What Kind Of Withdrawals Will I Have When I Stop Suboxone

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what kind of withdrawals will i have when I stop taking Suboxone?

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Verwon Says:
Your doctor should help you taper gradually to avoid the worst of the withdrawal symptoms, however, it is an opiate, so you will experience withdrawal effects just like stopping any other narcotic if you stop abruptly.

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nutty Says:
Gosh, I hope someone out there will see this post and answer your questions because I have just started the suboxone also and the doctor wants me to stay on them for a good while. What will it be like when I want to come off these pills?? I would like to know what to expect when he says no more cause they all do that...get you hooked then when they reel you in they cut the hook off and your stuck with the pain.

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rs Says:
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It has been 6 months and im still a wreck. Cant sleep massive weight gain from withdraw meds. I was on 6mg 4 3yrs n did a slow taper. I hate subs. Wish I never fell into the trap.

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resolution 2128 Says:
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I've had a moderate problem with prescription pain meds and now I'm trying to get off them. Only had one 7.5mg hydro yesterday but I feel like CRAPPPPPP. I have 5 8mg Suboxone films but am afraid that I will.suffer withdrawals from that as well..?? Will I? If taken for.just a short.period of time? ? Please HELP ME.

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Joe Says:
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Stay away from Suboxne I was on 8mg per day for 3 months and tapered all the way down to .25mg per day. For 3 weeks with guidance of a dr. The Wd's started for me on day 2 and were unbearable on days 3-5. I'm now on day 10 and feel a little better but still can't sleep and have what feels like a million bugs crawling under my skin in my legs. ( this by far is worse symptom) anyone going through Wd's with Sub know what this symptom feels like!!! I would deal with the Wd's from your pills it shouldn't be that bad and most likely over in a few days. STAY AWAY FROM SUBOXNE it is no good trust me

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Mike Says:
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The worst thing imaginable stop now

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Annie Says:
My son is in the hospital now and reading this website helps. Chad was using alcohol to ease the withdrawl symptoms and the alcohol seemed to make everything worse. My son was down to just a fingernail sliver of Suboxone. Chad has been on it for three years. I thought that the ER and Hospital staff would be knowledgable but they disrepected us treeting us differently. One Dr. that really understood was a Toxicologist who came to chat with Chad. After being in the hospital now just one night I am surprised that when Chad had to be restrained to his bed the staff really started to loook to find a Detox center and wanted Chad out of the regular hospital even talked of releasing him when he was super aggitatedl ! I asked the nurse how can u release someone who is so aggitated how is that a safe plan of discharge? Any way what really makes me want to cry is now some of the detox centers are saying they do not take any one who is combatative. We explained this to Chad and he is working on calming down. If he gets a bed This will be our fourth experience to Detox centers in two years. We can't Detox at home to hard to handle Chad. Any way the toxicologisit said to Chad,"Wow good job for trying so hard to get clean. I have to remind my self to be a positive suport person and remember the goal the end result to have my boy back. So to all you Detoxers heres to you WOW HOW AWESOME Good Job for Trying and remember your goal end result that you want Be Free of this Monster Soboxone!

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Jacque Says:
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It doesn't matter what you say. If he truly doesn't want to stop, he's not going too. And, if your feeding into him, then it just makes it that much easier for him. You dsaying that he's gone to detox that man times in such a short period of times, shows he's not serious. I know from experience.

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nette71788 Says:
Annie ive been on suboxone for over a year and ill do anything to be off. How did u get your son off? I dont wanna go through the withdraws I know what they are like and I cant go through tht again. That is amazing for ur son its hard to get off ny opiate but u have to support him not push. Its hard I bet but support is the best. But what did the hospital recommend? I wanna rid of this evil suboxone!!!

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Sher Says:
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I was on suboxone for 2 years. My doctor never did blood check ups and ended up with cancer of the liver. I hate that med. I want to know why pain doctors are afraid to help patient's with there pain. I had better control of my pain from my surgeon than i do from the Dr i see now hate it.

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Ozwell Says:
There is a deep need for folks to understand that everyone's system is different, metabolism, tolerance, sensitivities and proclivities to mention a few. I am a HARD CORE drug addict. I am 45 and my exposure to drugs began when I was nine. I have gone through withdrawal from almost every drug out there except alcohol. A withdrawal from one drug for me might have been weeks of pure Hell but may have been simply uncomfortable for someone else. There are three imperatives to successfully getting off any substance, understanding and skilled medical care, compassionate and loving support from family and friends, and most importantly a feirce commitment by the patient to NEVER have to go through withdrawal again. I used to be stupidly stubborn, a know it all, and a brilliant liar to others and myself, just a few of my past character defects, I have kicked one drug only to then pick another from which to withdraw. Having some rather severe health problems, in just this past year I have had two major operations and been hospitalized six additional times and these issues can be treated but not cured so unfortunately medications, drugs, are a part of my life. Four years ago I finally saw what I was doing for what it really was, I was self medicating, not just my physical pain but more so my mental pain. Understanding that, realizing that I had been drugging myself into mere existence for so long, I discovered I did not know myself, had no idea why I hurt so badly inside that I had been willing to come so close to killing myself to make it stop. It's the most painful truth, what I thought had been my best friend, the one thing that made all the hurt and tears stop was actually the cause of my agony. Once ready to admit that to myself I began to change. If you want to look but you don't touch, then you won't touch but you won't feel, if you don't feel you'll never cry, and if you don't cry, then you'll never heal. Getting clean was like waking up. It was a world I thought held no place for me, had no love and brought no joy. I see now I was keeping all the wonders of life far from me with those powders and pills. The best help I ever received was from the first person who took the time to show me the light of their hope, their joy and their love and stick by me, lighting my way until I found my light and could hold it aloft myself. Do not ever give up on your child, your parent, your spouce, your friend, or that stranger who trips on the sidewalk. The world is a beautiful place when not viewed through the bottom of a bottle, every single soul deserves a chance at the sights God has given us. Stop fighting to exist in oblivion, surrender in love to the millions of tiny wonders in each new day.

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Hollywood Says:
Well hello there. I to have struggled with addiction for year's until just recently I said enough is enough, and began searching for the very reason of "why" why have I felt it necessary to escape reality and I mean from as early as I can remember like 14 year's old but I'll have to say I was 17 when thing's really started getting bad, I am now 32 but am I really just 17? I say this because I've never had support or even something as simple as a family member or loved one even to catch on to what was and has been going on until I finally reached out and told them I can't do this alone, so I say this am I really that good at manipulation or do I truly have noone who really give's a damn? anyway I just began therapy I am on day 7 of no opiate's well opiate's that have slowly killed me (oxycodone but started with hydrocodone) since October of 2013 after I was in an accident but before hand I can easily said I am one that has an addictive personality and nomatter what my drug of choice was wether it was alcohol which was my first addiction my first drink at 14 then to the first of worst devil's ever "E", which by far was my worst so I think, but I was young 17 is that age marker. I got out of that by myself and looking back wow, so young I was a baby and now look at me, suffering from opiate addiction at 32 and thinking now I havent even thought or admitted this to AnYOnE ever, I'm truly a closet addict, but anyway I am bound and determined to end this and overcome this addiction as I did the "E" but in between from then till now have alway's used a substance mostly alcohol being my escape until now well until my love of opiates began, almost a year and a half now, omg can't even say that without thinking OMG sorry I keep going on and on but if your like me I think Suboxone will save your life as I have attempted to quit opiate's several time's but have relapsed do to my prescription's for oxy's monthly as a matter of fact I have a script of 112 coming do this week and have no desire to touch them, it is different this time I got some sub's off a friend (16 mg total in 2mg tabs I have tappered over the last 5 day's and I'm hoping I'm off this rodeo and soon later this month I am scheduled with a phys D/ Dr and depending on my PAWS which I know what's in store for me I'm hoping to be put on Suboxone as I know myself enough to say that I am a Drug addict and if I have to be on maintance the rest of my life with suboxone to keep me from killing myself and digging myself deep in whatever substance it may be at the time then I give my life to me and I wan't to let all of you out there know that I am a heavy heavy, huge tolerance to all opiate''s and seems to be I build a huge tolerance to any substance very quickly Suboxone will get you to where you alway's wanted to be wether it be completley clean or to stay on maintanance with suboxone you can and will be this addiction. Hopefully all you fellow friends have loving friend's, family, boyfriend or girlfriend to help you through this difficult time unfortuneltly for me I've spent the last 15 year's trying to beat it on my own but not till just now do I feel I am capable of letting my love, my reality go and for the first time in 15 year's I'm prepared to feel the pain of my escape my reasoning of using, and in a weird way, maybe some will understand this but I'm looking forward to feeling anything and everything the good the bad like I said everything......I can do this and I will as for now I'm 7 well almost 8 day's free of my prescription opiate and am still weening off the 16 mg suboxone's tab's I was given. SUBOXONE does work....

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Niele Says:
Hey, girl. It's cool that you're so happy. I remember feeling that way. No monkey on my back since I can remember. I've done it all-I'm 51; guess I started with the subs @ 47? Just messin around. I had a friend who always had extras he'd give away. I was a late stage chronic alcoholic livin with drunks. Subs took away my desire to drink! Go figure. They also helped my treatment resistant depression. Miracle drug. I never took more than 2 mg a day. But every time I would get into a clinic, something completely BIZARRE would happen & I would get kicked out. I tried everything-to no avail.
My one connection dried up & other than that, I knew nobody for nothing. I tapered my last 15 for 3 months-down to 1/32. See, I didn't have a CHOICE. It was almost a "God thing"
I've quit intravenous narcotics, I have DTs & seizures from alcohol, they were nothing compared to this hellish nightmare. And if one more person says they're in your head, blah, blah....how could they be in my head if it took me 3 days to figure out what it was? I never heard of PAWS.
I think subs are great as a stepping stone to sobriety. But for a lifetime? "Here's your pill" the whole thing is a little Big Brotherish to me.
Every day I feel a little more like me. My next step, is to deal with this anxiety, and go to a meeting.

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