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hydrocodone apap 5 325
11 Replies RSS
side effects on hydrocodone apap 5 325 ## Common side effects may include dry mouth, itching, pinpoint pupils, dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, confusion, gas / heartburn, or flushed skin. To view a complete list of side effects please visit the link below... If you have any other questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to assist you. ## I had a knee replacemant recently. The doctor prescribed Hydrocodone which worked very well.Unfortunately, I don't remember the dosage. On the last refill I asked for they sent out Hydrocodone-apap 5-325. It did absolutely nothing for the pain. It was a different pill. I assumed it would be a lighter dosage but to do nothing was a real surprise to me. What do you think it is? ## Are you sure that is was Hydrocodone? Because I...
Updated 4 hours ago.
how long does hydrocodone stay in your system for hair test
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I took 6 hydrocodone within two days time. I am 5'6 and weigh 150 I have a drug test 9 days after will I pass? ## yes, you are fine ## I took a 10mg vic on saturday at 10am and i have a urine test on tuesday at 6:30pm will i pass? Please i need some info please help im real worried ## I hate to say it but most likely you will not. I just went through this. I took a half of one 325mg vicodin on Monday, I went to get my test done 2 Monday's later. The cup that I pee in with the paper on it that they peel off to see if anything is negative was fine. It was the following appointment I went to where he told me it was in my system. Its because they send my urine to a lab after you pee in the cup, which results don't come in for 2 weeks. So to answer your question, if your urine ge...
Updated 23 hours ago.
hydrocodone - impossible to get in the uk...?
72 Replies RSS
I am currently on an oxycodone m/r script, and find that it certainl does not last for the claimed twelve hours per tablet. No matter what, my doctor refuses to prescribe anything for this 'breakthrough' pain, not even a 20mg OxyNorm to carry me over. I have heard, however that a DIFFERENT analgesic is best in this situation. Since most drug information sites and forums are American, the drug which keeps cropping up and is most highly recommended to me is hydrocodone. This is NOT available in the UK, and despite many attempts, I can find no place to access it. The only other country which uses hydrocodone, in a much better pure form, is Germany, where it is available under the brand DICODID by Knoll, 10mg per tablet. Unfortunately I have had just as little success in tracing a s...
Updated 1 day ago.
40 Replies RSS
it is a pain med from mexico??? ## Afriend of mine just returned from Mexio after having her teeth pulled and dentures made. The Dr. gave her Dorixina for pain and we were wondering, 1. what is in it 2. is there any equivilent here in the U.S. if so , What is it?? ## I was given Dorixina by an MD and relative in Colombia for migraines. I just found info in spanish on the web: it is a non-narcotic analgesic with no side-effects, and can be used with various types of pain (not just migraines). It is a much better choice than hydrocodone/codeine type meds which I have had to take a lot, so I'm very glad to find out about this although apparently it's not available in the US (no doubt for BIG PHARM reasons, since my sample is produced by Roemmers, in Venezuela). From what I've r...
Updated 1 day ago.
can i take hydrocodone when taking contrave
3 Replies RSS
I accidentally took on contrace yesterday by mistake and I am on Vicodin it made me sick and I couldn't sleep last night so how long after the contrave can I take a Vicodin and how long does contrave take to leave my system it was a 90 mg ## Yes, the Naloxone in it can throw you into dangerous precipitated withdrawals. You'll need to give it about 3 days, before you can take the Vicodin, again, unless your doctor instructs otherwise. The FDA warns that Vicodin carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Your body will go into participated withdrawal bad. Since it had naltrexone with any morphine, codeine, opioids etc.. they give that to people that...
Updated 1 day ago.
Which Is Stronger Hydrocodone 10 325 Or Oxycodone 5 325
94 Replies RSS
I have been taking Hydrocodone 10/325 for chronic pain, 1 pill every 6 hours. My Dr. just prescribed Oxycodone 5/325 with up to 2 pills every 6 hours. Which is stronger? ## The oxy is stronger but who knows your body may b used 2 the vicoden. But if he is allowing u 2 take 2 @ a time it would b better if he would just give u the percocet 10/325 as it would b as effective with 1/2 the amount of aspirin. Try it out n post your feedback. ## Scott is correct, the Oxycodone is actually stronger than the Hydrocodone. To equal 10mgs of the Hydrocodone, you only need 6.67mgs of the Oxycodone, so I'd advise caution when you first take them, you probably shouldn't take 2 of them, until you try one and see how well it works for you. Are there any questions or comments? ## Thank you for the...
Updated 1 day ago.
white oblong pill 176 on one side scored on the other
83 Replies RSS
Was told that it was a generic hydrocodone 10/325-any ides as to who makes it ## Hydrocodone-acetaminophen Strength(s) 10 mg / 325 mg Imprint(s) 176 Manufacturer / Distributor Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories Color(s) White Shape Elliptical ## I have been taking norco 10/325 for quite some time due to back injury. I always got the yellow pill until I went to another pharmacy. Now it is a white oblong pill w/176 and scored on other side. Per research this is generic for vicoden. Why does this medicine not work as well as the yellow? ## the pill shuold be just as strong cuase its got that same look. the generic ones thqat are not as strong and will be shapped different and say either ip110 or m367. i taqke those their same thing. no dif. their just generic. generif got smart and made th...
Updated 1 day ago.
can i take hydrocodone and valium together
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Having dental work in 4 days. I take 10/325 hydrocodone, but will need to also take a valium that a.m. due to severe apprehension at dentists. Is this a problem?
Updated 1 day ago.
How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System For A Blood Test
12 Replies RSS
How long does hydrocodone stay in your system if you are taking a drug test? They are doing a blood test. ## How long do lortabs stay in ur blood? Also what about valuims? ## FOR A F****** ETERNITY!!!! NOW QUIT USING DRUGS THAT AREN'T PRESCRIBED TO YOU!!!! ## If a person like I was given somthing brown called bath salt mixed with possibly poison. How long will it stay in my system if I used today and have urine screen two days from now? ## how long dose hydrocodone stay in your blood system. I take oxycodone for ra. but I have run out have a blood test done in 3 weeks. ## You suck my wife's had diabetes since she was 12 and 37 now she had 3tumors removed and a hysterectomy after a failed attempt at one also had surgery on her thumb all in the last yr and a half the Dr refuses to...
Updated 1 day ago.
opiates not found on drug test after taking hydrocodone for a year
3 Replies RSS
I have been taking hydrocodone 10-325 for over a year and my dr ordered a drug test that came back showing no opiates in my system. How is that possible? ## Did you run out? The problem with opiates they leave your system in three days it sucks, while weed takes a month damn near. ## If you are taking an ER as well, good chance the breakthrough WONT show...although hydrocodone is the only one quaranteed to show. The other poster is correct in that after 3 days, good luck! ## Will tramadol/ultram show up on a drug sweat patch?
Updated 2 days ago.
I Have A Prescription For Hydrocodone And Been Taking It As Prescribed But Recently Took Urine Test Which Came Back Positive
104 Replies RSS
I have a prescription for Hydrocodone and have been taking it as prescribed. Recently I took a urine test which came back positive for not only Hydrocodone, but Oxycodone as well. I have only taken what has been prescribed to me, and do not take anything else. I do not know how Oxycodone showed up in this test. Any information, thoughts, theories would be greatly appriciated. ## Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opiate and, as such, has been known to cause false positives for other opiates, as well. Since Oxycodone is also a semi-synthetic opiate, they are very closely related and it's highly possible that one could show up as the other, or both on urine drug tests. Are there any other questions or comments? ## I'm sorta in the same boat, have been in pain management for several y...
Updated 2 days ago.
false positive for fentanyl?
18 Replies RSS
I go to pain mgt and tested positive for fentanyl. I had never even heard of this before I was questioned. I take 7.5 hydrocodone, cymbalta, nuerontin, and ambien. Could any of these cause a false positive? I am completely stumped and worried this will effect my future treatment when I've done nothing wrong. ## Hi there!! I just recently came across your post as I've been absolutely going NUTS abt my recent drug test. I too tested positive for fentanyl and I have NEVERRRRR taken ANY drugs whatsoever. I have a nursing license and wld never jeopardize that. With that said.... The only medication I do take.... Is ambien. Did u ever find out what caused ur positive test result? ## I've never found out why mine was positive :( You? ## Well believe it or not.... I forced my doctor...
Updated 3 days ago.
hydrocodone apap 10 325 with or without TB?
2 Replies RSS
I take generic Norco: hydrocodone -acetaminophen 10-325 TB. Which works fine. However for a month, I took hydrocodone -acetaminophen-325 (no TB mentioned anyhere). Miserable. Did not work as well and was in tears. Are these the same generic ingredients in both meds? Or should I insist on "TB" since the generic norco refers to hydrocodone -acetaminophen 10-325 TB. ## Hello, Mickie! How are you? Sorry that you were in pain. But the TB just stands for tablet, that's all that it specifies, so there was nothing different between the two. Without knowing the markings on the tablets or the manufacturers, I have no way of knowing if you were ever taking a different generic, or if it's always been the same one. Can you check with your pharmacy and post back? Thanks! ## Is availab...
Updated 3 days ago.
hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-325 by mfg actavis
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does not work.what did they do? my 12/01/15 worked fairly well. my 1-12-17 is useless and side effects are worse. why can't they make them like watson did. mfg actavis is a joke. i started norco 20 years ago. now i've ended up with this no good mess. ## Henry, Sadly that's the general consensus. Have you considered checking other pharmacies since each are free to use a wide variety of generic mfg. companies? Perhaps you may find one better suited to your needs.
Updated 3 days ago.
convert hydrocodone into oxycontin
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I was taking 3 10 mg oxycontin a day along with 8 norcos 10/325. I have been given oxycontin 20 mg three times a day to replace the 10 mg oxy and the vicodins. Is this enough to assure no wd from going totally off the vicodin or do I need a higher dose of oxy to cover it. I am not sure of the conversion from the vicodin to the oxy. Remember I was originally on the 10 mg oxys three times a day along with the vic. Thanks. ## Nancy, Without benefit of your dx's:,history or rx usage it would be impossible to predict if this transition will suffice.If your prescriber has full knowledge of your entire treatment history id have confidence that his decision is medically sound and will starve off any Withdrawl symptoms.As a chronic pain patient I do best with an extended release (OxyContin )...
Updated 4 days ago.
hydrocodone pills m365
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My doctor writes my prescription for Hydrodcod/Acetam 5-325 and the maker is Watson. When the drug store filled it last week it has M365 on the pill. I have taken three on three different days and noticed there was no relief. I took one pill 3 hrs ago and there has been no relief. That is the reason I took a pill out of the bottle and found the M365 stamped on the pill. If they are suppose to be the same - why is the pain still there?
Updated 4 days ago.
Hydrocodon White Oval 44 175
4 Replies RSS
White oblong pill with 44 175 on one side and blank on other side ## White oblong pill with m357 imprint on it. ## The tablet with the 44 175 marking is an over the counter product and does not contain Hydrocodone, nor any other type of narcotic. It contains 500mgs of Acetaminophen and is a generic, or store brand of Tylenol. Learn more Acetaminophen details here. The tablet with the M 357 marking is a narcotic analgesic and it does contain 500mgs of Acetaminophen and 5mgs of Hydrocodone, the active ingredients in Vicodin. Learn more Vicodin details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Acetaminophen /Tylenol ## If these hydrocodone is real 44175 on one side and blank on the other ob long
Updated 4 days ago.
Hydrocodone urine test levels
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If I am prescribed a certain amount of Norco 10/325's can the levels be detected in a urine test if I haven't taken as much as prescribed? ## If urine drug levels of Hydrocodone are around 14,000, how much hydrocodone does this indicate that you take a day? ## I get 5mg 325 and need to now what ur levels should be for 90 hydrocodone 3 times a day ## i recently got a new dr that upgraded me from hydrocodone 5's to 10's..4-8 times a day for a week trial. if i get urine tested he will see that I havent taken them all..if I take two 10's one the night b4 test and 1 in am will i test positive or will he ask why i havent taken the suggested amount. i have searched for hrs. with no definitive answer. i want to take as directed. i just havent yet trying 4 a day..then to 8. a...
Updated 4 days ago.
2172 hydrocodone is it a pain pill
4 Replies RSS
I thought I was going nuts until I googled this strange and worthless new pill. Definitely NOT the same and I will be calling my pain management doctor and have something else prescribed if this is how it's gonna be. I wonder if walmart has the "real deal"... gonna give walgreens a talking to too. How dare they try and trick bag the public like this! Chronic pain is nothing to take lightly. ## Hello, Madkatt! How are you? I'm very sorry that this tablet doesn't work for you. However, no one is trying to trick the public. Under the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984, generics are allowed to differ from the name brand by as much as plus or minus 20%, in the amount of the active ingredients. They also don't have to measure against each other, only against the name brand. This...
Updated 5 days ago.
Hydrocodone Urine Test
65 Replies RSS
I just tasted a little lortab, not even 2 mg and I had to drug test about 12 hours later. I had a urine test that was sent to the lab. Will this show up? I have not been taking anything at all for a long time. ## I am prescribed Lortab 7.5 mg 3 times a day. I get a monthly urinalisis. I went a week this month feeling pain free enough not to take any but the last few days have had horrible pain and been taking 2 or 3 at a time. My appointment is in the morning. Will the be able to see that i have been doubling up last few days or just see that its in my system not mattering how much or little is in my system ## Lisa, there is a good chance that you failed the test, most narcotics, even in a low amount are detectable for as long as 5 days on a standard urine test. Kevin, it will depend on...
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