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hair follicle drug test and oxycodone
24 Replies RSS
I am prescribed oxycodone 10mg taken 4 times daily. I take them as directed. I recently took a 5 panel hair follicle test and it came back negative on everything. Does anyone know a reason that this would not show up on a hair test? I did not have my hair colored or bleached in over two years and I did not take anything to try to alter the results. Thanks! ## The reason oxy didn't show up in a Hair 5 Drug Panel test is that it is not tested for in that panel. In order for it to show up on a hair test you would need to take a test with the Extended Opiates which are the pain killers like oxy. ## So percocet wouldn't show up as an opiate? The people that administered the test said it should of shown up and they didn't know why it didn't. ## In a normal Hair 5 Drug Panel te...
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how long does heroin stay your system for a drug test
47 Replies RSS
Serious question as most of yours are. I've been clean for 3 months and decided to use again on Fri. around 8am. I had a urine test done Tues. night around 7pm. I'm 39 yrs old 5.5 and 135lbs. I totally wasn't expecting one being done so therefore wasn't prepared at all. No drinking lg. amounts of water but yes I do work out. Honestly what do you think my chances are of passing? I'll know for sure next Tues but my nerves are really starting to get to me. I know I wont be doing this crap to myself any time soon again. ## You should pass, but come on... what the hell.. 3 months.. are you going to meetings? Do you have a support group? My heart just breaks for all of you... ## i know i need at Least a week to test clean. People vary - my p.o. at the time never did believ...
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Lyrica in Mexico
10 Replies RSS
Hi, I've learned a lot from other people's experiences here on medschat over the last few years and wanted to share my experiences with something that comes up on here from time to time, and I hope that I can somehow help out somebody out there wondering. I live in socal (south of LA), and have been taking Lyrica (pregabalin) for fibromyalgia and migraines for about six or seven years now, and it would not be exaggerating to say that it has really changed my life. It's an incredible product, and the only thing I've tried after ten or fifteen years of doctors trying me on everything and mosf things they tried either not doing anything or else just making things worse. With no generic alternative available in the US, I have to pay $217 every time I pick up a refill (28 pil...
Updated 39 minutes ago in Lyrica.
Effectivity of Nordette Contraceptive
292 Replies RSS
Hi, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I went to my OB last week and she told me that I was ovulating. And then my boyfriend accidentally ejaculated inside of me. After 20hrs I took the first 4 pills, and took the next 4 an hour late (because I fell asleep). Help me please? Is there a possibility I could get pregnant? Please, I'm really scared. ## Hi. I know my response is out of the question. I'm just curious as to where you can still fill a prescription for Nordette. I heard it's already phased out. I just really needed one at the moment. ## Did you get preggy? Any update? ## This might be a very late reply, but for the benefit of other readers, nordette is still available in some mercury drugstore. Just be patient in finding some, , ## Hello. I took the 4 pills 11hr...
Updated 42 minutes ago in Nordette.
30 minute sex stamina tablet
145 Replies RSS
Which tablet can i use for more time in sex? ## I have no problem getting an erection but once I start either having sex or masterbating I cum in about 30 seconds. What kind of options do I have (naturally or medically) to prevent this from happening any more? ## what name is medicine of sex stemina ## whenever i used to do sex. i ejeculate within 1min. Advise me for good medicine ## i want sex 30 minuts 1 day which tablet use as long duration plss................suggest me ## 30 min stamina tablet pls send ## i want incres my stemina ## i am no long time sex. help me please ## i want my stamina ## i am 45 year old man ,my problem 1 min fall down, i want increase 20 t30 min ,sussion me ## i am 42 year old man ,my problem 10 min fall down, i want increase 30 min ,sussion me ## suggest me...
Updated 1 hour ago in Viagra.
i need help with ativan info
20 Replies RSS
I was proscribed klonapin about a year ago i took it for about 3 weeks i stopped because it made me depressed. then a summer passed i got it again with celexa the same thing happened again i stoppped taking it. i was put on xanax 1mg i started on .25 but ended up 1mg 3 times a day. this did not wokr the anxiety was still there and i was more aggiteated and stressed then usualy they made me calm but nothing. after i went back to my dr he put me on valium i took 2 5mg one day the next i tried 10mg the day after 20mg split up into the morning and the night, but the valium had absolutly no effect one me i did not feel anything like i hadnt even taken them. my anxiety is very severe to the point were i am stressed i have migrains 5 days out of the week every day, my hands shake alot and they...
Updated 1 hour ago in Ativan.
Period Delay after Abortion Pill
162 Replies RSS
Hi, I got pregnent in last april, had one abortion pill. I got heavy period instantly for 5-6 days. My period was due on 22nd May.It did not came. I checked Pregnency test and result was negative. Still I am not getting my period started. Its 12 Days now. Plz suggest what should i do? Also, There is any chance that I am still pregnent? Thanks ## If you had the bleeding and the test was negative, then it isn't very likely that you're pregnant. It is more than likely that the effects of the pregnancy and the induced abortion have disrupted your menstrual cycle and it may take awhile for your body to return to normal. If you are worried, then you can always consult a doctor for an exam or professional lab pregnancy test. Have you shown any signs of pregnancy? Like weight gain or br...
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what could cause a positive test for methadone
63 Replies RSS
a random drug test yielded a positive test for methadone. If you are not taking methadone, how could that be? ## I am not taking methadone however a drug test for a job today showed positive. I do take several medications and take stuff (legal) like nyquil etc all the time what could have made me test positive ?? ## Methadone is a synthetic opiate and it is possible that on a test that isn't done by a certified lab, other substances could cause you to show a false positive for it, including other synthetic or semi-synthetic opiates. Few employers are required to use a certified lab and most of the regular, inexpensive labs do have an error rate that ranges fro 4 to 50%. Sharron, in your case, it could have been the NyQuil, as it has been known to cause a false positive for Methadone...
Updated 2 hours ago in Methadone.
How to use manforce tablet for one time only before sex.
295 Replies RSS
Hi... I'm 24 and i'm going to have sex within few weeks and i want to stay for long and satisfy my partner as well. I just want to use it for once. When i masturbate i ejaculate within 3-4 mins. But this time i want it to be so long. Please help me with which tablet should i use and how much time before should i use. ## i want to do sex atleast 15 minutes nd i am 21 yrs old if i masturbate then ejecuated in 2 to 3 minute .so help me which medicine we should take nd how ## name of sex tablet,minimum 15 to 20 mints, ## I am 38 year old best responce of manforce 50 with other medicine combination.i have no deseis & no take any regular medicin ## Hi am I Biren am I married ..... since 02 yrs .... I have a sexual problem ...In just minutes I discharge..... therefore can't sat...
Updated 2 hours ago in Sildenafil.
You can take benzos while your on suboxone
268 Replies RSS
I've been seeing alot of posts regarding taking benzos while on Suboxone.It is ok to take a benzo w/suboxone as long as you're taking the subscribed dosages you'll be fine.Now if your taking 3 or 4 8mgs of Suboxone an say 5or 6 Xanax that's not good,tha's where the repored deaths have come from.I've been on Subs for 5 yrs ive been subscribed klonopin an currently taking valium w/it a it's fine,I'm on a low dose an only take what i am perscribed. ## Dude are you sure about that? are you a doctor? mabe you shouldn't advise people on the subject when not knowing all your facts..ps try using spell check in the future repored ## I have to agree with Jake, if you are not a medical professional, then there is no way to say for certain what is safe for any pa...
Updated 2 hours ago in Suboxone.
5 Replies RSS
We found 3 pills moving. One is round white pill, scored with DanDan on one side and 5599 on the other. The second one is round, white pill, has 93 on top and 350 one the bottom, and a large 4 on the other side, the third one is white, oblong pill and has 93- 490 on one side and is blank on the other. Can you please help me identify these? ## Drug Name Trazodone HCl Strength(s) 100 MG Imprint(s) 5599 DAN DAN Manufacturer / Distributor Schein Drug Name Acetaminophen-codeine Phosphate Strength(s) 300 mg-60 mg Imprint(s) 93 350 4 Manufacturer / Distributor Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Drug Name APAP / propoxyphene Napsylate Strength(s) 650 MG-100 MG Imprint(s) 93-490 Manufacturer / Distributor Teva ## I am 66 with a bad spinal fusion. I plan top retire within 2 years but driving and sitting ar...
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name of tablets to get early period
468 Replies RSS
me and my boy frnd had sex without taking precausion. i am scared about pregnency as i missed my period this month. 9 days over still period not happend. so please tell me which tablet i can take to avoid this. please reply me ASAP. ## Have you taken a pregnancy test to check, yet? The most commonly used medication to induce abortion, if a test shows that you are pregnant, is Misoprostol, often sold under the brand name Cytotec. Learn more Cytotec details here. However, it does require a prescription in most countries. ## My marriage is fixed on a date clashing my periods I want early periods from the date to avoid menses in my marriage Suggest me tablet which should not have any side effect and help me in preponding my periods date. ## me and my boy frnd had sex without taking precausi...
Updated 3 hours ago in Misoprostol.
phentermine, topamax & trintellix
2 Replies RSS
I'm currently taking adapex & topamax for weight loss. Can I take trintellex also? I think I'm going through menopause & I'm not sleeping & having problems with speaking my mind... in your face. I know that adapex is an amphetamine... I've been on it before & had no problems with sleeping or anger. My Dr. prescribed trintellex... I'm not depressed either. ## Some of these medications can help with perimenopause or menopause symptoms. I take Prozac for mine and it helps tremendously. You do have to be cautious taking these together, since the Trintellix may increase the effects of the Adipex, so you should only take them together if they have all been prescribed for you and your doctor is monitoring you regularly. The FDA warns that you may also experi...
Updated 3 hours ago in Phentermine.
Trintellix Review
2 Replies RSS
Why did I read that you should not take this medicine till 2020? I was just given a lot of samples of 5mg that my doctor wants me to start for my depression. I am scared to death to start because of the horrible reviews & side effects that sound horrible. I have never heard of this drug. Can you please help me with this. Also if I do decide to start when is the very best time to take it? ## Has anyone else gone down from 10 to 5 mg of trintellix? I am afraid I will have some anxiety doing this. Can anyone give me advice? ## I've been on Brintellix/ Trintellix for going on 2 years. Saved my life. I am on a low dose, with buspar piggy back, but no longer a handful of drugs. If you've failed the rest, give it a shot. Start low. I am great on just 10mg, and I was suffering from ...
Updated 3 hours ago in Brintellix.
does vimpat contain sulfa
3 Replies RSS
does vimpat contain sulfa? ## My wife was just recently put on Vimpat. She is on Depacote ER and Vimpat is supose to be in addition to it. A piggy back med. She has broken out in hives with several other meds. She just asked me if it looks like she is breaking out again. She does have a couple small pimple like spots, but nothing like the other times. My question is, is Vimpat a Sulfa based med? Thank You for your help. ## Does company contain sulphide or similar? My daughter was prescribed pregabalin and had to be hospitalized with very adverse side effects. I am worried for her to start this med as it has similar effects to pregabalin. ## It shouldn't. I'll allergic to sulfa, and no issues with vimpat. She may be allergic to something else in it.
Updated 3 hours ago in Vimpat.
side effects of epilim ,risperdal,and lamotrigine
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my son is diagnosed with ataxic cerebral palsy he has been on this medication for 13yrs up to this point he is 15yrs old now.Do these medications affect the organs in ones body and can they cause serious conditions if not detected?What are signs and symptoms of conditions or illnesses to look for mentally and physically plse
Updated 3 hours ago in Risperdal.
drug interactions with meloxicam
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would it be dangerous if I take my medical marijuana while on a meloxicam prescription? ## Hello, Rummpa! How are you? No, marijuana has not been known to cause any problems or interactions with any prescription medications, so far. That's why so many doctors are in favor of its use. However, combined with the side effects of the Meloxicam, which is classified by the FDA as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, you may experience more dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth than usual. Other Meloxicam side effects may include headache, stomach irritation and increased risk of bleeding. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Marijuana and effexor have a bad reaction together. They both bump serotonin levels up and the combo of them can range from nausea to seizures. I know this from my d...
Updated 4 hours ago in Meloxicam.
Pills To Abort 2-3 Week Pregnancy
13 Replies RSS
I ve a friend who saw her period 17th April and had unprotect sex. She missed her period this month of May. She has taken a pregnancy test and it came positive. What drugs can she take. ## I ve a friend who saw her period 17th April and had unprotected sex. She missed her period this month of May. She has taken a pregnancy test and it came positive. What drugs can she take. We need help and we are in Africa (Nigeria) ## i had unprotected sex last week on satz am from S.A and i would lyk to knw wat kinda pillz i can find and wer ## Ma girl is 2-3 weeks pregnant which pill i use to abort it please help i am from india ## Ma girl is 2-3 weeks pregnant which pill should i use to abort it please help i am from ghana ## Take gynecosene mixed with quinine one tablet. At night ## Hi I'm fro...
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Do I have to eat with metoprolol
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I've Been taking 12.5 twice a day. Once with lunch but the other around 11 pm. I don't want to nor do I feel like eating that late. It doesn't upset my stomach but can this hurt me!? Also, am I not allowed to eat potassium due to this drug?
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Dilantin level is to high(34) should be (10-20).
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I've been on Dilantin for many yrs. Started out taking 300mgs daily. As Dilantin was helping to prevent a seizure. My life has been put on hold. Tried Tegartol, lamictol(put me in a Grandmal Seizure). Had to go back to Dilantin. Was given generic Dilantin. Life seemed to be fine until I was so weak in the hospital with no Dilantin in my blood stream. Also, my potassium and calcium very low. Now it's medically necessary I take brand naned Dilantin300mg also Keppra(1000mg)/ Dilantin400mg w/Keppra1000mg. Alternating days I'm taking med's as needed but, it's been a prob with levels to low or levels to high. I am back to just 300mg Dilantin w/1000mg Keppra. Have to get levels repeated in a week. Is it me, the med's and or both? Having a seizure 1st started in a foster ho
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