FDA Approved: August 18, 2009
Pharm Company: AVEVA
Category: Blood Pressure

Clonidine Overview

Clonidine (trade names Catapres, Kapvay, Nexiclon, Clophelin, and others) is a sympatholytic medication used to treat high blood pressure, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety disorders, withdrawal (from either alcohol, opioids, or smoking), migraine, menopausal flushing, diarrhea, and certain pain conditions.[4] It is classified as a centrally acting α2 adrenergic agonist and imidazoline receptor agonist that has been in clinical use for over 40 years.[5] Contents 1 ...

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Dangerous clonidines overdose
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I took 4 clonidines at 1:30 and the doc descirbed 2-3 and I heard these wouldn't hurt you it would just make it better but about 30 minutes later, I was knocked out and I woke up at 7 pm. So I decided to get up and I couldn't feel myself moving, but I was, and I went to get dinner and my eyes were seeing silver and black spots everywhere, and next then I know I'm on the ground with a chair on top of me! I got up and I didn't feel a thing but it cleared my vision up some but I still wobbled while I walked, and I couldn't eat dinner because my throat was tight and mouth was dry! WTF! ## Hello, Reeree! How are you feeling? I'm sorry about what happened. Whomever you heard that from was incorrect. Taking too much of any medication can be harmful and could result in o...
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how many clonidine pills would be concidered an overdose
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i was just informed that my family member just took 7 clonidines is this an overdose . please answer as so as possible. im waiting on line fot thanks ## I sincerely hope that this person's family member suffered no ill effects. When it comes to posts like this, it really can't be stressed enough that if you think the life or health of someone is in danger, please contact your nearest emergency treatment facility or take them in to one! While there are always people on sites, such as this one, that will help if we can, there is nothing we can do to help you save a life, if that's what it comes down to. We cannot administer CPR or any type of life-saving measure over the Internet. I wish we could, but it just isn't possible. And with this post, the dosage wasn't includ...
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How long after taking Clonidine does it start to take effect?
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I was prescribed .2mg of Clonidine twice a day to prevent withdrawl while tapering off of 100mcg/hr Fentanyl. I was not informed by my doc that I needed to taper off the Clonodine as well. Stopped taking when took last dose in bottle, & have been having horrible withdrawls from the Clonodine. Went to ER, & doc prescribed .1mg twice daily. Took first two doses & still very shaky, having horrible chills, & unable to sleep. How long will it take for this to calm down? ## Hello, Michelle! How long were you on the Clonidine? I have to wonder if these withdrawal symptoms aren't more due to withdrawing from the Fentanyl, rather than the Clonidine. Short term use of Clonidine shouldn't cause major withdrawal symptoms and the ones you've described are more typical of ...
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how long does it take to withdrawls from clonidine 2 mg! I am here for answers because my Doctor refuses to help me
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Hi I am wondering how long it will take me to get over the major withdrawals from the Clonidine. I have been taking it since my nervous beak down. I have been begging for my Doctor to wean me off of it within the 1st few weeks after starting it. It says on the paperwork that I can't just stop. I used to be on .18 mgs, then I made it less which is .8 total per day. Now the Doc says I will NOT ever be taken off of it. This Clonidine makes me feel like total crap & I want to be off of it 100% as I will be helping victims and their family members get all the right answers, which they deserve. I am NOT as depressed as I was & the only reason why, is because I know I am doing the right thing to help with my heart. My grandpa passed Feb 1999, grandma March 7th 1999 from a broken he...
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Clonidine Induced Insomnia?
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Been on this med for quite a while (3+ yrs) for physical symptoms of anxiety. Since day one it still hits me like a ton of bricks and causes severe drowsiness about an hour after taking it. When taken at bedtime it will put me out no problem. BUT, after 3-4 hours, I wake up and have trouble sleeping for the rest of the night. Wondering if anyone else has this similar problem with waking up after a few hours of sleep. It's guaranteed to K.O. me but then wake me right back up after a little while. ## Although Clonidine's side effects do not list insomnia as a possible side effect, there are certainly more than a handful of adverse reactions that could inevitably cause insomnia. This drug may cause lightheadedness, dry mouth, tiredness, weakness, headache, nervousness, decreased se...
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what all can it be used for other than blood presure treatment ## This is sometimes used for migraine headaches as well. ## Occasionally some types of after surgery discomfort from mild procedures, on top of what nenene already stated. I have also heard some people have been given it by their docs to help with withdrawal from other meds, but this is a total off label use, so I don't know much about it. ## my son uses it for his Torettes it helps with his tics, but makes him very tired. ## Withdrawal off klonopin which can be worse than opiates. I was in combat 25 years special unit. On and off klonipin and ativan 25 years. This last wd almost killed me. Doc started replacement with slow wd and clonidine. I have complex back and neck injuries. Also relived by clonidine taking place o...
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clonidine mp 657 yellow
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Catapress round clonidine mp 657 yellow ## The pill in description is Clonidine (0.1 mg). To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. ## I'm looking for a high blood pressure medication called Clonidine hydrochloride 0.1 mg. Pill imprint MP 657 has been identified as Clonidine hydrochloride 0.1 mg. Do you have any information on where I could get this prescription filled?
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qualitest pills with 25 v on them
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I have half a pill with 25 on the front and v on the back its round and light orange in color ## Hello, Don! How are you? I can't be sure, without knowing the full imprint, but you may have found a tablet manufactured by Vintage Pharmaceuticals that they list as containing 0.2mgs of Clonidine. It matches this description and the additional numbers on it would be 42. Clonidine is listed by the FDA as having quite a few medical uses, including sedation, treating ADHD and treating high blood pressure. Its typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and headache. I'll keep looking and post back, if I find any other possibilities. Does anyone else have any ideas?
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round pink pill v 25 4
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I found a small round pink pill with the letter V on one side and numbers 25/4 on the other side. What kind of pill is it? ## Hello, Lisa! How are you? Is the marking 25 43 V? If so, this tablet is manufactured by Vintage Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 0.3mgs of Clonidine. The FDA lists this medication as having several medical uses, including treating high blood pressure, anxiety and ADHD. Its side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, mood swings and sedation.
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how long clonidine withdrawals last cold turkey?
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Omg I'm f***n miserable! I didn't think I would have withdrawals this bad after only a month and a half of taking thus drug everyday. It's literally comparable to a milder xanax withdrawal. Yes, I did abuse it. I would take 3 0.1 mgs 2-3 times a day. Tolerance goes up extra quick with this drug. I have none left and I'm on my 3rd day of feeling like s***. I'm on a hundred and 30 milligrams of methadone every day, and it's not even taking care of me in the morning times because of how s***ty I feel. Woah good lord I f***d up royally lol my tolerance for things is always extra high because of how long I've done drugs. I refuse to tell my clinic and I just need some help because I can't find any info about how long it stays in the body when you stop it cold ...
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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Film, Extended Release: 0.1mg/24hr, 0.2mg/24hr, 0.3mg/24hr
  • Injection: 0.1mg/ml, 0.5mg/ml, 1 mg/10 ml (0.1 mg/ml), 1mg/10ml (0.1mg/ml), 5 mg/10 ml (0.5 mg/ml), 5mg/10ml (0.5mg/ml)
  • Patch: 0.1mg/24hr, 0.2mg/24hr, 0.3mg/24hr
  • Powder: 100%
  • Suspension: 0.09mg/ml
  • Suspension, Extended Release: 0.09mg/ml
  • Tablet: 0.1mg, 0.2mg, 0.3mg
  • Tablet, Extended Release: 0.17mg, 0.1mg, 0.26mg, 0.2mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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