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anal skin pain
I had one operation each year for the past 4 years for anal carcinoma in situ. The skin in very thin and painful. What would you suggest to make the skin "thicker"? I take Lyrica 75mg twice a day for Fibro\severe nerve pain in my legs. I also use Valium and Stilpain on and off. I also take Dormonoct 2mg at night. I am crazy with pain at times. I am not sure if the combination of pills are good. Thank you
Updated 1 day ago.
Does anyone taking Lyrica have memory loss ?
I have been on Lyrica for about 8 months now and I am having fantastic results. My dr is trying to increase my dosage and I have been doing it in 50 mg increments. I am up 100 more now in a month, for a total dosage of 400mg. I find that I have very bad recall and loss of my vocabulary during conversation. It eventually goes away, but I was wondering if anyone else has this? If it keeps up, I just may have to drop back down 50mg until I get used to it? That seemed to work that last time I had to raise it.BTW, I have nerve pain in my ribcage.(not caused by Shingles) Karel ## It is a possible reaction to this med, it is listed as a severe side effect that you should see your doctor about if you experience it. You can see it in the monograph listing here: Lyrica Info Click Here Have you co...
Updated 2 days ago.
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lyrica lawsuit
does anyone know if there is an ongoing lawsuit against the company who puts out Lyrica. I am a mess from it. Do we have a leg to stand on when it comes to the side affects they found out from people like us. I am a long termer. I have been taking 900 mg since 2005. Is there any one representing us? thank you vicky ## Hi Vicky. Right now it looks like the primary lawsuits concerning Lyrica are centered around suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Very sorry to hear about your condition from this drug. I've heard of many individuals experiencing some dramatic side effects from long term use. That's just a shame. I definitely would not give up yet, because what you are saying is now coming to the forefront, so it's just the beginning. What has your doctor's response been to you...
Updated 3 days ago.
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Side Effects Of Taking Lyrica And Morphine Together
I am taking morphine sul 100 bid and lyrica 200 bid. ive been taking this for quit awhile but recently was increased to 100 from 75 and from 150 to 200 respectfully. The last two days I've been getting tightness in my chest and it feel hard to breath is this a side effect of the two and if so shouldn't of it showed when I started taking them together. I ve been on morphine for almost 2yrs at 75. and the lyrica was just started the end of last year it started at 50 and gone up since then. I have nerve pain in my neck and lowr back from 2 failed surgeries to releive pinched nerves in both areas. ## It could be a side effect that has been caused by the increase in dosages. Morphine is a narcotic and both it and the Lyrica can cause central nervous system depression, which can affec...
Updated 4 days ago.
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Lyrica in Mexico
Hi, I've learned a lot from other people's experiences here on medschat over the last few years and wanted to share my experiences with something that comes up on here from time to time, and I hope that I can somehow help out somebody out there wondering. I live in socal (south of LA), and have been taking Lyrica (pregabalin) for fibromyalgia and migraines for about six or seven years now, and it would not be exaggerating to say that it has really changed my life. It's an incredible product, and the only thing I've tried after ten or fifteen years of doctors trying me on everything and mosf things they tried either not doing anything or else just making things worse. With no generic alternative available in the US, I have to pay $217 every time I pick up a refill (28 pil...
Updated 5 days ago.
Lyrica problems from drug
I have been taking Lyrica for several months now and have many side effects from this drug. I have gained 10-15lbs, have severe memory loss..simple word finding is difficult.. I have had major hair loss (clumps of hair falling out when wash my hair) and worst of all can not have orgasm because of this drug!!! I am titrating down now becuase side effects are not worth the minimal pain relief I am getting from this drug for fibromyalgia! ## Hello, Kelly! How are you? I am very sorry about the problems that you're having. Similar things have happened to others that have taken Lyrica. However, I do want to caution you to be very careful, when tapering off of it, because stopping abruptly could create the risk of seizures. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 7 days ago.
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Pain Management Doctors in Hamilton NJ
Live in Hamilton NJ need dr. to prescribe meds for nerve damage in lower back. I have ins coverage thru work so no clinics please. Don't want drawn out process just want meds to continue standing 7 hours a day.... ## I'm sorry you're suffering and I hope you find help soon. However, as to not wanting to go to a clinic, you really aren't going to have much choice on that. Under the new laws that went into effect at the beginning of the year, changes are being implemented that will no longer allow general practice doctors to prescribe pain medications for long-term use. They will only be allowed to prescribe them for a short period of time, such as when someone has just had surgery or been in an accident, except for in cases of certain rare exceptions. Additionally, you ma...
Updated 10 days ago.
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One day on Lyrica and still suffering months later
My doctor prescribed Lyrica for pain I was having from a back issue, and after one day on this drug my hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and feet were so swollen I could not function. I couldn't even cut my food or walk more than a few steps. Both my wife and I thought I wouldn't live out the month. After being seen by several doctors I was told I was having an acute auto immune response and was put on prednisone. After two months now the swelling is improving and the dosage of steroids is going down, but I still take them or the inflammation returns. This is the first time in my life I have had any bad reaction to any drug. I regret having taken this and hope this condition isn't permanent. ## Jason, Oh my goodness!! I can't do Lyrica either, and I am lucky that I di...
Updated 11 days ago.
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did anyone work their way up from 25 mg once a day to lesson side affects
My doctor's game plan is to bring me up very slowly, 25 mg/day for maybe 3 days, then 25 two times a day for a couple of weeks, and over a very long period of time up to 150 because I was very sensitive to my first dose of 50 mg. I was beyond tired and felt very sedated - kind of like being drunk or whatever. never would have been able to drive in that condition. ## Hello, Susan! How are you? That is with these types of medications, especially if someone is sensitive to the side effects. It's even commonly done when someone is taking them to control seizures. Common side effects may include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, mood swings and weight changes. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 11 days ago.
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Lyrica does work
Lyrica does work for myself. But I started having side effects. Double vision, being tired all the time, confusion, didn't even remember my age and that might be a good thing. But the drug is awesome for taking the nerve pain away. Just pay attention to side effects. Cindy ## Mu husband was on Lyrica for 30 days until he started experiencing severe side effects, i.e. dizziness, chest pain, weight gain, double vision, confusion, memory problems, tiredness. He was admitted into the hospital with the chest pain, in fear he was experiencing a heart attack. He has been off Lyrica for 3 weeks now and is still experiencing nausea and dizziness. How long did your symptoms last after discontinuing the med? He is getting very discouraged. Resa ## I had an orthopedic surgery on my ankle 8 mont...
Updated 11 days ago.
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Lyrica and Alcohol
You are not supposed to drink while on Lyrica. I made the big mistake of doing that. I took my dose in the morning and then got invited by some friends to go out. I do not usually drink, but started drinking around 9:30 pm. I was found in an alley behind a restaurant at 4 am. The last thing I remember was last call at 2am. I am only posting this to give a VERY strong warning not to drink while on this medication. Luckily I am OK and still alive. It is a horrible feeling to not know what happened in those 2 hours. Please do not drink while on Lyrica. ## I have been on Lyrica at various strengths from 200mg/day down to 50mg/day. I drink (probably more than I should) but I have never experienced any problems drinking the equivalent of 5 or so drinks while on this medication. I have experie...
Updated 12 days ago.
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Updated 12 days ago.
I have been taking lyrica for a 3 months now and I really want off. I have recently been having trouble with my blood pressure. It caused chest pains, shortness of breath, increased bp when getting up and walking. Been in the hospital twice now from the chest pains and my blood and ekg are fine. Seeing a cardiologist who says it it vasculitis. Someone help because I feel like I am being passed between specialists. I have MCTD and many problems with it. I am very nervous and my gut tells me that it is the Lyrica that has been the cause of my vasculitis. ## Hello, Bonnie! How are you? I am very sorry about the problems that you're having. Have you discussed it with your doctor? They should be able to help you taper off of the Lyrica to see whether or not it's contributing to your ...
Updated 12 days ago.
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will you fail a drug test for a rehab facility for taking lyrica???? Please need an answer ASAP!!!
I had a tooth pulled a few days ago and I turned down the pain meds, because I am a recovering addict and I am in an out patient rehab facility and I have to go in about every 2 days to do testing. When I woke up this morning the whole side of my face was swollen and I was/am in horrible pain. I have tried everything from ice packs, Tylenol, IBU, etc. Well my mom gave me one of her lyrica's for the pain and I have been staring at it for about 45 minutes deciding whether or not to take it because I have to check in with the rehab everyday to see if they call my color to come in for a drug test. And I really don't want to fail because if I do I lose everything all the way down to my kids.
Updated 13 days ago.
side effects of lyrica
I have just started this medication for acute jaw nerve pain. i have just read all about it. sounds like a terrible drug with weight gain, depresion, etc. can you give me more details please. i am already on citilapram 30mgs a day ## Hello, Jacky! How are you? Yes, there is a risk of such side effects with it, but the thing you have to be aware of is that not everyone experiences them. Some people may run the gamut of all the side effects, but others may not have any. It all depends on you and your body. Do you normally experience a lot of them? ## I have been taking Lyrica for several months now and currently at 200mg a day. I have had some weight gain (aprox 10-15lbs) but the worst parts are the memory loss.. stupid stuff like word finding that should be simple and is just gone! Anoth...
Updated 14 days ago.
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Lyrica Side Effects results in loss of 13 teeth
I am the patient of a pain management physician because there is nothing else that can be done for my back other thantry to manage my pain. I have had 19 back surgeries, including rods, broken back and rods on right side. My last surgery was the insertion of two morphine pain pumps, which caused my body to reject the plastic or some component thereof. They also inserted two dual-lead dorsal column stimulators, and even though all four of these pumps worked successfully, my body also rejected come component in the stimulators as well. One of the largest problems, second only to the pain, was the fact that I had 5 deep wound that went all the way down to my rectus muscle in my stomach. I had a staph infection from the pump as well as the stimulator. It took 6 months of wound care from the...
Updated 15 days ago.
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lyrica 75mg four times a day?
I've been taking 75mg Lyrica three times a day for peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia pain but it's not quite enough. Would it be ok to take it four times a day?
Updated 18 days ago.
Safety of taking different meds all together
Is it safe to take pax 10mg & cymgen 16mg with lyrica at night for chronic neuropathic pain? ## Hello, Shayna! How are you? What does the Pax stand for? I'm not familiar with a medication under that name. Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you.
Updated 22 days ago.
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Weight gain on these meds Lyrica vesicare cyplex .
I've got to take the above meds and I'm contemplating as they lead to weight gain. I've always been very active but due to my condition at the moment I'm unable. Weight gain at this stage is something that will push me over the edge. Please is there something that I can take to counter act as I need all of them but will rather just live with pain the need for the toilet instead of gaining weight.lucy ## Hello, Lulu! How are you doing? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having. The weight gain is most likely due to the Lyrica, it is an anticonvulsant that can also help with certain types of nerve pain and this class of medications is well known to cause weight gain. Have you spoken to your doctor? There may be a different medication you can try to see if it d...
Updated 22 days ago.
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lyrica withdrawels
Ive been on lyrica for over 4yrs now. I was taking it for nerve pain that i have at the back of my head due to damaged nerves through emergency surgery. Ive gained at least 5stone and feel horrible. Ive had to get myself of this drug as i waz getin shortness of breath. I was on 600mg a day now ive weaned myself dwn to 150mg aday. Its been a real struggle the withdrawel is horrible terrible sweats dripping dwn my face my hair soaking. If i new all this about this drug i wudve never go on it.. Good luck to any1 that succeeds to getin of this drug.. ## Hello, Gina! How are you? How rapid of a taper have you been doing? Properly done, a taper should eliminate most of the withdrawal effects. Has your doctor been helping you? Withdrawal may also cause nausea, dizziness and diarrhea.
Updated 22 days ago.
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