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Oestrogens or estrogens (spellings in British English and American English usage respectively), are a group of compounds named for their importance in both menstrual and estrous reproductive cycles. They are the primary female sex hormones. Natural estrogens are steroid hormones, while some synthetic ones are non-steroidal[citation needed]. The name comes from the Greek οστρος (oistros), literally meaning "verve or inspiration" but figuratively sexual passion or ...

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could sporidex af 750 cap be continued with fluconazole 200mg tab & pre probiotic cap 100 million cfu?
I am suffering from bad fungal infection since last two years, it is found on my penile head(red rashes) & on foreskin(cracked) & repeatedly coming back, I am taking sporidex AF 750 cap & fluconazole 200mg once in a week & pre probiotic cap of 100 million cfu twice daily, using ointment zimig alternating aloe vera gel(skin care) on the infected area. Now my query is that, all those medicines mentioned above is the right kind of treatment for the above disease? and consuming of sporidex af 750 cap with fluconazole 200mg tab & pre probiotic cap 100 million cfu. could be continued in the course treatment all together? ## I am of about 62 yrs.since last 2 years I've found few red rashes appearing on my penile head,and fore skin is being cracked and having pain while ...
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medroxypr ac 10 mg missed 1 period
Will turn 55 in a few months and missed my period last month. Went to gyno for yearly checkup, sonogram showed everything ok. Dr. Prescribed medroxyprogesterone 10mg (for 10 days) so that I can get my period. I don' t understand, for ages when a woman's menstruation stopped it often meant menopause...............I think it's just a ruse for prescribing meds ## Hello, Fina! How are you? Yes, it could artificially induce periods, when you may be menopausal and should no longer be getting them. Even oral contraceptives can do that and, in most cases, doctors have a woman go off of them for a few months, when they reach a certain age, to see if they have periods without them. I'd suggest getting a second opinion from a different doctor. Is there anything else I can help with...
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Day 1 of xulane instead of ortho evra
I HATE this new patch already. Did not adhere to my skin as easily as ortho and came off about 4 hours after applying. I've been on ortho evra for 5 months loved it and never once had a problem but I already can't stand xulane and so I don't know what I'm going to do ! :( My insurance switched me to xulane because it's the generic brand to ortho evra. This sucks I hate life. Ps. I'm 18 ## I'm 22 and I was on ortho evra for a YEAR and they changed me to this Xulane and good god I hate it. After a week of the switch I was in the emergency room passing clots and feeling like I was in labor, they thought I had PID and put me on antibiotics which kicked my ass even worse, but the bleeding stopped, and yesterday I was cleared to stop taking them because all my labs...
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getting pregnant
Have been using overcare, 4 3mnths, letro for 6mnths, clomid and now m2-tone ## Helllo, Vivian! How are you? Did your doctor prescribe these, or have you been taking them on your own? The M2 Tone is just an Ayurvedic product that's not actually proven to help with anything. Are your periods regular? Are they very heavy? How long do they last? ## HOW LONG WILL I TAKE M2-TONE BEFOR I GET PREGNANT
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regestrone 5mg trying to conceive
My wife has been advised to take regestrone 5 mg for 5 days from 18/2, her period is due on 23/02. we are married since 3 years trying to have a baby. please advise how the use of this medicine helps? ## Regestrone is sometimes used to help with ovulation, so she produces an egg to aid in getting pregnant. I am assuming that is why she was only on it for 5 days, rather than staying on it continuously. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## my gynec has advised to take the medcine (Regrestrone) for 21 days to stop the bleeding and after 2 days i will getmy regular periods is there any side effects ? is this is steriod type? ## No, this is not a steroid, Pumba, this is a hormone tablet. The active ingredient is Norethindrone. Side effects can include: nausea, breakthrough bleeding...
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what is progestogen pill
i want to know the progestogen can workout / ## Hello, Saikou! How are you? Progestogen is a form of Progesterone, a hormone that is vital to a woman's menstrual cycle, her ability to get pregnant and to carry a baby to full term. Side effects may include nausea, irritability and headache. Is there anything else I can help with?
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I started using nulstrate 2008 and diceded to stop it 2012 09 September...that was actually my return date I never went!!.ohk since then Good people I've been menstruating everyday heavy flow till July 10 2014 it stopped oh gosh I was praying....agg after a week I had a thick white discharge then following day it started again...and after a week as i write this ''they have stopped for 4days now....PLEASE HELP ME I WANT TO HAVE A BABY ## Hello, Clementine! How are you? It sounds like you have a hormonal imbalance, like your body just couldn't rebalance them on its own, after stopping. You are going to need to see a doctor, if you want to get this straightened out, so you can have a baby. You are likely not producing progesterone to stabilize the endometrial lining and are...
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medroxypr ac 10 mg too
Hello! I'm 25 and my doctor prescribed this medication for me because I've been having a four week long menstrual cycle. I couldn't wait for the bleeding to stop so I went ahead and took the first pill but after reading the side affects I don't want to continue taking this medication. The thing that's freaking me out is that on the label is says "do not skip doses or discontinue" does anyone know what will happen if I just stop taking it? Will the bleeding get worse? Please help! ## Hello, Desiree! How are you doing? This contains a form of Progesterone, which it vital to a normal menstrual cycle, so your doctor prescribed this to help rebalance your hormones and get the bleeding to stop. Yes, stopping it like that could worsen the bleeding. What side effects...
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Regestrone 5mg Side Effects
hi i am taing eltroxine past 2 yaears for thyroid? but even now my periods are irregular? so i am taking regestrone every month? will it affect my upcomming days? please suggest. age:26 weight:59 ## hi i am taking eltroxine past 2 years for thyroid? but even now my periods are irregular? so i am taking regestrone every month? will it affect my upcomming days? please suggest. age:26 weight:59 ## From what I was able to gather Regestrone is a product of India. The reported active ingredient in Regestrone is Norethindrone; which is used to treat premenstrual syndrome, painful periods, abnormal heavy bleeding, irregular periods, menopausal syndrome (in combination with oestrogen), or to postpone a period. Common side effects while taking this drug include: changes in menstrual period, such ...
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iron complex
can iron polysacharide complex capsule make me get my period back? ## HI, Fahy! How are you? No, this is just an iron supplement that can help treat or prevent anemia, but it will not cause you to start your menstrual cycle. If you are having a problem with yours, you need to consult a doctor to get a proper diagnosis on what's causing the issue and find the proper solution. Most times it's caused by a hormonal imbalance, such as a lack of estrogen or progesterone. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My son is taking medicine for primary complex... is it ok to take multivitamins with lysine and iron, to be specific incremin syrup (vitamins).... once I read in the internet that it is ok to take that kind of vitamins, but now I'm confused because of what I have read a w...
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