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Inderal propranolol 10mg- hair loss
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please reply if your hair has fallen out and or you have had weight gain. if your hair has not fallen out please also reply. Thank you.......... ## Propranolol is a beta blocker and almost all of the medications in this class are known to cause weight gain and hair loss as side effects in some people that take them. Have you consulted your doctor? You may want to talk to them about trying something different in this class, such as Carvedilol, which is known to cause fewer side effects. ## Yes i've been taking propranolol for about 4 years at 10mg and almost 2 years ago i went all the way up to 160 for migraines. My hair started falling out by the handfulls after the birth of my twins. I thought it was a result of birth and then shortly I went on a 500 calorie diet and blamed my hair...
Updated 18 minutes ago in Inderal.
Losartan dosage not enough for the day
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I had been on losartan 100/25 for the past 6 years after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Over time, I noticed when changing my diet, my blood pressure would go down... I recently started eating low carb and lost about 18 pounds - I had noticed the 100 mg was making me dopey, weak, sleepy and even causing anxiety and discomfort... My doc said I should cut it to half so now I take 50 mg in the morning and still take my 5mg amlodipine in the evening. She said I should self-medicate according to my symptoms and increase or decrease as I feel necessary. I feel significantly better and wake up with a healthy blood pressure. But I have a feeling that by the afternoon my blood pressure sometimes elevates again, especially when I'm active or stressed... I have found the doc a bit u...
Updated 4 hours ago in Losartan.
metoprolol succinate
3 Replies RSS
25 mg extended release tablets ## wouldl like to know the side affects ## I was prescribed 25mg of Metoprolol Succinate once a day. Does it work the same to divide the pill in half and take 12.5 mg in the morning and 12.5 mg in the evening? I want to wean myself off of this medication. I was prescribed this for Afib. ## This medication is listed by the FDA as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotensions. Momma V, how are you doing? Has there been any change?
Updated 4 hours ago in Metoprolol.
side effects of lupin
3 Replies RSS
what are the side effects of lupin, 20 mg ## How do we administer these pills & what are the possible side effects? How long can it be used? ## I've been taken Lisinopril 20 -12.5 mg twice a day. I noticed on my refill bottle it says Lisinopril 20 mg twice a day. Do I cut them in half? Will this mg cause my heart rate to to be faster and blood pressure to be higher? I have a 75% per. in my heart now. Do I call the doctor? ## Lisinopril is most commonly used to treat high blood pressure and certain cardiac conditions. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Lou, if it says to take it twice a day, that would mean you should take a full tablet twice a day, but it is always best to check with you...
Updated 5 hours ago in Lisinopril.
Edarbyclor works great
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I have had uncontrolled high bp 35 years. I am called hyper sodium sensitive and have been to many research drs. If you are on multiple bp drugs this one works alone. I read comments about the side effects and I find they are minimal. If your taking 3 or more bp medications you are having a lot more side effects than this med alone has. I highly recommend this for people that are struggling to find the medication
Updated 6 hours ago in Edarbyclor.
verapamil difference between SR and ER
16 Replies RSS
I am taking verapamil SR 240mg. A lot of drug plans only offer it as ER. What's the difference? ## There is no difference, they are both just abbreviations that denote it as being a time released formulation. ER= extended release SR= sustained release You may also see it denoted with the abbreviations: XR = extended release and CR = controlled release. However, as I said, they all mean the same thing. Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker used to treat hypertension, angina and other cardiovascular problems. Common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach pain. Read more: Are there any questions or comments? ## There is a difference between verapamil ER and SR. One is taken once a day and the other is meant to be taken twice a day. That is what the pharmacis...
Updated 12 hours ago in Verapamil.
Effects of amlodipine besylate on libido
2 Replies RSS
I'm taking amlodipine besylate 10mg for high blood pressure maintenance and my libido has deteriorated. Is it because of this medication? By the way I'm 52 yrs old, thanks.. ## Yes, most blood pressure medications are known to cause loss of libido as a side effect, according to NIH reports, along with nausea, dizziness, headache, and increased urination. You might want to speak to your doctor about trying a different medication to see if it doesn't cause you the same issue. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Surprisingly,my wife is 62years old.She developed fantastic increased libido while taking amilodipine besylate.
Updated 12 hours ago in Amlodipine.
Lupin lisinopril pill size change
44 Replies RSS
I take 10 miligram Lupin tables - have been taking them 2x a day for 20 years. Today, I opened the bottle and they were 1/2 the size. Same markings on the pill and container, same color, same manufacturer but 1/2 the size. I asked the pharmacy assistant about it and she said the company was making them smaller but they were the same. I asked how they were doing that - were they removing fillers? Why did they have so many fillers in the first place. She said she didn't know, but would transfer me to the pharmacist. I asked the pharmacist and she sounded like she had been asked what the weather would be like the next day - "oh, I don't know...yeah...I don't really know." I don't feel comfortable taking these. ## Yes, in most cases they have changed the fillers they...
Updated 16 hours ago in Lisinopril.
Want to stop Lisinopril
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I've been on Lisinopril for almost 10 years. Started out taking 10 mg along with baby aspirin once a day. Im now on 20 mg once a day. Last year I got pancreatitis and am now diabetic due to my pancreas being inflamed. I believe it's from the Lisinopril and metabolism booster I was taking. I had another pancreas attack last Saturday but am feeling much better now. I'm not a drinker and there's nothing wrong with my gall bladder. I'm gonna try the mash diet but I'm scared going cold turkey on the Lisinopril, yet I don't want it hurting me anymore. What should I do? ## Sorry bout that. I read what I wrote. It's not the mash diet. It's called dash diet. Dietary approaches to stop hypertension ## Hello, Cheri! How are you feeling? Going off such a medicati...
Updated 17 hours ago in Lisinopril.
Extreme Salty Taste in Mouth for 20 days!
130 Replies RSS
I'm a 51 yr. old female who woke up on April 7, 2011, with an extremely salty taste in my mouth. When I tried to drink water to wash it out, it was like drinking salt gargle water. Nothing I eat or drink makes it go away. I can't stand to put anything in my mouth that is salty because the salt taste already in my mouth makes it almost unswallowable. Prior to that day, I have only 2 regular medications that I take daily: Lisinopril 40 mg( increased from 20 mg in mid November) for high BPas well as HCTZ 25 mg(been taking Lisinopril for 8 years) and 1mg of ropinorole(generic for Requip) for RLS (taking for almost 6 years). I also take black cohosh twice a day for hot flashes and night sweats(last menstrual cycle was Sept. 2010). On March 18, I started taking a 10 day prescription f...
Updated 17 hours ago in Lisinopril.
Irbesartan and Shortness of Breath
2 Replies RSS
I am having shortness of breath and swelling in my left foot. Could these be side effects of my medication? ## What medications are you on it could be a medicine.... Cause a med I'm on I have thise symptoms sometimes my feet don't stay swollen jus ever now in then sometimes both feet sometimes one an a few weeks ago the back of my right leg swelled as well..... It's weird what meds can do and when I can't breath it's soooo scary!! ## While there is a chance that it could be a medication side effect, from taking Irbesartan, according to FDA reports, which lists them as also possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and increased urination, there is also a chance that it might be due to other issues. There is also a chance that your blood pressure is too high and...
Updated 1 day ago in Irbesartan.
How long does .1 mg of clonidine last for?
56 Replies RSS
Im a 33 year old woman. I was just prescribed .1 mg of clonidine for OxyContin withdrawals. I have bend using Oxy's for about 2 years now. The clonidine seem to be working and I have weined myself off from 60mg a day to 20mg. But now the next step is to go off completely. I need to know how long they last in your system. I know it's at least 3 or 4 hours but not sure if any longer. I want to take my next dose before the withdrawals start. Plz help. Mom of 2 ## The plasma level of clonidine peaks in approximately 3 to 5 hours and the plasma half-life ranges from 12 to 16 hours. The half-life increases up to 41 hours in patients with severe impairment of renal function. NOTE: it generally takes about 5 half lives for the drug to be completely out of your system. Following oral adm...
Updated 1 day ago in Clonidine.
barretts eshophagus medications started to taste very bitter
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Lately, I think my pharmacist has switched to the cheapest possible form of drugs as 3 of my medications have started to dissolve on my tongue prior to being able to swallow and they are very bitter. If they burn in my mouth they must burn going down my esophagus. I have a very serious case of Barretts and have to have EGD's with Biopsies every 3 months. I do not need anything else burning the lining of my Esophagus, how can I ensure my medication has a coating on it. My medications use to have a better coating or at least not start dissolving on my tongue prior to swallowing.The medications are Irbesartin 300mg, Amlodipine Besylate 5mg, and Pravastatin Sodium 20mg
Updated 1 day ago in Amlodipine.
White round pill imprinted with S and 2 two lines
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The tablet is white and round and supposed to be Losartan 25 mg. One side has an S and the other side has 2 vertical lines. I could not find the pill in a detailed online search. What is the pill actually?
Updated 1 day ago in Losartan.
tazloc am side effects
3 Replies RSS
My Dr prescribed me Tazloc AM for BP. My BP is 90/140. What is the side effect of this med and how long do I have to continue treatment? I am a badminton player attending matches. Is it advisable to play matches after having medicine at 9 PM? ## Hello, Sunu! How are you? Tazloc-AM contains the active ingredients Telmisartan and Amlodipine, it's used to help lower high blood pressure. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache and stomach irritation. Learn more Telmisartan details here. Learn more Amlodipine details here. And you may have to continue medications for life, to keep your blood pressure under control. There is no cure for hypertension. As to the activity, you should be able to play without a problem, unless your doctor has instructed you not to. Are there any o...
Updated 2 days ago in Telmisartan.
Alternatives to Co-Tareg for hypertension
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I have been taking Co-Tareg for treatment of high blood pressure and recently my sonar examination showed grade 1 nephropathy. What is the best alternative medicine to use for high blood pressure that won't have a negative effect on my kidneys?
Updated 2 days ago.
is there any difference between taking zestril or prinivil?
3 Replies RSS
I take lisinopril and wanted to know if there is any difference between taking either the zestril or prinivil? I am talking about differences besides the actual way the pill looks, relating more to how you feel on either of them or side effect related..... ## I am curious too. I have taken lisinopril for years and never known it to have another name on my bottle. My bp was awesome. Now all the sudden it says generic for prinovil and It doesn't seem to work at all. I think the zesteril has the hydroclorothyazide added and its a small diueretic and makes you pee more. I took the HCTZ alone before and it made me feel like I always had a uti. burning sensation. IDK to tell my doctor to up dosage or what since it doesn't seem like its working. ## What does lisinopril help me in my he...
Updated 2 days ago in Lisinopril.
What is the difference between Prexum and Prexum Plus.
3 Replies RSS
What is the difference between Prexum and Prexum Plus at the moment I am using Prexum Plus can i change to Prexum.Regards Janowell. ## i use prexum and ridaq together the pharmacist gave me prexum plus and said it will be fine i just want to make sure before i drink it that it wont be to strong ## What is the difference between Prexum and Prexum Plus? I am on Prexum Plus and have been told to switch to Prexum in order to loose excess water. Is that correct? ## I was first on Prexum which did not bring down blood pressure. Then switched to Prexum Plus which has a diuretic ingredient and this helped.
Updated 2 days ago.
lisinopril tablets
107 Replies RSS
I have been taking Lisinopril 20 mg from manufacturer Lupin for years. My most recent renewal was the same color and Lupin on one side and 20 on other but the pill is half the size of the one I have been getting. Still says Lupin but I am concerned. Anyone notice the difference? ## Notice spike in BP tonight after taking smaller pill this AM. Concerned ## I just noticed the same about my 10mg refill. Calling pharmacy this morning. ## I am having anxiety, shakiness and chest pain with new size pill. Anyone else having trouble? Lisinopril 20 mg smaller pill ## I am taking lupin lisinopril 20 mg twice daily and I live in Tennessee. My tablets have never changed size and according to the manufacturer they aren't supposed to. I used to be a pharmacists before my illnesses so I still know...
Updated 2 days ago in Lisinopril.
coming off propranolol
185 Replies RSS
i have stopped taking propranolol 80mg 3days ago and would like to know if there is any side effects coming off them ## I had problems just stopping cold turky after one doctor told me it would be ok, i felt panicky and anxious. Another doctor said to reduce the dose slowly over time or i will get withdrawal syptoms, One day on, one day off (2 weeks)then one day on two days off (2 weeks) so on, i still had problems and had to do it over the space of months. I am now down to one morning dose a day and ready to stop completely (after 6 months) and am feeling ok ## Any drug or substance that you take into your body for a prolonged period of time will cause some mild withdrawal symptoms if you abruptly stop using it, even if they don't consider it addictive. Because your body gets used ...
Updated 2 days ago in Propranolol.

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