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Forgot to take Ramipril
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Hi, I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and 3 meds were added to what I already take (I also have MS). I started using a weekly med organizer to mainly keep track of steroid tapering. I forgot to put my Ramipril and didn't realize until I began sweating profusely and headache. I think it was 3 missed days. I have been on this medication for approx 4 years. I take 5mg daily. I am 54 yr old female. Are these symptoms being caused by missed doses or is it something else?
Updated 4 hours ago in Ramipril.
Inderal propranolol 10mg- hair loss
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please reply if your hair has fallen out and or you have had weight gain. if your hair has not fallen out please also reply. Thank you.......... ## Propranolol is a beta blocker and almost all of the medications in this class are known to cause weight gain and hair loss as side effects in some people that take them. Have you consulted your doctor? You may want to talk to them about trying something different in this class, such as Carvedilol, which is known to cause fewer side effects. ## Yes i've been taking propranolol for about 4 years at 10mg and almost 2 years ago i went all the way up to 160 for migraines. My hair started falling out by the handfulls after the birth of my twins. I thought it was a result of birth and then shortly I went on a 500 calorie diet and blamed my hair...
Updated 5 hours ago in Inderal.
side effects of amlo denk
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I have been taking amlodenk 10mg for a month now and I have started experiencing swelling on my ankles. Is it possible that I am experiencing side effect of this drug? ## Amlo-Denk contains the active ingredient Amlodipine. From what I could gather, "swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs" is listed as a general side effect of this medication. Ref: To my understanding, these types of side effects may not go away until you stop taking what's causing them to manifest in the first place. For that reason I'd strongly recommend contacting your doctor as soon as your able to, in hopes of finding a safer alternative to Amlodipine. Have you had this reaction with any other blood pressure medications in t...
Updated 9 hours ago in Amlodipine.
lisinopril side effects when stopping
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I've been taking lisinopril 20mg for more than 20 years. I have had side effects that come and go, such as coughing, lightheadedness, and dizziness. But now I have lightheadedness and dizziness all the time. Frequent urination, legs are weak, sometimes when I am walking I feel like I am going to pass out; and ED problems. I spoke with my doctor and he told me to stop taking it. I stopped taking it one week ago. My bp is 135/75. My question is how long will these side effects last before they go away? Thanks. ## Hello, Luis! How are you feeling? After being on it for so long, it may take a month, or so, before these effects go away and for you to start feeling better. As reported by the FDA, you may also start experiencing some rebounds effects, such as elevated blood pressure and he...
Updated 9 hours ago in Lisinopril.
losartan 25 mg tab cut in half
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Can a losartan 25 mg tab be cut in half? It makes me have blurred vision. ## Yes, but you should only do so, if your doctor approves of your taking a lower dosage. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. How long have you been taking it? Are you on any other medications? ## I take losartan 25 mg and sometime I get real dizzy and have blurred vision is there a smaller dose ## Do not cut in half if it's a extended/ slowcrelease coated pil , if it has a grove on it it might be ok, your best advice is to contact a pharmacy, do not listen to unqualified people on here telling you anything is ok to do!!!!!!!!
Updated 10 hours ago in Losartan.
Losartan and heart rate?
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Just started on Losartan , previously was on lisinopril that didnt do anything to lower BP. After 3 days on Losartan I noticed my resting heart rate in now 100+… previously was 65 to 70 on any given day.. I was told it could take 2 to 3 weeks for Losartan to fully be in my system to see a change. Will my heart rate get lower once the med takes effect or is something wrong? ## Hello, Dom! How are you? The higher heart rate could be due to stopping the Lisinopril, if you stopped abruptly and switched to the Losartan, it may have caused a rebound effect that can include elevated heart rate and elevated blood pressure. However, it is always best to check with your doctor to be sure. If the Losartan works for you, you should eventually see an improvement in your heart rate. My heart ra...
Updated 11 hours ago in Losartan.
Minipress XL 5 mg and cilacar 5mg
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I suffered a CVA .the doctors prescribed minipress xl 5 mg and cilacar 5mg both in the morning and evening.i am also taking clopilet 75 and rosuvas 20.i am having severe pain in my right leg and right knee my doctor has directed me take minipress only in the it okay to stop minipress in the morning abruptly.
Updated 16 hours ago in Minipress.
metoprolol er 50 mg and rashesd & hives
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Metoprolol succ er 50 mg. I am prone to severe rashes & hives from several medications. I am reluctant to start this new Med for hypertension because rashes & hives are frightful. What is likelihood of a similar reaction? If yes, what can I do ? Will it diminish after time if I continue to take it? ## If such reactions are due to an allergy, they tend to get worse with repeated exposure, so you should consult a doctor, if they manifest, according to NIH reports. Have you had any swelling, or trouble breathing? Those can also be symptoms of an allergic reaction. Have you tried taking this mediation, yet? What other medications do you currently take?
Updated 21 hours ago in Metoprolol.
Lasik vs Hydrochlorothiazide
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Lasik 20mg versus hydrochlorothiazide 25mg - Do these two diuretics work the same as far as preventing fluid retention? ## Yes, they both work to remove excess fluid from the body. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination dehydration and hypotension. Which one has your doctor prescribed? Are you on any other medications?
Updated 22 hours ago in Hydrochlorothiazide, HCTZ.
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I have been taking ASOMEX - 2.5mg AND NEBILONG-H for over six months for blood pressure control but I have not got clear information about their long term side effects on my health given that I am a blood pressure patient for the last 38 years. Explanation about these two drugs on which I depend on now for my health will be appreciated. ## The NIH warns that these medication could cause some kidney and liver issues, so your doctor should be checking regular, in case of any issues. Other side effects as listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 22 hours ago.
Amlodipine Benazepril vs LISINOPRIL
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ARE THESE TWO DRUGS COMPATABLE CAN I SWITCH CAN I SWITCH FROM THE 1ST TO LISINOPRIL WITHOUT ANY COMPLICATIONS ## Looking for a cost for Amlodipine for my high blood pressure. I have a prescription. ## For the original poster, these are all medications used to treat high blood pressure and some other conditions. Benazepril is the active ingredient in Lotensin is available coupled with Amlodipine under the trade name Lotrel. This combines a calcium channel blocker with an angotensin inhbitor. Lisinopril works by relaxing the blood vessels, so your heart does not have to work so hard, to lower your blood pressure. That said, many doctors commonly swich between these medications, until they find the correct one that helps control your blood pressure. You should follow their instructions for...
Updated 1 day ago in Amlodipine.
I accidentally took my blood pressure medication twice
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I accidentally took my blood pressure medication (Atenolol 100mg / Chlorthal 25mg) twice within 1 hour. What should I do?
Updated 1 day ago in Atenolol.
Cañdesartan cilexetil
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Hi have had been switched from Ramopril to Cañdesartan cilexetil in hope won't suffer tremors plus increased urination.Been a couple of weeks on new drug can that mess with urination?Prior to this on Ramopril for two years????Any help please. I uriate more drives me mad but flow down.
Updated 1 day ago in Candesartan.
lisinopril tablets
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I have been taking Lisinopril 20 mg from manufacturer Lupin for years. My most recent renewal was the same color and Lupin on one side and 20 on other but the pill is half the size of the one I have been getting. Still says Lupin but I am concerned. Anyone notice the difference? ## Notice spike in BP tonight after taking smaller pill this AM. Concerned ## I just noticed the same about my 10mg refill. Calling pharmacy this morning. ## I am having anxiety, shakiness and chest pain with new size pill. Anyone else having trouble? Lisinopril 20 mg smaller pill ## I am taking lupin lisinopril 20 mg twice daily and I live in Tennessee. My tablets have never changed size and according to the manufacturer they aren't supposed to. I used to be a pharmacists before my illnesses so I still know...
Updated 1 day ago in Lisinopril.
Risperidone, Amlodipine and Sertraline drug classifications
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Are any of the following medications classified as a benzodiazepine or opiate: Risperidone, Amlodipine and Sertraline? ## Hello, Kenneth! How are you? No, none of them are classified as benzodiazepines, or opiates. Risperidone is an antipsychotic, Sertraline is an SSRI antidepressant, and Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker. The first two are used to treat various types of mental health issues, and Amlodipine is used to treat high blood pressure and various heart conditions, according to FDA reports. Are you taking all of these medications?
Updated 1 day ago in Amlodipine.
Accidental double dose of micardis 40mg and metoprolol 12.5mg
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I accidentally took 40mg micardis for blood pressure and 12.5mg metoprolol twice this morning. I'm worried about what might happen? ## The NIH warns that you may experience more intense side effects than usual, which could include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. How are you doing? Did you experience any issues? Did you inform your doctor of the mistake?
Updated 1 day ago in Micardis.
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I was taking amlodipine 5mg+metoprolol 50mg in the morning and ramipril 5mg in the evening. the heart rate dropped to 52-55/min. I have reduced metroprolol to 25mg since last 5 days. The BP is average 130/85 and heart rate is 58-62. Will it longer to stabilize and heart rate to increase further? Does the present combination of amlodipine 5mg+ metoprolol 25mg in the morning and ramipril 5mg in the evening have any serious side effects? I am 54 yrs old and hypertensive. ## I take Metoprolol 50mg. plus Lisinopril 40mg, plus Hydrochlorathiazide 25mg. together in the morning. Is that safe, no interactions?
Updated 2 days ago in Amlodipine.
How many clonidine pills would be considered an overdose
44 Replies RSS
I was just informed that my family member just took 7 Clonidines. Is this an overdose? Please answer as soon as possible. ## I sincerely hope that this person's family member suffered no ill effects. When it comes to posts like this, it really can't be stressed enough that if you think the life or health of someone is in danger, please contact your nearest emergency treatment facility or take them in to one! While there are always people on sites, such as this one, that will help if we can, there is nothing we can do to help you save a life, if that's what it comes down to. We cannot administer CPR or any type of life-saving measure over the Internet. I wish we could, but it just isn't possible. And with this post, the dosage wasn't included, so there's no way an...
Updated 2 days ago in Clonidine.
suboxone and azor 1mg
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Hi. I am 30 days clean from opiate withdrawal. I spent my 1st 3 weeks on methadone and zopiclone and now changed to suboxone and azor 1mg. I'm getting bad headaches in the mornings since starting the azor. Is azor a bad combination with suboxone? It's my 1st time taking azor 1mg, but I fell it really does help with sleeping and anxiety. It's also the 1st time after 5 years that I have now stopped opiates. Please advise as this all seems new to me?! ## Both of these medications could cause headaches as side effects, according to NIH reports, but hey could also be cause from stopping the Methadone, according to NIH reports. Other side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, and weight changes. How are you doing, now? Has there been an...
Updated 2 days ago in Azor.
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I am 60 years old. I have replaced amlodipine 5 mg with Telma 40 three months ago. Since then for the first time in my life my blood sugar has gradually increased up to 115 on fasting. It was always below 100. Can you advise me whether it is the side effect of Telma 40 or not? ## It is very doubtful, 115 is not usually a concerning number that causes a diagnosis of diabetes. The NIH lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. Have you shown any other symptoms of diabetes? What has your doctor advised? Usually blood sugars from 80 to 120 are considered normal.
Updated 2 days ago in Amlodipine.

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