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The human skin is the outer covering of the body. In humans, it is the largest organ of the integumentary system. The skin has multiple layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs.[1] Human skin is similar to that of most other mammals. Though nearly all human skin is covered with hair follicles, it can appear hairless. There are two general types of skin, hairy and glabrous skin.[2] The adjective cutaneous literally means "of the skin" ...

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Renal calculi is removed from Ayurvedic medicine
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Development of the stones is related to decreased urine volume or increased excretion of stone-forming components such as calcium, oxalate, urate, cystine, xanthine, and phosphate. and all thes compound are removed by Ayurvedic Medicine. Trust Me its true, if u really want to avoid operation Contact Me ## Hi Manoj, Can you please submit more details about your Ayurvedic Medicine treatment? It might be beneficial for everyone to learn more about it on this page before considering any services. ## Dear i cant submit more details about my Medicine due to may some fake doctors exploit peoples. iam not giving any paid service, its free to all but if patient satisfy(Calculi gets dissloved or removed) with my medicine then they can give my fee its not compulsory. ## can remove calculi in ball ...
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use of lobate gm skin cream
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I get rashes in my groin after long walking. Its difficult to walk. I am using Betamil GM and Lichens a ointment. Now I have been prescribed with Lobate GM. What to do ## Hi Kirti, Sorry to hear about the challenging rashes you've been facing. Based on my research, Lobate GM contains the active ingredients Clobetasol, Miconazole, and Neomycin. This cream is geared specifically for treating various skin conditions, such as dryness, crusting, itching, redness, scaling, inflammation, and even bacterial & fungal infections. It's really an all-in-one type of ointment in that regard. You can learn more about each ingredient on the pages for Clobetasol Details, Miconazole Details, and Neomycin Details. Have you had a proper diagnosis done to see what the underlying cause of it coul...
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accutane long term side effects
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I have a son that took accutane 60 mg a day for six months in a row three years ago. Now after many trips to doctors over strange medical problems, it seems accuatne is the culprit medication that has caused servere joint and muscle pain, severe dry lips, redness in face, eye infections of own immune system attacking itself, systems of osteoarthritis in both shoulders, both wrist and right hand, blood in stool, possible hair loss, abnormal liver function test results in AST and ALT. My son went from being a high school football and track athlete while taking this medication three years ago to someone that is in constant pain just washing a car. After I have researched this drug extensively, I can't believe that the FDA allows this drug originally made for cancer patients to be marke...
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Methylprednisone 4mg tbpk
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I just started this med today for sciatica. I've taken 5 out of the 6 tablets for today so far. Experiencing fatigue, dizziness, severe muscle cramping in legs and hands, racing heartbeat and feeling totally out of it. I think the side effects are worse than the pain. Can I just stop taking this without more serious problems? Please help as I really don't want to take it anymore! ## If you've taken that many and your doctor wanted you to taper it, it would be best to continue to do so, unless they instruct otherwise. Everything you've described can be normal side effects of steroid medications, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience insomnia, nervousness and acne. How are you feeling, now? Has there been any change? ## My doctor told me to stop taking. Feeling b...
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betadine ointment
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Am Little bit Confuse Whether to Use Betadine Or T-bact ointment for Facial Scratches in My Face Due To Bike Accident.The Scratch Is Form my Side head to Below in my eyes.
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where to find epitrel cream
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I have a tube of Epitrel and I love it, I use on my brown spots. Where can I find it? ## Hello, Sandy! How are you? Epitrel contains Retin-A, so it is only available via prescription in the U.S. It is most commonly prescribed to treat severe acne, due to the risks it causes of skin burning, drying and possible scarring. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Sandy what country did you get it from? I think it might be over the counter somewhere like Mexico but I'm not sure. ## May I please get some epitrel via online order
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Accutane and seizures
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I took roaccutane in 1996 and again in 1997. Each time was for around 6 months. I had a 6 minute tonic clonic seizure in August 2011 and another one in January 2012. I'm wondering whether this is related, although it is a big gap. Has anyone else developed seizures 15 years or so after finishing roaccutane? ## YES....I Hate to Even Admit it..But..I have had several Seizures....Some lasting 15 minutes...It is Like being trapped inside a body that will not work..or even perform the simplest tasks....I could see...and realize..I was drueling...but my right arm was contorted..and my left arm was basically rigid....I believe it is About time..We all find a way to form a network...of people...that can compare notes.....More aptly...than on here..Please contact Me. ## I can't say wheth...
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Sulfur & Cream of Tartar Wafer
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Years ago, given to each of us once per day for keeping mosquitos from biting & if they bit us, would not cause problems. ## Where can I find Sulfur and Cream of Tarter Wafers? I took them as a kid and never had any problems with bug bites and ticks and we played in the woods every day. As I got older I never had acne. I wanted to have my daughter try it, but can not find them. They were a little flat wafer about the size of a quarter and chewable. The taste was not bad at all....and a somewhat sweet. Can someone help me find this product if it exists? ## Linda, glad to see that someone besides I remembers these wafers. I still have not found them anywhere but I will keep checking smalltowm pharmicies & hopefully locate them somewhere!!! I just know they were wonderful! ## I fou...
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Accutane Lawyer
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OK Everyone, I found the letter that was sent to me from a LAWYER the same week my son died from complications of a bone marrow transplant do to idiopathic Aplastic Anemia. I always, always thought that ACCUTANE was the cause for him coming down with this rare blood disorder but was told it would be hard to prove by the doctors and as you can imagine I was too upset to follow thru, I wish I did! This is a generic letter and actually called Attorney Advertisement. I do not know if they are even still in business. MIKAL C. WATTS ATTORNEY AT LAW 2506 N. PORT AVE. CORPUS CHRISTI, TX 78401 1-877-220-0012 Good luck all and be careful with your information until you know this is legit.
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what is xorimax 250mg used to treat
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I have terrible hand eczema(hand dermatitis) and my doctor gave xorimax, but as i read the reviews, it says mainly for acne. so im confused. please advice me. ## Hello, Danu! How are you? It is actually just an antibiotic, so it can be used to treat many different conditions involving bacterial infections. Its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea. Learn more Xorimax details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Excuse me,does xorimax 250g treat sore throat?or curam 625mg?i had sore throat and i accidentally put these two medicine now i am confuse whick two to consume.please help me
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