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Oestrogens or estrogens (spellings in British English and American English usage respectively), are a group of compounds named for their importance in both menstrual and estrous reproductive cycles. They are the primary female sex hormones. Natural estrogens are steroid hormones, while some synthetic ones are non-steroidal[citation needed]. The name comes from the Greek οστρος (oistros), literally meaning "gadfly" but figuratively sexual passion or desire,[1] and...

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Day 1 of xulane instead of ortho evra
I HATE this new patch already. Did not adhere to my skin as easily as ortho and came off about 4 hours after applying. I've been on ortho evra for 5 months loved it and never once had a problem but I already can't stand xulane and so I don't know what I'm going to do ! :( My insurance switched me to xulane because it's the generic brand to ortho evra. This sucks I hate life. Ps. I'm 18 ## I'm 22 and I was on ortho evra for a YEAR and they changed me to this Xulane and good god I hate it. After a week of the switch I was in the emergency room passing clots and feeling like I was in labor, they thought I had PID and put me on antibiotics which kicked my ass even worse, but the bleeding stopped, and yesterday I was cleared to stop taking them because all my labs...
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Primolut Nor
Hi! I want to postphone my periods. They are always regular . I had my last periods on 16th april( was 1st day) . Now if i have to take primolut nor 10mg from when do i have to start the dosage? From which date i have to start in this month to postphone my periods.thanks ## Hi rrk, Based on my research, Primolut Nor (10 mg) contains the active ingredient Norethindrone; which is a molecule used in some combined oral contraceptive pills, progestogen only pills and is also available as a stand-alone drug. It is a progestogen and can be used to treat premenstrual syndrome, painful periods, abnormal heavy bleeding, irregular periods, menopausal syndrome (in combination with oestrogen), or to postpone a period. It is also commonly used to help prevent uterine hemorrhage in complicated non-sur...
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progesterone 200 mg
I have been put on estradiol 2mg and progesterone 200mg 2x daily vaginally to trigger period. Once my period comes I will begin my 1st cycle of clomid. How long does it take for my period to start with the estrogen/progesterone combo?
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unable to stop, ringworm is spreading in whole body.
My ringworms are spreading in whole body from groin to thigh to bum to back to neck etc in back after doctor's advice i use terbinaforce tablet, fluconazole tab & kelora cream. but it is not stopping. i am tired to treat it by only cream & now taking pills since 1 week but problem is not seems to be finish. what to do ?
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tablet to stop heavy and nonstop bleeding
I had periods after a gap of 2 months. I started with little bleeding. Flow got heavier and with clots as days proceeded. I am using ETOSYS on advice by doctor since 10 days. Now even after 15 days, bleeding has not stopped in spite of using tablet. Can someone please suggest me some tablets for immediate solution as well as treatment? ## Hello, Madhu! How are things going? Has the bleeding stopped, yet? It sounds like you might have a hormonal imbalance. Heavy bleeding with clots usually signifies very high estrogen and low progesterone, which means you may not be ovulating. Have you consulted your doctor again, yet? You may need to take some type of hormone to help rectify the situation, but only they will be able to let you know for sure. ## Hello i am samvi and 22yrs old i got my pe...
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red and pink gel capsule
found capsule, its oblong pink on one side and deep red (maroon0 on other ## Hi, Paul are there any markings on it? If not, then we can rule it out as being a manufactured prescription medication, since they are all required to have imprints to enable their identification. That means that this is most likely some type of over the counter product. Where did you find it? Some products are regional, so knowing the general location may help to narrow it down. ## It's a study cap...
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Deviry 10mg Tablet
My wife has been advised to take deviry 10mg tab from D16-D25 after failure of IVF. Kindly confirm it is ok. ## Only she and her doctor can decide what is okay and safe for her to try. Deviry contains the active ingredient Medroxyprogesterone, this is a hormone that is vital to the female fertility cycle. Learn more: If she wants to get pregnant, then her best bet is to follow her doctor's advice. Are there any other questions? ## i want to now the deviry 10mg tab for what purpose it use ## i m married. i missed my periods last 2 month. doctor advice me for Deviry 10 gm. i dont want to get pregnant now. i also try prega news. its result is nagative. what can i do now?? ## I wanna be pregnant my doctor advice me clofert 100 for first five days from day second onwards and told to take...
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does akyma prenatal plus have gelatin
does akyma prenatal plus have gelatin, if so what is the source? is there any multi vitamin that does not contain any animal products? thanks ## @latif, Based on my research, Akyma (also known as Amneal) Pharmaceuticals discontinued their prenatal plus tablets some time ago. However I did come across a list of inactive ingredients and apparently it does contain gelatin sourced from porcine, which is pork. You can view more details about it here if you scroll down to the Prenatal Plus section: And as far as vegan multivitamins are concerned, from personal experience I would suggest looking into brands like Garden of Life, since all their products are raw and plants based. I hope this helps!
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Taking medroxyprogesterone for over 15 years
Hi, I've had abnormal periods since I was a teenager. At age 18 my gynecologist put me on provera/medroxyprogesterone, I've taken it every first 10 days of every month since then, and I am now 35 years old and still on this medicine. My doctor keeps telling me that I need to stay on it, to prevent uterine cancer, it runs in my family and if I don't take this medicine I won't get a period. My concern is the effect this medicine will have on my body after all these years of taking it. I keep reading that this medicine may increase my risk of breast and ovarian cancer. What do I do????
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EST Estrgn Methtest .625/1.25 mg
I am a 42 yr old woman and had a complete hysterectomy in October 2008. Within 1 year of my surgery, I began experiencing extreme hair loss. This November, my doctor prescribed EST ESTRN METHTEST .625/1.25 mg (in addition to the ESTRADIOL .5mg that I was already taking) to help reduce the hair loss. I was wondering if this medication is used for this purpose (as well as it's other benefits)? My mother is a breast cancer survivor (2009) & I am concerned about increasing my chances, by taking all these medications. Is it safe, or should I just accept my balding? ## This medication is a combination of Esterified Estrogens and Methyltestosterone, they are used for hormone replacement, to help with the symptoms of menopause or a deficiency in these hormones. Thus, yes, if the hair lo...
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