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Pre & probiotic Capsules ## ViBact contains: Bacillus mesentricus: 1 million Clostridium butyricum: 2 million Streptococcusfaecalis: 30 million Lactobacilus sporogenes: 50 million (Lactic Acid Bacteria) This is an oral bacterial therapy, it is claimed to help your health in many ways. There are quite a few places that sell it. Did you have any specific questions? ## Hi, please suggest me whether i will take this vibact tablet before food or after food??? ## my doctor has prescribed ViBact.I don't know how it works?what are the side effects?please answer me? ## there is no side effect as such. This is to ensure that your digestive power comes back naurally. The main ingredient is something which you get in curd. Should be take just after food twice a day or as best adviced by you...
Updated 5 hours ago.
O Nerve
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Prescribed for the numbness in the middle fingers of both the legs by the physician, but with no assurance about its success in treating the contingency. ## Just a question: Does alanerve contain vitamin B12? If so, how many miligrams?
Updated 8 hours ago.
Is it save to use Evion and Sangobion at a time?
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Hi, I'm 26 years old and I want to know that is it harmful if I use Evion, vitamin E capsule 400mg and Sangobion (Iron and vitamin B complex) capsule??? Actually I'm using these two for a week and I'm facing pimples problem, is it due to the use of these two supplements together?? ## Hello, Qmark! How are you? It should be safe, unless your doctor says otherwise. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, and diarrhea. Are you on any other medications?
Updated 11 hours ago in Vitamin E.
Ovacare forte a+b
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i hve an irregular doctor prescribd tablets OVACARE FORTE for 3 mnths...saphiene for pregnancy and flovite...can i take all tablets there any side effect....i want 2 concieve...hws it possible...pls help me ## For the best possible chance of conceiving, you should follow your doctors instructions and advice. Ovacare is a nutritional supplement that contains various vitamins and minerals, because it's known that a deficiency in some of them can cause fertility issues. Learn more Vitamin details here. The Folvite is a folic acid supplement, it is another nutrient that's vital to your health and your ability to get pregnant. Learn more Folic Acid details here. And since they are supplement, they have not been tested for side effects, but they may cause s...
Updated 11 hours ago in Folvite.
should i use 1 evion capsule 400gm daily?
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i want to know whether taking One capsule of Evion 400 daily would cause an increase in the bad cholestrol... does it contain Fats? i'm actually having cholestrol problem and increased triglycerides... will u suggest me a dose? for taking evion capsules? only for strengthening my muscles....for strong heart and strong nervous system...regards asim ## This is an vitamin E supplement, it is healthy and should not contribute to such problems. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 11 hours ago in Vitamin E.
How to take a D-Rise sachet
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My doctor has advised me to take this twice weekly. Will that be ok? Why did he advise to take it twice a week? ## Have you been diagnosed as being low in vitamin D? This is a supplement that is used to ensure that someone gets enough of this vital nutrient. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, and constipation. Are you on any other medications?
Updated 1 day ago.
when my menstruation period comes when im taking trust pill?
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I am first timer taking oral birth contraceptives like trust pills and i am started to took it 2 weeks after my menstruation period. And now my period does not come on it's exact date on this month but i have 10 more tablets including 7 ferrous fumarate.My question is when my menstruation period occur? ## You should experience your period the last week of pills, when taking the ferrous fumarate ones. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and PMS-like symptoms. Did you have intercourse during the first week? If so, there might be a risk of pregnancy.
Updated 1 day ago in Ferrous Fumarate.
Cherifer Pgm 10-22 is effective?
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Cherifer Pgm 10-22 is effective? I'm 17age, 5'7 height and play basketball. ## I'm sorry, but I really don't have an answer to that question. This is actually a nutritional supplement and as such, it is not actually tested for efficacy. In addition, even when something has been proven effect, it doesn't always work for everyone that uses it. This does contains a complex of vitamins, with Chlorella Growth Factor and is commonly given to teenagers to try to maximize their growth potential. Has your doctor advised you to use this? ## does it make you gain weight? ## guyz effective po ang cherifer pgm with zinc 2 weeks plang akong umiinom 5'2 ang height ko nging 5'3 bukod sa cherifer dapat my diet and stretching pag umaga.inumin nyo bago mtlog para umeffect.btw i...
Updated 1 day ago in Posture.
white pill with pink specks
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what pill is white with pink specks? ## Sorry, there's really no way to ID a pill without an imprint. All Rx and OTC drugs in the U.S. are required by law to have an imprint; otherwise it could be a vitamin, herbal, energy, diet, foreign or illicit. If you can offer some additional details about the pill, I could run a google search and try to find a match! ## I don't have any oher details except its oblong :/ ## What is this pill I found that's pink and white specked with no markings no numbers
Updated 1 day ago.
memo plus gold
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pls let me know the adverse effects of memo plus gold and exact time to drink memo plus gold.. thnx! ## Memo Plus Gold is a natural supplement said to help with memory enhancement. It contains the extract of Bacopa Monierra. That said, as a supplement, it is not proven to help with anything, nor are there any studies done on the possible side effects. The recommended dosing, according to their site, is to start at 2 capsules daily, one with breakfast and one with dinner for the first 3 months. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## wala po bang side effect ang memo plus gold? ty ## Memo Plus Gold has been proven in published clinical trials in India and Australia, that it can help improve or enhance short and long term memory, alleviate forgetfulness, improves concentration and ...
Updated 2 days ago in Caltrate.
can evion 400 take orally
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Can i take orally , what if i take orally ,what it have any type of sideeffect by taking via mouth (orally ) plz tell me , ## This is a vitamin E nutritional supplement, so the NIH warns that it may cause nausea, and diarrhea, due to its potency. Are you on any other medications? Did you doctor tell you to take it?
Updated 2 days ago in Vitamin E.
razo 20 usage for 6 years now and then sideeffects
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Long-term use of razo20 for 6 years onand off reduce platelet and produce vitamin deficiency ## What deficiency have you experienced? The NIH doesn't list that as being a common side effect of this medication, the most common ones are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, flatulence, and diarrhea.
Updated 2 days ago.
Neurogen E Side Effect
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After taking Neurogen-E for 2 months, I experience severe stiffness in my arm and leg, facial numbness and blurr vision. I wish to know as to whether it is the side effect of taking the drug. ## Have you consulted your doctor? Neurogen-E is a nutritional supplement that contains a complex of B vitamins, with Vitamin E, so it shouldn't cause such side effects, unless you may be getting too much of the B vitamins, which your doctor can run blood tests to check for. ## hi, i'm 29 y.o. and i've been biking for more than a month now. i have tried to search on the internet about food supplements and vitamins for cyclist/bikers, and one article said a B1, B6, and Vit-E. i bought each vit separately + vit C. i bought B1,B6 and B12 as one then another for Vit-E and another for vit-C....
Updated 2 days ago in Vitamin E.
evion 400 mg
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Please send me details about the chemical composition, minerals, vitamins and contents of this medicine. Also tell me reasons why this is good for middle aged woman? ## is this used for skin related issues ## It can be, in some cases. It is a Vitamin E supplement. ## i want to increase my wight shuold i take evion 200 ## Evion 400 mg is a Green Colour Pill, Made up of animals indegrends, Omega 3 fatty acid which helps to less sticky blood to circulate easily, Evion is usefull to remove wrinkles from ur face or skin, it also helpful in penile area to improve the size of penile, it is sexual enhancers also ## my wife is 36 yrs. she is pregnant and 8 month is running ... her weigh is before pregnancy 42 and after 8 month she increase .. now 50Kgs. I want to know can igive her evion 400.. ?...
Updated 2 days ago in Vitamin E.
Can Gender Be Detected In A Lab Urine Test
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Can gender be detected in urine test?I am a woman and I have a job drug test toworrow can I take a male urine sample that i know is clean. ## It depends what type of test they are doing. There are different hormones that would be present, in different levels, in a woman's urine, than there would be in a man. However, if they just do a basic urine panel drug test, then they are more than likely not using anything that detects such things. Those tests usually just look for the presence of certain drug metabolites, such as the ones for opiates and Benzodiazepines. However, if you are taking something by prescription, you only need to let them know about it, when you go in for the test. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I think you all have more issues with drug abuse and shoul...
Updated 3 days ago in Creatine.
Usage of avion 400 Vitamin E
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How can i use avion 400 Vitamin E medicine tablet? ## It is a nutritional supplement that is generally intended to be swallowed to ensure you are getting enough vitamin E for the health of your skin and hair. The NIH warns that you may experience diarrhea due to its potency. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 3 days ago in Vitamin E.
diane 35 pills help me to conceive.
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Hi.I used Diane 35 last month.after my monthly periods.bcoz I received test report of FSH lh aur others after 3 days of Monthly cycle.and I also take a dose of iron and folic acid. For conception.bcoz I really want to b a mom. My last periods on 8 march.and this month it's two days late.and it's brownish color discharge a little. And two I m confused alot .pl help my to know what to do.I start to take another pack of Diane 35.aur first contact to my gyn for a pregnancy test. ## This medication can help balance your hormones, but you will not be able to become pregnant, while taking it, it is actually used most commonly to prevent ovulation, so a woman skip becoming pregnant, when having intercourse. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, d...
Updated 3 days ago in Folic Acid.
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last period ko po march 22 3 days sya dpt april 22 reglahin ako gang ngyn dp ako nireregla delaynako ng 7 days uminom ako ng cortal methergin at redhorse reglahin n po kya ako nagpahilot ako wla nakapa wg dw ako magalala magkakaroon po b ako.plz reply salamat po..... ## mag Pregnancy Test ka para maka sigurado ka yong GF ko nga 1month delay e kala niya buntis siya non. Pero yon nagkaroon naman siya ng regla. ## last period ko po ay nov. 21-25, 2013, at ngaung dec. ndi pa dn po ako nagkakaron 6 days n po ang late pano po un ano po pwede inumin pamparegla? nid answer now tnx ## last po aq dinatnan dec.19 tpos few days b4 new year hnimatay aq..tpos dpat nun jan.19 datnan n aq pero wala p dn,4 days n po aq delayed..2wiks before akala q meron n aq kc me dugo s panty ko kaya nag napkin na ako...
Updated 3 days ago in Ella.
Gemcal DS
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pain in left part of body especially from lumbar to ankle, ican't able to get up it's so much pain for me; age58 ## I am sorry to read of what you are going through. Are you currently seeing a doctor for it? Gemcal DS is really a vitamin supplement, not a medication. It is often believed that some nerve pain can be caused or aggravated by a lack of certain vital nutrients. However, this is not going to work like a regular analgesic to alleviate your pain. Even if your pain is caused by a lack in a certain nutrient, it will take awhile for this to make a difference. ## initial stage of osteoartheritis of knee& ankle ## What is deference between GEMCAL DS and GAMCAL MOM??? Both tablets r deferent??? What feture are there of both tablets???
Updated 3 days ago.
vitamin d2 1.25mg.(50000 Unit)When to take it?
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do you take this drug at night or with meals? ## You should take vitamin d with some sort of fat- any meal is fine. But you should be aware that taking D2 is NOT the recommended form of Vitamin D. Please take a look at the page on Vitamin D3 to see why that is preferred. You may also be interested in taking a look at this page on Magnesium and Vitamin D to see why it's not the best idea to 'just' take large doses of Vitamin D without taking magnesium to prevent some of the adverse effects that can occur with large doses of Vitamin D. ## suspect Vit D2 overdose with 50,000 units prescribed ## I was very tired so my dr. took blood work and found out I was low on Vitamin D. He put me on 51,000 units and after a few weeks, a person who never ate is now eating NON-STOP, 24-7 and ...
Updated 4 days ago in Vitamin A.

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