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Refilling my valid Xanax prescription early
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I only see one doctor and he gives me a 3 month supply of xanax. When I went the last time he wrote me out a prescription but I still had two refills. I had a friend and her husband passed away and I gave her some of mine thinking I would have no problem re-filling the prescription. I had sense enough not to go to the same pharmacy and not to give my insurance information. So I go to this small drug store by my house and I had to fill out paperwork such as dob, name and my DL #. Well they paged me to the front of the store and advised me that it was 7 days to early for them to re-fill. So my question is where can I go to re-fill a prescription that is valid written by the same doctor. I only tried one place, I'm guessing they must have a data base if you try and refill your prescrip...
Updated 18 minutes ago.
Xanax 2mg bars are they fake or real
8 Replies RSS
They say Xanax on one side and 2 on the other. ## I think the bottom line is if you got your prescription filled at a licensed pharmacy then they are real and you shouldn't even haven't to question their legitimacy. Although some brands may be weaker than others, it is normal to expect a difference in quality control between different manufacturers. If you didn't get them filled legitimately then there's no telling if they are fake or real without undergoing a lab analysis. Counterfeits that look identical to the real thing are going around everywhere and the only way to protect yourself is follow the law like every other patient who truly needs this medication. When your health and well-being are on the line, why chance it with anything else? Having said this, your desc...
Updated 54 minutes ago.
Fake Greenstone 2mg Xanax bars?
25 Replies RSS
I apologize I know the Internet is FLOODED with fake xanax questions, but i can't seem to find a good answer. Lately I've been getting White G3723. I tested myself on a 4 panel and didn't fail for anything but thc (benzodiazepines weren't on the test). The bars are 15mm in length, the G has angles to it like a stop sign and they basically match every visual comparison of an authentic 2mg greenstone bar. My concerns: -Dissolves very quickly in water -Not extremely bitter, but I slightly taste the notorious Xanax taste -They feel weak even though I have a tolerance, but still make me calm. My guess is these might be "perfected" or new bars without the drunk feeling, ignorance, etc, because I'm aware greenstone changed their formula in 2014. Thoughts? Thank you....
Updated 56 minutes ago.
fake green xanax 2mg
3 Replies RSS
I took a green xanax last night - I was up all night. They are fake. I got beat...I got them from a pharmacy.. How can a pharmacy rip me off.... ## What Brand, what is the NDC # on the pill. also what pharmacy? I've been on Xanax for almost 30 years, have many different 2 mg bars obtained from assorted Pharmacies and never have had this experience? ## If you received them from a licensed U.S. pharmacy, then they are real and there shouldn't be anything to worry about. However, the FDA does warn that some medications cause the opposite of their intended effects in some people that take them. How are you feeling, now? Has there been any change? Did you experience any other problems? ## They arent fake were the actavis R039 school busses or s903 davas they are allowed to be lower a...
Updated 1 hour ago.
green oval xanax s 302
3 Replies RSS
When these people write asking about the S 302, they do mean 3 and it is not a 9 any way you look at it. Has anyone found out what this really is? I take Xanax and these new S 302 are flooding the area BUT are not generic or any kind of Xanax. They do not have the same effect and are a waste of time and money. ## I think the underlying issue is that the S 302 are clearly counterfeit products that are not being dispensed by licensed pharmacies; and the only way to find out for certain what's inside is to have its contents analyzed by a lab and/or drug panel. Real green oval Alprazolam 1mg tabs manufactured by Dava Pharmaceuticals are imprinted with S 902 and carry a National Drug Code of 67253-0902. Anything pretending to be this that doesn't fit the correct description is counte...
Updated 1 hour ago.
green oval pill XANAX? how many mgs?
5 Replies RSS
its an oval shape green pill, s903 ## Based on the description provided, I found your pill to be Alprazolam (2 mg). For information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## i found a green pillt hat had s and 902 on it...how many mgs? ## How many green football can I takes to equal 1 bar? ## Take 2 green footballs (the s 902) to equal one bar ## e pill is a 1 mg dava labs alprazolam generic xanax
Updated 1 hour ago.
xanax how many mg is a green xanax
82 Replies RSS
how many mg is a green xanax? ## From what I was able to gather most green Xanax pills contain 3 mgs of Alprazolam. There are numerous of green Xanax pills that contain different mgs. If you are looking for one in particular please post back and I would be happy to assist you. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## The only 3 mg xanax that exist are are Xanax XR, they are triangles, not bars. The green bars, S 902, are 2 mg alaprazolam (a xanax generic). ## how do you get perscribed a 3mg xanax? ## Xanax is used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and is used as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with moderate depression. I believe you would have to go to your doc...
Updated 1 hour ago.
Pictures Of Xanax Pills
15 Replies RSS
found a pill in my house it was blue and round with a fish looking imprint on one side and 130 and the other side ## I don't have a picture to post for you, due to copyright reasons, however, there is a round, blue tablet with an R on one side and the numbers 031 on the other that contains 1mg of Alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax, a Benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. Side effects may include: nausea, headache, drowsiness and irritability. Learn more: IS there anything else I can help with? ## Is there a small blue pill with a fish symbol on one side and 130 on the other side. ## Peggy, that would be the pill I described in my other post, what looks like a fish symbol is actually meant to be an R logo and the numbers are 031, you're just looking ...
Updated 2 hours ago.
How Long Does Xanax Stay In Your Urine
14 Replies RSS
i took 5 xanax bars 6 days ago and i have a urine test on monday the 17th will i be ok ## I took a.xanax. 2 mil for four days.straight but no other time have i took.any how.long till.it out of my system ## I took one 1mg xanax, which is prescribed. Will it show up in my urine 15 hours later at a high level. Or will the level be low enough to not show? ## Of course it will JJ. But it is "Prescribed" so there should be no problem, although it sounds like there is a hidden reason why you are worried about your urine? ## I have nothing to fear. I'm prescribed these meds for sleep related issues. I was just wondering. I asked about vicodin before and the "experts" were wrong. It's wasn't detected. And that was taken for days leading up to urine test. The truth is,...
Updated 3 hours ago.
How Long Does Xanax Stay In Your Urine and hydos
3 Replies RSS
i took 5 xanax bars 6 days ago and i have a urine test on monday the 17th will i be ok I HAVE BEEN DRINKING alot of water,cranberry juice,and lemon-lime gatorate, plus i have took some cranberry tabs called azo do you think i will be ok on monday the 17th will everything be out of my urine ## I took one bar last saturday an i have to do urine test on Monday. First time in 6 months.How long does xanax stay in your system? ## Hi Susan. We have so many pee posts for you to read. In fact Urine seems to be very popular! ## Please I need help person of mine took four Xanax bars the green ones and then took 10 5 mg of Xanax he has a urine test on the 25th he stopped taking them on the 19th is he going to be okay for his drug test?
Updated 3 hours ago.
How Long Does Xanax Stay In Your Urine?
173 Replies RSS
Took 1 and a half pills of Xanax on monday afternoon. I do not have a clue how many milligrams that is though. And I never took any before that and just took my drug test on friday afternoon. It was a urine test. Should i pass? ## The half-life of Alprazolam is about 12 hours (more or less). To be safe, it should basically be out of your system within a few days after taking it, especially if you did not take any before or after Monday. So I *think* you should be in good shape, but that obviously depends on a variety of other factors, such as how sensitive the test is, the way your body metabolizes things, etc. Hope this helps. Can you do me a favor and report back what the outcome is?? ## yes ## I took a .50 milligram Xanax on Friday @ 3pm and had a drug test Wednesday should I be ok? ...
Updated 4 hours ago.
Xanax From India White Pill No Marking
4 Replies RSS
This xanax came from india - It's a white pill with no marking. Are these things real? ## Hi tony, If there are no markings, the best thing I can suggest is to contact the pharmacy in India who sent you the pills (for verification). If you just feel uneasy about your purchase, you should be able to file a dispute with your debit/credit card company to help get your money back for a product that was falsely advertised by a possibly sketch company. No truly legit company should leave a customer feeling like they didn't get what they paid for. Just wanted to offer my two-cents. I hope this helps! ## Got a small bag filled with Xanax bars , most broken ,they Look much like this , GG/2/4/9 , 90% of my family his passed away this year and looking for a little relief I not Just want to...
Updated 4 hours ago.
doctors willing to prescribe xanax in new jersey
177 Replies RSS
I suffer from severe panic attacks on a daily basis. im a perfect example of a person that needs medicine and is unable to get it because of so many people abusing prescription drugs. I have such severe anxiety and panic attacks and cant find a doctor to prescribe me xanax because im only 25 and its so addicting. but what they dont understand that i should be on xanax for the rest of my life because my anxiety is so bad. So if any1 knows a doctor in the monmouth county area of new jersey that will prescribe me xanax please let me know...thank u ## Actually, part of your problem is that you are so convinced that you need that specific medication and are already insisting you will need it for life. This will automatically make doctors wary of prescribing it, because, even though you may n...
Updated 4 hours ago.
xanax yellow oval S 901 dava
8 Replies RSS
I was prescribe alprazolam 1mg, by my doctor. I always been taking 0.5 mg peach pill made by Sandoz, always feel good on them. I moved and doctor was over hour away, he advise me to split the pill in half to make it 0.5 mg, this way I will have supply for longer period of time. Also I change pharmacy, when I fill my prescription, I recived blue pills made by Dava, I was splitting them up to 2016, I feel good on them to some time, and after few months they start to have wierd effect on me, I was more deppresed, start having some difficulty breathing, anxiety, panick attacks, I stop sleeping at night, they did help little but not much any more, and now I run from them, and have to find new doctor in town. The new doctor prescribe 0.5 mg alprazolam, so I don't have to split. Went to ph...
Updated 7 hours ago.
Doctors in Houston that will prescribe Xanax
30 Replies RSS
I just moved to Houston and have suffered from severe anxiety for the past ten plus years and really need to find a psychiatrist or doctor that is willing to prescribe Xanax. I'm up ALL night fighting constant anxiety attacks and it's an impossible daily struggle to get through my work day without having to stop whatever I might be doing to fend off an attack. I can't afford to lose my job and I just don't know what else to do. I refuse to buy the stuff off the sheet because I can't afford to get in trouble..... Please, any help with a doctor in Houston that will prescribe Xanax would very gratefully appreciated. ## Due to the new regulations that went into effect at the beginning of the year, if you require it for long-term treatment, you will most likely need to se...
Updated 1 day ago.
How can I clean Xanax out of My System
105 Replies RSS
I have reciently taken a large amount of xanax after abstaining for 4 months. like many I have a drug test coming up. my question is, are there any natural ways to flush it out so the test will be negative? ## No, unfortunately there is no guaranteed way to do so. Like most Benzodiazepines, it is usually detectable for approximately 6 weeks after last dosing. However, the time frame will vary from person to person, depending on your own metabolism, overall health, activity levels, fluid intake and etc. Learn more Xanax details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## It is not in your system for 6 weeks. You must be high yourself. ## Can I clean ativan out of my system with water. Like diluting my pee?? ## Nope Ativan is just as bad. If you take illegal drugs (If they are not...
Updated 1 day ago.
A Doctor That Will Prescribe Xanax In Or Around Nashville Tn
44 Replies RSS
I have been having anxiety attacks for years and had mistaken it for severe depression. After having my third child they started to become out of control. I've seen a few doctor's that all seem to want to try a large combination of meds and diagnose me with a number of things... one doctor (that no longer is in this state) prescribed 1mg xanax and I felt as if I could get on my knees and cry out thank you. I felt cured. Then he left state and another doctor put me on ativan 1mg 2x a day and it didn't kick in until after the damage of the attack was done and after me freaking out or pulling over on road to cry... then it would last way longer and I felt a bit like a zombie where the xanax would kick in fast, take care of the issue and leave soon after. Too many ppl abuse the ...
Updated 1 day ago.
pill imprint E 312 oval off white
4 Replies RSS
I found a few of these while I was cleaning and I have children in my home. I was curious so I looked it up and could not find it. Also I think the E imprint is more like a logo. ## That is the Hungarian version of Xanax; active ingredient alprazolam (a bensodiazepin, sedative, addictive). This exact pill is called Frontin, Hungarian pharmaceutical company. ## Frontin 0.5 mg Oval tablet, biconvex, yellow, marked with "E312" on one side and scored on the other side. Seems that's it's Alprazolam. ## So if a 312 is 0.5mg of alprazolam, I presume a 313 mite be 1mg of alprazolam? ## Definitely .5mg alprazolam. Frontin is the actual pharmaceutical name. The guy's right, 313 are 1.0 mg. Keep them away from ur kids.
Updated 1 day ago.
Xanax, Paxil or Adderall patch availability
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I really do hate to take meds but I have been cursed with ADD, severe depression and anxiety. Are there any patches for Adderall, Paxil or Xanax?
Updated 1 day ago.
pink round pill imprinted with mf
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Trying to identify a round peach or pink pill with a small "mf" on one side and fully scored as a + sign on the other side. ## please let me know any replies as i have one too ................................................................................... ## Its xanax from other countries, I have the same I got a bunch from Cambodia
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