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Vitamin E

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Vitamin E Overview

Vitamin E refers to a group of eight fat-soluble compounds that include both tocopherols and tocotrienols.[1] Of the many different forms of vitamin E, γ-tocopherol is the most common in the North American diet.[2] γ-Tocopherol can be found in corn oil, soybean oil, margarine, and dressings.[3][4] α-tocopherol, the most biologically active form of vitamin E, is the second-most common form of vitamin E in the diet. This variant can be found most abundantly in wheat germ oil, sun...

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Side effects of vitamin e if directly taken
i want to know about the side effects of vitamin e i.e evion 400 capsules if directly take. how to take this and how much time period ???
Updated 8 minutes ago.
diane pill and myra 400 e
hi, takin diane pills and myra 400e at same time, juz wanna knw, its isafe?? im 30 yrs old and been taking myra for long time and juz taken diane pills weeks ago.. i usually taking 2 capsule of myra!!!.. thanks and best regards!!!.. ## Hello! How are you? The Myra is just a nutritional supplement that contains vitamin E, so no, it shouldn't cause any problems with the Diane, but it would be best to check with your doctor or pharmacist to be certain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I didn't pass my medical exam due to findings of reactive hepa B.but through conversation with some people who also found and experience the same case .they told me that some kind of vitamin e forte ,just vanish the hepa b result after taking for 4days.How true it is that it could really hel...
Updated 6 days ago.
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Vitamin E Evion 600
is there any harm if I take evion 600 for a long period? and will it increase the sperm count? ## It is just a vitamin E supplement, so it isn't considered harmful, unless you take more than directed and no, it isn't like to increase sperm count, either. Learn more vitamin E details here. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I started goin to the gym recently and noticed my first stretch mark on my right arm on the bicep, although this one is very small im afraid i might get more like this. What are the diff ways i can prevent more from happening? Will evion 600 help along with multivitamins and moisturisers ## Can we apply evion 600 directly on face for removing dark circles
Updated 6 days ago.
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limcee vitamin c chewable tablets for acne scras
I am 21 year old lady .....I have acne and acne marks on my face it good to take limcee 500 mg chewable tablets for removing my acne marks...... ## Hello, Imu! Vitamin C hasn't been known to help with scars. Scars are usually permanent, though there are some products that can help minimize their appearance and fade them. Have you tried any topical remedies or vitamin E? Have you consulted your doctor? ## She didn't say scars you twat, there is a difference in acne scars and marks..
Updated 8 days ago.
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For what is Evion LC taken
I have been getting catches on my hip and it makes it difficult to rise up when once I sit. Would tablet Evion LC help me? For what is Evion LC taken? ## I have been getting catches on my hip and it makes it difficult to rise up when once I sit. Would tablet Evion LC help me? For what is Evion LC taken? ## Evion LC is a nutritional supplement, it contains 150mgs of L-Carnitine and 200mgs of Vitamin E. It can help if you have a deficiency in these nutrients, but it is just a vitamin supplement. What has your doctor recommended? ## What is use of Evion LC, is it for mascular pain ## I FIND CRAMP LIKE PAIN ON THE HIP AND ABOVE ABDOMIN IE CHEST ALSO AT TIMES ON MY NECK PLEASE ADVISE ## its a vitamin is for mascular pain in legs..n it is also useful for skin..( pigementation) ...
Updated 17 days ago.
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evion 400 vitamin e capsules Oral
I am taking Evion 400 green capsules everyday after night meal will it help to grow hair and black spot of my face. I am dibetic 239 PP is there any connection of Vitamine E and diabetic. Please explain evion400 benifits and uses ## my skin is kind of iching when i stop applying night creams for about 3 days. so can you tell me if vitamin capsules are effective for my problem?
Updated 19 days ago.
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evion 400 vitamin e capsules for development of hair
can evion 400 help in developing the health of hair? can it reduce the thining of the hair?
Updated 20 days ago.
Evion 400mg Side Effects
hi i want to ask if evion 400mg is safe to take because my friend started using it a nd all her acne scars and pimples went off and her skin is also glowing a lot so she recommended me this product i have very slight pimples on my face and a few pimple spots is it safe for me to take this my age is 22 and i am thin i hope by taaking this tablet i wont loose weight becausr i dont want to hope to get a reply soon ## Evion is a just a nutritional supplement that contains Vitamin E. It is a nutrient vital to our health and is very important to the health of your skin, hair and nails. It is also very commonly used in topical skin care products, such as lotions, lip balms and make-up. Most people don't get enough of it in their daily diet, so supplementing can help. There is no guarantee,...
Updated 26 days ago.
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evion 400 vitamin e capsules usp
What is the use of evion 400 vitamin e capsule usp for endometriosis patient who is trying to conceive?
Updated 28 days ago.
Is Fungusil Really Remove Toenail Fungus?
My son had toenail fungus now. We've tried almost some of the popular remedies like White Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and Listerine but not too effective on my son. As i've go to the drugstores, the only available for now is the medicine product Fungusil. Just want to know if anyone here try to used this before? Is it really effective? Because the price is quite expensive and i don't want to waste of money if it's not effective to remove fungus.Thanks.. ## It is just another natural product, it contains ingredients similar to what you've already tried and if his problem hasn't responded to those, then it's not very likely that this will help, either. Has he seen a doctor? There are antifungal products that they can prescribe, which might help the problem. My sugges...
Updated 1 month ago.
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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Vitamin E
  • Capsule: 1000IU, 100IU, 200IU, 400IU, 600IU
  • Cream
  • Drops: 15IU/0.3ml
  • Lotion
  • Oil
  • Shampoo
  • Solution: 15IU/0.3ml, 50IU/ml
  • Tablet: 100IU, 200IU
  • Tablet, Chewable: 200IU
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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