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Active Ingredient(s): Isotretinoin
FDA Approved: May 7, 1982
Pharm Company: HLR
Category: Skin Care

Accutane Overview

Isotretinoin (INN) (etymology and pronunciation), also known as 13-cis retinoic acid and first marketed as Accutane by Hoffmann-La Roche, is a medication primarily used to treat cystic acne. Rarely, it is also used to prevent certain skin cancers (squamous-cell carcinoma), and in the treatment of other cancers. It is used to treat harlequin-type ichthyosis, a usually lethal skin disease, and lamellar ichthyosis. It is a retinoid, meaning it is related to vitamin A, and is found in small quant...

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Accutane and Infertility
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I took accutane almost 14 years ago as a teenager. I am now a 32 year old woman who has just been diagnosed with infertility that they believe is linked to autoimmune issues. I truly believe that accutane is the cause of this; from the research that I have done it seems that accutane has been linked to other thyroid-related diseases, but that they have not yet been able to prove a link between accutane and infertility. There are, however, actually more people like me out there than I originally thought. Being diagnosed with ovarian dysfunction has been a horrific, horrific blow. And while there was plenty of information about accutane and birth defects, no one ever mentioned a possibility of future infertility. I was a teenager! This is a tragedy and I believe something should be done a...
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Accutane side effects
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I am currently on accutane and I am 14 years old. I have had to google many things while on accutane, and have found many responses helpful so I thought I would share also. I have currently been on accutane for close to 3 months, and have good days and bad days. My skin isn't that dry, and I'm not getting any sore joints, but I read taking omega pills help with that. I use cetaphill lotion on my entire body and face twice a day. I also take birth control pills suggested by my dermo, and it has caused two yeast infections in the past two months. So I will probably switch carriers, and I am going to try DanActive immune system booster drinks once a day. I haven't gotten sick all year but recently while on Accutane I got pink eye, the stomach bug, and Mano. It really does lower...
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accutane long term side effects
1735 Replies RSS
I have a son that took accutane 60 mg a day for six months in a row three years ago. Now after many trips to doctors over strange medical problems, it seems accuatne is the culprit medication that has caused servere joint and muscle pain, severe dry lips, redness in face, eye infections of own immune system attacking itself, systems of osteoarthritis in both shoulders, both wrist and right hand, blood in stool, possible hair loss, abnormal liver function test results in AST and ALT. My son went from being a high school football and track athlete while taking this medication three years ago to someone that is in constant pain just washing a car. After I have researched this drug extensively, I can't believe that the FDA allows this drug originally made for cancer patients to be marke...
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Accutane and Fatigue
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Has anybody found any resolve for fatigue induced by accutane? It's been years since I've been off, and I'm so exhausted all of the time. Anybody else suffer from exhaustion? ## Hello, Eric! How are you doing? I am sorry that you're suffering from such fatigue. However, are you certain that it is due to treat he Accutane? Has this been medically confirmed? There are many other issues that can cause it, so you need to have it checked out to be sure. You may have some other medical issue going on that requires treatment. ## I do. I took acutane for 7 years, never thought about the relation with acutane and chronic fatigue... We'd probably never know...
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Tattoo before Accutane?
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I want to get a very small tattoo on the back of my neck. I'm supposed to be starting my Accutane on Friday. I know you're not supposed to get tattoos whilst taking Accutane because it can affect the healing process but if I get the tattoo and start my Accutane a week later when the tattoo has healed, do you think this would be a problem?
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Ro-accutane psychological side effects
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I'm 18 years old and have been on ro-accutane for a month and a half taking 30 mg a day. The drug got to work pretty much straight away, and I was drinking lots of water everyday to aid the clearing of my acne. Around 3 weeks into taking the drug my mood became very temperamental and although I love my parents I can no longer be in the same room as them for more than five minutes before I have to run off to my bedroom to be on my own. I've become hugely paranoid over somebody I am dating, but feel I am losing my bubbly personality he once loved and we don't speak much these days. I have a good job working in the offices of a good British university, but my concentration is slipping. I agonise over the wording of my emails so much that I give up and forget to reply to colleag...
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Accutane and seizures
13 Replies RSS
I took roaccutane in 1996 and again in 1997. Each time was for around 6 months. I had a 6 minute tonic clonic seizure in August 2011 and another one in January 2012. I'm wondering whether this is related, although it is a big gap. Has anyone else developed seizures 15 years or so after finishing roaccutane? ## YES....I Hate to Even Admit it..But..I have had several Seizures....Some lasting 15 minutes...It is Like being trapped inside a body that will not work..or even perform the simplest tasks....I could see...and realize..I was drueling...but my right arm was contorted..and my left arm was basically rigid....I believe it is About time..We all find a way to form a network...of people...that can compare notes.....More aptly...than on here..Please contact Me. ## I can't say wheth...
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autoimmune disorders linked to accutane?
6 Replies RSS
I took accutane in the early 90's when I was in my 20's. I took all but the last "phase" of the prescription. I had no problems with it at the time. The only warning from my dermatologist was don't get pregnant. In 2009 I developed a blood disorder and autoimmune disorder. I have pain in my joints and fatigue. My husband is convinced that it is from accutane. I have had many stays in the hospital because of this. Has anyone else developed these or similar symptoms? ## Hi, yes, I have been diagnosed with multifocal motor neuropathy recently, which is believed to be autoimmune and currently has no cure. I dont know how to stop the damage. My diagnosis means the disease is progressive, and will cause severe disability. ## Sorry to hear about both your experiences coming...
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Accutane and severe "autoimmune" illness
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Hi, I took 2 courses of Accutane, several months each, years ago. I had to interrupt the second one because Accutane caused severe depression. Some 3 years later I got a neurological issue: my right hand dropped and I lost thumb extension. About a year ago my left hand got affected. I have mobility issues in both hands and severe muscle wasting in hands and forearms. I got diagnosed 1 month ago with MMN, multifocal motor neuropathy, a serious and progressive neuro-muscular disease. The cause is unknown, but I cannot help thinking Accutane caused all this. Now, I must know how to stop the damage and how to clean my system from Accutane, because there is no real, lasting treatment for my diagnosis.
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Taking my own Accutane case to court - Need your help
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Hi. I am a 34 danish guy, who were on accutane, between the age of 18 and 25. Now, 16 years later, I am still suffering a great deal from psychological side effects from these horrible pills. I am very, very sure of that. And I am extremely motivated to go and collect as much "evidence" together as possible. I could probably list a total of 15 side effects, I still struggle with after accutane. Half of those would be psychological. The worst of those are, anxiety and a "numb" brain. People who have the same after accutane, knows what I mean about having a numb brain. Here is where I really need your help. I am looking for others, who have taken accutane and afterwards has struggled - and more importantly - still struggles with psychological issues. It would be a great help
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