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Blood pressure (BP), sometimes referred to as arterial blood pressure, is the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels, and is one of the principal vital signs. When used without further specification, "blood pressure" usually refers to the arterial pressure of the systemic circulation. During each heartbeat, blood pressure varies between a maximum (systolic) and a minimum (diastolic) pressure.[1] The blood pressure in the circulation is principally due to the pum...

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Day One Report, Lisinopril HCTZ 5 mg.
Age 44 Female, family history of heart attacks, strokes, hypertension. Finally went to the internist after feeling weird for about one year--I kept testing high BP repeatedly over the last year. I have 6 members of my family on lisinopril. Day One Lisiniopril HCTZ Report. To ease into it, I took a half pill (10 mg pill cut in half, so 5 mg). Side effects started within 2 or 3 hours. I had a (all too often these days) migraine when I woke up, so I cannot blame the drug for that. After I woke up, I took my BP 131/85, Pulse 83. Then I took my first half pill. Side effects: dry raspy irritated throat, it made it harder to talk at work, pretty bad muscle stiffness and cramping up and down my back (OUCH), general fatigue, weakness in arms, i tried to lift a laundry basket and i felt both of m...
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atenolol 25mg
i have only taken 5 or 6 of the atenolol but my bp and my heart rate is flexirating way to much has dropped my heart rate ti 51 this morning so im not taking this anymore. im going to start taking a suppliment called under pressure . I have no other health problems except a sinas problem . i had always taken suppliments for my bp which worked fine until i went to a dr for my sinases and dr., gave me to nasal sprays which one of them name msg which is a seroid that caused mp bp to get out of control. Dr, put me on alodipine-benaz, which gave me tinnaus then he gave me lisinopril which swollen my tongue . can you give me any advice about the under pressure suppliment which i was told can elimanate high blood pressure after about 6 to 8 months of use. Thank You! ## Hello, Lacey! How are yo...
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metoprolol 50 mg twice daily along with lisinopril 20 mg twice daily. what is best way to take these doseage in hours?
How many hours apart do I separate these meds. and what is the best and less confusing way to take these pills. Together or Separated?
Updated 19 hours ago in Metoprolol.
can i take losartan and chlorthalidone together
I have been taking Lisinopril with Chlorthalidone, as I my potassium was depleted when I was taking Triamterene and had a stroke. The hospital physician put me on Lisinopril with Chlorthalidone and told me I would not lose potassium with this combination. Lisinopril has caused cough and is annoying so my GP switched me to Losartan. Is it safe to take Losartan and Chortahlidone, and will this combination still allow me to retain potassium? ## Hello, Glo! How are you? I am sorry about the stroke you suffered. Yes, there should not be any problem, the Losartan has the same type of action as the Lisinopril on adding potassium. I had a similar problem with my potassium constantly dropping dangerously low and we found that Losartan's relative Candesartan works very well for me to prevent ...
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valzar 160 blood pressure
With One a day Valzar160 my blood pressure is still 140-150/80-90. What should I do to bring it down to 115-120/75-80?
Updated 1 day ago.
Double dose ??
Question: what would happen if you accidentally took two doses of Hydrochlorothiazide Losartan 100/2mg once a day in a 12 hour period of time? I thought I forgot to take it today! First time doing this and now know the key of having a SMTW... pill box!
Updated 1 day ago in Losartan.
I am 45 years old having family history of hypertension. That's why my doctor advised to take telma 20 as 1-0-0 on daily basis. My BP is quite normal 120/80 whether I take the medicine or not. Only on account of family history I have been advised to take the tablet for life time as mentioned above. Is there any side effects?
Updated 1 day ago.
Reduce 15 Mg
A frien od mine gave som slimming pills called Reduce 15 mg that he bought in Thailand. They are not allowed in the country where I live, so I can't consult my doctor. I'm healthy but I have suffered from stress due to too much work, and have been medicated for that a couple of times, though not currently. I'm not fat, but I have gained 20 kg due to stress. Do you know which secondary efects these pills could have or if I should take them at all? ## From what I can find, Reduce contains the active ingredient Subutramine, which has been pulled from the market in many countries, due to the severe dangers associated with it. It can cause cardiac related dangers, such as: accelerate heart rate, trouble breathing, elevated pulse and elevated blood pressure. There have been some i...
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waight loss
hi im javio from pakistan. but living in united arab emirates. im 55 year old ,my hight is 5ft 7inch . and my waight is 92kg , kindly let me know how to reduce my waight, and what is the perfect wight should i have to keep. thanks
Updated 2 days ago in Penbutolol.
Comparison of tab concor 2.5 mg and Eritel AM 40 mg and related side effects
I am running 42 of age and have been a patient of hypertension. I have been taking tab Concor 2.5 mg on morning daily basis for last 12 years. My BP was absolutely fine and even some time I used to forget to take on ween ends. In last month March, my BP fluctuated max 150/110 in last month March 2014 without any change in my routine except was not well (having fever / cold) at that time. My Doc has advised to change the tab to Eritel AM 40 mg and after a month now my BP is controlled. Please advise which tab is more harmful for my body and it was essential to change from concor 2.5 mg to Eritel AM 40 mg.
Updated 3 days ago.

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