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Tramadol 100mg from Mexico
5 Replies RSS
Please someone tell me if Tramadol 100mg from Mexico is pink, round, and has no imprint except a line down the middle for breaking in half. ## To be honest, there are so many pills from Mexico that are claimed to be many different things and with their lack of drug regulations and no imprints on them, it's very difficult to even take a guess at what the tablets might contain. Learn more Tramadol details here. They could be Tramadol, but the only way to know for sure would be to pay to have them lab tested somewhere. Did you order them online, or actually get them in Mexico? ## My friend bought them in Mexico. They seem legitimate as far as packaging and manufacturer. I just wish they weren't plain. ## I purchased 100 mg white capsules in Mexico. I feel no different when taking t...
Updated 1 day ago.
does tramadol show up on drug tests
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I NEED TO KNOW WILL TRAMADOL SHOW UP IN A DRUG TEST? AS WELL AS NAPROXEN SHOWING UP AS T.H.C.? ## Just finished taking a ua and hair folical and I've been taking Mexico tramadols will I come or dirty with opiates???? ## Gorilla, As far as the ua goes you will not test positive unless the test specifically for this substance which is rare.As for a hair follicle test, That I can not say but traditionally the protocol for that level of testing is far more inclusive and sensitive for all substances.Iam familiar with those who claimed.a False positive with the ua for Mexican mtf. Tramadol ## I took tramadol for a ruptured eardrum will this show positive on a 10 panel ua ## Will tramadol show up as an opiate on a regular panel drug test? I've been reading different posts saying it doe...
Updated 1 day ago.
Does Tramadol Show Up In A Urine Test
59 Replies RSS
I TOOK 2 50 MG TRAMADOL THIS MORNING AND HAVE TO DO A URINE TEST FOR MY DR FRIDAY WHICH GETS SENT TO A LAB TO TEST FOR TRAMADOL. WILL IT BE OUT OF MY SYSTEM BY THEN? ## Yes, been through it, it shows as oxycodone. ## So I made my son take a drug test for opiates and it was positive,he claims all he has taken has been tramadol. I thought tramadol was a non narcotic pain pill so why would that show up as an opiate?or is he lieing and has been take other pills?i need help ASAP thank you ## Ultram will in fact show up as a opiate on urine drug screen, ultram is now considered to be narcotic. ## Yes, but it shows on a ten panel as PCP. Don't ask me why, but it does. Effexor and Paxil (SSRI anti-depressants) Also will give a false positive for PCP. Be sure you always tell the testing admi...
Updated 2 days ago.
after having an extraction can i take tramadol
4 Replies RSS
I went to the dentist for an extraction and he extracted a tooth at 3.30pm. And now the pain is so bad at 11.30pm. I want to know if tramadol will relieve some of the severe pain ? ## ya..offcource it will give relief .No problem you may take this. But in such condition Ibuprofen is choice of drug . ## No, Dr.......ibuprofen is not the choice of drug....not after any kind of surgery. Too much of a bleeding risk. It's ok, in THIS case to take it after 3-5 days but, personally, I would take the TRAMADOL. My oral surgeon always prescribed hydro or oxycodone for the pain......NO NSAID's. ## Can I Take 50 mg or 100 mg of Tramadol for pain from a tooth extraction? 0r IBprofen? ## Tramadol can be taken, as long as it has been prescribed for you. The NIH warns that it carries the risk o...
Updated 3 days ago.
100 mg tramadol tablets
2 Replies RSS
Ordered 100mg Tramadol tab from HAR pharmaceuticals in India. It works for pain. I just can't find from company web site if available in anything other than capsule form. Just wanted to make sure it's not counterfeit. The packaging is 10 tabs per package and states 100mg. Any reason to be concerned. ## Hi Bos, I believe you may have meant to say "HAB" Pharmaceuticals, as HAR Pharmaceuticals doesn't appear to exist at all. "HAB" Pharmaceuticals IS based in India and from what I can tell they appear to be a legitimate drug manufacturer there. However, upon looking at their product page, the only photo they have of Tramadol depicts it as being a small white round 100mg tablet (NOT capsule); and it goes by the brand name "Top-Dol". Ref:
Updated 4 days ago.
Any Pain Management Doctors in North Jersey (percoset)
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I'm in my mid 40's and had 4 back surgeries starting when I was 19 years old. Last 6 months I have pain 3 to 4 times a week. Around 4 times a month it's excruciating. Docs say it's scar tissue from over the years and I've been on tramadol and other meds with little success. Just need something a few times a week when pain is a 7 or higher. My Doc suggest pain management however did not recommend anyone in particular. Paterson area or within 30 mins away. Any recommendations?
Updated 5 days ago.
Taking tramadol, ibuprofen and flexeril together
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This is for major pain in my upper back when ibuprofen and cyclobenzaprine aren't working. I would like to add tramadol and want to know if it's safe to do so? ## Had it been prescribed for you? The FDA classifies it as a mild opiate that carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Are you on any other medications?
Updated 5 days ago.
Tramadol with Ativan Drug Interactions & Side Effects
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My doctor prescribed tramadol hcl 50 mg for pain in my joints, muscle and back. I also take 1mg Ativan twice a day. Should I have any concerns? I am now age 71 with a 6-year-old heart transplant. My heart is 29 years old and well.
Updated 6 days ago.
Tramadol HCL Safety And Potency Past Expiration Date
59 Replies RSS
I pulled a muscle in my lower back and am in a lot of pain but am unemployed at the moment and can't afford to see a doctor and fill a new prescription. I found an old bottle of Tramadol HCL 50 MG with an expiration date of 3/22/2007. It has been stored in a cool, dark, dry cabinet all of this time. Does Tramadol HCL become unsafe or lose its potency after its expiration date, especially this long after? ## Unsafe no, loss of potency yes! In the original factory sealed bottles that your pharmacy receives, most medications are only good for 3 years, once those are opened and they are placed in a bottle that exposed them to heat and light, they degrade faster and will lose potency. Learn more Tramadol details here. Are there any other comments or questions? ## Thanks for the reply Ver...
Updated 6 days ago.
Tramadol, Tylenol 3 and Vicodin
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I am currently on what my doctor calls a "pain management" plan since nothing else has worked. I take Vicodin 7.5/325 which right now is to be my at-home-pain-reliever. I was prescribed tramadol 50mg previously to take during the day and it was awesome! No pain, alert and able to work. But good feelings faded and became nothing. Now my doc had me on the same Vicodin. And I take Tramadol 50mg. (1-2 every six hours as needed, max 6 per day - Same as Vicodin) and Tylenol 3 (300/30mg) 1-2 twice daily. I already don't feel anything with this tramadol t3 combo. What is a good substitute I can take during the day? Maybe not even take before driving (1.5 hour commute - part of the issue lol) but maybe take eight after my commute is done and my shift is about to start. Don't wann...
Updated 7 days ago.
3 Replies RSS
I am a bilateral amputee lossing 2 legs from above knee, in 1977--my 2 stumps painning severly 24 hrs-I used to take spasmoproxivon only 2ice a day as painkiller--no other medicine can relief my pain--now it is out of market--this was also cheaper medicine---can you tell me any alternative medicine of spasmoproxivon-pl. send the alternative medicine {edited for privacy} ## I am 33 I am eating spasmo proxyvon about 10 caps daily for 10years. Due to that I have severe lower back pain. Now I want leave it permanently. Before 1year I left it for 1month. But I failed to do so, for this pain. ## i have been taking sp capsule for the past 4 years from now, 20 to 30 capsule these days, kindly suggest the best alternative to leave that would not affect my office, suspicious started now from fren...
Updated 7 days ago.
tramadol how low does it show up in a pee test
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I weaned myself off suboxone and Nucynta. Then had to have a vaginal sling placed I've only taken 2 but I don't want to lose my doctor ## I forgot to add in my last post.the pain management dr said the point or what they message percentage with showed my tramadol level 1200 and shouldn't be over 150.i don't even take I don't understand at all. ## Did they even question why you had tramadol in your system??
Updated 8 days ago.
tramadol 50 mg
83 Replies RSS
Hello all. I usually take vicodin when I have bad back pain, but wanted to try something that wouln't knock me out. I asked my Dr about tramadol and he said he'd only prescribe one or the other. Long story short I filled my script and got green and orange capsules in a blister pack from zenlabs. The pack says the drug is zendol-50, containing 50mg of tramadol. It was produced for zenlabs Canada in India. Now, these are very different than the little white pills I'm used to seeing. I took 3 last night (never taken that much before) and didn't feel much of anything. Can anyone help tell me if i'm taking some unknown drug or the real thing? Like most Indian meds, there is no imprint on the pill itself. ## Sorry, without an imprint it is impossible to postiviely identify...
Updated 8 days ago.
white pill 377 stamp
3 Replies RSS
white oblong pill with 377 imprint ## This is 50mgs of Tramadol, a generic for Ultram. This is an analgesic, derived from an opiate, so even though it works like an anti-inflammatory, it does have the same addictive qualities and is classified by the FDA as a narcotic. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, sweating, constipation and drowsiness. ## It is Tramadol which is NOT derived from any opiate, contrary to other comments here. It has no opium in it whatsoever. It is a pain killer but is niether a narcotic (it has no illicit drugs) nor is it an anti-inflammatory. It isn't scheduled, and in 48 states, it isn't considered a controlled substance! It does lightly attach to ONE of the opiate receptors in the brain, but most people do not get addicted. ## Susan nee...
Updated 8 days ago.
which is stronger between tramadol 50 mg and tramadol/APAP
5 Replies RSS
I've been taking the Tramadol/APAP 325 with Acetaminophen for many years as I have Fibromyalgia. My doctor just changed it to Tramadol 50mg. Is that stronger? I'm feeling a bit dizzy or lightheaded now. ## Hello, Carolyn! How are you? Yes, the 50mg tablet is stronger, since the combination medication is only available with 37.5mgs of Tramadol and 325mgs of Acetaminophen. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Thank you so much for the info. I was on the combo Tramadol for over 10 years. I'm blessed to not have addictive tendencies so this change is actually better since my pa...
Updated 8 days ago.
will tramadol show up on a drug test for my probation
8 Replies RSS
Will tramadol show up on a drug test at my probation office ? ## Yes it will! I'm 100% positive (pun intended) because I have failed a test because of tramodols! ## Actually, I took 100 milligrams the day of my rapid response test, and I came up negative. I'm not sure what panel your test was, or if it was sent to a lab or not. I have a prescription anyways, but nevertheless, I passed. ## Yes because they do a 15 panel for any court ordered testing. ## I wanna know if tramadol show up in a probation drug test please i need a answer asap ## Will tramadol show up on my drug urine screen test ## Hi Andy I'm in the same boat and wondered if you found out on this. Can you let me know? ## No My husband is on probation and did a UDS this morning after taking tramadol for a toothach...
Updated 10 days ago.
tramadol in memphis
7 Replies RSS
I live in Memphis and am suffering from chronic pain from c1 and c2 in my neck and the trap area in my shoulder. My collarbone often feels like it is broken. I have dealt with this pain on a chronic and severe level since 2007. I have had no insurance for most of my adult life but my husband was recently accepted as a senior scientist at St Jude Children's Research Hospital.the pain recently got so bad that I had to go to the emergency room even without insurance they gave me dilaudid to relieve the pain as well zofran which helps relieve nausea. I left the ER with a prescription of tramadol immediately made all pain go away. Unfortunately I was only given a very limited quantity and was hoping that I could make a visit to my regular doctor so that I could get a refill she looked at...
Updated 10 days ago.
is tramadol tested for in a probation officers urine test?
3 Replies RSS
I need to know if it is common for tramadol to be tested for in a urine test from a probation officer. ## do probation officers test for tramadol? ## I am being drug tested and my tests are sent to sterling toxcitty labs. I need to know for a fact if tramadol will show up on a probation drug test!! Please I need answers! ## No ..My husband is on probation and took 2 yesterday and passed his UDS this morning at 8 am. He took the tramadol about 5pm yesterday.
Updated 10 days ago.
Tramadol HCL 50 MG TAB MYLAN
149 Replies RSS
one side of pill is a M and the other side of the pill is T7 ## what type of drug is tramadol hcl 50 mg. is it narcotic, like morphine or codene, is more like accetomedaphen(tylonal), asprin or what? What is it addictive, not addictive, have been given it for pain and having trouble finding out info on it... ## Tramadol is an interesting medication, the FDA has actually changed its classification several times. Basically, when inventing this drug, what they were trying to do was retain the analgesic properties of an opiate, but cut out the side effects and dependence or addiction issues. What they go was a pain killer that is actually somewhere in between. It does not work as effectively as most narcotics and it can cause the same side effects as an opiate, including dependence and addi...
Updated 10 days ago.
is tramadol habit fornming if i take 2 50 mg a day
12 Replies RSS
i HAVE 4 BAD DISCS IN MY LOWER BACK ACCORDING TO THE MRI. I AM CURRENTLY TAKING 1- 50 MG TABLET OF TRAMADOL AT BEDTIME AND 1/2 IN THE MORNING. i TAKE THE OTHER 1/2 AROUND 3 IN THE AFTERNOON. CAN I GET ADDICTED TO THIS AMOUNT? ## Hello, Kay! How are you? They can be habit forming, but I think you're confusing dependence with addiction. It's dependence that occurs, when you take something regularly for a long period of time, because your body gets used to it. If you took them for a long time, then suddenly stopped, you'd experience some minor withdrawal effects. Addiction, however, occurs when someone abuses something, because they like the way it makes them feel. But since the way they feel is just due to the side effects, which wear off after awhile, they have to keep taking...
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