Folic Acid

FDA Approved: * December 23, 1971
Pharm Company: * WATSON LABS
Category: Vitamins & Supplements

* This drug may consist of multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or distributors. If applicable, they would be listed below under "NDC Database Records".

Folic Acid Overview

Folic acid (conjugate base folate) is a B vitamin. It is also referred to as vitamin M,[4] vitamin B9,[5] vitamin Bc[6] (or folacin), pteroyl-L-glutamic acid, and pteroyl-L-glutamate.[7] Food supplement manufacturers often use the term folate for something different from "pure" folic acid: in chemistry, folate refers to the deprotonated ion, and folic acid to the neutral molecule—which both coexist in water. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and the International Uni...

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Nervijen capsule
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Getting burning sensation & numbness in thighs ## Nervijen is a multivitamin supplement, it mainly contains B vitamins, with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Folic Acid, it is sometimes given to people that are suffering from certain types of nerve pain, such as you described, because a lack in these vital nutrients can contribute to or cause these types of problems. Are there any other questions or comments? ## In May 2010 i got backache with sever pain lower back.i did MRI,it is normal and no nerve compression.taken advice from doctor for i am feeling burning sensation in both thighs,full back,pain in left side upper and lower jaw teeths specifically in night,palm getting tight in night (both),one finger of right foot near thumb paining.lordosis completely lost together with shr...
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Haemorrhagic cyst and uterine fibroid
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I have 2 Haemorrhagic cysts (3x2cm) in my right ovary and 1 uterine fibroid (9mm) since 2 months after my gynae gave me HCG injection. I was asked to take crimson 35 oral contraceptives last month by my gynae and since they didn't help, my doc asked me to discontinue them and just take folic acid tabs. Now I am having bleeding and blood in mucus, vaginal discharge after 1 week of my menses. So, is this the reason for bleeding after 1 week of menses?
Updated 9 hours ago.
hcqs /omnacartil 5 mg/ folitrax 15mg /fdson-folic acid 5 mg tablet side effects
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I m RA paisent and take above tablet by RA specialist dr instruction as follow. Omnacartil 5 mg daily HCQS 400 mg daily Folitrax 15 mg weekly Fdson 5 mg twice in week Pl inform me any side effect of above doose. ## Folitrax 15 mg in a week,lefno 10mg OD mecabal plus daily ## I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient having ESR-25& RA factor greater than 100. Doctor prescribed me Lefno-10mg once daily at night, Folitrax 15mg once a week, Mecabal plus daily except on that day on which I took Folitrax. I also takeCalcium with vitamin-D &Terrifrac injection daily & Medrol-2Mg daily. I feel loss of appetite, hair fall &loose motion How should I manage with this problem My Age is -65,yrs
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Can I conceive normally thyronorm 25 MCG and folic acid mb
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I just wanted to know whether I can conceive normally I have been consuming thyronorm since almost 2 years and started with folic tsh,t3 and t4 is in normal suggest. ## Hello, Neha! How are you? What medical conditions are you being treated for? Really, the only way to discover whether or not you can conceive normally, according to the NIH, is by trying to become pregnant. There are various factors that may affect it, including your medical history and genetics. Do you take any other medications? Have you consulted your doctor?
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ultrafolin uses
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Can ultrafolin reduce acne? Can it cure acne? ## Hello, Manish! How are you? No, this is a folic acid supplement, it is a nutrient that is vital to our overall health, but it will not help with acne. The U.S. FDA lists it as mostly being used when a woman is pregnant, to ensure she gets enough for her and the baby to both remain healthy and prevent birth defects. It can sometimes cause nausea, as a side effect, due to its potency. Is there anything else I can help with?
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Effect Of Hemarate
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please send to me the side effect of hemarate.tnx ## Hemarate is a nutritional supplement, it is meant to treat or prevent conditions associated with a lack of the vital nutrients it contains, which include iron, a B complex and several other important vitamins. Since it is a supplement and not a medication, the side effect profiles for it have not been studied, as is done for actual drugs, but some people do experience some nausea after taking it and the iron may cause darkened stools and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## is hemerate for pregnant women only? ## What the best time to take hemarate fa in the morning or night time..should I take after meal or before meal ## Who can take Hemarate? Is it only for pregnant women? I am 62 and my sugar is 130.. Can i tak...
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Nervex Bt Tablet
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doctor prescribe Nervex bt capsules for me. I would like to know for what ailment this is given. ## please let me know this halal. ## The Nervex BT is on of the most common medicine consumed by millions of Muslims. It is marked by a Brown dot. Therefore i would be really thankfull if u can let me know what kind of animal fat used in it or whether is it "hallal" ? (Does it contains any pork fat or anything related to PORK). ## @SIDA, I'm honestly surprised that your doctor gave you a prescription for a medication without telling you what it was used for. Something just doesn't make sense about that. Did you happen to go in and get any blood work done or perhaps a diagnoses indicating that you even needed this supplement? Nervex is simply a prescription-based multivitamin ...
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nurokind plus medicine
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tell me the effects, side effects, uses, dosage of this drug ## Nurokind Plus is a multivitamin used to treat diabetic neuropathy and other cardiovascular diseases. It contains: Folic acid 1.5 mg Alpha lipoic acid 100 mg Methylcobalamin 1.5 mg (a form of vitamin B-12) Vitamin B1 10 mg Vitamin B6 3 mg Vitamin B is likely safe when taken as directed. It is advisable to consult with a physician who is aware of your medical history before starting a regimen of this. Several conditions may be aggravated by vitamin B-12, including high (polycythemia vera) or abnormal (megaloblastic anemia) red blood cells, as well as Leber's disease. I hope this helps. You may also find the article about B Vitamins to be of use... ## My wife is pregnant and she got a very severe ache in her leg. Doctor pr...
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folic acid tablet ip 5 mg and ovagen-50
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What are the usage of fevit (folic acid tabley ip 5mg) and ovagen-50 (clomifene tablets b.p.)?
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Use Of Nurokind More Tablet
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Sir i am using long time neurokind more tablets it is good for health there is any side effect please give me a useful advice ## Nurokind-More is a nutritional supplement that contains Methycobalamin, Zinc, Calacium, Folic Acid, Nicotinamide, Chromium and Vitamins B1 and B6. These nutrients are all important to your overall health and a lack in them could cause some serious medical problems, however, it is also important not to take too much, because that can also be dangerous. Since this is not an actual drug, its side effect profile has not been studied, as is done for medications, but some people do report experiencing some nausea after taking them. Are there any other questions? ## when is nuroking-more tablet is to be taken ( morning,afternoon or evening) ## what kind of disease nu...
Updated 10 days ago.

Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Folic Acid
  • Injection: 5mg/ml
  • Tablet: 1 Mg, 1mg, 1mg + 2.5mg + 25mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Folic Acid: (66 results)

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  • 0143-1248 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by West-ward Pharmaceutical Corp.
  • 0143-9717 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by West-ward Pharmaceutical Corp
  • 0591-5216 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Watson Labs
  • 0603-3162 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals
  • 0603-3714 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Qualitest
  • 0615-0664 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Ncs Healthcare of Ky, Inc Dba Vangard Labs
  • 0615-7814 Folic Acid 1 mg Oral Tablet by Ncs Healthcare of Ky, Inc Dba Vangard Labs
  • 0904-6201 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Major Pharmaceuticals
  • 10135-182 Folic Acid 1 mg Oral Tablet by Marlex Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • 11534-165 Folic Acid 1 mg Oral Tablet by Sunrise Pharmaceutical, Inc.
  • 11788-001 Folic Acid 1 mg Oral Tablet by Aiping Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • 15338-170 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Apace Packaging
  • 24160-001 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Bicon Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • 24658-110 Folic Acid 1 mg Oral Tablet by Blu Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  • 33261-811 Folic Acid 1 mg/1 Oral Tablet by Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLC
  • 43353-681 Folic Acid 1 mg Oral Tablet by Aphena Pharma Solutions - Tennessee, LLC
  • 43353-824 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Aphena Pharma Solutions - Tennessee, LLC
  • 48433-320 Folic Acid 1 mg Oral Tablet by Safecor Health, LLC
  • 49349-358 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Remedyrepack Inc.
  • 49349-466 Folate 1 mg Oral Tablet by Remedyrepack Inc.
  • 46 more results ...

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