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how long does it take for clindamycin to work?
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I have a abscess in my anal reason. I was priscribed this medecine and this is my forth day taking it 3 times a day. I had a small swallow and now it has become big and painful. I was wondering if this medecine works and if, how long it takes because everyday the pain is going up. ## Hello, Ronaldo! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain. Generally, if an antibiotic is working, you should start to see improvement after taking it for a full 3 days and no worsening after taking it for a full 24 hours, thus, you should likely return to your doctor as this might not be the right medication to help you. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I...
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vicodin and percocet together by mistake
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I took a vicodin 5 at around 11 sm at around 1 pm I went to take another vicodin but picked up the wrong bottle (my husband had surgery and his dr gave him percocet). Since they looked the same, I didn't think about it until I put the bottle away and noticed my husband's name on it. The percocet is 7.5. I only got three hours of sleep last night, so I don't know the reason why I am so lathargic. I also have hypokalemia due to medication, so my system is very sensative. I don't even take asprin because of that, but I am in so much pain my dr prescribed vicodin 5. Should I be as concerned as I am? I am not a pill person. Thanks! ## For 9 months I was on both Vicodin 10/325 and Oxycodone 30mg. Both meds were prescribed to take on a daily basis as needed--separate or togethe...
Updated 16 minutes ago in Vicodin.
kansas city mo pain medication prescribers
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I am uninsured and have a referral to a pain management clinic, but cannot afford the clinic. I would like to know of any cheap doctors who would prescribe the narcotic pain medication I need to be on in the Kansas City MO area. ## Hi, Kat! How are you? I'm sorry, but under the new regulations that were put in place this year, if you require narcotic pain medications on a long-term basis to treat chronic pain, you're going to have to see a pain management specialist. PCPs are no severely restricted in what they can prescribe, how long they can prescribe it and why they can prescribe it. Do you qualify for any type of assistance to help paying for the clinic? ## Hello Verwon, thank you for the reply. I am currently trying to get Medicaid but I know the clinics do not take Medicai...
Updated 25 minutes ago in Percocet.
hi i am 2 month pragancy and need abortion medicine name indian
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hi i am 2 month pragancy. i need medicine name i am indian. plz help me not need child ## Hi i m 20 years old i had sex with my boy friend but it was not more than a sec. but i m doubt that i m pregnent because it been 10 days i missed my periods. i always had a regular periods. can u please help me . ## I am pregnant of one month I want to abort at home by my self by medicine So kindly send me the name of medicine and how to use it ## Hi Sir my gf had 1month and 15days pregnant we want to abort this because we are unmarried pls reply medicine (pills) for abort pregnancy ## main 1 month pregnent hu main abort karna chahati hu plz koi abortion pill ka name bata do plzzz ## hai my name is jenny I am 1 month pregnant I want to abort this fetus due to my family problem and financial problem...
Updated 28 minutes ago.
How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System For A Urine Test
524 Replies RSS
i took only one 7.5 loratab and was drug tested will it show up in my urine for how long ## It really depends a lot on what time you took the 7.5 Lortab and afterwards, the length of time you had before your drug test. Lortab has a half-life of roughly 3.8 hours. This means that 3.8 hours after the dose you took, half of the original dose is still present and active in the body. After another 3.8 hours (or 7.6 hours total), half of what was left after the first 3.8 hours is present and active (one-quarter of the original dose). Most pharmacists consider that after three to five "half-lives," close to 90% of the drug has been eliminated and is no longer affecting the body. The maximum wait to achieve five half-lives for Lortab would be: 5 x 3.8 = "19 hours". But it would ...
Updated 37 minutes ago in Hydrocodone.
how to find a doctor that will write prescriptions /narcotic for pain
34 Replies RSS
I have been with the same doctor for years now he said he can no longer write for pain medicine so I have to find a doctor or pain clinic that will continue my pain medicines and that is it how can this be after he has had me on these pain medicine for years taking my money for every visit to continue me on these medicines now he is stopping and I have to find a new doctor that will work with me Where do I find a doctor that will help me and take over my care. ## Look under Pain Management in your area. You can also ask your current dr for a referral. Pain Management Drs have pain contracts and routine drug panels. You will also need your medical records along with the diagnostic results for the cause of your pain. The dr will be the ones to decide what pain meds he gives you. Don't...
Updated 42 minutes ago in Morphine.
finding dr in atlanta
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I need help finding Dr. in Atlanta Ga. that has no problem prescribing xanax. I have been prescribed xanax for 13 years now my doc is moving. I have no insurance.
Updated 45 minutes ago in Xanax.
Trying to find Dr. that will prescribe 10/325's in Gainesville/Ocala, FL
12 Replies RSS
On June 28th, my fiance and I had gotten into a car accident where some kid T-boned us going across a divided highway. Every since the accident, I've had a headache on both sides only centralized in my temple regions. I've had an MRI of my head and neck, CT scan, and a X-Ray of my neck. They found nothing. I've went to a family Dr. and the last thing he prescribed before referring me to a neurologist was Fioricet and Hydro 10/325 but only wrote me a 10 day script. They worked like a charm. For those 10 days, I didn't notice a headache at all. Went to a neurologist after, and said I had post-concussion headaches and put me on Amitriptyline, Topiramate, and Prednisone. After the 2nd day I had to stop taking them as it made my headaches even more unbearable. Last place I we...
Updated 47 minutes ago in Hydrocodone.
go37 made by tris pharm making me tired
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The pharmacy I go to switched my norcos. I was getting v3601 Qualitest and just got my new prescription and they gave me go37 by tris . These pills are making me drousy and giving me a stomache ache.
Updated 48 minutes ago in Norcos.
Whats The Best Way To Get Suboxone Out Of Your System
239 Replies RSS
i took half a strip of suboxone on friday and i have to take a drug test soon what is the best way to get it out of my system? ## Don't take it in the first place..... in all honesty, depending on the type of drug screening you are submitting to, you may be screwed no matter what you do, but drink LOTS of water and stay away from ALL narcotics until your screening.... ## There is really no guaranteed way to make sure it isn't in your system and won't be detected by a drug test, other than the one already stated, which is to not take it. One of the active ingredients in Suboxone is the opiate narcotic Buprenorphine and it can be detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. There is no precise time frame that can be given, however, beca...
Updated 1 hour ago in Suboxone.
difference between oxycodone amn and kvk
3 Replies RSS
I've had two surgeries, received oxcodone for both surgeries. I just noticed I've got the same dosage (5mg) but at the end one says amn, the other says kvk. How do the two prescriptions differ, if at all? ## Those are just abbreviations for the manufacturer, amn stands for Amneal Pharmaceuticals and the KVK is KVK Tech, but the medication is the same. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## What is the difference with the suffix on prescriptions, HCL vs. KVK? ## After surgery my doctor prescribed KVK Tech. pills which were smaller and made me feel very alert. Subsequently my physi...
Updated 1 hour ago in Oxycodone.
excessive head sweating from humidity
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Extreme bout's of excessive head sweating, vertigo, nausea, dizziness affiliated from high humidity. Have problems with chronic sinusitis, & bronchitis. Was taking levothyroxine for 5 yrs and had no energy, etc, etc. Recently switched to Amour Thyroid. Sweating comes on more suddenly with high humidity. 59 yr female, recent non smoker (25 month's non) after smoking for 35 yrs. Altogether with the attacks comes room spinning where I feel the need to curl up in the fetal position, nausea, excessive head sweating, dry mouth, and a feeling of narcolepsy. After 10 to 20 minutes of wiping my head it seems to subside. High humidity brings about sweating almost immediately, then hot/cold sweats on the the chest and back area. ## Hello, Pam! How are you? Those can all be side effects...
Updated 1 hour ago in Levothyroxine.
half red and half black capsule with no markings with brown substace inside smells kind of herbal
5 Replies RSS
half red and half black capsule with no markings with brown substace inside smells kind of herbal ## What is that pill ? My bf got given one and was told it was a viagra, he hasnt took it. What is it? Does any1 know ? ## its a pill for gonorrhea some kind of antibiotic for the body. ## With no markings, it is difficult to say what these capsule may have contained. They can be ruled out as being a U.S. manufactured prescription product, since they are all required to have unique imprints to enable their identification. However, they could have been something done by a compounding pharmacy, a foreign medication or any one of a large number of over the counter items. Did anyone ever figure out what they were? ## They are a sexual endurance pill and they are amazing!!!! i only stumbled on t...
Updated 1 hour ago in Viagra.
contraindicatives yo whdt other drugs
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What are some of the contra indicative drugs to alprazolam?does alprazolam interfere with SYNTHROID?
Updated 1 hour ago in Alprazolam.
How Long Does It Take For 4mg Of Suboxone To Be Out Your System
61 Replies RSS
How Long does it take for 4mg of suboxone to be completely out of your system? ## Hi Steve, Based on my research, if you took just one, then it should be out of your system within about 48 to 72 hours. If you have been taking it regularly, it could take longer. My suggestion is to drink lots of fluids and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to help flush it out of your system faster. Are you hoping to get Suboxone out of your system by any specific time? ## i took 2 mg sub film monday and 2 mg film on tuesday. how likely will it be out of my system by thursday? thanks. ## you guys are fabulous! thanks muchly for the help! ## Took about 4mg strip on monday. Out of my meds - Hurting. Have't taken subs in awhile. Would it be out of my system by Thursday? ## Just took 1 mg of suboxone. ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Suboxone.
how many hours will misopristone start working
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I took 1 misoprostone under my tongue and 3 inserted to vagina since 1pm bt av nt seen any flow up to 5:30pm. Can u plz tell me wat is happening?
Updated 1 hour ago.
Fill Oxycodone In Ga
156 Replies RSS
im in calhoun ga.... i need to fill my rx for 30mg oxycodone 120 count any suggestions?? ## I had been visiting a doctor in Cartersville and have been unable to reach his office this week for my 30mg oxicordone can you recommend a doctors office for me ## I need to find a new doctor somewhere near Atlanta, that can help me renew my 30mg oxicodone, I am having trouble trying to reach my clinic in Cartersville and I'm about to run out! Can anybody help me with a new clinic? ## My advice would be to make sure you aren't just calling the pharmacies to ask. If it's just a voice on the phone, they have no way of knowing whether or not you are a legitimate customer in need or a potential thief. Thus, most will just say that they don't stock any controlled substances. To get acc...
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weaning off dilaudid pain pump
28 Replies RSS
how long does it take to be weaned off a medtronic pain pump with the med. dilaudid the pain management wants my daughter to come off it in one month is that to fast and will there be alot of side effects and withdrawal please help i'm really scared for her and they are suppose to start reducing tomorrow ## Dialudid is a potent narcotic containing the active ingredient Hydromorphone. It really depends on how high of a dosage she has been on and for how long. It should be done on a very slow taper, slowly decreasing her dosage every 5 to 7 days, until she eventually isn't using any. She will, more than likely, still experience some withdrawal effects when she finally does stop altogether, however, they should not be severe nor dangerous. Just somewhat miserable. Did they say why ...
Updated 1 hour ago in Dilaudid.
Doctors in Michigan that prescribe methadone
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I'm interested in finding a private doctor's office (not a clinic) that will prescribe methadone. I can't afford these clinics! Does anyone know of a doctor??? ## I am a full time student and a single mother, I need assistance in finding a doctor who prescribes methodone because with my schedule and trandportation I cannot go to the Methadone Clinic anymore. ## Katy did What do you take methadone for? If you take it for opiate addiction, you won';t be able to find a doctor to prescribe it for you because a doctor can only write it for chronic pain. As for money, by the time you pay to see a doctor (Pain managment is a specialty) it will cost you more than going to the clinic. Most pain managment doctors charge $100.00+ each month plus the medication, and another problem ...
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Finding A good Pain Doctor in the VA DC MD area. That will help you out.
166 Replies RSS
Looking for a good pain Doctor that will prescribe Oxycodone. Its so hard working two jobs with no insurance, and trying to go to school as well to get my degree. I work for a moving company and install computers all day long. Always in pain Looking for A GOOD PAIN DOCTOR!!! WHO WILL PRESCRIBE OXYCODONE!! PLEASE HELP Preferably in the Northern Virginia AREA!!! ## There is really no way we could possibly have information on what a doctor will prescribe for you. In addition, going in and asking for a specific medication gives a doctor the impression that you are a drug seeker. In these cases, it is always best to let your medical records speak for themselves. In the D.C. Metro area, it is also very hard to find places that will do this, at all. I lived there for awhile and I know first ha...
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