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Common cold, also known simply as a cold, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose.[2] The throat, sinuses, and voice box may also be affected.[3] Signs and symptoms may begin less than two days following exposure.[3] They include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and fever.[4][5] People usually recover in seven to ten days.[4] Some symptoms may last up to three weeks.[6] In those with other health problems, pneumonia ma...

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tussionex cough syrup consistency
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I have taken TUSSIONEX several times when I've had bronchitis. It really breaks up the congestion and helps with the cough. I got a bottle today and the consistency is like Water. My resolved has always been a thick consistency and gritty. I think it was watered down. ## Hi Debe, Given my past experience with cough syrup over the last 10-15 years, I've noticed similar discrepancies in other syrups (both OTC and Rx). In my two recent encounters, the codeine cough syrup my wife was prescribed also appeared watered down vs the last time I saw a bottle. Her OTC robitussin has seemingly been watered down as well. One thing I will state is that it has been several years since I had last seen or used any form of cough syrup prior to this year....but the thing is, it used to be soooo th...
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triamcinolone acetonide usp
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I have a 6 month old tattoo and was prescribed this for my psoriasis. Will this affect the tattoos longevity? ## Hi Dez, I noticed there was another discussion thread here asking a similar question and just wanted to share the link with you: Ref - Can I use triamcinolone cream on my new tattoo I've also read reports from others with tattoos who have used steroid creams and didn't experience any fading. However my personal view is that a fading tattoo would probably come secondary to my health; especially since it can be retouched. Have you considered researching any natural alternatives for psoriasis treatment? My brother used to have psoriasis and had success with light therapy. Apple cider vinegar has also been touted as a treatment option. Hope this helps!
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Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream for Vaginal itching
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Will this work to stop vaginal dryness and itching and what are the side effects ## Did your doctor prescribe this? This is a topical steroid cream, it is not normally meant to be used internally, such as placing into the vagina. Therefore, I wouldn't suggest using it that way, unless your doctor has specifically instructed you to do so. ## I have my vaginal itching..mostly after menstruation.. but some times it occurs normally.. it seems like it is outside or inside in vagina.. what medication should I have to do?? Will there be bad result of this? I m 21 Years old ## can i use it on the edges of vaginal area ..I mean not putting it inside but only outlines of it ? ## Can I use triamcinolone acetonide cream, USP for itchy and redness on vagina?? It says Rx only.
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having allergies while taking micro pills
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I'm having now an Allergies since taken micro pills :( it is very itchy I dont know why? can you help me? And i did'nt go to doctor ## I am taking micro pills and I've finished 1 packet and yet didn't see my menstruation and i was taking it at the same time every day. Is there a possibility of being pregnant?
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Visine LR Discontinued?
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Having problems finding this product. Has it been discontinued and if so, do you know why? ## I AM HAVING PROBLEMS FINDING VISINE LR, DO YOU KNOW WHY. ## I have looked everywhere, no one has it. This is the only stuff that works for me... :( ## i am having the same problem.spoke w/pharmacy,they said it was discontinued.why?they could not give me an answer. ## I ALSO cannot find Visine LR eyedrops. I called Visine and they said they were still making it and sent me to various stores that were suppose to have it. Guess what? Not one of the stores had it! Help! ## Boston Area: No Visene LR 2 weeks! ## I always buy Visine LR and I just noticed that no one has them anymore!!! Now What, nothing else works the same. Help! I live in Miami and I have been to every Walgreens and Pharmacy stores a...
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Using Dexona And Practin From 5 Years side effects
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Using Dexona And Practin 4mg From 5 Years side effects continous . i used to be lean . one of my friend suggested it . i am using this from 5 years till date daily . one of my friend used it for 2 months and stopped and he has a some skin problems. as i am using it for 5 years. if i stop for one day i am facing some problems. what would be the side effects for me if i stop using this at this point. also what what are the tests i need to take. laziness,headache some times,hypertesion (i feel very much tensed for small issues) and there is small theriod on leg . any one please help me what are the side effects i would face if i stop at this point. ## Have you discussed it with a doctor? PRactin contains the active ingredient Cyproheptadine, it is an antihistamine and, while it does cause ...
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Upper back scabs
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Itching painful scabs developed about two months ago,i work as a live in caregiver to an elderly,im there 4 days q week 24 hours a day.when I come home,it seems like they get a little better.I sleep on the sofa at work,thought it might be bedbugs or allergy to material but I've been there for 2 years so IDK. ## OK,no one has ever had before,maybe this will help someone.i took a few pictures of my back and sent to my doctor.He said it looks like scabies and ordered a zpak and Lindane lotion.apply from neck down to the bottom of the feet.Hope you never have to go through this,wasnt fun. ## That would be odd, usually scabies covers the entire body from the neck down and it forms angular patterns that may resemble geometric shapes, or letters... and an antibiotic, such as the Z Pak is n...
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Cetirizine Alnix Drops
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I have a one-year old daughter and she has allergies. She also has rashes on her face, hands, and legs, and is frequently attacked by asthma. Her pediatrician prescribed alnix drops 2.5ml for two weeks and then 1ml once a day until she reaches 2 yrs old. I am having doubts the fact that alnix drops have its side effects on babies. Is it really safe to take alnix drops for more than two weeks? I hope you could answer my doubts. Thanks! ## Cetirizine is an antihistamine, that is commonly used to treat allergies. In the U.S. it is most commonly found under the trade name Zyrtec and is quite often used for children and, when necessary, is used on a long-term basis. In most cases, when someone suffers from such severe allergic reactions, it is necessary that they take some type of medication...
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Apetito Cyproheptadine Tablets, how do they work
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No iprovement after taking this tablets, how should i take them to see changes on me? ## Cyproheptadine is actually an antihistamine, which is commonly used to treat allergic reactions. It can cause some increased appetite, as a side effect, but it is really not safe to use, without a doctors approval and supervision, because it is a drug and does carry risks. Have you consulted a doctor? ## I would like to share my experience with the Apetito tablets. In 2006 l started loosing weight and had skin rashes.I became the shadow of myself both home and office.My face turned black and l was depressed.No matter how beautiful clothes l wore they just could not fit.People started ignoring me even at work.A friend of mine introduced me to Apetito tablets.I was desperate and wanted anything that c...
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cost of Propan With Iron Multivitamins
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cost of propan with iron multivitamins? ## i just want to know how much is propan capsule? ## this site does not manufacture, prescribe nor sell any medications, so I do not have a price to quote you and it can vary, depending on your location and the pharmacy. It is listed as containing: Buclizine HCl 25 mg, Fe sulfate 80 mg, nicotinamide 10 mg, vit B1 10 mg, vit B12 5 mcg, vit B2 1 mg, vit B6 5 mg. And is commonly given to improve someone's appetite, as well as to treat or prevent other conditions. Are there any other questions? ## cost per capsule is PHP18.00 ## 18.00 Php per capsule ## may i ask if who is the distributor of propan with iron in the philippines...who is the authorized? ## How much is the profan in by bottle? ## hi how many capsule in a bottle? ## ilang months bago...
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