Active Ingredient(s): Cyanocobalamin + Folic Acid + Pyridoxine
Category: Vitamins & Supplements

Folbic Overview

Folic acid or folate is a B vitamin. It is also referred to as vitamin M,[4] vitamin B9,[5] vitamin Bc[6] (or folacin), pteroyl-L-glutamic acid, and pteroyl-L-glutamate.[7] Food supplement manufacturers often use the term folate for something different from "pure" folic acid: in chemistry, folate refers to the deprotonated ion, and folic acid to the neutral molecule—which both co-exist in water. (The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the International Union of Bioche...

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does folbic tablet
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does folbic tablet cause swelling in joints ## Hello, Mookie! How are you? No, it shouldn't. The FDA classifies it as just a nutritional supplement and it's most commonly known side effect is nausea. Are you on any other medications? Have you consulted your doctor?
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Folbic vs Folbic RF
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does anyone know what the difference is between Folbic and Folbic RF?
Updated 25 days ago.
Folbic; Vite-Vert Forte
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Wife uses Folbic and has for several years (colonectomy). I am retired and have been forced to change insurance. New insurance (AARP Medicare Rx) forces me to use selected pharmacies (for us Walgreens). Walgreens doesn't have Folbic and forced me to buy Vite-Virt Forte for 73.17 (90 Tabs). I think this is a lot more than I paid for Folbic. Can anyone else validate this? ## I am also a Walgreens customer and was told Folbic was no longer available. I was changed to Vert-Vite, but seem to be having an allergic reaction. It also seemed to be more expensive. Can anyone verify if Folbic is still available somewhere besides Walgreens? Thank you! ## From my findings there don't appear to be any official announcements stating that Folbic is off the market. However, a drug monograph by N...
Updated 25 days ago.
folbic tab brenckrdg otc equivalent
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Since this is basically a vitamin, what over the counter product would be as effective? ## Hello, Jim! How are you? Since Folbic is classified by the FDA as a very potent prescription multivitamin, there is nothing available over the counter that is as potent, that's why it's prescription only. The best thing to do would be to speak to your doctor and see if there is something close that you can take that may help you. Getting to much of some nutrients can be dangerous, but there are others where it doesn't matter. Potent multivitamins may also cause nausea, after taking them. Are you low in anything in particular? ## Thanks for the reply. Actually it is for my wife. Her blood dr prescribed this and we are on ss making it a hardship paying for meds that insurance will not co...
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Foltx and MTHFR
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Help!! I have been taking vit B supplements but the hematologist said my body can't metabolize regular supplements b/c I have one strand of dna with MTHFR mutation. He said I need Foltx b/c my body can metabolize that type of vit B. What is the difference? it is expensive?! ## From what I've researched, Foltx reportedly contains the following B vitamins: Folacin + Cyanocobalamin + Pyridoxine In terms of differences: - Folacin is just another name for folic acid / folate / vitamin B9 - Cyanocobalamin is actually a cheaper synthetic inactive version of vitamin B12 made in a laboratory. By comparison, Hydroxocobalamin is another inactive form of B12, and Methylcobalamin is the only naturally occurring biologically active version of B12. - Pyridoxine is just another name for vitamin...
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generic for Folbic
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Anthem pathway is not covering Folbic. What can I get instead? ## Hello, Meatbe! How are you? Folbic is just a potent multivitamin, there are various others available, so you should just ask your doctor to prescribe an alternative that your insurance will cover, or that is available as a generic. The FDA information shows that some people experience nausea, after taking this, due to how potent they are. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 5 months ago.
foltx v folbic
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Please advise me as to whether folbic is the sane as foltx. I have C.A.D. and I have been prescribed foltx but have been given folbic. ## Yep, they are the same thing, Foltx is just a Brand name I believe, and folbic is the generic name ## SAME THING, 2 DIFF BRANDS, FOLIC ACID 2.5MG, B6 25 MG, B12 2 MG ## It is very common for the pharmacy to give you a generic, cheaper version of the prescription unless you, or your doctor say it must be the name brand. ## TOOK METANX AFTER 3 DAYS HAD STOMACH CRAMPS DOCTOR RECOMMENDED FLOTX WENT TO PHARMACY THEY SAID I COULD TAKE B COMPLEX WITH FOLIC ACID MAYBE A GOOD IDEA?? ## Folbic and Foltx had minor differences and substituting one for the other used to be no problem. Now the new reformulated Foltx has L-methylfolate instead of folic acid. L-Methy...
Updated 5 months ago.
Folbic working or not?
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My doctor recently prescribed Folbic for my vitamin deficiency. How do I know its working and can I also supplement with additional b vitamins? ## Hello, Mark! How are you doing? You should see an improvement in whatever symptoms caused your doctor to check for it, if it's working. And no, it would not be advisable to add more B vitamins, because getting to much of some of them can also be dangerous. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 9 months ago.
difference between Folic Acid and Folbic
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From what I read the only difference between Folic Acid and Folbic is that Folbic contains B12 am I wrong ## Folbic actually contains Pyridoxine, Cyanacobalamin and Folic Acid, so it has two B vitamins with the Folic Acid. Learn more Folbic details here. So, for anyone else seeking information, they are different and you should take the specific one that your doctor directed you to use. Are there any comments or questions? ## Do they no longer make folbic tabs.
Updated 10 months ago.
does folbic help itp
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Can folbic help someone with chronic ITP to increase blood platelets?
Updated 1 year ago.

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Cyanocobalamin + Folic Acid + Pyridoxine
  • Tablet: 2mg + 2.5mg + 25mg
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