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Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.[2] Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. If left untreated, diabetes can cause many complications.[3] Acute complications can include diabetic ketoacidosis, nonketotic hyperosmolar coma, or death.[4] Serious long-term complications include heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney f...

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nervijen d capsule-safe use
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what is the difference between nervijen and nervijen D?i am a diabetic-can i use nervijen/nervijen D permanently?which one is better?
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right sugar tablet help us
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My dad is diabetic patient from 12 years. His age is 41 years old .He is taking insulin from 5 years.Morning 20 units with one tablet TRIBVOLUB 2 Night 12 units with 1 tablet. please give suggestion how to use it ## please help provide right sugar tablet. I do not know my nearest medicine shop, where I will get my medicine.
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right sugar tablet medicine
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What are the ingredients in right sugar tablets .How can be taken? From where it could be bought ? ## Pl Give the list of ingredients of Right Sugar tablets ## Has right sugar tablet tested on patients? Result? Normal Dosage for regular control of sugar level? Do we require our regular medicines with right sugar tablets? Price? Source? ## i am diabetic patient having lavatory test today for pp and found my blood sugar is 213 i am 75 years old man. please tell me the Madeline ## Hello sir, my age is 57 years. I am an Ex-serviceman defense personnel and affected diabetic since the last 8 years. At present i am taking metformin 500mg and glimpride-2. After taking this 'Right sugar tablet' can I continue this Allopathic medicine or not? Pls advise which foods are more restricted for...
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risk of pregnancy during first two days of taking althea pills
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May 21 last na take ko ng althea. Then on 25 of may ako nagka mens. Start ako ulit ng 29 na mag take ng pills then on the 31 of may nakipagcontact ako safe ba ako kasi wala kaming ginamit na iba pang safe method kahit withdrawal. ## Safe po. Kasi hindi kna nag oovulate while on the pill. Basta po sinunod nyo ung 7 day ONLY ang pill free day, hindi na kayo mag oovulate na cause ng pregnancy. pero kapag lumagpas ka ng 7 day break, thats the tym na magworry ka kasi naexpyrna ung effectiveness ng pill and you are likely to ovulate. Pills can only circulated sa bloobstream mo for an extension of 7 days, which is the pill free week and ofcourse safe ang intercourse during that tym. Pero pag lumagpas ka ng 1 week, you have to wait another 7 day bago ka maprotect. ## Hi..magpapatulong lang po s...
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reclide xr 60
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Sir, I am a first time user of this medicine. before i was using metformin 1 gm two times. Now i am advised to reclide 60 twice in a day. my fasting sugar was around 120 and after 1 1/2 hrs it was 170. also protine leak in urine raised sudenly. so doctor changed, the medecine from metformin to reclide xr 60. other medicines i am using are cardace 5 mg twice, amlopress 5 mg at night and modlip asg 75 at night is it ok to take reclide xr 60 with these medicines . my 3 month average is around 6.7. will the new medicine may cause any side effects. i need ur advice ## For the best outcome, you should always take medications as prescribed by your doctor. And all medications carry the risk of causing side effects, the U.S. FDA lists the typical ones for this medication as possibly including na...
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DBX- 13 scam
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In January 2013 - I recently purchased a subscription to the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) newsletter and got the book "Miracles from the Vault." I scoured the pages to find DBX-13 which they advertised as the diabetes miracle cure, and couldn't find it anywhere. I called HSI, and after three attempts and by threatening to take them to court for false advertising, a response finally came by email. DBX-13 is called X-Cravings. But get this... it is no longer being manufactured. X-Cravings appears to be a formula to help you stop craving food... a diet product... and I guess they apparently felt this would help you lose weight which would help your diabetes. I placed a call to the manufacturer of X-Cravings, Nutricology. Tel: (800)545-9960 who claims they don't know that...
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right sugar use
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Hi,My mother is suffering from Type 2 diabetes from last 2 years,So can she use Right sugar tablet..a Her sugar level i average 300
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renerve plus tablet
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iam sugar patient taking metforming glycomate sr500 before breakfast and before meals can i take renerve plus tab for general weakness. ## I am Sugar diabetic patients using daily Clycipage 1 GM. In the morning
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I and a friend are both in our later 60's. We did some looking for DBX13. We both are having some complications from Diabetes II. Hi A1c and daily counts, neuropathy and the nerve pain in the legs, plus trouble bringing down blood sugar levels and scores. We did a google search after I listened to Jenny Thompson for too long with all her different recommendations. DBX13 is surely great based on evidence online. But the product itself is not available... HOWEVER, THE LINK FORWARDED ME TO GLUCOCIL. THIS PRODUCT IS HIGHLY FAVORED BY 9/10 OF THE REVIEWS, WITH SO MANY STATING THAT IT DOES WHAT dbx13 STATES THAT IT DOES. I'LL UPDATE YOU. AMAZON IS ADVERTISING IT FOR $20 OFF AT $39.99. THAT FITS RIGHT IN WITH GNC AT $59.99 AND WALGREENS, VERY CLOSE TO THE SAME. I PRAY IT WORKS AS GOOD ...
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metformin and choloesterol
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Can Metformin increase cholesterol? ## Actually, Metformin is shown to LOWER cholesterol. ## I have been taking metformin 500mg twice a day for about 6 months... I had no problem until recently.. I am experienceing bloating and a lot of gas, pain in my addoman. Is this from this medication?? Or is it something else ????
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