. worse side effect is restless leg. if i get it taken early enough in the day, i don't notice it as much. if i take it noonish, then its really bad at bedtime. also didn't help t...
Updated 1 hour ago in Viibryd.
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Going to start it tomorrow. Anyone else taking it and how do you like it? Thanks, ls ## Started taking it on 07-13. Coming off of Effexor and Lexapro. ## Thanks, and keep me updated on how you feel. I take Welbutrin and am adding this med. Used to take Lexapro with the Welbutrin, but it just make me feel like nothing, so I got off it. Hopefull, and from what I have read, this is a lot better!! ## Will do! Am very hopeful as well. Lot of anxiety during the transition, but I think that's the Effexor getting out of my system. ## I have never taken it, but can provide a little information about it. It contains the active ingredient Vilazodone and it is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Unlike similar medications, it has been shown to help in as little as one week,...
Updated 1 hour ago in Viibryd.
Oxycodone or Percocet
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I have a few pills that I think are Percocet/Oxycodone 10mg. They are blank/plain on one side. The other side is scored and has 104 printed on the scored side. Can you verify if that is what these are please?
Updated 1 hour ago in Acetaminophen + Oxycodone.
Latuda enhances mood and curbs binge cravings for food
7 Replies RSS
I tried Latuda starting a month and half ago. Had a very stressful trip home many variables featuring extreme changes and suffering around me. I thrive on stability. Got extremely distressed and angry and had problems sleeping. I think the medicine actually helped. Have always been very suicidal and was going to get home and shoot myself but did not. Since then had a couple of angry dwelling days but have had seven great productive days in a row now and very hopeful for this medicine. History. I have been on Max Geodon and some wellbutrin for 3 years now and sleeping 12 hours a day. Usually pretty hopeless even though from outside i have great family life. Went on lamictal for awhile and too much anger. Lamictal curbed binge eating as well. I would suggest this medicine for anyone who i...
Updated 1 hour ago in Latuda.
tryptomer 10 mg side effect
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What are its side effects? ## Tryptomer contains the active ingredient Amitriptyline, this is an antidepressant that is often used to treat other conditions, including insomnia. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and headache. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I have severe pain in my head n neck back andknee pain.pain in head comes for 5minutes than goes.i have been prescribed with tryptomer does this will be helpfull? ## Side effect of tryptomer 10 mg to start today One in morning two at night Also taking 1-1 Nova 75 since last two months For left side neuralgic pain on face Pl advice
Updated 1 hour ago in Amitriptyline.
Tablet To Avoid Pregnancy After 1 Month
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Hi am pallavi I hv unsafe sex with my Husband now I want to stop my pregnancy due to our present situation. only once we have participate the unprotected sex. we dont know i am conceive or not. but some tension will be created in my mind plz help me. ## Do a pregnancy test NOW, so you will not worry. If positive, you will have to terminate if you can't have a baby now. ## hiee... i am from indore (mp),India.. me and my gf had unprotected sex on 14th feb,2014 though i didnt released seamen just rested in her vagina for a while n removed,still she not having her periods,her usual dates wer 26-28 and now its 3,we both are so much tensed pls suggest me what to do and any pills available in india to stop pregnancy at early stage... ## hiee... i am sonu from ,jamshedpur India.. me and my ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Nausea & Vomiting.
antibiotic expiration
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is it dangerous to take nitrofurantoin 7 months after the discard date?
Updated 1 hour ago in Nitrofurantoin.
decilone forte side effects
80 Replies RSS
everytime i take decilone i gain weight.and i love it coz i love to eat and i have good appetie..but my concern is that,is there any side effects in the future?please give me details of these side effects..tnx ## i like to gain weight and my friends told me to take decilone forte.is it ok?if i also take it togetherw/a multi vitamins will it be much faster for me to gain weight...thanks ## Decilone contains the steroid Dexamethasone. It is an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant, so using it just to gain weight is NOT a good idea, it can compromise your immune system and cause serious complications. ## side effects of decilone forte ## "If dexamethasone is given orally or by injection (parenteral) over a period of more than a few days, side-effects common to systemic glucocorticoi...
Updated 1 hour ago in Dexamethasone.
Generic Norco m367 10/325
242 Replies RSS
Is no good. I have to take three at a time for 1 hour of pain relief. Anybody else have this problem with M367 - 10/325 ? ## Recently went to refill my norco script and they gave me M367 10/325 instead of the yellow 10/325. One of the yellow pills would last 4 hours. With the m367 I have to take 3 at a time for 1 hour of pain relief. Let me know if any of you have encountered the same with M367 10/325. Thank you ## I'm sure there are others that have had similar problems, there can be some slight fluctuations from one generic medication to another, so not all of them work well for everyone that tries them. For example, I can take this same tablet and it really hits me very hard, after taking just one, I have good pain relief and am pretty much tired and groggy for most of the day. Y...
Updated 2 hours ago in Norco.
can it help me
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Can I take pentrexyl for bronctitas
Updated 2 hours ago in Ampicillin.
Is the u03 the same as M367
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Hello I have just received a pill with the imprint u03 and I would like to know if anyone who has taken M367 has changed over and if they are the same strength and if they work the same as my m367 did ## Yes, they are both Hydrocodone 10 mg/Acetaminophen 325 mg.
Updated 2 hours ago in Hydrocodone.
Acetami/Codein Question
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Can I take a half of Acetami/Codein 300-60mg? ## Yes, you can take half of 60 mg Codeine/Acetaminophen 325 mg.
Updated 2 hours ago in Codeine.
withdrawal method
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Hi there,i will be going home for vacation in my home country nxt week and i'm married...i didnt take pills now,because they dont have the brand im using,there's no other way than to use withdrawal method while having pills for not get pregnant..is it safe to use this method with oral contraceptive at the same time...thanks ## Hello, Cel! How are you? Yes, though not foolproof, it is always safe to use the withdrawal method. As reported by the FDA, it does have a failure rate, so the best thing to do is to also use some other form of contraceptive. Is there anything else I can help with? ## The side effects of your oral contraceptive, as listed by the FDA, may include breakthrough bleeding, PMS-like symptoms, nausea and headache. ## thank you so much fr your reply... ## cel, you...
Updated 2 hours ago in Ferrous Fumarate.
Tramadol HCL Safety And Potency Past Expiration Date
32 Replies RSS
I pulled a muscle in my lower back and am in a lot of pain but am unemployed at the moment and can't afford to see a doctor and fill a new prescription. I found an old bottle of Tramadol HCL 50 MG with an expiration date of 3/22/2007. It has been stored in a cool, dark, dry cabinet all of this time. Does Tramadol HCL become unsafe or lose its potency after its expiration date, especially this long after? ## Unsafe no, loss of potency yes! In the original factory sealed bottles that your pharmacy receives, most medications are only good for 3 years, once those are opened and they are placed in a bottle that exposed them to heat and light, they degrade faster and will lose potency. Learn more Tramadol details here. Are there any other comments or questions? ## Thanks for the reply Ver...
Updated 2 hours ago in Tramadol.
metoprolol withdrawal
769 Replies RSS
i've been taking metoprolol for several years as partial treatment for high blood pressure. through diet and xcercise, i've lowered my BP to the point my doctor says drop the metoprolol. i did, 3 days ago, and i'm soooo tired, dizzy, irritable, and my vision is blurred. is this withdrawal? how long will it last? i remember starting this medication was terrible to get used to. it appears that stopping it is just as bad. ## I am experiencing the same thing and I am tapering off of the metoprolol. I have only been on for a couple of months and now the withdrawal is just as bad. I am down to 12.5 mg two times a day. It is tough. ## it went away after a week or so. i feel great now, and my BP and heart rate have risen slightly, but thats the reason we stopped it. i've lost en...
Updated 3 hours ago in Metoprolol.
Oxycodone Vs Fentanyl Withdrawals
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I have just switched from oxycodone to fentanyl patches. I will be withdrawing from them following sugery. any suggestions as to which is easier to withdraw from? Thanks!!! ## Well, the Fentanyl is actually much stronger than the Oxycodone, a 0.025mg dosage of it is equal to 5mgs of Oxycodone, so it is going to be the harder one to withdraw from, if it is stopped abruptly. However, the other fact of relevance is how long you will be using it. If it is only for a short period of time, them the withdrawals may not be too rough, though they may still be annoying. Has your doctor provided you with any advice? ## i have been on fentanyl for a long time. prior to this was on a bunch of oxycodone. to give you an idea i was taking anywhere to 3 or 4 of the 80s per day and 5 or 6 of the Roxi 30s...
Updated 3 hours ago in Oxycodone.
concerta 18mg
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I need concerta for my son I live in cairo How can I get it. Thanks
Updated 3 hours ago in Concerta.

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