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Tramadol 'Rare' Side Effects
6 Replies RSS
My opinion is stay the hell away from this drug. I took it for less than a week for severe back pain. I experienced the following, all of which indicate a deadly allergic reaction and are supposed to be rare: -extreme swelling of the tongue to the point where my teeth were cutting into it; -trouble sleeping/night terrors; -constant itching at night that was affecting my sleep; -frequent feeling of having to urinate. The drug did barely anything for my pain and I had to up my dose within two days. That was when the side effects started. Again, not worth it. Please stay away. Pharmacists and doctors will insist that the drug is safe but it isn't. I've also personally talked to three people who have had seizures as a result of this drug. Ibuprofen will do as much for pain as Tramad...
Updated 20 hours ago.
white tramadol pill imprinted with 58 TV
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I am taking the tramadol tablet with 58 on one side & TV on the other. I've been taking tramadol for about 4 months. I picked up a refill today and the difference is this group of tramadol is bigger than my normal prescription. By the way, I went to a new pharmacy, but that shouldn't matter right?
Updated 23 hours ago.
anywhere to get tramadol after august 18?
155 Replies RSS
Ive been taking tramadol for aprox 8yrs nonstop other than a 7week break. Ive back problems and my knees are broken down do to years of rough wear and tear on top of many injuries. Ive no health insurance either. Truth b told,i cannot function very well at all without taking the tramadol. So i am checking to see of anyone has any insight or suggestions as to where i may b able to purchase tramadol after the 18th of august which is when tramadol becomes a controlled substance. Im aware that ordering overseas is risky but going without the meds is not an option. I am very worried about the change in classification. I never expected anything like this to happen, had i known and not been ignorant to the possibility of not being able to order tramadol online i would have done something diffe...
Updated 3 days ago.
is tramadol the same as gabapentin
3 Replies RSS
Been taking tramadol for over 15 years and it generally still works. My new Dr. has cut me back from using 4 a day to using 3 a day and 1 gabapentin at night. All the gabapentin is doing is making me oversleep every day. I cannot tell that it is helping me. I have tried to get off from tramadol several times but with no success. Each time I try to stop; I am bed ridden for a couple of days. Could you tell me why the Dr. would want to cut me back from tramadol and then try gabapentin? ## No, they are not the same. Gabapentin is actually classified as an anticonvulsant that has also been shown to help with certain types of nerve pain and some mood disorders. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and mood swings. However, Tramad...
Updated 3 days ago.
Can I take Tramadol abroad to Spain
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I take two 50mg tramadol tablets twice a day and one 150mg dose at night on prescription. I went to Spain last year and experienced no problems there. Should I still be worried? I take a copy of my prescription with me just in case, but do I need to anything else before I go on Tuesday?
Updated 4 days ago.
Tramadol not effective
5 Replies RSS
I have taken Tramadol, manufactured by Apotex, for the past nine months. Together, my neurostimlator and 200 mg. of Tramadol per day helped me to be virtually pain free! I renewed my Tramadol prescription last week and the new prescription says Tramadol, but this time the manufacturer is TEVA. This time, I continue to have pain and it is now the second week, and I am feeling intense pain. It is as if I was not taking any pain medication at all (my stimulator continues to work, but no one is ever promised that a neurostimulator will rid anyone of all pain. I have a friend who was switched to Tramadol from Apotex Manufacturing (the exact one I had for nine months) and is now taking Tramadol manufactured by TEVA. She is finding the same problem; it will not rid her of the pain she suffers....
Updated 5 days ago.
Tramadol / ketorolaco
3 Replies RSS
Can these medications be taken with hydrocodone and Acetaminophen in one for real bad back pain? ## Can they be taken together ? They should not be taken together. Have I mixed them YES. I had no issues on low doses but it is not recommended to mix these. ## @clydesdales8, Just to add to post #1, drug interaction checkers (from go on to state that taking Tramadol with Hydrocodone is usually not recommended due to an increased risk of developing certain side effects, including: loss of coordination, dizziness, slurred speech, confusion, changes in perceived mental awareness, and slow or shallow breathing - in which case they recommend contacting your doctor immediately. Although, as post #1 mentioned, it is also equally important to remember that each individual is prone to reac...
Updated 5 days ago.
tramadol amneal vs mylan
71 Replies RSS
all our pharms here have switched to amneal.doesnt do a thing except give a headache. brand does make a differance.the mylan works great. ## Yes, there can be differences in generic medications. Once a medication is available to be made a generic, it is allowed to differ, in the active ingredient, from the name brand by as much as plus or minus 20%. The FDA considers this an acceptable therapeutic window. The problem that you can run into, of course, is that generics do not have to measure against each other, just against the name brand. This means that while one generic may be high quality and contain 100mgs of a given medication, another generic may only contain 80mgs and another could contain 120mgs. Not everyone is sensitive to such changes and most people don't even notice, how...
Updated 6 days ago.
I ran out of tramadol and can't get to Dr
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I ran out of tramadol and can't see dr. for a few days. What can I take to avoid withdrawal symptoms ## There is a product called Kratom used for people on Tramadol as a replacement and it also replaces methadone for withdrawals for those on stronger opioids. There's a number of articles from numerous sources posted here and it's available (so far) without a script. Buying Tramadol now that it's controlled from Mexico or offshore is now very risky since it's classified as controlled. US Customs has the right to come after purchasers since the amendment to the Consumer Protection Act signed in April 2008 makes it illegal to sell or buy controlled meds off the internet w/o a dr's Rx so be careful. Read the reviews and see if it's right for you. Because it acts ...
Updated 7 days ago.
will tramadol show up on a drug test for my probation
4 Replies RSS
Will tramadol show up on a drug test at my probation office ? ## Yes it will! I'm 100% positive (pun intended) because I have failed a test because of tramodols! ## Actually, I took 100 milligrams the day of my rapid response test, and I came up negative. I'm not sure what panel your test was, or if it was sent to a lab or not. I have a prescription anyways, but nevertheless, I passed. ## Yes because they do a 15 panel for any court ordered testing. ## I wanna know if tramadol show up in a probation drug test please i need a answer asap
Updated 7 days ago.
Can Tramadol Show Up As Percocet in a drug test
6 Replies RSS
i am wondering if tramadol and percocet can show up as the same thing in a drug test cause i was told it can because tramadol is a pain reliever just like percocet????? ## No, they will not show up as the same substances. Tramadol is a centrally acting analgesic, while Percocet contains the narcotic Oxycodone coupled with Acetaminophen. Tramadol has also not been known to cause false positives. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Is a Percocet a mild narcotic ## Been taking 10mg Percocet 3 times a day for 3 months, methadone 10mg 2 times a day for 10 yrs. First time ever to run out early. I've bees taking 50mg tramadol once a day, mean time really suffering through my pain. Will be drug tested in 4 days through my pain management clinic. My question is will I show oxycodon...
Updated 7 days ago.
2 Replies RSS
PAIN ## Tramadol is used for treating moderate to moderately severe pain. The drug has a wide range of applications, including treatment for restless leg syndrome, acid reflux, and fibermyosis. For information about this drug, please refer to the link below... If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you. ## I have tried to stop tramadol 3 times for I want to not need it anymore. 12 hours from my last dose I get so ill and I get cramps in my chest so bad I feel like I am having a stroke or something bad is going on and isn't normal. I get so afraid I start taking tramadol again and 30 min. later all is good. I told doctors and they never hear about cramps like I am having and they tell me I need to stop tramadol but I cant cause I feel...
Updated 7 days ago.
Can tramadol damage sight and hearing, and other effects?
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I sometimes get bad sight but just 1-2 times every 6 months, not a lot. It's like I have fluid in my right eye and cant see good on the right side for about 1 hour, then suddenly my sight comes back. Hearing sounds hurts me. I turn my volume all the way down to 10% cause it's annoying to hear the noise from a tv or radio. I recently started getting tinnitus in my right ear and wonder why? Tinnitus started coming at the same time I started taking vitamin C with rose hip and turmeric and maybe that's not good with tramadol? I have also had issues with alcohol cravings and started taking tramadol for back pain and suddenly cravings for alcohol were gone. I just wonder if I am alone or has someone else discovered the same results? Also, I have kidney stones and wonder if tramado...
Updated 7 days ago.
how to get off of tramadol
5 Replies RSS
I have been taking tramadol 50mg for the last two years. I think i am addicted to it and it's deteriorating my health. So plz give me a suggestion as to how i can get off of it. ## A slow taper is usually the best solution, according to NIH reports. Withdrawals could cause nausea, dizziness, fever, chills, rebound pain, and seizures. Are you on any other medications? How much Tramadol are you taking each day? ## Kratom red vein....research it. I'm on day 5 cold turkey with little to no withdrawals....I was taking 8 to 20 a day for 3 years. I tried tapering and cold turkey before and thought I was going to die. I'm taking 5gms every 5 hrs but you may be different. Start slow and move up every 45 min till you stop feeling withdrawals. Then try to keep it in your system for a w...
Updated 9 days ago.
29 Replies RSS
MY HUSBAND TAKES TRAMADOL FOR PAIN. IT HAS CAUSED HIM TO BE DEPRESSED. HE IS ADDICTED TO THE DRUG CAN'T FUNCTION WITHOUT IT AND HE IS ALWAYS ANGRE OR AGGITATED AT EVERYTHING AROUND HIM, HE CAN'T KEEP FOOD DOWN CAN'T SLEEP, NOW HE HAS TRIED TO STOP TAKING IT BUT IS ON A DOWN HILL DREPRESSED STATE... ## Well unfortunately our bodies can become dependent upon anything that we take regularly for a long period of time, anything from your morning orange juice to a cup of milk with dinner. There is a big difference between addiction and dependence though. To be addicted he would have to be abusing the drug, taking it more than prescribed and going to extreme measures to get more. Now the problem with dependence is that while the withdrawals are not as severe as addiction, you do su...
Updated 9 days ago.
Tramadol and Oxycodone for pain
6 Replies RSS
I have pain issues since I had surgery where I ended up with chronic pain. My Dr. Says she thinks it comes from adhesions and scar tissue and does not me to have any more surgery it was reccomeded that I go to a pain clinic which I do. They have given me prescriptions of one oxycodone 5-325 every morning and 50 mg tramadol four times a day as needed. How addictive are these?also if a person does have withdrawal ,what actually happens that you have to deal with?I don't know much about the different pain meds. I was taking zolipin as a sleeping aid and I heard about melatonin instead so I tried that and it really does well. I no longer take the zolipin every night as most nights the melatonin does fine. Thanks ## Hello, Becky! How are you? Both Tramadol and Oxycodone are classified as...
Updated 10 days ago.
white round pill with split line on one side and nothing on the other side
12 Replies RSS
white round pill with split on one side and nothing on the other. smaller than a dime. about 1 centimeter thick. ## It is difficult to determine what exactly your pill is without any imprints or markings. Is there any other information you can give me so I can locate the correct pill. Please post back so I can better assist you. ## Theres nothing else on them. They were in a hyrdocodone bottle but I don't think thats what they are. I was thinking they might be asprin or something. ## In order for me to locate a pill match I would need imprints or markings. I believe if you were to phone your local pharmacy and ask them if they have a drug identifier they might be able to help you with identifying this pill. It might cost a bit because they would probably have to send it to a lab to ...
Updated 11 days ago.
Tramadol - unable to acheive orgasm
225 Replies RSS
Anyone else experiencing this side effect? Not a normal topic of discussion for me with anyone but my doctor. I found this drug to be very helpful with easing pain, no sedating effect, BUT after taking this medication discovered I was unable to acheive orgasm. It took me a while to figure out it was the Tramadol causing the problem. ## I have been taking Tramadol for about 5 years for back pain. I am getting better - down to one pill per day unless I have a flare up! Unfortunately, I have not been able to achieve an orgasm either - it's been about 3 to 4 years for me. Like you, I believe it is the Tramadol, but, I'm stuck. I haven't found anything else to ease the pain that doesn't have alot of other side effects. Thanks for sharing! I thought I was the only one! ## Than...
Updated 14 days ago.
non opiates medicacions
4 Replies RSS
I am having surgery of my shoulder and cannot take any pain med that has opiates. But it has to be strong enough to kill the pain. If you can send me a list of them, I will appreciated. ## What has your doctor advised you to use? There are some options available, but you aren't really going to find any that are as strong and effective as opiates. There the NSAIDs: And then there is a medication such as Tramadol, but I am not sure if you can take that, since it is opiate related: ## Tramadol takes a week or so to start being effective. NSAIDS taken at large dose level will first rip out your digestive system and may result in renal failure. On average there are about 1000 more deaths per year from NSAIDS than opiates. ## If your doctor is telling to not to take opiates prior to the s...
Updated 15 days ago.
is tramadol habit fornming if i take 2 50 mg a day
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i HAVE 4 BAD DISCS IN MY LOWER BACK ACCORDING TO THE MRI. I AM CURRENTLY TAKING 1- 50 MG TABLET OF TRAMADOL AT BEDTIME AND 1/2 IN THE MORNING. i TAKE THE OTHER 1/2 AROUND 3 IN THE AFTERNOON. CAN I GET ADDICTED TO THIS AMOUNT? ## Hello, Kay! How are you? They can be habit forming, but I think you're confusing dependence with addiction. It's dependence that occurs, when you take something regularly for a long period of time, because your body gets used to it. If you took them for a long time, then suddenly stopped, you'd experience some minor withdrawal effects. Addiction, however, occurs when someone abuses something, because they like the way it makes them feel. But since the way they feel is just due to the side effects, which wear off after awhile, they have to keep taking...
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