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Doctor in forth worth or dallas texas that takes medicaid/medicare and writes for suboxone or subutex
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I justed moved from north carolina where i was taking three to four subutex a day for five years. Then went to 4 suboxone 8mg a day and i moved to the DFW area and i cant find any doctor SO PLEASE SOMEONE HELP...... ## Cook Children's has a website at and there is a portal for members to use that lets you access features, such as a search for a provider in your area that accepts it. You can find it by looking in the orange box on the left side of the page, near the top is "Member Online Services". I think that would likely be the easiest way to find someone that can help you. Does anyone happen to know of a doctor in that area that accepts this coverage? ## Look up Kratom. It's an herb. When you finally try it, your search will change from looking for doctors...
Updated 17 hours ago.
suboxone and pre employment drug screen
100 Replies RSS
I am prescribed suboxone for an opiate addiction maintance program. First, will it show up in a ten panel test. Second, can an employer discriminate if they have already offered me the job. Third, is this violate any privacy laws ## Yes, Suboxone contains the narcotic Buprenorphine, so it will show up on a test. No, they cannot discriminate, that is illegal. And no, it does not violate any privacy laws. You do not have to discuss with them why you are on it. You just need to inform them that you are on it, when you go in to have the test. They have the right to verify that it is being used under a doctor's orders and it will, more than likely, negate that part of the drug screen test. Are there any questions or comments? ## thank you for replying, it has been a week since I did take...
Updated 20 hours ago.
Whats The Best Way To Get Suboxone Out Of Your System
316 Replies RSS
i took half a strip of suboxone on friday and i have to take a drug test soon what is the best way to get it out of my system? ## Don't take it in the first place..... in all honesty, depending on the type of drug screening you are submitting to, you may be screwed no matter what you do, but drink LOTS of water and stay away from ALL narcotics until your screening.... ## There is really no guaranteed way to make sure it isn't in your system and won't be detected by a drug test, other than the one already stated, which is to not take it. One of the active ingredients in Suboxone is the opiate narcotic Buprenorphine and it can be detectable in a standard urine test for approximately 4 to 5 days, after last dosing. There is no precise time frame that can be given, however, beca...
Updated 22 hours ago.
how long after taking suboxone can I take Hydrocodone for surgery?
35 Replies RSS
I've been taking 8 mg/2mg Suboxone strips for 1 year. I am having a molar extraction in the morning. I took my Suboxone strip this morning & the tooth extraction is tomorrow at 9:30 am. If I don't take Suboxone again before the procedure, would I be able to take Hydrocodone after the surgery? I don't want to get sick, and I am concerned of going through it with no pain medications. Any advice appreciated! ## Hi, you can use hydros after you have your tooth pulled but it,s not gonna do much. You would be better off taking extra suboxone after you had extraction. Suboxone only works for about 4-5hrs for pain relief. Of course it works much longer keeping wds away and stuff like that. I was speaking to my sub dr just the other day about this. I have addiction issues and pai...
Updated 1 day ago.
How long before I can pass urine test after taking 8mg Suboxone
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If I take 8mg Suboxone 1 to 3 times a week and have for years and weigh 175lbs and drink a crap load of water!!! How long before I can pass a urine drug screen. I'm trying to get in with a Dr. and today is Fri. and my appt. is at 2:00pm on Wens. Can I pass if I take something today. Haven't had anything since Wens. and i'm feeling pretty rough don't know if I can make it till Wens. but I don't want to blow it with this Dr. either it's important to me!! Can anyone help me i've seen sooo many diff. answers to how long it will stay in urine IDK what to do??!!! ## Dear bhalliwell, I wouldn't take the chance of taking anything until u c you're Dr. U don't want 2 take any chances and mess things up 4 yourself. Unless, u take a sub. And b honest with you...
Updated 1 day ago.
If I take 8mg of Suboxone 1 to 3 times a week & weigh 175lbs how long before I can pass a urine drug screen
3 Replies RSS
I've been taking 8mg of Suboxone, without a prescription, for several years and weigh 175lbs. How long after I take the last dose can I pass a urine drug screen. I'm trying to get in with a dr. and they're going to test me for it. Today is Fri. and my drug screen is on Wens. that's 5 days. Can I pass? ## The longer you take any drug the longer it'll stay in your system. Honestly probably take 15 days or more because suboxone is so long lasting. Cocaine is supposed to be 1 or 2 days but if you take it everyday it'll take 7 or more days for example. ## That's the most bulls*** I ever heard! I can take opiates for 20 years and it's only in my system for 3 days. Same with other substances. ## The last comment is correct! It will stay in your system and there ...
Updated 1 day ago.
Suboxone and urine test
64 Replies RSS
I know Suboxone does not show up in a standard test. But the job I am applying for may do an extended test. I have a prescription from my Doc and I am on 16mg a day which by the way is wonderful. But I was wondering if anyone knows how long till my urine's clean? ## Suboxone's half life is between 24 to 37 hours depending on your metabolism in other words the amount of buprenorphine will decrese by half after that time elapses 8 to 4, 4 to 2 and so on... ## if you have a legit prescription for the stuff, it doesn't matter if you test positive for it. you are legally allowed to be taking that substance. if you have a prescription for morphine you can't get fired for testing positive for opiates. ## The above poster is correct, if you are legally taking it as prescribed by...
Updated 1 day ago.
can you take suboxone and codeine
53 Replies RSS
hi, i am taking suboxone i would like to know if i take codeine with it would i feel the opiate? Also is it possible to go through withdrawals from codeine if on suboxone? ## more info please! 1) what dose are you on, how long have you been taking suboxone? 2) How much codeine we talking about? Are you meaning a dose to make you feel high? Or do you have a headache?! 3) what is your usage history? If you have been on Suboxone over a few days then dont take codeine as it will have no effect. It wont hurt you but wont do anything either as the suboxone will boot it out your receptors. You say 'would I feel it' which suggests to me you are looking to get high off the codeine. So the answer is 'No' unless you are on a very low dose and take a high codeine dose. I honestly wo...
Updated 1 day ago.
Suboxone troche
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Suboxone wax sqares how can you tell what milligram they are by color I have a pink and need to know what to talk to my doctor about I have searched and searched and searched I don't know what milligrams they come in and I don't know how to split it up ## That I am aware of, there's no such thing as a blue suboxone strip, the packaging is blue, but the strips are typically orange although I have heard of white ones. The only ones that i know for a fact are the orange strips. Sometimes the pills are white, but never blue and im almost positive that blue suboxone strips no longer exist.
Updated 1 day ago.
Will suboxone strips show up in urine drug test when im supposed to take subutex?
9 Replies RSS
I am on subutex but my boyfriend gets suboxone strips n always wants a few of mine so I give em to him n he gives me strips back in return. My Dr has a drug screen that is a mile long. He was even able to tell when I took cilotipin when I'm already on xanax so I guess my question is will the lab be able to tell I've been taking strips as well? BTW he as always checks my levels n near the last few days before I see my Dr I only have enough to take 2-4mgs n I'm on 12mgs. Plz help my Dr appt is coming up real soon. ## Klonopins and xanax are two different drugs but treat the same thing, but I was curious to see if the suboxone showed up? ## Suboxone has a medication called Nalaxone in it. Subutex does not have Nalaxone so yes, they can tell the difference because the body would...
Updated 2 days ago.
Can I be fired from my job because I am prescribed suboxone?
23 Replies RSS
I am just curious because once my current employer found out that I was prescribed to suboxone the head manager is telling me that in order to keep my job I must attend NA meetings. I am pretty sure this violates some major laws. I am aware of HIPAA but am curious as to how it works, and what I need to do to take a stand on this issue. If anyone has any information about this issue I appreciate it. ## hello, just happened to come upon your post and looks as though nobody has replied? idk im not too up on the comments thing. anyway, if you have a job in a corporate setting, or somewhere where they have a PR, i would def take advantage of your rights of an employee and start there. otherwise fired!??? ridiculous! let em fire you! then sue the s**t out of em and take that head manager posi...
Updated 2 days ago.
my prescription was stolen now what?
121 Replies RSS
Me and my wife recently had a birthday party for my son. After the party I went into the bathroom to take one of my suboxone and i noticed the perscription was stolen. I have not reported it to the police or my doctor yet. I am not sure what to do. I dont want to ask my doctor for a replacement script because I dont know if I can get kicked out of the program. This program is the last chance for me to get my life straight and it is working so far but I am scared if I dont replace them that I run a risk of relapsing. My next appointment to get my regular refill is three weeks away. Has anybody ever delt with a situation like this or have any real advise on what to do? ## hi need help in ohio'...the best advice i can give you- is to try to find someone who you can buy a few from..enou...
Updated 2 days ago.
If I Took 40mg Of Suboxone In One Day How Long Before Can Pass A Urine Test
6 Replies RSS
I took it 3 days ago andd I have to take a drug test in 4 days, will I be ok...thats the only time I took also ## The Buprenohine in Suboxone is usually detectable for approximately 4 to 5 days after last dosing. Learn more Suboxone details here. The precise time frame will vary from person to person, depending on your overall health, metabolism, activity levels, fluid intake and etc. Are there any other questions or comments? ## i took a half suboxone on sunday and have to do urine test 8 days later will i be clean please someone help me ## So what happened? ## With Suboxone having such a long half life and people's body's being different on how quickly it passes, it can take up to 6 to 10 days for it to be out of your system for a urine pee cup test. Add at least 4-6 more da...
Updated 2 days ago.
Are all suboxone strips the same size?
1 Reply RSS
If they are from the same manufacturer, are the 4mg, 8mg and 12mg the same size.Basically what I am asking is are 8mg and 12mg typically the same size strip? ## 12 is larger. Do you know why the 8/2 would be two different color oranges? Does that mean anything (i.e. old, expired, generic, etc)
Updated 3 days ago.
Suboxone 8mg/2mg and Roxy 30's
351 Replies RSS
I am currently taking Roxicodone 30's each day. I have suboxone 8mg/2mg to help get off of these. I know the suboxones are the best pill made to help with the withdrawals but I'm wondering if for the firsrt 3 to 5 days when I'm having trouble sleeping and feeling clammy, if i should take like half of a Roxicodone 30 (which i have done in the past), as it helps me to sleep and takes away the clammy feeling? Any other suggestions that you may have? Thanks to anyone answering this for me. ## Taking the Oxycodone pills with the Suboxone will do you no good, it contains a substance that neutralizes opiates to prevent their abuse during treatment, that is why it throws you into withdrawals. Suboxone should really not be used without a doctor's supervision, as the dosage and us...
Updated 3 days ago.
what exactly does suboxone do? is it addicitive?
267 Replies RSS
i have a friend who desperately wants to get off of methadone and pain pills. will suboxone work? is it addicitive too? if someone can please help me that would be great! also is it very expensive, that's what i've heard. ## Well, first off, yes, it can be addictive as well, however, it has distince advantages over narcotic meds, Benzos, and even Methadone. Suboxone works on many of the same receptors, since it is a narcotic agent, however, it does not give the same high effect and euphoria that most addicts enjoyed, which is what made them get addicted in the first place. It also contains an opiate neutralizer, so it neutralizes anything in your system from the other drugs you were using, and of course prevents someone from continuing to use while they are on it. Most people wh...
Updated 3 days ago.
suboxone and opiates
12 Replies RSS
I took 4mg of sub's at midnight and another 4 at 8am. This is the first time I've taken it in several months. How long till opiates will work again? ## I have done it before within the same day....6 to 7 hours apart actually and I felt fine!! I did feel the relief from the Hydro also ## I took 4mg of suboxone today @6am & 4mg @12pm. How long till I can take my usual 30mg roxis? I usually take 10-14 30mg roxi/day (2-3 at a time) for severe chronic migraines but ran out for 2 days, hence the subs on 2nd day. But I will get my roxis @4pm. When is it safe to take because I have a raging migraine. ## I wondering the same as"need help". Last sub was 3pm yesterday but I need to take the 30OC ASAP. Sitting on them sucks! From all my research it seems like we can take them as...
Updated 3 days ago.
False Positive for Benzodiazepines
234 Replies RSS
I have been testing positive for benzos and i cant figure out why. I have been taking suboxone & Ondansetron & promethazine. Thats it. If i fail another drug test, then my doctor is gonna kick me out. If anybody knows of any common substances, prescription or over the counter medications please inform me. Thanks ## I checked the prescription medications that you listed, but none of them are known to cause false positives for Benzodiazepines. However, it can be caused by Benadryl or anything that contains its active ingredient Diphenhydramine, such as Tylenol PM, Advil PM or the store brand/generic equivalents. There are also many Chinese herbal remedies on the market, such as those for weight loss and relaxation/sleep that have been found to contain them as undeclared drug ingre...
Updated 3 days ago.
suboxone and heroin
148 Replies RSS
i took 8 mg suboxone at 5am. when can i take heroin again? ## NEVER. Don't be foolish. ## First: when taking suboxone it is very dangerous to combine any drugs with them. Second: Heroin in itself is dangerous, you should seek help right away, there are numerous ways to help you. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## i posted this, i was just wondering because i didn't want to waste the heroin, does anyone know how long i should wait, it was 6 am when i took the sub just wanted to know when it was ok to do the other ## ok apparently it worked just fine, you two who commented should know i wanted ifno, i realize they are bad that is not an answer to a question, just a statement. these sites are designed to ask questions and get answer...
Updated 4 days ago.
Surgery while on Suboxone
15 Replies RSS
I'm planning on having all my bottom teeth pulled and I'm currently on suboxone (16mg a day). I had my top teeth pulled 8 years ago & was given hydrocodone, which did not help my pain. I wasn't on suboxone then. It was very painful, hurt like hell. I'm scared and I know it's going to hurt, but I need advice. Since I'm already on 16mg a day, can my doctor give me extra or can the dentist? If not, can I take something else for pain? Are there any remedies for alleviating pain after teeth extractions? I know when I had my daughter 2 years ago, I was on subutex. I refused all pain meds, I had a c-section & only took 1 anesthetic (you're supposed to have 2) I refused the 2nd 1 which was for pain. I regretted it, I could feel pain & was shaking, crying....
Updated 4 days ago.

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