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Oestrogens or estrogens (see spelling differences) are a group of compounds named for their importance in both menstrual and estrous reproductive cycles. They are the primary female sex hormones. Natural estrogens are steroid hormones, while some synthetic ones are non-steroidal[citation needed]. The name comes from the Greek οστρος (oistros), literally meaning "verve or inspiration" but figuratively sexual passion or desire,[1] and the suffix -gen, meaning "prod...

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EST Estrgn Methtest .625/1.25 mg
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I am a 42 yr old woman and had a complete hysterectomy in October 2008. Within 1 year of my surgery, I began experiencing extreme hair loss. This November, my doctor prescribed EST ESTRN METHTEST .625/1.25 mg (in addition to the ESTRADIOL .5mg that I was already taking) to help reduce the hair loss. I was wondering if this medication is used for this purpose (as well as it's other benefits)? My mother is a breast cancer survivor (2009) & I am concerned about increasing my chances, by taking all these medications. Is it safe, or should I just accept my balding? ## This medication is a combination of Esterified Estrogens and Methyltestosterone, they are used for hormone replacement, to help with the symptoms of menopause or a deficiency in these hormones. Thus, yes, if the hair lo...
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I am currently in the ER due to this patch
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Do not use this patch! It started of OK and gradually like within 4-5 began to give me SERIOUS nausea! Second week I started getting excruciating back pain on the right side of my back. Even with 800ml of ibuprofen I was still in pain for two days straight. Then and up until now as I am writing this post I have severe body ache, a fever, a head ache and is uber emotional like I cannot stop trembling hence the reason I am in ER. Please do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY FROM THIS PATCH!!!!!!!! ## Hello, Lu Lu! How are you doing? I'm sorry that it made you so ill and thank you for posting this warning for others! The FDA classifies Xulane as a contraceptive and lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, breakthrough bleeding and PMS-...
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regestrone for irregular periods
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Hi all, I'm suffering from irregular periods. I had a skip in my cycles for 2 months so i was suggested to take Regestone 5mg for 5 days(2 tablets a day). The course is over and even for the next 5 days I haven;t got periods. How many more days i gotta wait to get mensus? ## Regestrone contains the hormone Progesterone, it is often used to try and help regulate the menstrual cycle. It can, sometimes, take a week or more to start your period, after taking it. However, like any medication it does not work for everyone. Have you spoken to your doctor, yet? ## Hi. I am 18yrs old. I have skipped my periods for the last 2 months. I do not have any kind of problems relating to mensturation. plz do suggest a medicine for getting regular periods. ## hi i am married my age is 29 ,i am suffrri...
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yutopar aka ritodrine
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My husband and I have had our daughter which is now 30 tested for everything and the doctors can't seem to be able to give us a diagnosis, and things are not getting any better, my beautiful daughter has struggled and suffered so much and it breaks my heart to know that Yutopar that was given to me, which affected my baby and I knowing, my that daughter is the one who suffers from it on a daily basis. My second child is normal, and I did not take the drug while carring him. I would really like to talk to all of you, something needs to be done to care for these kids that are now adults that can not cope, sleep, eat, extremely depressed, sucidal thoughts, learning problems, unable to conform to society, lies, bi-polar, anti-social, can't function in everyday life and with everyday...
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premarin cream use and side effects
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I have just been advised to start Premarin Creme 2x/wk with use of pessary. I am 53 yo and in menopause. I am nervous about using an estrogen creme and/or any hormone therapy. Any thoughts about use and negative effects. ## Hello, B! How are you? I understand your concern. Many women do well with it, but yes, there are risks, such as increased risk of cancer and heart disease. The typical side effects of hormonal therapy, as listed by the FDA may include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability and PMS-like symptoms. However, you don't have to use it. Whether your doctor recommends it, or not, it is still up to you. So, if you're not comfortable, no one can make you use it. What types of symptoms are you having? Some women do well taking a low dose of Prozac/Fluoxetine to allev...
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Tamoxifen Ewfill
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I can not refill for two days. Will I be ok ## Hello, Amanda! How are you? I'd suggest checking with your doctor. While I doubt missing a few doses will cause a significant problem, it's best to check with them to be certain. Tamoxifen is used to treat breast cancer, early breast cancer and as a prevention. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, blurred vision, headache, hot flushes and rash. Is this the only one you're on?
Updated 4 days ago in Tamoxifen.
Deviry 10mg Tablet
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My wife has been advised to take deviry 10mg tab from D16-D25 after failure of IVF. Kindly confirm it is ok. ## Only she and her doctor can decide what is okay and safe for her to try. Deviry contains the active ingredient Medroxyprogesterone, this is a hormone that is vital to the female fertility cycle. Learn more: If she wants to get pregnant, then her best bet is to follow her doctor's advice. Are there any other questions? ## i want to now the deviry 10mg tab for what purpose it use ## i m married. i missed my periods last 2 month. doctor advice me for Deviry 10 gm. i dont want to get pregnant now. i also try prega news. its result is nagative. what can i do now?? ## I wanna be pregnant my doctor advice me clofert 100 for first five days from day second onwards and told to take...
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Osphena Why the bias???
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Can't understand the bias from the makers of Osphena. The cost is prohibitive yet and don't ask me why but if you have private insurance even though they won't cover the drug Osphena offers DEEP discounts. If however you have Medicare or Medicaid you don't qualify for any discounts EVEN though we would ALL be willing to pay out of pocket if it works. I speak from experience. I can't try it under the same DEEP discount???? What women over 65 don't enjoy having intercourse?? Or disabled women?? If it worked I would be willing to pay the 177. per month so why can't I get the same benefits???? ## Hello, Luanne! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem you've run into. However, that limitation is not actually one imposed by the manufacturers, but by t...
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can pragnency happen while taking primolut nor
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Hi ,I'm married in 20's ,and my period was late for 2 days and I wanted to postpone it few days more so I took primolut nor 5mg twice daily,I don't want to be pregnent now so I used to use VCF as a contraceptive but this time when I took the primolut I didn't use it,my question: is it possible when I'm taking the primolut and not taking contraceptive that I might get pregnent ? ## Hello, MrsDoody! How are you doing? Yes, if you were only taking it for a few days, then it may not have suppressed ovulation and you could have gotten pregnant. In order for such a substance to prevent pregnancy, it must be taken regularly throughout the month to prevent ovulation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi ,I'm married in 20's ,im on the pill but waiting for my...
Updated 7 days ago in VCF.
Micropil Pills Side Effects
29 Replies RSS
i am using micropill for 2 years..i experience spotting when i miss taking the pill, but this time i didnt miss taking the pill but im having a flow for 5 days? ## If you're taking the actual micro pill that just contains Progestogen, then spotting at any time while you're on it can be unpredictable and is just a possible hazard of taking it. Learn more Micro Pill details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## is that true micropill pills makes the breast large? ## d namn yun totoo kc ako tagal ko na gumamit ng micropil alomost 3 yrs to 4 yrs ata. ang mga nkakabiger ay yung mamahalin na pills worth 500-600 plus. i think nakaklbigger din cy akung tataba ka kc may mga kakilaka ako na mga tumaba talaga sa mga pills kahit yung mga mura lng kaya ayun kasama sa pagtaba yung ...
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