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Estrogen or oestrogen (see spelling differences) is the primary female sex hormone and is responsible for development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. Estrogen may also refer to any substance, natural or synthetic, that mimics the effects of the natural hormone.[1] The steroid 17β-estradiol is the most potent and prevalent endogenous estrogen, although several metabolites of estradiol also have estrogenic hormonal activity. Synthetic est...

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Vagifem 10mcg
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I have just been prescribed Vagifem 10mcg, It says in the leaflet not to take if you have Angina. I have micro vascular angina I need advise whether to use or not ??
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Deviry 10mg Tablet
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My wife has been advised to take deviry 10mg tab from D16-D25 after failure of IVF. Kindly confirm it is ok. ## Only she and her doctor can decide what is okay and safe for her to try. Deviry contains the active ingredient Medroxyprogesterone, this is a hormone that is vital to the female fertility cycle. Learn more: If she wants to get pregnant, then her best bet is to follow her doctor's advice. Are there any other questions? ## i want to now the deviry 10mg tab for what purpose it use ## i m married. i missed my periods last 2 month. doctor advice me for Deviry 10 gm. i dont want to get pregnant now. i also try prega news. its result is nagative. what can i do now?? ## I wanna be pregnant my doctor advice me clofert 100 for first five days from day second onwards and told to take...
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Fluconazole side effects
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I would like to know any and all side effects to this particular medication. I have been experiencing stomach ache, headache, low back ache, palpitations, taste, nausea. Are these normal side effects? and if not, should I stop taking them. Of course, you can't reach a doctor over the weekend. I have taken 9 doses in 10 days. I forgot to take my normal dose on Friday night and felt great the next day but took one last night when I realized that I had missed a dose, and woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick again. This has been going going on for the last 3 or 4 doses. The reaction usually occurs 4-6 hours after taking the pill. ## same happens here ## You poor thing, I only had to take 2 doses of it. I can't imagine taking it for that long. The pharmacist had told me it...
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what is use of progesterone sustained Release tablets 300mg
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what is use of progesterone sustained Release tablets 300mg. currently i am using this tablet so i wan to why e use this.
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Kindly advice its usefulness and also who should take it? ## I want to take .I tablet (Fluconazole) what to know if I can take it .just before I go to bed ...
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purpose of Gestin Tablet
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i am taking Gestin tablet (Allylestrenol) during pregnancy so i want to know what is the purpose of Gestin tablet .please tell me in a very simple language. thanks Rozy ## Rozy, this is a Progesterone class hormone that is always present in the female body. The reason it is often given during pregnancy is because you have to have enough of it, in order to support a healthy pregnancy and carry your baby to full term. If a woman is lacking in it, it can affect her pregnancy and may cause her to miscarry. Are there any other questions? ## Hello doctor I'm 28 years old in my 13th week of 1st pregnancy. My doc has advised me to take gestin 5 mg tablets thrice a day. I was taking hcg5000 injections before twice a week. I just wanted to know the reason for high dose of gestin and any side ...
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Yutopar drug reaction
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I took this drug in 1987 from the time I was twenty weeks pregnant until I delivered emergency C-section December 1987, eight weeks early. My son's umbilical cord was only 5 inches long and he weighed 4lb 14oz. Since he was almost two years old, he has had all kinds of immune disorders. He had ITP when he was two and he has had MRSA, staph infections, chronic allergies, depression and right now at the age of 25 he is having diagnosis to figure out if he has ulcers or whatever. I even pay a lot of money for him to take a immune support supplement. It has been very frustrating over the years. ## I too took this drug at 20 wks and deliver via c-section in Nov. 1988. My son was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. His Apgar score was very low. We have experienced just a...
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Discharge on the 25th day and no periods
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I am on DB-10pills as I use to get scanty periods ....I started my pills a little late this month say on the 12th day of my cycle on the 25th day I got a red/brown discharge n that's it...nothing after that I still have 3pills left what should I do? I am 36 years old
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primolut side effects
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I took primolut tablet on my second day of menses to stop bleeding . Do i have to take one more next day to stop ? Cos we have a vacation planned . Will it have a side effect !? Pls suggest me . . M really tensed for takin pills . . ## did u took? N what result? Can we stop mensis while period? ## I started taking primolut n at the start of my period.How soon will it stop? ## Can we stop mensis while period using primolut and is there is any other choice to stop bleeding? ## I took primoulate n to stop periods whn my period of 1 st day is there ny problem will come ...my periods will stop ## Hello, Are you talking about the medication Primolut Nor (10 mg)? If so, Primolut Nor (10 mg) contains the active ingredient Norethindrone; which is a molecule used in some combined oral contracepti...
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Regestrone 5mg
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I would like to know if this a good tablet or if there are any side effects.... ## From what I was able to gather Regestrone is from India, the reported active ingredient in Regestrone is Norethindrone. Common side effects while taking this drug include: changes in menstrual period, such as: spotting, or missed periods, light headedness, drowsiness, headaches, possible fevering, hot flashes, stomach ache, nausea, stomach pain, difficulty sleeping, weight loss or gain, and feeling weak. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## If my body weight is between 48-50 kgs. does 'regestrone' causes any side effect to me. Can body weight & height or weak immunity can be a reason of causing possible si...
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