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The common cold (also known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza,[1] head cold, or simply a cold) is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract which primarily affects the nose. Signs and symptoms include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and fever which usually resolve in seven to ten days, with some symptoms lasting up to three weeks. Well over 200 virus strains are implicated in the cause of the common cold; the rhinoviruses are the most common. Uppe...

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Allergies to uti medication
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I'm allergic to trimothorprim and nitrofurtation both used for uti so can I take kefex
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neurobion injection
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Allergy caused by Neirobian injection ## Please tell me how often it is safe to take a Neurobion Injection. I have a B-12 deficiency and have been a total vegetarian for 20 years. I felt very depleted and took one injection and felt huge wellness support from it for my whole body. Please advise how often to inject to replenish my depletion. Thank you. ## this site does not have any medical professionals here to give you directions on that. Did your doctor provide you with any instructions? ## i have bought this injection called neurobion. is it safe that i would take the whole 6 injections in one week or after one week. please tell me what do i do? ## i am suffring lower back pain since last six months due to dislocate of L-4 and L-5. what i do. ## I buy the Neurobion made by MERCK with...
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Visine LR Discontinued?
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Having problems finding this product. Has it been discontinued and if so, do you know why? ## I AM HAVING PROBLEMS FINDING VISINE LR, DO YOU KNOW WHY. ## I have looked everywhere, no one has it. This is the only stuff that works for me... :( ## i am having the same problem.spoke w/pharmacy,they said it was discontinued.why?they could not give me an answer. ## I ALSO cannot find Visine LR eyedrops. I called Visine and they said they were still making it and sent me to various stores that were suppose to have it. Guess what? Not one of the stores had it! Help! ## Boston Area: No Visene LR 2 weeks! ## I always buy Visine LR and I just noticed that no one has them anymore!!! Now What, nothing else works the same. Help! I live in Miami and I have been to every Walgreens and Pharmacy stores a...
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sinutab--where is it?
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I have been trying to find Sinutab, have they quit making it? Why? Was the best allergy relief I found. ## No, the manufacturer still lists a page for it and it being available. It contains Acetaminophen and Phenylephrine. There are actually many products on the market that contain this combination, both generic, store and name brands. Have you tried perhaps asking your pharmacist what else might have the same stuff in it? ## I have, also, been trying to find Sinutab sinus caplets. I called the manufacturer and they said it is no longer sold in New York. There is a K-Mart store in Trenton, New Jersey still carrying it.No help to me. ## I have been looking for Sinutabs in Columbus, Ohio. I also have been trying to order them on line, but no luck. ## I called the manufacturer on Jan. 12 a...
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I JUST WANT THE INFO. ON HOW LONG BEFORE A MEAL TO TAKE THIS MEDICATION! ## i wont to know how long will it take to see some improvement and how often do you eat ## HOW LONG BEFORE A MEAL SHOULD THIS MEDICATION BE TAKEN? ## Has anybody ever taken cyproheptadine I would like to know the outcome of gaining weight ## yes it does make a person gain weight
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cyproheptad and metadate drug interactions
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Are there any know interactions between these 2 meds ? ## Are there any known interactions between metadate and cyproheptad ## Hello, Gary! How are you? The Metadata is a stimulant and the Cyproheptadine can cause drowsiness, that's all that I've found listed, but it's always best to double check such information to be sure. As listed by the FDA, you may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and insomnia. Is there anything else I can help with?
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Drixoral Substitute
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Great news! I have FINALLY found the substitute for Drixoral Cold & Allergy and wish someone had told me before I had to suffer with allergy symptoms for so long. It's a combination of one Mucinex DM tablet and one Aleve-D Sinus & Cold tablet; take one of each at the same time and within an hour you'll feel like a brand new person! Mucinex DM is an OTC expectorant and cough supressant and Aleve-D (an extended release medicine) can be found behind the counter (you have to ask for it and show ID), but I found both at Walmart. I know the name brands cost more, but do not bother buying substitutions because they simply will not work; since Drixoral has not been available, I already have tried soooooo many that didn't help at all. Good Luck and I hope this works as well f...
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allergex pills
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My husband and I had to go to South Africa for his work. We took our 2 dogs. My 8yr old Jack Russell developed Allergies. The vet in South Africa put her on Allegex and she did great on it and helped her Allergies. We are home now and my husbands next job assignment is in Florida and the same dog is struggling again with Allergies. I can not find Allergex here. Is their another medication like it or does it have a different name? My poor jack Russell is suffering, the vet has had her on Steroids and Antibiotics with only short term results. As soon as we finish the medication and the yard is mowed she is miserable again, red rash, scratching, biting, just so uncomfortable and miserable. Any help or suggestions? I cannot afford anymore vet bills. ## Hello, Peggy! How are you? I did some ...
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can a 14 year old boy take cyproheptadine appetite pills
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Hi my son is 14 years old. He's into sports but he doesn't gain weight at all. He'll have an appetite here and there and he doesn't get much sleep. Can he take cyproheptadine to help him eat more to gain a lil weight and to get more rest? ## Hello, Locks! How are you? At that age, it would be best not to give him anything, unless his doctor approves. Giving him the wrong thing could have serious consequences. As listed by the FDA, the weight gain caused by Cyproheptadine is also just a temporary side effect, it will eventually wear off and go away entirely, especially when someone stops taking it. It sounds like his doctor needs to evaluate him, anyway, to see what's causing these issues. When was his last physical?
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mild fever cough loose motions
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Hi doctor... I have mild fever and cough for 1 week... It stopped now with antibiotics and loose motions started. Is it something serious? ## I think following this remedy can give you instant relief in loose motion: How-to-stop-loose-motion-instantly
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