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Laxatives, purgatives, or aperients are substances that loosen stools[1] and increase bowel movements. They are used to treat and/or prevent constipation. Laxatives vary as to how they work and the side effects they may have. Certain stimulant, lubricant and saline laxatives are used to evacuate the colon for rectal and bowel examinations, and may be supplemented by enemas under certain circumstances. Sufficiently high doses of laxatives may cause diarrhea. Some laxatives combine more than on...

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63 year old bowel movement issue and bloating stomach

Hi, I am 63 old male, have constipation issue. My stomach is bloated and gas doesn't release at all. I have no other health issue, don't take any medication. Took endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound tests and they came negative. This issue exists for a year now. Please offer some solution. Thank you Ram Chennai ## Hello, Ram! How are you? Are you on any medications? What types of foods do you eat? How much water do you drink each day? ## The best and safest remedy is lots of water (I try to drink 100 oz. per day) and exercise. You may not want to hear that. I definitely have to fight this battle as well. This was the only solution that worked. Also eating an apple first thing in the morning helps as well.

Terraferon Vitamins

what does the terraferon do in a pregnant woman ## This pill is a multivitamin used for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency. Multivitamins are generally regarded as safe as long as you don't down the entire bottle. Possible side effects of Terraferron can include any of the following: Constipation and diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. If you take normal doses as recommended by your doctor or as stated on the bottle, you're likelihood of experiencing these minor effects are much slimmer. If you have any more questions or comments to add, please post back so I can further assist you. ## Can terraferon make you fat?im not pregnant,and I am taking it OD as supplement ## To my knowledge, Terraferon (or any multivitamin for that matter) will not make you fat. Terr...

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Tablet For having an immediate Loose Motions

please tell me what is the medicine to get loose motion easily and early .............. please its urgent..... ## please tell me what is the medicine to get loose motion... ## I'm not sure what is available to you. Have you tried asking your doctor, or pharmacist? Are you having a problem with constipation? ## I am a diabetic suffering from diarrhoea since last evening kindly suggest some liquid or can have and food too in this condition

What is meant by being inpacted?

Hi, I know this may sound like a stupid question but I have suffered from Opiate-Induced Constipation for 15 years and have followed several different VA doctors recommendations, none of which really worked or else the VA pharmacy would fill their recommended prescription. My civilian doctor got me approved for Linzess which I have read great things about. By inpacted, I think it means where the stool is backed up and is blocking evacuation but now I am thinking that since opiates cause slow transit of stool through the G.I. tract, that might be the inpaction they are talking about. I have never had a complete evacuation of my G.I. tract (colon), only partial. So which is it? The inpaction around the evacuation point or up through the colon? ## Hello Lartomar, According to Harvard Healt...

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when to take gentilax

Can I take gentilax in the morning? ## Hi Maria, From what I could gather, Gentilax contains the active ingredient Phenolphthalein. Apparently there is no specified time frame that one should be taking this medication. So it sounds like you can just use it as needed. A recommended oral dose is 1 to 2 tablets, however its effects are said to be cumulative by increasing or decreasing the amount you take. You can learn more about this drug on the page for Phenolphthalein Details I hope this helps! ## Maria: The active ingredient of Gentilax is phenolphthalein. It usually produces a bowel movement in 6 to 8 hours. So if you were to take a dosage at say, for example, 8 am in the morning you could be having a bowel movement as soon as 2 pm or more likely around 4 pm in the afternoon. ## I tak...

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use of ovabless tablet

I am 27 years old.I have one baby for 6 years old.l want to next baby. I am trying to get pregnant from last 6 months but not getting period is regular.l consult to a doctor she suggested me take 4 tablets 1)Ovabless -1tablet daily 3 months 2)fertomid-100 period ke second day se 5 day take 1 tablet (3)primiwal-period ke seventh day se seven day tak 1 tablet 2 times (4) Lupigest-200 period ke 14th day se 10 day my question is these tablets prevents me from getting pregnant? Or is there any side effects/ harmful from these tablets? please suggest.. ## Is ovabless tablet continue in pregnancy also ## My doctor suggested me to take ovabless and zincovit so now I got period may I take those tablets during periods or not .plz kindly clear my doubt. ## did you get pregnant by...

How many days should you take Linzess to 1st bowel movement

I am on Linzess 7 days now had 1 bowel movement after 1sst dose of 290 mg Is it save to continue taking it ## Hello, Sheila! How are you? It would be best to follow your doctor's instructions for whether or not to continue it. Most people do experience bowel movements, shortly after taking it, but it does not work for everyone. Have you made sure to take it on an empty stomach, at least a half hour, before eating or drinking anything else? The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, bloating, and diarrhea. ## I have been taking 290 mg linzess for15 days and still nothing should I keep taking it

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zenflox oz used in loose motion and constipation

My baby girl, age 1.5 year is suffering from loose motion with constipation. Please suggest if Zenflox OZ will be suitable for her? ## Hello, Lalit! How are you? Which issue is she having, diarrhea or constipation? And no, this medication shouldn't be given, unless her doctor says it is necessary! ## Is zenflox suitable in loosemotions for 1 n half year baby

Vomiting after Suprep

I drank the first bottle of Suprep and it began to work right away. I had to drink the second while on the toilet. I got really cold and the shivers started. Then I got nausea. I vomited about an hour and a half after drinking this awful tasting stuff. My question is will it still work for the colonoscopy tomorrow. ## It would be best to check with your doctor to be sure. But have you still been having bowel movements? If so, then it is probably still working. The symptoms you've described can be normal side effects of using it, according to FDA reports, you may also experience stomach pain, abdominal cramping, and dehydration.

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can i take MiraLax after the expiration date

Can I take Miralax when it expired on 11-2015? If not, how do I dispose the of contents, down the sink or the toilet? ## Hello, Margie! How are you? Liquids can go bad, once expired and may make you ill, if you use them, as reported by the NIH, so it would be best to dispose of them. As to the method of disposal, you should leave it in the sealed container and dispose of it with your regular household trash. Is there anything else I can help with? ## How long will the laxative Purelax work if it expired 12/15 ## I've never known Miralax to be a liquid so your answer isn't really an answer. Looking to find out if it's still safe to take when it expired over a year ago. Thank you, ## I took some from 2014 and this 2018 and it worked just as usual. In today’s marketing cr...

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