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A vitamin is an organic compound and a vital nutrient that an organism requires in limited amounts. An organic chemical compound (or related set of compounds) is called a vitamin when the organism cannot synthesize the compound in sufficient quantities, and it must be obtained through the diet; thus, the term "vitamin" is conditional upon the circumstances and the particular organism. For example, ascorbic acid (one form of vitamin C) is a vitamin for humans, but not for most other animal org...

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evion 400 mg
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Please send me details about the chemical composition, minerals, vitamins and contents of this medicine. Also tell me reasons why this is good for middle aged woman? ## is this used for skin related issues ## It can be, in some cases. It is a Vitamin E supplement. ## i want to increase my wight shuold i take evion 200 ## Evion 400 mg is a Green Colour Pill, Made up of animals indegrends, Omega 3 fatty acid which helps to less sticky blood to circulate easily, Evion is usefull to remove wrinkles from ur face or skin, it also helpful in penile area to improve the size of penile, it is sexual enhancers also ## my wife is 36 yrs. she is pregnant and 8 month is running ... her weigh is before pregnancy 42 and after 8 month she increase .. now 50Kgs. I want to know can igive her evion 400.. ?...
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Usage of avion 400 Vitamin E
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How can i use avion 400 Vitamin E medicine tablet? ## It is a nutritional supplement that is generally intended to be swallowed to ensure you are getting enough vitamin E for the health of your skin and hair. The NIH warns that you may experience diarrhea due to its potency. Is there anything else I can help with?
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diane 35 pills help me to conceive.
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Hi.I used Diane 35 last month.after my monthly periods.bcoz I received test report of FSH lh aur others after 3 days of Monthly cycle.and I also take a dose of iron and folic acid. For conception.bcoz I really want to b a mom. My last periods on 8 march.and this month it's two days late.and it's brownish color discharge a little. And two I m confused alot .pl help my to know what to do.I start to take another pack of Diane 35.aur first contact to my gyn for a pregnancy test. ## This medication can help balance your hormones, but you will not be able to become pregnant, while taking it, it is actually used most commonly to prevent ovulation, so a woman skip becoming pregnant, when having intercourse. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, d...
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Gemcal DS
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pain in left part of body especially from lumbar to ankle, ican't able to get up it's so much pain for me; age58 ## I am sorry to read of what you are going through. Are you currently seeing a doctor for it? Gemcal DS is really a vitamin supplement, not a medication. It is often believed that some nerve pain can be caused or aggravated by a lack of certain vital nutrients. However, this is not going to work like a regular analgesic to alleviate your pain. Even if your pain is caused by a lack in a certain nutrient, it will take awhile for this to make a difference. ## initial stage of osteoartheritis of knee& ankle ## What is deference between GEMCAL DS and GAMCAL MOM??? Both tablets r deferent??? What feture are there of both tablets???
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vitamin d2 1.25mg.(50000 Unit)When to take it?
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do you take this drug at night or with meals? ## You should take vitamin d with some sort of fat- any meal is fine. But you should be aware that taking D2 is NOT the recommended form of Vitamin D. Please take a look at the page on Vitamin D3 to see why that is preferred. You may also be interested in taking a look at this page on Magnesium and Vitamin D to see why it's not the best idea to 'just' take large doses of Vitamin D without taking magnesium to prevent some of the adverse effects that can occur with large doses of Vitamin D. ## suspect Vit D2 overdose with 50,000 units prescribed ## I was very tired so my dr. took blood work and found out I was low on Vitamin D. He put me on 51,000 units and after a few weeks, a person who never ate is now eating NON-STOP, 24-7 and ...
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capsule erion 400
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i have melasma on my nose nd left cheeck . Dr recommend me for this capsule may i use these for melasma ? ## This is just a vitamin E supplement, so it is not guaranteed to treat or cure anything, except a deficiency in this vital nutrient. The NIH lists the typical side effect as possibly including nausea, due to its potency. Is there anything else I can help with? Are you on any other medications?
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evion for dark circles
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Evion 400 is good for redusing dark circle??? ## how can I use evion 400 for darkcircle ## This is a vitamin E supplement, so there is generally no harm in using it, unless your doctor instructs you not to do so. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including skin redness, irritation, and flaking. Are you worried about eye circles? Are you on any other medications? Do you get enough sleep?
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folvite 5 mg
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i want the detailed description of folvite tablet 5 r ## Folvite contains Folic Acid, it is a dietary supplement used to help ensure you have enough of this vital nutrient, it is often given during pregnancy, because a deficiency in it can cause birth defects. Read more: ttp:// Is there anything else I can help you with? ## i am sle patient (red blood cells dis order) ...i am planing for baby my doctor ask me to take folic acid tablets.. can i take folvite ## I am 39 year, trying for pregnant my doctor has prescribe folvite 5 mg and i am taking from last 7 to 8 month kindly 1 tab every day kindly suggest it will continue or stop, more duration is harmful for my body ## I'm taking folvite 5 mg tablets and my doctor suggested I take 1 tablet a day for ...
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Use Of Caldikind Plus Tablet
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I am prescribed with this drug for B12 & Calcium defeciancy. Symptoms are Continues Legs pain. I need squeezing or weight on the legs to feel comfortable. Similarly , is the case with whole body. Please suggest. Otherwise Normal BP and Sugar ## Caldikind will not by itself rectify a deficiency in B12 or Calcium. It only contains Cholecalciferol, which is a form of Vitamin D3. Learn more Caldikind details here. Thus, you may still be deficient in calcium and B12, which could be causing your symptoms. Are you taking anything else to help rectify the problem? ## I m suffering back pain. As per dr. suggestion & X ray report, dr. is given me capsule caldikind plus. what is a use of the same. ## My wife take 4 tablets one time.... any problem....sir
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i found a round white pill with vb1 10 imprinted. what is it?
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I found a baggie full of pills, round, white, and blank on one side, with VB or VB1 imprinted on the other side, and 10 written underneath it. No results anywhere else. What did I find? ## Hello, Anna! How are you? I haven't been able to find an identification for this, either. That leads me to suspect that it might be an over the counter product. Where did you find it? Some of them are regional, so knowing the general location may help to narrow it down. I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## I looked up the little round white pill with imprint VB1 with 10 underneith and it came up Vet's Best Gas Busters...Found it on google. ## found a pill with vb1 then 100 under it any1 k ow what it is . lisa ## Found ...
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