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Estrogen (American English) or oestrogen (Commonwealth English) is the primary female sex hormone. It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. Estrogen may also refer to any substance, natural or synthetic, that mimics the effects of the natural hormone.[1] The steroid 17β-estradiol is the most potent and prevalent endogenous estrogen, although several metabolites of estradiol also have estrogenic hormonal acti...

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bp 50 white square pill
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Hey anyone know about this pill my cousin is telling me its Clomid 50 mg..... It is square with bp on one side 50 on the other its white. ## Hi Tony, MedsChat actually has another discussion thread on this same topic debating on how the pill description is a toss up between Clomid 50mg and a 50mg Winstrol [a steroid] tablet made by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (hence the "bp"). You can view the conversation here: Discuss/square-white-pill-with-bp-on-one-side-and-50-on-the-other-183666.htm Personally, I get the hunch it's Winstrol, but a lab analysis may be your best bet for 100% verification. Hope this helps!
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kindly tell me the advantages of taking ova care forte regarding pregnancy ## Ovacare Forte is a multivitamin/mineral nutritional supplement, which is often given to women that are trying to get pregnant, or who are already pregnant, to make sure they have enough of these vital nutrients in their bodies. Learn more Vitamin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am 22,went through 2 mtp and then took few I pills coz of which period is irregular.my Gynae gave me this tablet.will it have any side effects on me? ## Ovacare is not for medicinal purpose. It is just a supplement. It helps the patients who are suffering from pcos. Take a nd b formula together. First start your periods using primolut 10mg. Then start clomid 50mg from 2nd or 3rd day of the period for 5 days. C...
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af 150 fluconazole side effects
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I used AF 150mg and now i feel weak and throat infection. Please inform me how long it will last and what's the medicine to cure this problem. ## I took 1 dose of 150mg Diflucan/Fluzonazole caused major abdominal and testicular pain for me. 3 weeks later, I am still dizzy and fatigued. It is a dangerous drug. I would avoid it if at all possible.
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Fluconazole side effects
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I would like to know any and all side effects to this particular medication. I have been experiencing stomach ache, headache, low back ache, palpitations, taste, nausea. Are these normal side effects? and if not, should I stop taking them. Of course, you can't reach a doctor over the weekend. I have taken 9 doses in 10 days. I forgot to take my normal dose on Friday night and felt great the next day but took one last night when I realized that I had missed a dose, and woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick again. This has been going going on for the last 3 or 4 doses. The reaction usually occurs 4-6 hours after taking the pill. ## same happens here ## You poor thing, I only had to take 2 doses of it. I can't imagine taking it for that long. The pharmacist had told me it...
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yutopar aka ritodrine
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My husband and I have had our daughter which is now 30 tested for everything and the doctors can't seem to be able to give us a diagnosis, and things are not getting any better, my beautiful daughter has struggled and suffered so much and it breaks my heart to know that Yutopar that was given to me, which affected my baby and I knowing, my that daughter is the one who suffers from it on a daily basis. My second child is normal, and I did not take the drug while carring him. I would really like to talk to all of you, something needs to be done to care for these kids that are now adults that can not cope, sleep, eat, extremely depressed, sucidal thoughts, learning problems, unable to conform to society, lies, bi-polar, anti-social, can't function in everyday life and with everyday...
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progesterone 200 capsule( Strone)
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For me LH is high. for him spermatogenesis counting is less he is not taking tablets properly. But my Dr treatment for me on my 14th day Dr gave me an injection to egg burst three days I got unbearable able. On 16th Dr scan me she told the egg was burst and she prescriped me Strone 200mg twice a day day and night. Still I. Don't know y she suggest the capsule for me. When inserting the capsule getting too much back pain and abdomen pain. Last month July 2nd I got period and in the same month 26th I got period. Is there chance that I can get pregnancy. All time I feel sleepy and tried
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getting pregnant
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Have been using overcare, 4 3mnths, letro for 6mnths, clomid and now m2-tone ## Helllo, Vivian! How are you? Did your doctor prescribe these, or have you been taking them on your own? The M2 Tone is just an Ayurvedic product that's not actually proven to help with anything. Are your periods regular? Are they very heavy? How long do they last? ## HOW LONG WILL I TAKE M2-TONE BEFOR I GET PREGNANT ## I have been completed for 1month tablet m2-tone tablet then how long we can get pregnant
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Furtile 50 as Clomid replacement for fertility
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I have 3 daughters and the 2nd and 3rd were conceived with Clomid. I am 39 now and my doc would not prescribe it again for me. I bought Furtile 50 from india in the foil packs with the rubber band and took it this week. Hopefully something happens as my clock is ticking like crazy. I know how clomid works so im anxious to see how this does. The only side effect is im a little cranky. Def not typical of me to be cranky. I will let ya know what transpires. ## Thank you for sharing your story. Please do post back if you have any success with the medicine from India. They typically manufacture generics with the same active ingredients as domestic brands but it is not always as reliable and consistent because the quality control isn't mandated the same way as the FDA does. Would you happ...
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furtile 50 mg
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I ordered clomid from a Canadian pharmacy and when I received the package it was sent from India the name of the clomid is furtile 50 mg. However I cannot find any info on these pills and now I worried they are fake has anyone ever took this clomid before - is it a legitimate brand? ## I'm sorry, but I have been unable to find anything under this name, either. One of the hazards of ordering medications in such a manner is not knowing exactly what you will receive, if anything. Is anyone else familiar with this medication? ## I received the same thing! Have you used them? Or found out anymore about them? ## My cycle doesn't start until Oct 5 on CD 5-9 which will be Oct 10 for me I will start them to see if there good or not I will keep you posted.however they sent free generic Vi...
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Why To Use Susten 300 Tablet
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doc advised me to take susten 300 mg and i am 9 week pregnant. After taking tablet, there are some side effects like headache,back pain and sometimes lower abdomen pain. Is this a normal or what ? kindly help me to have better reply. ## HI! Congrats on your pregnancy! Susten contains Progesterone, which is a hormone that's vital to being able to maintain a healthy pregnancy and carry the baby to full term. Those side effects can be normal from taking it, but you should double check with your doctor to be safe. How are you feeling today? ## hi i m 24 years old i have missed my periods today its 51th day and i have checked my pregnancy test it shown negative doctor has adviced to take sustan tab 300mg for 1 week i have taken 4 days at night after taking this drug i m getting giddness ...
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