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Estrogen or oestrogen (see spelling differences) is the primary female sex hormone and is responsible for development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. Estrogen may also refer to any substance, natural or synthetic that mimics the effects of the natural hormone.[1] The steroid 17β-estradiol is the most potent and prevalent endogenous estrogen, but several metabolites of estradiol also have estrogenic hormonal activity. Synthetic estrogens...

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small white round pill no score
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I purchased Clomid to help me and my partner conceive, but it came in these blister packs with no imprint whatsoever. Not to mention, they break REALLY easily, and they're from India, so I'm not sure if what Clomid does for fertility HERE in the US does the same for India... I don't usually take anything that doesn't have an imprint, but me and my partner are desperate. Can someone please help me with this? Should I take them or not? How much should I take and when? Thank you for your help. XO ## I am 42 years old. My question is. I would like to know if I will be able to conceive after have a laparotamy systectomy?having 1 ovary removed.
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prenatal plus tab
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What is the difference between if prenatal plus and prenatal 19 this is two different prenatsls. Not sure. ## Hello, Geneva! How are you? Prenatal Plus is listed by the FDA as containing 4,000iu vitamin A, 120mgs vitamin C, 400iu vitamin D, 22mgs vitamin E, 1.84mgs Thiamine, 3mgs Riboflavin, 20mgs Niacin, 10mgs vitamin B6, 1mg Folic Acid, 12mcgs vitamin B12, 200mgs Calcium, 27mg Iron, 25mgs Zinc and 2mgs Copper. PreNatal 19 is listed by the FDA as containing 1,000iu vitamin A, 100mgs vitamin C, 400iu vitamin D, 30iu vitamin E, 3mgs Thiamine, 3mgs Riboflavin, 15mgs Niacin, 20mgs vitamin B6, 1mg Folate, 12mcgs vitamin B12, 7mgs panthotenic acid, 200mgs Calcium, 29mgs Iron, 20mgs Zinc and 25mgs Docusate Sodium. Thus, they are slightly different, so depending on the mother's needs, one ...
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Side Effects Of Thyronorm 50 mcg
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I am suffering from mild hypothyroid. And doctor advised me to take Thyronorm 50mcg. I am taking it since 5 to 6 months. And my weight is not increasing. I am only 44kg height 5.4''. My periods also come so late and very heavy blood upto 1 week. Please suggest me should I stop this medicine or should I take Thyronorm 25mcg? Please reply please. ## Hi, Poonam! You should follow your doctor's instructions and take whatever medication and dosage that they advise. As to your menstrual cycle, thyroid issues can affect that, just like the hormones that affect your menstrual cycle can affect your thyroid. Have you seen a gynecologist? You may be low in progesterone or have some other type of hormonal imbalance. ## I am taking thyronorm 75 since 1 year my periods came late& heav...
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EST Estrgn Methtest .625/1.25 mg
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I am a 42 yr old woman and had a complete hysterectomy in October 2008. Within 1 year of my surgery, I began experiencing extreme hair loss. This November, my doctor prescribed EST ESTRN METHTEST .625/1.25 mg (in addition to the ESTRADIOL .5mg that I was already taking) to help reduce the hair loss. I was wondering if this medication is used for this purpose (as well as it's other benefits)? My mother is a breast cancer survivor (2009) & I am concerned about increasing my chances, by taking all these medications. Is it safe, or should I just accept my balding? ## This medication is a combination of Esterified Estrogens and Methyltestosterone, they are used for hormone replacement, to help with the symptoms of menopause or a deficiency in these hormones. Thus, yes, if the hair lo...
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Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 200mg. How To Use
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Progesterone Soft Gelatin Capsules 200mg. How To Use? ## Most commonly, they are used by inserting them into the vagina as often as you have been directed to do so, by gently pushing them in as close up to your cervix as possible. However, they can also be taken orally, but it may affect the rate of absorption. What directions were you provided? Learn more Progesterone details here. ## HOW TO USE progesterone soft gelatin capsules 200 mg BEFORE intercourse OR AFTER? ## now i m trying to conceive and my doctor sugest me progresterone soft gelatine capsule ## 2 month pregnant how to use progesterone soft gelatin capsules 200mg how many tablet per day ## Hi My gynac has told me insert progesterone capsules into vagina and lie down.But as I get up..the contents of capsule starts coming out ...
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Tamoxifen from 5 to 10 years.
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I have been on tamoxifen for over 5 years. I was excited to go off of it from all the side effects. She now told me the new protocol is 10 years. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know WHY? I'd really like to go off it and am not sure what to do. I am perimenopausal, 49 years old and was diagnosed when I was 43 with stage 1 HER 2 positive. ## Hello, Marian! How are you? I'm sorry that you're disappointed. But yes, the new treatment regimen is 10 years, as they have discovered that there is a better response when taken longer, plus it helps prevent recurrence. The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness and hair loss. Has anyone else had their protocol changed recently?
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Yutopar Aka Ritodrine
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This drug was used for women going into pre-mature labor it was used to stop the contrations. Unfortunatly it had major side effects on the babies. This was an experimental drug used from 1980 -1990 and was then discontinued. I was given this drug and my daughter was born 6 weeks early, had her by c-section. I begin to notice around 12yrs old that problem were arising in her mental health, still not realizing that this drug played an important factor. I have found many women that this to has happened to, and I'm still looking for more families that this has effect. It is devasting and a nightmare for my daughter who is now 30 yrs. old. If you have any information I would really like to visit with you about your child. Thank you for reading this, we need to ban together for our kids....
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period continues for 10th day after stopping Deviry 10mg
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Hi , am 42 years old and since last 3 months have irregular periods my doc gave Deviry form 6th to 25 th day. after stopping i feel i got my periods but very light and they are still there in the 10th day now. I called up the doc and she said to start Deviry sooner as i was supposed to start it from 15th -25th day of my next cycle. is it ok if i start it again ?. my ultrasounds and other tests are normal .she says it is hormonal imbalance. shall i let it work on its own or keep taking Deviry, i don't want to take too much of medication. ## Hello, June! How are you doing? Hormonal changes are very common once a woman enters her 40's and most of us do experience some oddities, due to the fact that we may no longer ovulate each month. However, if all of your evaluations were normal...
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Meprate Tablets Prescribed Tds For 5 Days Is There Any Side Effects Of This
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Is there any chance if i take meprate hoping to get my periods later discovered i'm pregnant. will it affect the growing foetus? ## Is there any chance if i take meprate hoping to get my periods later discovered i'm pregnant. will it affect the growing foetus? ## Meprate Tablets Prescribed Tds For 5 Days Is There Any Side Effects Of This ## Have you had a pregnancy test? You should be checked for pregnancy, before using this medication. Meprate contains Medroxyprogesterone and, in this form, it has been shown that it may cause fetal harm. ## detailed msg ## i had my period last 17th march, on April 5th my marriage, can i use meprate tablet from 3rd April to 8th April to postphone my periods ## my period is on 6 june it is still due. doc told take meprate tablet for 7 days and th...
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furtile 50 mg
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I ordered clomid from a Canadian pharmacy and when I received the package it was sent from India the name of the clomid is furtile 50 mg. However I cannot find any info on these pills and now I worried they are fake has anyone ever took this clomid before - is it a legitimate brand? ## I'm sorry, but I have been unable to find anything under this name, either. One of the hazards of ordering medications in such a manner is not knowing exactly what you will receive, if anything. Is anyone else familiar with this medication? ## I received the same thing! Have you used them? Or found out anymore about them? ## My cycle doesn't start until Oct 5 on CD 5-9 which will be Oct 10 for me I will start them to see if there good or not I will keep you posted.however they sent free generic Vi...
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