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Estrogen (American English) or oestrogen (British English) is the primary female sex hormone as well as a medication. It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. Estrogen may also refer to any substance, natural or synthetic, that mimics the effects of the natural hormone.[1] The estrane steroid estradiol is the most potent and prevalent endogenous estrogen, although several metabolites of estradiol also have estrog...

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dose - Af Kit Tablet procedure
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i have to take af kit tablet. it contains 4 tablets ..one for each day in four day want to know which one take on first day and others correspondingly. ## as you might have seen there are four tablets 1.fluconazole tablet (pink color) 2.azithromycin tablet (yellow color) 3. two-ornidazole tablets (white color) One tablet of fluconazole may be given any time of the day irrespective of food intake. One tablet of azithromycin should be taken empty stomach (at least i hour before or 2 hours after meal) Two tablets of ornidazole may be given with food to avoid G.I intolerance. i'm sure u got an instruction sheet along with the tablets. ## after taking Af kit how many days it will take to clear infaction
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Medicine for early or late period
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Hi! I need med to get early period or to delay. We have religion function and I want to enjoy. Pls suggest me something to get 1 week early period or 1 week delay.. Pls suggest me. Thanks!! ## Hello, Janny! How are you? I'm sorry, but this late into it, there's really nothing you can do. If you'd looked into it earlier, oral contraceptives can often be used to skip your period. Do you have a doctor that you see regularly? They may be able to suggest something, progesterone might work, but there's no guarantee of that. ## Late period I took ovaral G bt my regular period is delayed 4 three days took pregnancy test n result is negative what to I do to have normal period. ## My period date is 26 in every month. I want to be delay the date. Because my velai treep
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7 day course forgot to take it three days in a row
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Hi, I've been prescribed 50mg per day for 7 days, for a persistent breast thrush infection. I've just realised I've forgotten to take it for the past three days - I'm on so many other pills too!! Will this reduce its effectiveness? Do I need to go back to the doctor to get another course? ## Yes, that might, you may need to take another full course of the medication. How are you doing, now? Has there been any change? The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach pain.
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medicine to take to start my period
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Im one month late and im not pregnant. I dont know what the problem is and i have an irregular cycle. please tell what i can do/take to make my period come. Thank you. ## After 8 months now I miscarried, no periods and I was 2 months, 9th us pregnant. My doctor gave me birth control pills for 2 days already finished no periods? Which medicine can I take to have my periods back? ## I WANT MY PERIOD BACK WHAT MEDICINE CAN I USE I WANT A CHILD AM 49 YEARS ## What medicine ill take to start my period early before time? ## Medicine to take because one month delayed and not pregnant ## I have been reading and I have came across alot of women of all ages saying Provera to jump start ur period and Clomid to help with ovulation ## I am not pregnant but my period did not well for the first months...
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combitic global caplet pvt ltd part 2
9 Replies RSS
Bought some clomid 100mg and received furtile 100 tablets and it says it has the same ingredients as clomid. Are they fake or real? I don't want to take them and they are something else. Anyone who has taken this pill, please speak up. Thanks ## If you're not buying these from a legitimate source then there's really no honest way of knowing what they are outside of having their contents analyzed by a lab or drug panel. However, it would seem that other individuals here also share this predicament in the following discussion thread: Discuss/furtile-50-mg-273015_s2.htm There are just over 100 comments in that thread and I haven't read them all yet. But I do see some cases where people didn't find the "furtile" pills effective at all and that makes me a little m...
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Regestrone Side Effects
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i am 22 yr old girl....unmarried.....i was having irregular period....my doctor advised me to take regestrone 5mg tab....twice daily for 21 days.i got my period the next day i stopped taking tablets.....this time my period last for 9 days.since then i have stopped taking the tablets....not consuming any other medicine.....but then also i have missed my period for 2 months....so i am bit worried......is this normal or is there any side effect due to consuming regesterone tab....kindly tell...i am bit worried...plz help me ## Regestrone is a form of the female hormone Progesterone, it is often given to women with irregular menstrual cycles, because is essential to the female reproductive cycle and, if you do not produce the proper amount in your body, it can cause problems, such as the on...
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taking penicillin VK with norethisterone
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I have been given some Penicillin VK for a sinus infection. I need to start taking norethisterone on Tuesday to delay my monthly cycle for a big event. Will the antibiotics contradict the Progesterone? I really need to NOT be having my period on Thursday ## Yes, it most likely will cause some issues with it and you may actually end up with more bleeding, rather than being able to delay your cycle. Learn more Progesterone details here. Did you end up having any luck with it? ## My daughter has found this out the hard way. Prescribed norethisterone prior to hysterectomy, she was then prescribed penicillin for throat infection by another GP. She immediately had horrendous blood loss and haemoglobin dropped from 120 to 88. She ended up with five units of blood over three separate transfusio...
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is loprin good to use in pregnancy
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Hey salam. I'm 25 yrs old in my 9th month married and I got my first pregnancy after two months of my marriage. It was well going but soon I got sum bleeding that caused a miscarriage and at the 8th week my pregnancy stopped. Now after 3 months of my dnc I'm again pregnant and at my 6th week I've done a doppler test to check the fetus condition. It was ok and the doctor advised me to take dirogest 10 gm progesterone and now my 9th week is started and I got my normal checkup today but my doctor advised me to take loprin 75. plz tell if it is ok to take or not or even continue my dirogest progesterone? ## Hello, Sani! How are you doing? Congratulations on the pregnancy! Yes, you should continue the Dirogest/Progesterone as long as your doctor says it is necessary. It is vital ...
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furtile 50 mg
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I refilled my clomid rx from a Canadian pharmacy and when I received the package it was sent from India the name of the clomid is furtile 50 mg. However I cannot find any info on these pills and now I worried they are fake. Has anyone ever taken this clomid before - is it a legitimate brand? ## I'm sorry, but I have been unable to find anything under this name, either. One of the hazards of ordering medications in such a manner is not knowing exactly what you will receive, if anything. Is anyone else familiar with this medication? ## I received the same thing! Have you used them? Or found out anymore about them? ## My cycle doesn't start until Oct 5 on CD 5-9 which will be Oct 10 for me I will start them to see if there good or not I will keep you posted.however they sent free g...
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Deviry 10mg Tablet
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My wife has been advised to take deviry 10mg tab from D16-D25 after failure of IVF. Kindly confirm it is ok. ## Only she and her doctor can decide what is okay and safe for her to try. Deviry contains the active ingredient Medroxyprogesterone, this is a hormone that is vital to the female fertility cycle. Learn more: If she wants to get pregnant, then her best bet is to follow her doctor's advice. Are there any other questions? ## i want to know for what purpose the deviry 10mg tab is used? ## I'm married. i missed my periods for the last 2 months. doctor advised me to take Deviry 10 mg. i dont want to get pregnant now. i also tried prega news. its result is negative. what can i do now?? ## I wanna be pregnant my doctor advice me clofert 100 for first five days from day second o...
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