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Active Ingredient(s): Pregabalin
FDA Approved: December 30, 2004
Pharm Company: CP PHARMS
Category: Pain Relief

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Lyrica Overview

Pregabalin (INN) /præbln/ is an anticonvulsant drug used for neuropathic pain and as an adjunct therapy for partial seizures with or without secondary generalization in adults.[1] It has also been found effective for generalized anxiety disorder and is (as of 2007) approved for this use in the European Union and Russia.[1] It is effective at treating some causes of chronic pain such as fibromyalgia but not others. It is considered to have a low potential for abuse, and a limited dependen...

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lyrica and subutex
can Lyrica and subutex be used at the same time ## @kb39, From what I've seen posted on various drug interaction checkers, apparently using Subutex (buprenorphine) with Lyrica (pregabalin) can increase your risk of central nervous system depression; potentially leading to serious side effects that could be fatal. With that said, you may need to discuss this in more detail with your doctor as well, to ensure that frequent monitoring is done during your time on these medications. This way they can better determine whether or not you require an adjustment in your dosage in order to safely continue using both medications at the same time. I hope this helps!
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lyrica interaction with zipsor
pleasw advise interaction of Lyrica with Zipsor Other interactions Side affects of Lyrica
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Does lyrica help for neuropathy?
Have neuropathy in feet. Take 2400 mgs a gabapentin daily. Would lyrica help>
Updated 15 hours ago.
any reports of negative effects taking lyrica and meclizine together
I ask because yesterday I went on a sail boat and to not get sea sick I took a meclinzine and another three hours later at about five pm my feet and half way up my lower legs were so swollen it was like pitted edema when I pushed it, it stayed indented and it started this swollen until about 1am. And I was just concerned if it was this is if it's the lyrica since it could swell my feet a little but nothing ever close to as bad as yesterday. Please let me know if you know anything. thank you. ## Hello, Sabbs! How are you? I'm very sorry about what happened. You should have this checked out by your doctor, such severe edema can be dangerous, because it may lead to congestive heart failure. However, as to the medications, no I didn't find any problems listed between taking them...
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lyrica & incontinence
I took Lyrica for about 6 weeks & noticed it caused incontinence or urine leakage. I stopped it & the sx subsided. I now restarted it as the pain was unbearable. It works wonders for the pain if you can endure the side effects. I am going to see if I can somehow control the urine leakage if it starts again. ## I am on 300mg of Lyrica, and just today I am having the same problem! Has the problem come back, and if so, have you found any solutions? ## i began lyrica and was able to sleep without nerve tingling waking me every 15 minutes forthe first time in 4 years. the problem is that the first night i also wet my bed and have done so several more times since taking it. when i dont take it the problem stops. any advice would be welcome. ## I took a lyrica last nite at work because...
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I HAVE GAINED 27 POUNDS IN 3 MONTHS. WHAT CAN I DO OTHER THAN STOP TAKING LYRICA. ? SHOULD iI QUIT OR LOWER DOSAGE? I TAKE 2 DOSES PER DAY. ## It's difficult to say exactly what about a medication causes any specific side effect, in many cases there is really no way to explain it, but Lyrica contains the active ingredient Pregabalin, which is actually an anticonvulsant, so it works on brain chemicals. This means that it may be having an affect on something that stimulates the appetite, or slows the metabolism, so some people gain weight easier than normal, while taking it. Have you discussed the issue with your doctor? You may need to start more closely watching what you eat, or up the amount of exercise you get each day. ## I can relate to the weight gain with Lyrica. When I first ...
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I Would Like To Know The Side Effects Of Nucoxia 60 And Veloz10
My doctor suggests me to take these medicines when I get headache. I just want to know the side effects. And I also want you to tell me what kind of disease can they help to cure? ## My father has been prescribed nucoxia 60 in the aftrnoon and pregabid 100 at night.he has been having an acute pain in his hip region for the past 2 mths and having difficulty walking.He got an MRI done ,where it was revealed that his nerve is getting pressed in L-4,L-5 was advised but he refused to go through it.As he is a heart patient,a COPD patient as well as getting treated for prostrate cancer.He is aged76^yrs and simply fed up of multiple such doesnt want to undergo any more sugeries. he has been advised ample of rest and few exercises too.please tell me the effectiveness and...
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I am not able to afford Lyrcia and was hoping that the company would let me have it with a doctor's prescription
I am 61 years old,have heart disease; therefore I have not been able to have insurance since 2007 after ny bypass surgery. I have had fiber mylagia off and on since 2003. It has gotten worse and I am not able to do a job that requires a lot of movement. I am unemployed and can't seem to find a job; I could do a physical job it I had something to help me through the day. I am kind of desperate! Thank you for listening. unemployed ## I am 61 years old , have heart disease; therefore I have not been able to have health insurance since 2007 after my bypass surgery/ I have had fiber mylagia off and on since 2003. It has gotten worse and I am nt able to do a job that requires a lot of movement. I an unemployed since Jan. 12, this year).and I can't find a job. I might be able to do a p...
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is lyrica bad
I have just got prescribed to lyrica from my doctor for going through withdrawals off of xanax.Is this a good idea?
Updated 6 days ago.
Lyrica and Molloxcam
I've been on Lyrica 1year 300 daily then in June 2014 doctor increased it to 600 daily. I've gained weight over the summer and have feet and ankle swelling since the increase. Also was put on Molloxcam in April 2014. Low dose. I Want to know which of these could be my problem. ## Hello, Marie! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problems that you're having. The weight gain is most likely due to the Lyrica, it can be a side effect of it, along with nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and mood swings. The edema is most likely a size effect of the Meloxicam, most nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories can cause it, along with headache and stomach irritation. This is something you should have checked out, to be sure that there isn't something more serious going on, such as congest...
Updated 13 days ago.
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  • Capsule: 100mg, 150mg, 200mg, 225mg, 25mg, 300mg, 50mg, 75mg
  • Solution: 20mg/ml
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